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What is the true religion

What is the true religon? Or which is the true religion?



Sometimes I am frustrated with the wrong religion as it is practiced in for example Christianity but also in all the other religions. Much that is done in the otherwise useful world religions is not the true religion. So what is true religion. What religion can I really trust, which of them is truthful.

True religion

What is true religion.

God (Allah, Ishvara) wants to give to you the biggest present that can be given. That is the truth about this universe. There is a present to be given to us. Going the right way to come to this present, that would be true religion. But what is this present. What is it that Allah wants to give you. I will tell you. There is a freedom and perfection that waits for you. And this freedom is much more then you can imagine. In one way you can well say that we do not live at the moment. And it is because our ideas of what good religion is are not perfectly true. I know that you think that you live and in some ways you are true with that assumption. What I want to say with that we are not living in a way is that if you come to the higher form of living then this life now will seem to you not complete. In this life sometimes we wonder that the life God has created seems not to go anywhere while we are living.jesus Sometimes we wonder that we are staying the same until we die. That is not the idea behind this life. We are to progress, that is part of the gift that Allah wants to give us. We are to progress towards true life. That is the way in true religion. Often we do not care that there is war, we do not care what we can do for the other person. We only care what we will get. We often think only: What does life have to offer for me. Well the things that you can do while you keep thinking like that is the thing that we use to call living. Getting the most out of life that is what we often look for. But it is not life that you have. If you would be able to taste life once you would know that what you have now is not life. And to go towards life, to become able to live is solely in being caring. The true practice of religion very much is around being caring. This field holds our only chance to step towards more living. I know you think that there is no earthly prize for the just man or woman.muhammad and krishna How you are mistaken. Gods (Jehovahs) price for you well is available in this world. It is in this world that we already have the possibility to reach closer to Allah. God loves every being as much as he loves you. And so God (in Hinduism they say Ishvara) has one thing in mind, he/she/it wants you to give to everyone and every animal that what he would give to it. That is true religion, with this you live towards God. If you give to everything what God would give to this thing. Love, and caring, help and aid. That will open you up to the unbelievable power, that will give you the chance to inherit this power yourself. This will make you really more alive, until you are really living. You are not living at the moment as long as you are nothing in the eye of Ishvara you will not have true life. You are not living. Whatever you think, you might exist or survive but you are not living. Because you think that the realm of Ishvara is detached from this world. What do you think where this world comes from.life It comes from Ishvara and he only makes one world. That is why the higher things are not somewhere else. You can reach the higher things from here. That is an important aspect of true religion. This here is the one world of Allah, this is the world Allah makes and all things we can reach start in the world that we see around us. So from this point you must understand that what you have as long as you do not have a grip on the higher things is not living. Of course we are grateful because it will happen that we have full life. But we must pull ourselves out of the mud. And I shurely do not mean by that, that we make an Idol of Jesus, Muhammad, Buddha or the rituals of your religion. And then say that we are clean and pulled out of the mud because we honour the name of Jesus. With this way we do not honor the name of Jesus, Buddha or Muhammad at all. To pull ourselves out of the mud means to pull ourself out of the mud of acting uncaring. As long as you think that pronouncing that you are a believer in a religion would be what makes you better you are very mistaken. Calling Jesus or Krishna a true lord does not raise you. That would be a false idea of religion. I know Jesus said believe in me, and I don’t want to speak against that. You might also believe that you need Jesus. But never believe that this is sufficient in order to pull yourself out of the mud. If it was, than Jesu would have said believe in me and that is all.what is the But he did not, he explicitly says: Do two things in life: Love God and love everybody. What does this mean? To love God means to trust that God (Dao) will give you perfection (moksha) and real and eternal life. Trust that there is nothing that can or will slip out of Gods hand. Trust that God is the only force in this system and that God wants good for you and will give good to you. And to love everybody means to think in Gods terms about the other people, and also about animals and general possibilities. Think in Allahs way about these things, what does he/she/it Allah the almighty thinks about them. And then be there for them, care for them. That is living according to true religon. That is what you truly have to do in religion. That is the truth in religion so to say.

So life is measured by what you are and what you can do. And you believe that the possibilities you gain in this life do not go over what you know. You are wrong.living The possibilities are high. Of course the possibilities that you will gain in the future you can not know today. So do not think that you can not reach more possibilities even in this life. You do not understand life. You do not have full life in some way and you do not at all understand it. Of courese in some way this life that shurely leads to perfection is full life. But in the point of not being at the perfection already you have to do the right thing. You have to pull yourself up, you have to pull yourself out of the mud of being uncaring. And this is not done with thinking that this life holds no more possibilities and it is also not enough to say that you follow your religion by going to the tempel, mosque or church. It is not enough to call Muhammad, Jesus, Buddha or Krishna a great man or emphasizing your loyalty to them. Because claiming loyalty is not acting loyalty. This is about you, this is this one field in which you can and should be selfish even in the eye of God. It is in the field of lifting yourself up, that can be done in a selfish wish to become more. Be selfish on this. Say it is my life and I want as much as I can get of the present that Allah wants to give to me, I want it now and I want much of it, and then be caring, for acting towards the world and yourself caring is what Allah wants you to do.truth christ religion That is the highest thing to be reached. Being caring at the moment is the highest thing that can be reached in the given moment. That is everything in religion. That is true religion.  That is getting clean. Water in the baptizing is just a sign for that. Baptizing is not a sign for some magic that God does to you sinner (haram doers) at the end to make you magically clean. That would be waiting for the wrong thing. Baptizing stands for the way of getting yourself clean by pulling you more and more out of the mud of being uncaring. So eating a bread in church does not lift you up, it does not pull you out of the mud. And you are sitting in this mud because of your acts and the wishes behind your acting.

This life is hard. You never know how much power you will be able to set in caring action in the future, so give every power you have now to being caring. Why? Because this will connect you to the higher forces, to the real life, to what this universe really is and has in store for you. This will connect you more and more to the knowledge and power. It is really true being caring yourself will connect you to the higher power. And the more you are are caring the more you will be connected. So have trust, but know that your forthcoming depends on how much you succeed in acting caring. Don’t fake it, do it the real way, the way of which you say in any situation: this is now really nice of me, nice to otheres and also nice to myself. It might not be much what you do in that given situation but it will carry you further. Faking caringness or doing it half way is like faking to climb a mountain, you can do it but it does not bring you up on the mountain.

So as I said, I really like the “symbolic” giving out of bread in christian churches to honour Jesus and God. But this is not what you do to pull yourself out of the mud of being uncaring.  Have trust, this universe is build so that you can make it. I really like putting food in front of statues of the God (Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva) in Hinduism. That is good, do it, but what you may not let go is getting yourself to be perfectly caring. Being as caring as you can be and then be better the next day thats what you have to do. Using the strength that you have for this purpose of being caring and helping others to be caring more easily and to prepare things so that future situations make caringness more easy that is true religion. Do this first, that is what Brahma, Vishnu or Shiva expects. That is true religon. And then in second line comes the food in front of statues, comes the praying towards east, comes eating bread and drinking wine in church. this is all good but it will not get you cleaner. Being more caring will get you cleaner. And having trust that everything will go well.

true vulcano

What is true spirituality

Trust and act caring and you will be given more and more of this present that Dao pushes towards you. It will come gradually, and you will die, but you will come to perfection. Don’t ask yourself how much of your personality will be left in perfection, because perfection is perfection. the point is you can not understand it now, so you should not dictate your terms on how perfection should be. Trust that Ishvara knows better what perfection is then you do. And that is good for us.

What I also do recommend not to do in religion, is to say that this and that positive happened to you because you are of a certain religion. Like God gives me more because I am christian. No really Ishvara is a thing that you do not understand.  Ishvara is the absolute ruler of the system. So God is not the God of your religion. And you do not better please God with calling yourself being of a certain religion. You please the highest force and get support from the highest force if you try to be more caring, friendly and helping. And the highest force is something that you do not understand and that completely rules everything and that is only good for us. You will not be save from earthly problems as you progress. But you will be given support of a higher type as you gradually progress towards a higher life. And you will feel that and really reach this higher form of being. But this is not about having earthly advantages. This is about changing your form towards a higher form of being. Which comes with learning to act out caringness until you act out caringness of a higher form.

  • This life is not already the biggest present
  • Eating little pieces of bread is not already the biggest present
  • God “giving his son” is not already the biggest present
  • Believing in Jesus Christ is not already the biggest present

Believing stuff like that will take you continously walking past the real present.

Why do we drive war, take everything in the world. Hit and abuse people and then run to church, mosque and temple and ask Ishvara to help us.

true religion is not dependent on a certan religion

This all named in this article, this is what true religion is.

I tell you this is not the proper way. We can not reach higher with this. Or as you could also put it: This is nothing in the eye of Allah. Our behavior is only concerned about what we have. We do not care about other people. We care about ourselves and then we talk of Jesus, or Muhammad or Krishna. But Jesus wanted to tell us just that, that as long as our behaviour is not concerned about other people we do not live or lets better say we are not on our way to step by step go towards real life. And with real life I mean an actual higher form of being. Not a cool thing to do because it is fun to be caring, I am really talking about reaching “supernaturality” at some point. Going to church and talking about Jesus, Mohammed or Buddha is nothing in the eye of the almighty. Then we say “we are all sinners” or “we all do haram” but we do not change your behavior. We do not care about others. We care about ourselves. But being as caring as we can be, that is what we have to act. And then also we have to trust. This is true religion.