Ask yourself really every second, what good can I do to the things and people around me. Cosmicaly this has a much, much bigger effect than you can imagine,
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eternityI am this german guy the talk was about this german “Jesus” or “Buddha” guy, and I made this page to explain things I think about spirituality and religion. And it is my personal homepage for my hobbies and stuff.

You will find that my articles here do mostly not aim at explaining “cosmic secrets” to you. Those “secrets” you get yourself from the “cosmos”. What my articles talk about is how you behave so that you actually then yourself get those secrets from the “universe”.amazing

Some of what I write here just sounds plainly simple but it is yet written seemingly complicatet. One reason for that is that it is written very precise making it hopefully a very clear cut basic concept for you to follow. I hope with this page you find some more orientation in this highly complicated human endevor of religion. Because religion or spirituality are no stupid things which stupid people just invented.just Religion is a truthful idea of finding that what is really higher. Well it always depends on how clever the ideas of a particular religion are but in general we strive for higher possibilities and the rules and concepts of this strive we call religion. It is not a stupid thing as long as you of course are willing to think about it as a way that only is as useful as the things you do inside of it are useful. You neither need to completely bash religion because many people do it wrongly nor do you have to ultimatly praise religion as if it would in itself lead you higher. trueRather you go and look at the concepts humanity developed to come closer to what we can be. And that is what I want to talk about on these pages.

Take the things you read here as a friendly lecture for your free time.

I think If you plan on reading some things about religion for your life then thisworth page should be a nice opportunity.

This page is for all religions. On this page I use the different human terms for things like God / Allah / Ishvara or heaven / nirvana intermixed.

Is religion a thing of the mind or of the body?

truthfulHere you can right away see what I meant in the introduction. We will right away see one of the most important concepts of how your cleverness constructs your acting. That is just what the next lines say: Your cleverness constructs your ways of good acting. But yet the passage is written in a seemingly complicated style and yet also seems to not say incredibly much. The complicated style comes from that it is written precisely.meaning And the fact that it does not seem to say much is because many concepts of proper living are not all to complicated and also they often are things we as cultural humans have usually all heard many times already. So this passage that talks about seemingly not too complicate or all too new ideas but that is yet written in a complicated way gives you a good idea of how the text of this whole page is designed.

meditationRead it. Read it twice. let it sink in. Don’t expect too much. See what it gives you after you have read some more on this page. This following basic thought will for example be repeated in other context on this page.


Here we go:

I think you should not think about religion as a thing of certain holy body movement or a thing of meditating to move the mind in the right way. You will come to understand the use of good movement and good movement of the mind later in your practice. But during all times of your practice even as a master of spirituality you aim your behaviour not at a made up image of holy movements but instead you aim at doing what is good in your most casual understanding of what is good. Listening to somebody who needs help and attention must not be done in a special movement of the body. It is just the casual and normal thing of listening to somebody and helping that personwisdom that already counts as good for the universe or God (Allah, Ishvara). So if you do something good then it is good and will lift you up higher. The universe understands if you are doing something nice. The universe does not have to wait until you do some “holy” movement before it understands you. God understands in normal terms. So if you try to be nice Ishvara will understand that. So the way to God lies in truthful being and really trying to be nice. Thats why I say: “The universe understands”.




Some meditation practices and exercises you will also find on this page together with the spiritual techniques and ideas

Meditation Is a complex field but often just speaking to yourself and calming yourself with words is very good meditation. Also the telling yourself what to do and watching the reactions gives you good training and a base for holding your mind and body properly in more coplex meditations. So this Audio of just me saying “Everything is fine” I think is a very useful meditation.

      Lets meditate. Example meditation technique


In this audiofile I just talk to myself to put myself in a good mindset.


If the audio files on this page do not work. try it from your PC at home. Usually they work. lol.



This page has a big free online course about spirituality practice and spiritual exercises and many critical articles about religion all on this page no matter if you are a Buddhist or a Christian or if you believe in Islam, Hinduism or Judaism.


The idea of a physical universe in which god does not exist. Arguments against religion and if religion is stupid and bad for humanity.

Article:. Is spirituality and religion stupid For the critics who say religion is stupid made up nonsens and humanity would be better of without it. This talks about all the classic arguments. If religion is good or bad for humanity.





spirituality religion

online course or tutorial about spirituality

Online course: read a free online course tutorial about spirituality and learn spirituality online. For people who want to deeply understand spirituality.






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