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How can I see God

How can I see God? How can I speak to Allah or Ishvara?


The question how can I see God or Allah is connected to the question: why does God not speak to me. How can I see God or Allah or Dao? God is there that is not the problem. God, Allah, Jehovah is not only there somewhere, it is also so big that he makes everything that happens. So why do we not particularily see God. God or Allah is not like a person. In some way Allah is like a person, but overall we have to understand that Jehovah or Allah is much more than a person. Jehovah or Allah is the driving force and the only force of this universe. He / she / it is everything and the absolute master about you. But that also means that what you truly want is Jehovah because coming to Jehovah means becoming the thing you really are which is much better then what you are today. So coming to Jehova or Troi is what you really want even though you do not know. Coming to Allah or Brahma is your inner wish. So how can I see Allah. - seeing God or Allah -First make clear for yourself that Allah or Dao holds everything. And that Allah or Dao can not be understood by you. And also not by me. Allah is to much to understand. So to keep up the best you can with Allah you stay in with all your intelligence. Keep all your knowledge in every situation. Be the most caring that you can be with all your mind and knowing. With just being there, but being there listening to all what you have learned and all that you think what is caring, you come closer to seeing Allah .

So now you are there with all your knowldge and feeling for what is caring and nice. How far away are we from Ishvara now? Ishvara or Troi is much more then you think or can imagine. This world goes much beyond what we call the world. And beyond that what we call world there is much caring. And Ishvara is this complete system going to perfection. But not to perfection in this world but to perfection in the whole bigger world that we do not see.

So we are completely close to Jehovah because we are part of this system. But we are far away from Allah or Dao because he / she / it is so big.

kuangsi falls dao taoBut there is war. We have heard about drones, we have seen the images. Still we make war. Some people do not give enough money to other countries. And in every country the monitary future of the citizens is not secured by the state. And that means that as long as your survival is not garanteed by something like “unemployed salary” or there is garanteed good enough help money in every time of your life. As long as this does not exist people will have to fight to make a fortune, for example warleaders, but also people in our society, to guarantee their survival in the future.

And the money states like for example Usa, France, Brazil, Germany and many more states, the states that have money drive war to gain money for the living of their “own people”. But as you can see at that I said “own people” that you can not justify war even if it helps your country. You are always taking the mony away from some people that are in Jehovahs eyes equally your own people and friends.

So with the world in war we still can see Allah. And it is very complicated to explain how those two things are connected. But let me tell you, war on this world has to stop if we want to see Allah.

But still even if there is war we can see Jehovah. As I said be calm. believe that what happens now is only what God makes to make everything perfect. And so relax a bit.

Be caring and knowing that what happens right now is just what Ishvara makes to make everything perfect. And from there use the chance that you have by living to be more caring. And then say : well I am here and God makes everything only that everything gets to be perfect and I will also work for this and be caring to everything and use every power that I have only for this. But I am anyways on the perfect track to Dao because he makes it. And you stay with these thoughts with all your knowing and feeling about being caring. Then you are already very close to God or Dao.

This is the state I go to to see Dao.

But I know this is just the start. God is bigger then we are. We can not understand him / her / it. So to come closer to Allah means becoming something that you do not know yet. That shifts the idea of communicating with God. The whole idea of “God speaking to me” looks different know. We are dealing with a God that is better then we are at the moment. And becoming better for us always means to become more caring.

So the state of Dao speaking to you is very much about becoming more caring deliberately by yourself, knowing that this is the thing Allah or God already speaks to you. And the more you do this. the more you understand that it is this you have to look for if you want to see God or what it is that you have to listen for if you want to hear Dao talking to you.

But you will over time experience that even if you follow your own wish to be only caring you still have the presence of a most caring and omnipotent God making everything and loving you if you want to say so.

And this is then seeing Ishvara. That is what it means that Jehovah speaks to people. So the more you practice in being caring the more you will see God.

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