What if I don’t want to come to God

What if I don’t want to come to or reach God?


This website talksGod exist a lot about God who is constantly also called Ishvara, the hinduist word for God or Allah, the islamic word for God. And there are also various other names for the highest principle taken from all religions of the world. But the word God has a problem in itself. It is a hollow word that does not mean anything. So many of you feel that they do not want to come to God. Or they doubt the existence of God. Because first of God is a hollow word and it does not really mean something so it seems hard to believe that this could be somehow a thing that you want to come to. And another important aspect is that God (Allah, Ishvara) is often described as being a person. And we want to be strong so the existence of a person we have to bow to does not please us. thailandWe want to be strong and individual and not the slave to a person however mighty it may be, we rather look for a possibility to break this might and make our own living free of slavery. But this is an all wrong understanding of God. God is not in this sense a person that you loose your personality in God. God is an undescribable force. It is more then a person. The big point is that God is something that you can not understand. And the next big point is that there is no getting past God. There is no making a living apart from God. God is just the central point of this universe. It is the stuff that makes everything. And if you develope your spirituality so that you really master the techniques of supernaturality then this is just coming closer to God. So reaching Allah is not staying the thing that you are but reaching some higher person. Reaching Allah is reaching a higher form of being. You will change. You will change to be in a higher existence. And that is what I call God here.allah exist So if you define God as some guy of course you must doubt the existence of God. If you define God as a person of course you think that your personal interests could be in danger if you follow God. But neither are your personal interests in danger nor is God in this sense a guy. Your personal development is dependend on higher space to live in and higher force that you can have. And all these things are centered around a thing that I call God. So you will come to a higher being and you will have more insights and more force. And this all runs along with God. You have to redefine the word Ishvara. Ishvara is something that can not be understood. Ishvara is the thing that is still above you howewer much of a higher being you become. So we actually live religion to come to a higher existence and reach another “dimension”. And all this supernatural power that we reach in ourself still is supervised by a force that is higher then what we can reach. This is what I call God here. So you have to really drop these ideas of God as being person.existence of God If you reach impossible powers in this universe then this still is all in the frame of what the universe is and God stands on top of all these things. So some call God a force to make it more easy to believe in the existence of God (Allah). But then again this makes us think that the personality that we have is something that is independent of God. But that is not true, our personality is in God. And our force is also in God (Ishvara). So what you have to do is picture this word God as something that is capable of doing all these things. Like holding your personality holding your force and holding all force and even holding all force that you can still develope until you reach perfection and your highest supernaturality. And then you will understand that Ishvara is something that you impossibly can understand. Because there is still so much room that you have to fill and all this room is provided by this Ishvara instance.

Shiva exist

A very old depiction of God. Shiva is male and depending on the way of believe either God himself or one way of God to appear.

Zeus image of God

From a certain age it is hard to tell how old thought-images are. So lets say roughly the same age of the Shiva depiction this is Zeus. Zeus is God himself as the greeks depicted him. He has subordinated Gods.

believe apollo existence of God

An image of Apollo. A God but a God subordinated, that means below, Zeus. Apollo is the ancient greek God of Art and moderate and good human behaviour. In his hand you can imagine a hunting bow that fell of the statue.


Another way to picture the existence of God. Dionisos was God for the people of Thrace a neighbouring country of greece. At some point in time the greece decided to worship this God also but put him also below Zeus. Dionysos is the God of whine and euphoria.

ganesha existing god

Another form of God existing in traditional Hinduist believe just as Shiva. This is Ganesha strange to westerners but even with his elefant form he counts as a true God. Again depending on the hinduist group either God himself or a lower God.


Once again Shiva this time depicted in a wheel of fire showing how he destroys the world and then makes it new. However mystical this image of God is compared to the true nature of God sooner or later this earthly image must lead to an impossibility to believe in it.

shiva exist

Again a beautiful statue of the male God Shiva. But again if you believe in God in such a human form you also imagine rather low possibilities for this God to have and so you imagine low possibilities for yourself that can be reached if you come closer to this God. And with higher understanding your believe in the existence of such a God must come to a point where it is impossible to believe that such a thing makes the universe.

allah exist

One more Shiva image. If you want to believe in the existence of God you have to have a better image. And that means to make clear that God is actually to high to be understood and that you come to understand God better when you develope.

God image

And this is God as it is depicted in classical christianity. Very much like the Zeus image. But also here as with the other forms you will come to a problem to believe in the existence of God if you picture him or it in this “small” form.

Those where classical depictions of God from various religions. So these images make it hard to believe that God exists. As I said the persons in the images seem not to be able to do what we expect of God. So it is important to understand that God is something completely different to the given images.

You are already connected to this God thing.milky-way allah God is not like a person with a will that could be different from your true opinion. Your opinion is already something that comes from this God thing or central instance of the universe. So actually I should call God “God thing” througout this website to make it clear that we must think God differently then we are used to do it. But no word will be enough to describe something that is in will, life, intelligence, power, caring and everything else so much above us. It has to be understood that there is nothing above Allah. It is not that there would be a place offsite of Allah. It is not that there is something that Allah does not see or that Allah is not the cause for. So the absolute inner core of the whole system from which everything springs this is Allah. And you might see that reaching the inner core of things has nothing to do with loosing your personality. This is much rather winning yourspirituality religion GrassSun personality. So that we don’t want to come to God (Brahma, Allah, Dao, Yehova, The unifying principle) is a problem that derives from defining God in the wrong way. The idea to be strong on myself comes from the wrong defining of God. Also the Idea to loose my personality in God Ishvara comes from wrongly defining this thing. You will not loose your personality in God. Reaching God is the complete fulfillment of your own personality. Because God is so much higher then you believe. God (Dao) is actually that what you wish to have, but what you can at the moment not completely understand. So imagine Ishavara as something that is absolutely not as what people tell you what Ishavara would be like. Imagine that you reach a higher existence full of power and friendship and then fill God in as the one or the thing making this. Imagine God as something that you can not imagine but a thing that is only nice and good for you. And get clear that everytime you learned something important in life, like that you can talk more friendly to people and you feel friendship or even higher power, everytime you learn something of which you think that was a real step forward into the right directionGod images and believe in this universe, Then those moments are points of coming closer to God. So God is really a thing that you can not define. And it is best understood by the higher things that you reach. God is what you really want. But we can not clearly see from our perspective that we want God or what this instance is like. So whatever you think about Ishvara because people told you wrong things about it. Forget it. Allah is what you want. It is the perfect thing that you can reach at some point in this universe. Everything that you hear about God that makes you think that you don´t want it is not true. God is a thing that is only good and likable for you. Never be afraid of Allah. God is what you really want deep inside and not what strange priests tell you about it.

So get christian imageclear that you are looking for higher things and a higher form of existence and that the thing making this possible is the universe and on top of this universe there is this thing that I call God. That God thing is higher then everything you can ever imagine. As long as you think that God is a person and that it is bound by laws as long as you think this you will doubt the existence of God. But if you try to think of God to be something higher then power itself and somethnig higher then existence itself and something higher then personality. Then you will see how reaching God can actually be something that runs along with reaching your true self. Don’t bother that you do not understand God (Allah, Ishvara). Forget it nobody can understand God. It is a thing that is to high. Everything that you reach is possible because it is possible in God. And there is a lot of supernaturality still to be reached for us in this universe. And that makes clear that God is a higher thing than you think.

The answer to the question if Allah exists is yes it does, it makes the universe. But the question if this thing exists that you might call God, a person that is also bound by laws of this universe, the answer to this is: No, this thing does not exist. So to really make the existence of God plausible you have to understand that Ishvara is a higher thing then you can imagine.

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