How to come to God (Allah, Dao, Ishvara)

How to reach or come to God.


How to come closer to God Allah Jehova Dao

How to reach God or come to Allah, Jehovah, Dao or Ishvara

Really come to God or Allah. This article is just a short version of the spiritual self development online course which is the article ” Basics of Spirituality” you find it to the right or below. God or Allah or Isvara as God is called in Hinduism or Jehovah as jewish people would say is a powerful thing. God is a real thing and it is all-powerful. Everything that happens is because Ishvara makes it. You want to come to Ishvara because that is what you really are. reaching closer to Ishvara is also coming closer to your true self. You don’t loose your personality if you come to Ishvara, with being closer to Dao you win your true personality. You will come to God or Allah in any way because God will bring you to himself. But to come to Dao, Dao will fill you with doing caring things. And if you only do caring things you will be perfect. And when you are perfect you are with Allah or Tao. This is true for every religion: Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Daoism and “Nature Religions”.reach God or Ishvara  The only possible perfection in this universe is to be perfect in being caring and nice. Your inner self wants to be only caring. But we do not feel the wish of our true inner self. We feel a lot of wishes. But only the wishes to be nice and caring are the wishes of our true inner self. So we try to be more caring every day because we know that this is the wish of our inner self even though we might not feel it. And with being more caring after some years we understand that this was really our only wish. With practicing to be more caring today then you where yesterday you will understand that this is your only inner wish and you will also come closer to Dao or Ishvara as a hindu would say. And you will come to more insights, more life. You will actually be universally more the more you are nicer. Everytime you try to be onlyspiritual lake come closer to Allah nice and forget your other wishes you will come closer to Dao. You will have diseases, and people will die but still everytime you try to live more caring you will come closer to Ishvara or God or closer to Allah, which is the same. And with being more caring you come closer to being your true self. You come closer to what you actually are and what you actually want to be. Always tell yourself that you are on the perfect way towards Jehovah. God wants to give you perfection (moksha) in being caring and for this inside of you is the wish to be only caring. This wish comes from that you are “made” by God. Always tell yourself that you are on the perfect way. And use every minute to try to be more caring. Don’t give, share. You also need things so don’t just give away everything that you have instead share. The more you practice to be nicer and more caring. The more you will reach God. If you do not feel the presence and strong guidance of Allah you must practice to be more caring. Over the years of practicing to be more caring every day you will come closer to God, Dao. You will start to feel Allah after some years if you give everything to be caring.bali temple reach heaven If you life and act for you and the others. You have evil and bad wishes, but that does not make you unclean. Just do not live these bad wishes and they will get weaker and die inside of you after some time. And you will become being more and more closer to God. Give every minute to practice to be more caring. And always tell yourself that you are on the perfect way to God. It is universally true we are on the perfect way to God and we tell ourselves this to have enough energy to practice to be more caring. You will live several lifes in constantly better “dimensions” and in all these lifes you wll try to be more caring until you are perfect. That is how you reach God or how to reach Ishvara. So use your time today, use every minute to be more caring and nicer then you could be yesterday. With this you will reach God or come to Allah. This is the unfailable way to reach Allah. Step by step you came closer to Jehovah with every evil wish that you do not live. All these bad wishes must die inside of you, you will simply forget them as long as you do not live evil things and try to be caring instead. So being more caring is how to reach God.

Jesus reach God

Coming closer to God

Use all your intelligence, knowledge and feelings to decide what is caring.

Bad things will happen. You can not change that. But the better you are in being caring the closer you will be to God, the more knowing you will be, the more you will feel God or Tao, the more understanding you will be. Practicing to be better in caring is reaching to Allah.

If you want to come to Allah you have to be more caring. If you do not know if God is existent you have to be more caring, loving and helpful and then after some years you will feel Allah.

You don’t have to go to church or put food in front of a statue, you don’t have to wear special cloth or be in a special religion. You don’t need to be baptized, you don’t need to never drink alcohol or never watch porn.

This is all not the way to reach God. Reaching Allah is a step by step thing you do everytime you practice to be more caring. Be more caring and you will come to Ishvara. If you do not practice to be caring you will not come to God. It is as easy as this: every nice, caring, respectful thing that you do brings you one step closer to Ishvara. This is the only way to come to Allah.

waterfallYour way to God is – from one point of view – only dependent on you. Being caring means to live for God or Ishvara and it means to live for your true inner self because your true inner self only wants to be caring. And you will see that your inner self wants only to be caring if you try to be only, and I say only, caring for some years. Then you will understand that this is your only wish. That makes you become what you really are, being nice and caring makes you become yourself. But do not give everything away that you have, share, but keep some things for your own use, never forget you are also part of this universe. If you get nothing you will not want to be caring anymore so don’t give everything away care for others but also care for yourself.

So you reach Jehovah. Everybody will come to Ishvara or Jehovah because at some point in everybodys eternal life everybody will start to understand that he/she wants to be only caring.

So even if you feel evil wishes don’t live them they are not your true wishes. Your true wish is only to be nice. And the more nice you are because you practice to be better in being nice every day, the more you come to Dao.

Practice to be more caring is your only way to come to Ishvara. And always tell yourself that you are on the perfect way even if you know that you can improve a lot and live more nicely. Anyways tell yourself that you are on the perfect way to Ishvara. And then practice every minute. So you will reach Dao.

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