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How to get to heaven. How can we get there. How can we reach it. Go right ahead and scroll down to the first audio player and you can listen to me trying to explain how you get to heaven. Afterwards you can go deeper to the other players. Or just read starting the chapter: How to get to heaven: Religion in general.




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How to get to heaven. How can this be done. This is about what I would tell you if you would ask me about religion or spirituality. This tutorial is about what are the most important aspects of true basic religion practice. How can I reach heaven or nirvana. How can I reach something in this life and find my “inner self”. How do I reach God (Allah, Ishvara, Jehovah)? How to reach moksha and come to nirvana? We will in depth hear talks about this topic. This audio online course is meant as a 9 day course and so it has 9 chapters, each chapter for one day. Chapters like 1 and 1.2 are for 2 different days. This sounds more then it is because every chapter of this free spirituality online course is only about 15 minutes long. Because this is about a really deep understanding on how to reach perfection so that I think 15 minutes per day is enough because we should let these things sink in and think about them. So I much recommend not to do more then one chapter of this course each day. I recommend that you bookmark this page so that you find this online course about spirituality again the next days. This is the first article you should read on this page. Afterwards you can visit the other spiritual articles. The tutorial contains spiritual exercises and aims at giving a general understanding of living religion and spirituality in the right way. So it tries tries to present knowledge and exercises for reaching moksha. Lets begin to learn spirituality online.


In this free online course the chapters have audiofiles. So you can hear me talk and I try to explain a bit what every chapter wants to say. The audio file is always before each chapter. The audio files are about 15 minutes each.


How to get to heaven: Religion in general

      Religion in general


How can I get to heaven? How to reach it? What is the way to do this?

How to get to heaven

How to get to heaven

This universe has a sense. And it is running towards this sense.  So what can we do in a universe that has an underlying sense. What we can do is to live that sense of the universe by ourselves. Because living this sense of the universe by ourselves leads us to the aim that we want to reach. Not only thinking about the aim of the universe but instead living the sense of the universe by ourselves this is just the thing that brings us to perfect being. This is the aim of all religion, to live the sense of the universe properly.

But at first we must understand one important thing about living this sense: We can not understand this sense yet because it is to high for our capabilities to understand. It is the will of the universe we can not fully understand it. But we can come to an idea of this sense because this universe and its sense manifests in what we call the reality. The universe and its sense to which it is running to “crystallizes” out to what we see around us as the world and ourselves. The universe runs towards the sense in different ways but also as the reality that we see today. The whole reality runs towards that sense. We can not understand this sense yet. But we are with what we are part of this manifested, crystallized out universe running towards its sense. We manifested as a part of the whole system universe running towards its sense. And this makes that we feel some things as our highest wish. Namely the most human needs named with words like love, caring sharing, forgiving, helping.

So these are not just nice words or nice things. They are the aim of the universe running towards its sense. They are the aim that has also crystallized out into what we call reality. So the actual “wish” of the universe is of course much higher and more complicated then just being caring. But being caring is the wish of the universe as far as we can understand it. Being caring is the way the “wish” of the universe manifests in the part of the universe that we call our reality.

Means the universe runs towards its sense, crystallizes out to many things and among these things is also what we call reality. And a little part of the “wish” of the universe to run towards its sense is now also part of our reality in form of what we call the highest human wishes. That is why actually everybody has these wishes.

How to get to heaven

How to get to heaven

And so we have to ask ourselves the question: How much sense do we already make? Or in other words: how nice are we already?

Because the highest wish to be caring is the manifestation of the “wish” of the universe. Being caring is a step towards the sense to which the universe itself is running to.

The running of the universe towards its sense is a “wish” inside the universe that we feel as a wish in ourselves inside the crystallized out reality of this universe. And we feel it as the wish to be caring. Living nice and caring is our only chance to live the “will of the universe” that we can otherwise not understand. As a part of the universe you can understand that you want to be nice but you can never do the “will of the universe” with any another way because understanding and wishing for niceness is the way inside us how we can understand the “will of the universe”. Living without doing anything else than being nice and caring means having absolute spiritual perfection. But to get there we will have to practice a long time. From living constantly more nice and caring comes all understanding.

Being without bad is being perfect. Absolutely no other religous or spiritual technique will get you to perfection. And always tell yourself that you are perfect. On the perfect way. This is always true.


How to get to heaven 1.2 What is God or Allah in religion

      How to get to heaven 1_2. What is God or Allah in Religion

In the next chapter of this online course about how to get to heaven we will hear about why the word God is used in religious practice. You could also say Allah or use another name.

Because that “wish” of the universe that is part of the crystallized universe everywhere is something higher than what we call a “human wish” or a “will” to do something. Thats why we have to use the term “God” in its religious sense to describe a universe with a “wish” and also a universe that has the power to exist at all.

- Elephant image -So the word God will be important for you on your way to spiritual mastery. You will never become a master if you do not accept some teachings.  And you will never be good enough if you don’t do it for a perfectly caring God. You can call your God “the universe” if you wish, but I just call it God in the tradition of all human search for the higher things and in respect for what God can do and what God gives us.

But because the deepest wish we have is to be caring and loving we can see that “God” is a very high form of the wish to be loving and caring. It is a higher form of caring then we understand. We understand our being caring, and the more we practice and become better in this being caring the more we become understanding of the form of caringness the universe has which is different to our understanding of caringness because it is higher.

From there any human name for God is acceptable: Jehova, Allah, Dao, Brahma, Troi, Ishvara…

So by being nice you go for the human form of what the universe itself is going to. Thats why with being most caring you delve most into the very best that any one can be in this universe. With this alone you will unlock all secrets. So as long as you don´t know all secrets you have to be more caring. Because it are always our shortcommings in being a caring person that make it that we do not understand the system completely. So the way to try to be caring makes you understand more and more how to be caring and this also brings you to better understand the higher things. This is the only chance to understand the higher things better it comes by itself if you understand how to be caring better, and that comes only through practicing and training to be caring. You change your “form” to be a better caring “form” and this more caring “form” can see better through the universe and understand more secrets.

- Small waterfall image -Or as religious people would say: This is the only will of God he wants us to do. No ritual, no certain religion, no special religious rule those are all kindergarden stuff. The true way is only in developing our way of being caring and trying never to be not-nice.

It is the way you see, and it is the way you have to be.

Tell yourself I want nothing from others than being nice to them and be treated nicely and see how your rules of behavior can be reconstructed. And also doing sports is of the highest importance for your spiritual practice. Any movement practice is good, but do it.

You make yourself perfect by trying to live for everybody.


We do not understand the situations we are in. There is a million things happening that we can not even see. In order to live right we have to live according to everything and also these million things, but we can not because we do not even see these things.

If you try to be caring and nice, you will make all these million things right, those things that you can not even see. That makes being caring so worthy. It is your way to do the million things right that you can not see. There is more that you don’t see than things you do see.

Being caring and nice is your only chance to live right because of the many things that you do not see. By being caring you do all the things right that you don’t see. Thats one of the big secrets.


Reaching heaven(recap) what have we seen about religion and our spiritual practice

      Spirituality practice. Reaching heaven(recap)

In the next part of this online spirituality tutorial we will recap what we have seen so far about reaching nirvana (jannah, heaven). So we will once more look at what we have heard so far about spiritual practice.

Being nice to everybody and you is the only religion in this world. It will lead you to answers you didn´t even know the questions for. It will lead you to “God” and yourself.

But I am already nice you might say.

This is not about being nice, this is about being completely without bad. But there are four things to see about being completely without bad.

  1. It will take thousands of years until we are ourselves perfect.(It is not really thousands of years. These things can not be described)
  2. In this life we always have the chance to be “as caring as we can” which is of the highest worth
  3. We live and that is “godly” in itself.
  4. We are unstoppably on the way to being perfectly nice because of the whole system making this.
- Vulcano on Hawaii -

Volcano on Hawaii

Thats why we don’t practice to be without bad. we practice to be as good as we can in every second and always try to get better. And every bad wish that you don’t live because you want to be only nice  will become weak inside of you and die over time. That makes you live the best you can do at the moment and it makes you completely without bad after some time. So this is about practicing your being nice and caring to be more nice and caring. For compared to “God” and what we actually are we can always do better in being nice and caring. Take everyhing you know with your intelligence and always decide with this what is the most caring and then treat the people like that. Ignore the things inside of you that want other things they are not a real part of you. You are in reality a person that only wants to do good to everybody and everything. And the aim is to try to be this person until we begin being this person accidentally. Because being nice is our true self, trying to be nice is the absolute basic practice of the highest spirituality. The next chapter will talk about just that. We will practice our being nice to the point where we “touch God”. But while you try to be only good always tell yourself that you do your best and that doing your best is enough in this field whatever you feel or other people say. We are not yet perfect but doing your best is the best you can do and it is always enough. it is enough for you, for the universe, for God(Allah, Dao, Troi) and for other people.


If you take all knowlege of humanity, knowlege about atoms and knowledge about meditative breathing techniques. Then all this knowlege is really nothing compared to what the universe and this world really is. Being nice and so becoming nicer is the key to this higher knowlege that is still missing. It takes time to get this knowlege but it is interesting from day to day as we become better.

How to get to nirvana

How to get to nirvana

You live forever no matter what you do. So leading a good life is about leading a good life over all the time that you live in different “dimensions” in your eternal life. At least you could say so but actually things are going to be different because we do not have words or understanding for the things that will come. But in general you can assume that the day today is part of your life overall. So it does not count what you reach in this life. It counts how fast you can make your “personality” nice. Because your personality will stay in the next “dimension”. Reaching a “personality” that is only loving and caring will bring you closer step by step to what is real and good in a “magical” way. Every time you are nice it will change your “personality” towards the real perfection of this universe.

If you, after many lives reached the point of being this person inside you that only is good you have completely found yourself. Then you are completely yourself. So the more you give yourself to the will of God the more you become yourself.The will of God is your true will. (The thing with the many lives Is not actually how things are going to be like to much because things are giong to be in another way then we understand today but it is a useful basic idea for doing spirituality right. So the idea of many lives is not definite knowledge. As I said all the higher things each of us reaches in the future can not be seen or understood from our point view)

The universe does only what is perfect. This universe gives you everything you want but it takes time until you get it. But definitely you will get that what you really want. So at any time say: Of all things that are questionable the best is true. If there is any question we can not answer: the way it is going to be or the answer is better then we can imagine. Always assume the best, most knowing and nicest about “God” and you will be on the right way. Always know that there is no real problem because it will all come to a positive end.

So faking an answer is not a problem if you want to calm yourself down as long as you tell yourself and everybody that it is a fake answer and keep knowing that the real answer will be even more positive for you. I mean how positive ever your thinking is the reality of these things is going to be even better. So positive ideas are very ok but make yourself constantly aware which of your answers are fake or lets better say help-constructions like certain religious believes.

The next chapters are equally important for spiritual practice:


2 Deeper understanding of the practice of spirituality and religion for how to reach moksha or heaven. Where can our spiritual practice fail

      Where can we fail on the way to get to heaven

In the next part of how to get to heaven we will go deeper into the aspect of behavior to reach moksha in your life. The spirituality tutorial now talks about automating behavior to stay on the way of reaching perfection or moksha.

The following chapter I consider way important for spiritual practice and your overall way to heaven (nirvana).

We are used to structure our behavior by many different ideas. Our own rules of behavior are made up by what we want to achieve and what is accepted by society.

How to get to heaven

How to get to heaven

But our own behavior rules are not set towards the aim of the universe. Because what we do aims at many things but not at being simply good to the others.

So with what you are living you are not on your way to become a spiritual master.

We try to get many wrong things. A few examples:

  1. We try to be accepted.
  2. We try to be considered sexy or lovable.
  3. We try to come across as cool or knowing.
  4. We try not to be victimized in automatic behavior of people who didn´t sleep enough.
  5. We try to make people feel insecure to have them lean on us.
  6. We try to make rhythmic similarties to those considered higher in society position.
  7. We move in patterns of standing in excusing position or dominating position and that all only on bases of a rhythm of the events which we do not understand and so employ these moves soley on feeling which is often a wrong feeling.
A friendly marmot

A friendly marmot

We move by thousands of ideas but among all these things what we simply don´t do is trying to be caring to others and to sacrifice all ideas for movement for just this one, which would lead us automatically to complete spiritual and religious mastery.

We don´t do it we are simply not trained by ourself to do it. Thats why we perform very badly in terms of getting in touch with God.

If you try to be nice every minute then over some time suddenly you start to see all the movement ideas that you used before to live. Then first you will more and more become able to let all these other movement ideas go because they are not aiming into the perfect direction. Then you will first be able to keep only the good movement idea to be caring and nice. With being nice at the start you can first beginn to adjust the aim of your movements until later you do a lot of good things unconsciously.

How to get to god

How to get to god

That is what we need to do to become better in our overal behavior: to first start to be only good and then learn on from this point because then first we start to see all the wrong directions of our behavior. Then we can adjust our behavior over time. Only after adjusting your behaviour over time you will really and automaticly live for the aim of the universe.

So check your behavior every minute and try to make it only perfect. And from this you will learn the reasons for your behavior that you used before and let them go.

Over all only if we have replaced our subconscious behavior completely to being nice automatically we will be moving completele into the right direction.




How to get to heaven part 3. Exercises and rules that you also need for good practice of reaching nirvanah (olam haba).

      Spirituality practice for reaching moksha or heaven 3. What do you need

In the next chapter of this online course about how to get to heaven we will hear talks about spiritual exercises and some other mixed ideas that will be important on your spiritual and religious path. The tutorial will now come to different general ideas and exercises about how to reach heaven (jannah, nirvana)

The next two chapters are also very important in my opinion for a working spirituality practice and religion. They contain exercises for reaching moksha and general rules.

As I said: Always push aside what you where used to do in a situation and try to do what is perfect.

Spiritual practice

Spiritual practice

And the perfect thing to do is what your conscience says and clever people of the past. You always know what is good in every situation.

We can not understand God. So we still have to learn to be much better and we learn it everytime we are good.


But I know as I said before that the system God and so the whole system universe is good. It does only what is right. And it will lead you to where you want to be and to immortality.

How to get to heaven

How to get to heaven




Loving, caring, giving, beeing good means to help you and others to be good more easily and therefore become the person you and they are planned to become.

Should you let people attack you because than you are nice if you don’t fight back? No. Attacking you is evil And since you have to help people to be nice and caring you have to stop them from attacking you.


God is not a thing that helps us against evil things in this universe. God makes all things in the universe.

Don’t try to picture God in your mind, just assume that it is perfect. If nothing evil comes out of you, then you have reached perfection. But I think that you will not be able to reach perfection in this life. That you will go from this life to another life and than another life…. And I don’t mean rebirth, I am talking about living in a new and better “dimension”. Remember this is not actually how things are going to be like because the way things really are going to be like can not be understood from our point today. But what this says is that you should get ready to stay walking on the path.

You will always have evil thougts, bad wishes but if you don’t act them out, You make it that they have no power anymore and then they will slowly fade away inside of you and then die completely. You don’t have to be afraid of evil thoughts inside of you, they don’t make you unclean. But don´t live them.

How to get to heaven

How to get to heaven

Ask yourself really every second, what good can I do to the things and people around me. Cosmicaly this has a much, much bigger effect than you can imagine, because it is the only thing with effect. Care for how the people feel. Try to be nothing that is bad, always aim for the highest.

You can not change people 100%. But you control your own doings. That means you can get yourself 100% “bad free”.

Being good is something we understand and it leads us to cosmic possibilities that we can not understand yet. Being without bad is the way to automaticaly come closer to the aim that we can not see.






3.2. More exercises and rules on how to get to heaven

      How to reach moksha or jannah (nirvana) 3.2. What more exercises and ideas do I need

In the upcoming part of this online tutorial about how to reach heaven we will go on to talk about general ideas of reaching moksha and practicing our inner self.

The more you give yourself to not being bad the more you become yourself. Let being good, nice, loving, friendly always be your master. Don´t want things for you, want things for everybody and you.

Everytime you don´t really understand something in this universe say: “It is all leading to the best I can imagine and even better and I may not think about it, those things always go for the best for me and everybody, always, and I don’t think about them.”

Another friendly marmot

Another friendly marmot

God always wants to fill you with perfection through your own wish to fill yourself with perfection. Still God exists even if I tell you to do his work by yourself. God will always stay being more than we understand.

Never mind what religion you belong to. Everybody lives forever and everybody reaches God or perfection at some time. Then you will be in a “magical” world and have everything that you truly need. Nothing that you truly want will be missing. You will be perfectly happy

That is the biggest present that can be given to us. God pushes that present towards us, the possibility to become perfect und we try to be perfect. And someday you will get this present.

And to all this do sports regularily.






How to get to heaven 4. Collection 2 of knowlege and exercises that we also need for our practice

      How to get to heaven 4. Exercises for spiritual practice and reaching nirvana

The next part of this how to spirituality tutorial is talking about exercises and some more ideas that will be used on our spiritual path to higher knowledge. These are the final 3 chapters of this how to get to heaven tutorial.

 - Image usa lake - Everything that you do that is not good is a waste. With what is not good you are distancing yourself from what you want to get universally.

The more you are good the more you are, better, closer to God, more powerful, more understanding.

Don’t be to harsh on yourself. Don’t run around complaining about what bad things you already did. It is difficult to be good and we don’t have enough energy to do it if we also complain about ourselves. Tell yourself: I am perfect, on the perfect track and I will try to be only good, and a little better every day.”


Ununderstandable things are there because we understand little. In a higher form we will understand more things.

A tiger

A tiger

But to get to a higher form its important to walk into the right direction. In terms of reaching something in this universe everything that is not good is no step at all. If you are good, nice, caring you constantly move to being better. This is the only way to achieve anything in this universe. No other religious rule will get you there, only this.

The rules of the religion you are in are only useful as long as they strenghten you in doing good. Doing good is the only way to God.

I think that you should not give, but instead share. You are part of this universe. You also need things.

And remember this, God and the system is so strong that you can really impossibly break it. there is nothing you can do to prevent the universe from reaching perfection. Therefore you can do nothing to exclude yourself forever from God. You will never have this power, that means that you are absolutely save.

You can not exclude yourself completele from God this universe is like a testing ground, or playground were you can learn to be good. In every life you will try to be better every day and this goes on until you are perfect. Our lives in every “dimension” will only point to this being good.



How to come to God (Allah, Ishvara) 4.2

      4_2. How to get closer to God / Allah

We are reaching the next to last section of this free course about coming to Ishvara (Jehova). In the next part we will hear some more ideas about practicing spirituality and getting closer to Ishvara. There will be talk about some more basic ideas of coming to God.

This universe does not give you direkt feedback if you are good. That means you can really be nice, caring, loving and then get very sick and die. Or other bad things happen. don’t loose your belive then. God works perfectly, everything that happens only happens to make it possible that the whole universe becomes perfect. It is all perfect for us, everything that happens. So be gratefull always for everything that happens. Never let there be doubt in you as good as you can. Try with all your power to be without doubt. God works perfectly.

God makes everything his way and yet we can decide. I call this an ununderstandable double logic. We can not understand how both things can happen but we will be abel to understand those things in later “dimensions”. Another one of these ununderstandable double logics is this what I just said: Tell yourself everytime that you are perfect running on the perfect track towards God, and yet try to be better, nicer more caring, more loving every day.

How to get to heaven

How to get to heaven

Imagine your live in following “dimensions” like a graph going steadily higher all the time. you will have diseases and doubts and in these times you can not be good. So the graph will have valleys where the line goes down and then up again. but overall you will constantly get better. overall the line only goes up. You always become more powerful, more knowing and more caring, But you don’t know the exact circumstances in the better “dimensions” so we can not know how many chances we will have to be good in the next dimension, so it is necessary to give all power that you have to be good every minute of the life that you are living now. Because by being good you will become better and you will carry this being better into the next day and then also into the next life. Use the power you gained yesterday by being good to be even better today. But while you do so tell yourself that you are perfect and you do everything you can.

If you think there is something evil that you do that nobody notices understand that every evil that you do effects you and pulls you away from God. What use is it to steal a chewing gum if this brings you away from God and what you really are.





More exercises for how to reach nirvana 4.3

      How to reach nirvana 4.3. More exercises and how to knowledge

No finally we come to the last section of this guide about how to reach nirvana (heaven). We will in this last piece continue to hear about exercises and knowledge that hopefully will give us some guidance on our way to nirvana or however you call it depending on from which religion you come from. As I tried to put forth in these chapters the aim is of course the same however you name things. And it has been a long tradition of fruitful human endevor in all cultures to follow this way.

At some point in time everything will be known openly what you have done, there is no doing something secretly. But when these things come out people will think differently about how evil those things where and what you were able to do back then.

Doing good only leads you to doing more good.

How to reach nirvana

How to reach nirvana

Live for nothig else then being nice, like a knights code. We all live to reach perfection and perfection is being perfectly nice.

And after some years of doing this without understanding why you will then start to see God or lets say understand and feel God.

The reason why you don’t know if God exists is you have not long enough been good.

One more thing: True understanding is not achieved by sinking into a reduced state of mind. True understanding is always more in being there with all your senses and knowlege.

How to reach nirvana

How to reach nirvana

And to all this do sports regularily. As bodily beings exercising your body with sports is very important for being good and your spiritual practice, even if you don’t understand it. Just turn on music and dance for an hour. if you jump around well this is enough. But always get your back and your spine a little soft before you jump around. We don’t want to push our backbone to hard. Sports is very important for your spiritual practice.

Ok. so far for now. Greetings to you.


This was part one of the 3 part text of how to get ot heaven. This article continues here:

Heaven 2


At some point I also suggest reading this: What do you do when nobody is there to be caring to? How do I live spirituallly as long as nobody is there. And one of the answers is meditation. Meditation is what you do to practice your overall being while nobody is there. It is important to understand at least a little meditation.

So I have a made a nice article for you about meditation practice introduction. Have fun,

And If you rather want to watch videos. Click the image all on top of this page. It will get you to my videos about religion and spirituality.