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I have a question..


“What would you at first tell me if you would tell me what you think I you have to know about this life?”

If you would ask me that: I would answer with these three articles. Have fun reading the articles.


Self development, the basics of advanced spirituality (Free audio online course). 3 Chapters. Do this first:

Spiritual practice online course part 1

Free tutorial part 2 of the elearning about spirituality

Religion online course  tutorial part 3, free e learning


Spirituality is a matter of constant practice.spirituality religion River The more you exercise the more you will understand. To come to see some of the higher things and secrets of this Universe and God going to your local church or temple is not going to be enough. You need to work on yourself to become able to see the things that you want to see. You have to develop yourself by exercising over and over again the basic principles of good spirituality. Thats why on this page I have prepared a basic spirituality online course. It will give you many ideas and talk about the basic principles of living spiritually. When I say to live spirituality then I do not at all mean being meditative and far from casual life. What we want to talk about here is not spirituality thought as something distant or different to every day live. As a matter of fact and as I often say on these pages religion is not a thing distant from live. The practice of true religion is meant to be a way to use your time to find the actually truthful things. This religion course aims at learning methods that you can apply to become more and more filled with the “holy” things that are out there. It is not something in which you learn to distach yourself from the normal. Much more the methods aim at finding the higher in the normal. This page lists the spirituality online course all first. It is the centerpiece of this page. The e learning tutorial is all free.

Also on this page you find more general articles. But at first you should turn to the religion online learning course that I have prepared. It wil give you the most important basic foundation that you need for a succesful and true living of spirituality. If you search for methods of self developement then this is good for you.

Articles about religion and spirituality

If you want to understand more about spirituality read the “Advanced Spirituality” articles. Those texts talk about further methods and better understanding of basic concepts of spirituality. If you have a specific question look through the articles about religion even further below to see if there is an essay with a topic that interests you. The thematic reports are not of interest for everybody. Some of the things might deem you not neccessary or even childish but not everybody has the same questions in the field of religion. So the reports might be interesting to others even though you already are well informed on this field.



Secret numbers in the cosmos. Mystical numbers for religion. Numerology

Secret cosmical mystical numbers


Are there secret numbers in the universe. Will we understand religion or spirituality better with learning about mystical numbers.