Ok I am here. Now just entertain me

I just want to be entertained

You are looking for some random entertainment? Ok here are some suggestions. Just pick one and do it. This should be entertaining:

Number 1: Just follow along Qi Gong exercise

We all know that we have to do sports. But motivation is not always there. So it would be nice if an experienced trainer would just tell me what to do for half an hour or so, so that I come to do some sports. You just have to follow this trainer and you will have a 40 minute exercise in the ancient and much interesting chinese Qi Gong. Just follow along. Qi gong is famous for “waking up” or activating the complete body. You bet that this is entertaining.

Number 2: Learn the “Horse Stance” from Kung Fu

Kung Fu sounds dangerous and sportiv and shurely complicated to learn. The Horse Stance is basicly a way of standing with your legs appart. It is in a way one of the absolut basic techniques of every Kung Fu style. It is just a way of standing you will not fight anyone with this technique but this ancient technique shure is a great sportive thing to do for the legs and the back. And it is definitely one of the first things that you learn if you start learning Kung Fu. Learning the Horse Stance is not complicated and can be done in ten minutes. It is not fighting but it is part of the ancient art of Kung Fu.

Number 3: See something interesting about star constellations

Are you interested in the stars in the night sky? Well I discovered something that I thnk is very interesting. It is about if the images in the star constellations where seen as real images of animals and other things in the past. I think this is pretty interesting and entertaining.

Number 4: Learn to find some star constellations in the sky

For this it must be night and a clear sky and winter. Did you always wanted to be able to find the constellations in the sky or even know the names of each star. I think this is a fun thing to do. The first star constellation we will find in the sky is going to be Orion. And we will look at what the stars look like in this part of the sky. It is a longer article about: “Learning the names of the stars in the night sky”. For all who think that this is an interesting thing to do.

Number 5: Read about modern Film theories

I studied about modern movie making and I wrote some articles about this. If you are really a big fan of movies and film making then this could be something for you. This first article talks about some modern ideas of making movies in general. If you have read this you have three more articles about this topic that really go to some depth in understanding modern ideas of film or theater making.

Number 6: See the back side of the Moon

Did you know that we always only see one side of our Moon. Probably you knew. Would you like to see the far side of the Moon.

Number 7: Drive a new attack on your bad habits

Do you want to loose weight, Exercise more often, or take less drugs. I found a video that is really helpful on this. It explains why old habits are tough to break. It is a great 20 minutes video about how to achive much better success in developing new habits through understanding how to attack the old behaviour.

Number 8: Hear a fancy theory about the spacetime fabric

As the speaker in this 15 minute video states: This is purely guessing. It is just what it could be like and there is no scientific proove of this whatsoever. But if you are interested in spacetime this could be a fancy idea to listen to for some entertainment. I liked it.

Number 9: Hear a talk about how to experience “flow” more often

You heard about the state of “flow”. hear some thoughts about it in a ten minute talk.

Number 10: Hear about Mindfulness and modern thoughts about buddhist meditation

This 15 minute talk about how experiencing your body makes you more mindful perfectly fits to the video before about experiencing “flow” It much deepens the understanding on this idea. Both are entertaining.

Number 11: Hear some thoughts about if Islam is an evil religion?

If you somehow think or could think that Islam is an evil religon that calls to terror then you will find this very interesting. It is a twenty minutes talk about this idea. This can widen your view. And that is entertaining.

Number 12: Hear some thoughts about body language

We all know body language is important. So here is an interesting talk about it. 14 minutes, very entertaining.

Number 13: Hear some ideas about relaxing

Do you have problems relaxing some times. Again some ancient chinese martial arts techniques. This time for relaxing. Interesting to see.

Number 14: Read about how to do religion and spirituality right

At the end again something that I have written. There is no more entertaining thing then coming to a good spirituality. So here are some thoughts about that in form of a spiritual article. This is a long article. It is supposed to be read on severel days and not all at once. But reading the first section is done at one day of course. This is the most entertaining thing in my oppinion. Because it leads to more entertainment.