What is God like?

Description, explain what is God like. The nature of God, Allah or Ishvara


Allah like

What is God like (Allah, Ishvara)?

shiva like

A statue of God (Shiva, Ishvara) from hinduism.

God, Ishvara, Dao, Allah and all other names for God all mean the same thing. But what is God like. How does God look like. What is a good description of God. I will try to describe what God, Ishvara or Allah is like. What is God (Dao, Jehova, The unifying principle) like? What is the nature of God? This is not the article how to come to God (Jehovah). That article is under Spirituality to the right or below. To understand nature of God and what he is like is something that we can basicly not understand at all. That is the most important part of the answer to: What is God like. You can not explain what God (Ishvara, Allah) is like. And the reason why you can not tell what he is like is that God is more complicated than we are. So the definition of what is God like falls into a category to high for us to understand. Of course in all religions there have been descriptions of “the highest being”. And that is natural because if we do not understand the nature of something we come up with the closest matching descriptions. That is not bad. So in christiantity the descriptions of what God is like are these: God is love. He is eternal. And he is almighty. This describes the nature of God quite well.The other world religions like Buddhism or Hinduism or Islam describe Allah in a very similar way: Ishavara, that is God in Hinduism is the person creating, holding up and destroying and then renewing the universe. Allah is love, caringness and also almighty. The jewish descriptions of what Jehovah is like, where Jehovah is the jewish word for God, are also very similar. waht does God look likeSince cristianity rose from Judaism as Buddhism rose from Hinduism the descriptions of God came from the jewish believe system into the christian believe system. So in Judaism you find the same basic ideas of the nature of God: He can do everything, he creates the universe, the universe runs because of him. He gave us life. And he is a loving thing. Older descriptons of the jewish believe have some other ideas about what God is like. In older stories you can find God being quite violent and punishing people. Or giving them problems to proove their loyalty to him. But with religion it is the same as with technology it develops and the world looks for theBible development of the things in the rest of the world. So the Jewish descriptions of the nature of God have changed towards the more modern idea that God is only love and never violent. And also the Hinduist idea of what Ishvara is like nowadays builds much around this God is love idea. In Buddhism God was described more unpersonal in the beginning but now the image of God in this religion seems to take on some traces of personality for God. It would be impossible to describe the image of what is God like in the different religions because the single religions semselves are made up of many believe groups. So there is not something as the one Hinduism because there are different hinduist groups who believe different things. The same it is with christianity there is not the one christianity. But speaking of this if you have to pick one religion, never pick the small groups of one religion always go to the bigger groups because they attracted more people because they are better.

So the descriptions of what is God like are manifold. As far as the combined knowledge of all religions is used we come very much to this description that I just named: God can do everything, created everything, holds and maintains everything, is eternal, is love and gives us life. And also God is the thing that can make perfection of the universe and give us perfection in the end. That is how God is like if you compare the ideas of the world religions.

Zeus god looks like

Zeus, The ancient greek image of what God looks like.

Ok now People wanted to know better what the nature of God is like and asked questions like: Is God a person or is he rather a force. And is God a man or even a woman or both or none of the two. Is God somwhere in this universe or has he or it just created the universe and lets it run by itself.

But we will not ask these questions here. Becaue this is kindergarden stuff. We want to really understand what God is like.

What is God like image

Clasical christian painting of what God looks like.

The point to the difficultieskuangsi falls in understanding things like if Ishvara is a force or a person for example comes from the fact that we are of a to small nature to understand Ishavara. There is a “diffence in class” Ishvara is of a higher nature, a higher dimension, a higher form then we are. There is not the possibility to understand what Isvara is like. You can forget that. Maybe you have like me “problems” to understand the calculations of Einstein, but while these calculations are somehing that you could understand if you would study physics God is something you can not understand at all. No matter how much you would study. It is simply not possible. Thats why I say questions about the form of God or his sex or his position in the universe are kindergarden stuff they can only result in guesswork.

ButIshvara like Allah can be understood, or at least we can understand Allah better over time and with learning. But if we understand Allah the only way to do this is to develope up to a class that is higher then the class that we have today. So Allah is not to be understand by us today because he is “dimensions” higher then we are but we have the possibility to develope and also become “dimensions” higher. And with this we will more understand Allah. So you see to understand Allah we have to make the step to a higher form of being, we have to become “dimensions” higher, we have to enter a higher form. A form that is closer to the form of Allah and a form in which we have the capability to understand Allah more. That is why we do not ask specific questions about Allah because the way to understand him or her or it lies in developing first.

There will be no answer to the question if God is a person or a force because you could say God is both and you could also say God is none of these two possibilities really

We derive from God.waterfall The universe derives from God. It comes from God. So so you could get closer to a better image of God if you say that God is somthing in which the whole universe fits into and still God is more then this. Of course this is another kindergarden image. But to stick with it for a while: it is not only the universe that fits into God. It also the things of the universe that are sometimes missed out in science. Your thoughts, wishes and dreams, those all fit into God and still they are just the most tiny part of it. So the universe and all thoughts and all life of people fits into God and still only makes a small part of it. Even the most intelligent thoughts you have are only a little peace of God (Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva). We can not understand God. You fit completely into God but God does not fit completely into you.

AnotherJesus 5 important thing to understand about what is God like is that God is not a thing in this universe. The universe comes from God and it is at every point connected to it. So Ishvara is not somewhere in this universe. The universe that you see and also your thoughts are “the result” of God. No, I don’t want to say that you are God and also not that everything together is God. At this point we have to understand that even this modern view that everything together is God is kindergarden guesswork. It is as I said it is impossible to understand what God is like. So we really first need to become higher beings to have the capability to understand God.

But even thoughJesus 4 we can absolutely not understand Ishvara still Ishvara is not something that is completely invisible. We exist through Ishvara, we have the possibility to live and to be and to think all through Ishvara. And Ishvara goes far over what we think is possible so in Ishvara lie the things that we can become if we develope to perfection. So we do not search Ishvara in the universe or at the big bang, we understand the universe and our capability to understand things and everything as being made by Ishvara in this very second. And we understand Ishvara as being something that is higher then we are and that therefor can not be understood.

So what we need is the connection to understand what action in this universe brings us closer to the state of being higher. What can we do to become higher to finaly understand Jehovah with the new “dimensions” that we reach in our being.

And that is the following: we “listen to our hearts”.jesus light like this is a metaphor to do the good things that you want to do deep inside of you. We figure out what our real wishes are. Because Allah is not something far away, we are connected to it. If you listen to your “heart” you will listen to Allah. Because it is in Allah that we have the wish to develope towards perfection. Dao is what you want. But you can not understand all the things that you want perfectly. So Dao wants the things that you want and he/she/it knows even better what you want than you know it yourself. But if you listen to your “heart” and your “conscience” you will “hear” Dao. Only that you actually want to be much nicer then you think, even nicer than your own “heart” or “conscience” says because we are not perfectly trained to hear all of our “heart”. So Dao is not strange. What your “heart” tells you, all the caring things you want to do. This is Dao speaking.boat And Jehova wants you to be even more caring then what your “heart” tells you. So you want to be even more caring then what your “heart” tells you. This is because our “heart” and our “conscience” are not trained enough to say all the things we really want. Listen to your “heart” if it tells you to be caring and you will do what Shiva wants. And then you will make it that over time your “heart” tells you to be more caring. That is because with developing to be more caring you actually already develope your form to be higher. Because even being a bit more caring is already another form. And it is a higher form. It it is with gradually developing to be more caring that you develope these higher forms of being and with this you will over time develope the capability to understand Jehovah better. If you are a bit more caring you already have a better form. You have already transcended a bit towards moksha or perfection with this. But this step this change of form will be so little that you need to have many of theselife changes of form until you experience that you now understand the universe and Jehovah better. That is why we do not stop to practice caringness in order to become better with it because more caringness means very slightly higher universal form. With this practice and development you will over time get better advise from God all through your “conscience”. Very often people underestimate God, (Vishnu) and ask questions like: “why does God not visit earth?” or similar questions. But Ishvara is not a thing inside the universe. God or Allah is making the universe. The complete universe is sorted, arranged. And the only force existing, the force which triggers everything all the time, that force is called Allah. But it is not only a force. It wants things and it does things and you can say that it thinks. But God does not steer the universe from inside the universe that is not how it is like, God is the universe and if you follow what I say you will see that even this is a description that does not really match what God is like.spiritual flowers And thats why sometimes we have difficulties to see God. And thats also why understanding God is something completely impossible for us. For what we are with our thoughts, what the planets are with their turning around suns, and what the light is with its lightspeed all those things are from God and God is even more than this. All those things like the ones I just named are really nothing compared to the numerous unseen things that also exist. There are many things that we can not understand yet, but they are also part of the whole thing so thats why even all physical space, stuff like galaxies is just the base of the universe that we can understand yet. And around this is a bigger world that is very caring and that is higher then our world we see now. So our world is a small part of a complete world. And all this complete world is ultimately reigned by Allah.lake like But you can in a way NOT picture Allah as a human king. You rather go and take all your wit and all your knowing and all your supertricks you might have in store, and then understand that God is nothing that you will be able to understand with these things. So in the coolest moments of your understandings Allah will still be higher than you. And you are always driven by Ishvara. And since your understandings are going to become very high over time you can imagine a God that will even beat that. From there you see how much God is not so much a person, Or lets better say we see that being more then a person still can mean to be the better person. So God can be personal even though it is so high. But we should not expect something that we consider a person. But also we should expect something much better. But we will come to more understanding of all of these higher things over time. So the universe is altogether to big be understood and it is connected through coming at every point from the same source, being driven by the same source in every instance everywhere, and being brought definitely to perfection. And the thing that does this, the source the holder and the thing that definitely brings it to perfection, that is God (Allah, Shiva, Jehovah, Brahma, Dao, Ishvara, Vishnu).

- Image Sunset with pelicansI believe that Tao and so the whole system universe is good. That means if you feel the wish to be loving, caring, nice, sharing, friendly and respectful than you feel what God or Jehovah wants you to do to become perfect. And God is good does also mean that we and everything will come to perfection after some time or as some people call it we will come to heaven over time. In other religons heaven is called: jannah, olam haba, nirvana or vaikuntha and we will reach this over time. Perfection is a state in which nothing is missing that we truely want and there are none of the things we fear. It is the biggest gift that can be given and it will definitely be given to everybody, thats why you can say God is good. It it is clear that we do not understand what God is like if it is able to make us to come to a form that we call perfection. Because with this God must be something that is more then the most perfect thing that we can imagine. Because he is even able to create this state or make it happen.

I think Allah is not a person, but you can adress him/her as a person.peach What Dao is like is more than we can understand more than a person. Don’t try to picture what Jehovah is like in your mind, just assume that it is perfect. Allah is not a person in this universe, he is much more the root of everything in the universe. You are at the very bottom of your existence made by God.

You cannot exclude yourself completele from Ishvara. And also Ishvara is much to mighty so that you can never break his system of salvation somehow. Nothing that you can do can result in exclusion from your way to salvation or destroy the way of salvation for somebody or something else. You are completely protected by Dao.

Don’t say stuff like why is Ishvara not there or I don’t want Jehovah to see what I do.birds Jehova is the thing that does the things, and holds the things and holds you and puts everything to perfection by itself. Jehovah is a thing that stays always higher then we understand no matter how much we develope and we will develope into completely new “dimensions”. And God is all powerful, better to say it does all things.

Allah always wants to fill you with perfection (moksha), and this happens through your own wish to fill yourself with perfection (moksha). It is your own wish to have everything wich is not perfect in you weak and dying because you don’t act it out and be filled with caring for you and others over time. Still Brahma exists even if I tell you to do his work by yourself. Brahma will always stay being more than we understand.

Take care, hating homos or stuff like that is not really being caring. And it is always the not caring things that are the not perfect things.

- Image Desert -You can have absolute trust in Jehovah. Bad things will happen, but nothing that you are afraid of will be there in perfection. God works perfectly, everything that happens only happens to make it possible that the whole universe becomes perfect.

Can this be that a universe made from God contains so much evil? Is God not everything? At this point we come back to the impossibility to understand God. But have complete trust, there is nothing evil or unwanted in God and so in the universe. But that God makes everything does not mean that you can be bad and then say its ok God made it happen. It is ok and God made it, but still you have to do everything you can to be only good.

Don’t think that in the system which God makes you can not decide. God makes everything his way and yet we can decide. I call this an ununderstandable double logic. We can not understand how both things can happen but we will be able to understand those things in later “dimensions”.

God does not give you direkt feedback if you are good. That means you can really be nice, caring, loving and then get very sick and die. Or other bad things happen. Don’t loose your belive then.

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