God is not a thing that helps us against evil things in this universe. God makes all things in the universe.

Learn Spirituality online with this website about religion

Learn Spirituality and religion. See videos and articles. See how to reach heaven. read how to reach, enlightenment. Learn how to come to nirvana. And understand meditation tutorials.


How to reach enlightenment

How to reach enlightenment? This is what this website is about. This religion video is basically one of my messages to you. This is what I tell you how to reach heaven. If you are a buddhist you can also call it “how to reach nirvana”. I myself usually call it “to reach perfection”.


How to become attractive with spirituality and religion when flirting

Is spirituality attractive. Yes it is: Done right it is by far the most attractive thing you can do in regard to flirting. Because reaching your true goal of coming closer to heaven makes you bit by bit a higher person. And this becoming higher as you reach closer to the higher things also makes you a more attractive person. Reaching heaven is the ultimate wish for every being. And walking on your way to nirvana means helping people to reach nirvana. And because reaching nirvana is everybodies real goal it is most attractive.


What is sin or haram?

What is sin. How can you avoid it. First you have to understand what sin is. You can also call it haram. This video about haram explains why you don’t avoid sin. Rather you use the concept to sharpen your path to enlightement.


Is religion good or bad

Is religion bad. Some say religion is poison. Religion is worthless. I even saw somebody say: “religon is dangerous”. So is religion good or is religion bad. And which religion is the best. What is religion. How is it good for you? and which religion is the best?


How to reach Nirvana

How to reach nirvana. In this longer religion video I talk about that. How to live spiritually. This 4 part video course is a bit longer. It is a broad overview for understanding how to reach nirvana.


Learn Meditation in meditation courses

Learn meditation in meditation courses on this website. Learning meditation is important for you. There are several videos to learn meditation online free.

This will cover the different meditation techniques. It will be very useful for sleep and for relaxing. And you will learn meditation techniques for reaching your true self.



Learning meditation online free

This next course for learning meditation for free online consists of three videos. How to judge the position you take towards things. An technique of understanding. Often we can not see the truth because our wrong concepts of meditation prevents that we see it. This is really worth looking at.


Roles Meditation Video Part 3. “Religion is poison”

Why do some hate Religion so much. This is the reason. It is being unknowleged of the understanding of the “Roles”. If you think religon is wrong or that religon is false then take your time and watch the 2 meditation tutorial videos above titled “Roles Meditation”.

You find more spirituality videos below.

Learn meditation

Learn my meditation techniques. Best meditation for sleeping. But also learn spiritual meditation online for free.
Learn meditation online free. Understand meditation videos and audio files practice course

Religion articles. Read my spirituality quotes

Read my spirituality quotes. I have written some religion articles. For learning spirituality you can use this link. Many essays about how to reach enlightenment are written there. Also you will find articles about God or Allah. All my articles you can read online for free on this website.

Learn spirituality with my quotes and articles about religious questions

My non spirituality topics

I also do some non spirituality stuff. This is my webpage and I also use it for my hobbies. So get ready for some small games I programmed that you can all download for free. And also You will find some entertaining non spirituality videos about movie theories.


Learn about modern art and movies

University like videos about scientific understanding of modern movies art and theater for students. I studied theater and movies and I talk about what is postmodern art. Postmodern art is really interesting. But those videos are very long and meant for art students. Or people who look for a deep understanding of modern art.

Learn about modern art and movies

Entertaining videos about filmmaking for the non professional viewers

Just cool little documetaries I made about the history of movie making. And how the film techniques developed. Why movies are made the way they are made today. Very nice to see. Super interesting.

Cool films about film making and movie theory


A game to play when you have invited guests

I have myself invented a party game. You can download it for free for your android phone. Download it now and next time you have a party play it with your guests. It is a really nice party game. It is a sophisticated game but also with crazy fun elements.

A great free android app party game I personally invented

A fun computer game to play with your friends

I program little mini games as a hobby. This one is especially nice. 2 or even 4 players play beach volleyball. It is a Free mini game for PC where Lions play against Tigers in a beach volleyball match. It is really cute and much fun to play. Download it now to your PC and play it when you have guests. It is really fun.


Lions Versus Tigers Beach Volleyball multiplayer mini game

An augmented reality android game for you to play

I programmed this fancy augmented reality game. Augmented reality is like virtual reality but it puts the game into the real world around you. This is really special. You need a device called Google Cardboard Glasses. They cost about 8 dollars. If you happen to have cardboard glasses you should really not miss this great game that I programmed. Real augmented reality game. Download it for free for android phones. You will also see that there are other AR minigames I also programmed. Really nice to see.

If you have Google Cardboard Glasses V 2.0 you want to download this free game

A general knowledge quiz for fun

A non religious quiz. Nice classic general knowledge questions about stuff like history and geography but also movies, music and art. Compete and get your name or nickname into the highscore list on this page. Can you answer more questions then the person with the highscore so far? The Images sometimes push the quiz away. lol

Explore my page

If you are interested in my thoughts about star trek and stuff you can go to the Art section of my page.
Or you read the long text about spiritual living under spirituality.


Some more spirituality Videos

Why should I believe in things that I don’t see. Isn’t that stupid and unscientific

Religion tells you to believe in things that you cannot see. Whereas science tells us to believe only in the things that you can see. Is believing in things that you can not see wrong or is it a good idea to do this. Why is this strategy used in spirituality. To believe in things that you don’t see


What is God like

What is god like. Is he personal like in christianity. Or is he impersonal as in Buddhism or maybe Taoism. What is the nature of God.


Does God Own Me?

Does God own me? Am I Gods property. Are we a slave to God.


Spirituality and Religion is personal

Religion is personal. So: Should I find my own way of living spirituality and religion? Or are the rules a good guidance on my way.


What is the purpose of life

What is the purpose of life? What is this all about? Video about the purpose of life.


Is atheism stupid

Atheism will get you nowhere. Still there are some people strictly against religion.

This video is mainly about why atheists speak up so loud against religion. Also some religious people have this same wrong reason to themselves then speak for religion

The video that I refer to hear that explains the point in more depth are the three “Roles meditation” videos above.


You find all my videos on my YouTube channel


This is the spirituality quotes quiz. You will see a religion quote and have to give the answers on who said this sentence. In this quiz you find 12 religion questions about quotes. You hear spirituality questions with a quote and give as answers who said this.

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Spirituality without religion? Spirituality vs religion?

This is a spirituality website that uses words like God or Allah. Some want spirituality without religion. But relition is just the word for the tradition of human spirituality. Religion is a human tradition since several 10.000 years. Understanding the right path and discerning the wrong way was the goal. That makes it just another word for Spirituality.

You might not like all aspects of the classic institutionlized religions.But yet religions are mainly about the rules of spirituality people found over the millenia. So what you might call spirituality is well humankinds religion as it is done today. How to reach enlightenment was always searched for. the collective efford to do so was called religion. Religion is the a library of knowledge about spirituality.

If you think that spirituality vs religon is a topic you might be interested in the “Roles Meditation” video above. Spirituality vs religion does not exist. Religion is just a word which people used for describing the search for the higher things.


Why I made this website

eternityI am this german “jesus” guy the talk was about. I made this page to explain things I think about spirituality and religion. This is not only a spirituality website. It is also my personal homepage for my hobbies and stuff.

I hope with this page you find some more orientation in this highly complicated human endevor of religionamazing. On this page I use the different human terms for things like God, Allah or Ishvara. It is not important to ask which religion is the best. I use Heaven and and nirvana interchangingly. Read the free articles. Read them twice. Let the lessons sink in. Don’t expect too much. See what it gives you after you have read some more on this page. Some is very basic knowledge. Other things are deep understanding about the universe. So If you want to learn from me bookmark this website. And If you like what you read here do me the favour and put a link up that points to this place. Nobody must see this link. It is only that the internet understands that this page is good because there are links to it.


A religion quote by Jesus. And also this quotes Buddha and Muhammad

There is a famous quote by Jesus, Buddha and Muhammad. They say that being loving is the way to perfection. This religion quote is really important. I think you should not think about religion as a thing of certain holy body movement or a thing of meditating to move the mind in the right way. You will come to understand the use of good movement and good movement of the mind later in your practice. truthfulBut during all times of your practice even as a master of spirituality you aim your behaviour not at a made up image of holy movements but instead you aim at doing what is good in your most casual understanding. Listening to somebody who needs help and attention must not be done in a special movement of the body. And also the mind needs no certain form to do this right. It is just the casual and normal thing of listening to somebody and helping that personwisdom that already counts as good for the universe. The will of God is actually that. Or if you want to put it with another name for God you can say that it is the will of Allah. Or use Ishvara if you are a Hinduist. If you do something good then it will lift you up higher. The universe understands if you are doing something nice. The universe does not have to wait until you do some “holy” movement before it understands you. God understands in normal terms. So if you try to be nice Ishvara will understand that. So the way to God lies in truthful being and really trying to be nice. Thats why I use to say: “The universe understands”. The higher things do understand you on your terms. That is why this is one of the really imortant Jesus quotes. And also as a quote from Bhudda this is very important even though it is seldom heard. Jesus said it as: “My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you.”. Or another of Jesus quotes is: “Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.” And as one of the Buddha quotes it goes like: “Ceasing to do evil, cultivating the good, purifying the heart: this is the teaching of the Buddhas.”


A short meditation


You wll find meditation practices and exercises on this page together with the spiritual techniques and ideas

learning meditation Is a complex field but often it uses just speaking to yourself. In this audiofile I just talk to myself to put myself in a good mindset.

      Just calming down in this most basic meditation


A page with spiritality articles

This page includes many religious or spiritual articles. Learning spirituality online is one of the ideas behind this page. You will find a central written free online course about learning spirituality practice. There are spirituality videos. You will find spiritual exercises and many critical articles about religion all on this page. No matter if you are a Buddhist or a Christian or if you believe in Islam, Hinduism or Judaism.


Religion is poison? Religion is nonsense? Religion is Harmful? Arguments against religion and if religion is bad for humanity.

Article:. Religion is poison harmful nonsense For the critics who say religion is poison and made up nonsens and humanity would be better of without it. This talks about all the classic arguments against religion. If religion is good or bad for humanity. Debunking “religion debunked” videos. Lol.





spirituality religion

How to reach enlightenment. Online course. Learn Spirituality online with this tutorial about spirituality

Online course: read a How to reach enlightenment. learn spirituality with this free online course. For people who want to deeply understand spirituality. This is the textform of what is said in the longer spirituality videos above. Read online about how to reach enlightenment. Joining the religion websites this was basicly the first text I wrote. Deeply understand spirituality with this article.







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