What if I don’t believe in God

What if I don’t believe or can’t believe in God (Ishvara)


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The believe in God is not stupid instead it takes practice to see the higher things

What if I don’t believe in God (Allah, Ishvara). There are some people who think that it is difficult to believe in God and so they say that they do not believe in God. I very much understand that it is diffucult to believe in these things. But yet this topic is something that should be looked at from all different angles. Of course from my point of view this is always a very stupid thing to say that God does not exist because of course it needs practice to develope an understanding of these things. First of before we go deeper into the matter I tell you that nothing exists that does not come from God and the things come from God at any given moment. So people who say: I do not believe in God for me always sound like people who stand on a chair and say I do not believe in the existence of chairs. So their existence comes from a higher place but they seem to think that they do it all on their own. Of course I very much understand the difficulties in believing in this concept. But in general we are weak things in this universe and we do not make our live by ourselves. So the right thing is not to define God in a certain way and then say that this does not exist. We must rather find the truth in these things that can indeed be difficult to discern. But saying from the start that nothing like this does exist is to me just an arrogance that is as I said very stupid in my eyes. Like saying: “Yeah I hold my live by myself”. But that is not true you are not capable of maintaining life by yourself.believe in Allah Of course you have been given life in this universe so you can in one way say that you hold it by yourself but these are all just words. You can as well say that you have not given life to yourself. And also you can say that you are not able to have life if not higher instances make this at the moment. So those are all just words and words are not the truth. Finding answers in this important field is not about words It is about understanding for example how much you actually are part of the higher things. There somwhere lies the real definition of how much you actually hold life by yourself. And so I always think: ok a higher instance makes the people at that right in this moment and instead of turning to this higher instance and become something good the people who are at this given moment made and maintained by higher instances say from this point on that they do not believe in higher instances. And there derives a problem from this point of view. If you doubt any higher thing right from the start natureof course you do not go on the path of finding out if any of this could be true. One has to understand that criticism comes from a word that means to seperate or to decide. So criticism is about trying seerate things and then deciding what is the truth and what is wrong. So doubting one possibility right from the start is not critical at all. And even if you believe in higher thing you still have to be critical about how they are like and what behavior is the best to reach the most in this universe

Problems with the believe in God or Allah or Ishvara

Of course there are several problems that make it difficult to believe in God. So lets talk about these problems. At first there is suffering. That suffering can be so high that you can not manage to believe that there is a loving instance making this. This can make it difficult to believe in God. Sometimes it can make a believe in God (Allah) impossible. The second reason that makes it hard to belive in Ishvara is something that you can deal with more easy. So the second reason for doubting God is more easy to overcome. And that is that you do not notice God because you are surrounded in a “swirling stream of things”. You are in a “mist of being confused”. You do not see clearly the higher things. But the higher things can be seen. But to see them you have to see through this mist. And that can only be done with rearanging the things so that they are even. And that is done by making yourself the thing that oyu actually are. from this point of being what you actually are the cosmical things around you become transparent. And what you really are is “all loving” and only caring.believe in jesus You do not care about other things then that everybody including yourself feels good and is loved. This is what you actually want and this is also the way you are going to be in your future. Only practice in becoming caring what and that is also the actual cosmic condition of your true self. So you practice to be what your true self is and then you see the higher things including the highest things. So the reason why you can not believe in God is because you do not see it. Scientists tell us that there are atoms and we believe it even though we do ot see them. And with God (Allah, Ishvara) it is a similar problem, we do not see it. But God or the higher things can be seen. That is nothing special that is the way it has to be. We develope towards the higher things. So one of the main reasons why you do not believe in God is because you do not see the higher things and the reason for that is that you are not yourself enough. You are not only caring.

Religion has always been a science

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Article about “don’t believe in God (Allah, Ishvara)”

So if you think that you don´t believe in God you should read the article Basics of Advanced Spirituality on this page. This article tries to explain how exactly you match your inner self so that the confusioun around you becomes transparent. And also in this article I try to explain why spirituality can not be explained without using the words “God”, “Allah” or “Dao” or such. So a word for the highest thing in this universe is important as soon as you get involved with experiancing the higher things. As soon as sceintists discovered that atoms fall apart into smaller pieces they needed a name for these. And they called them quarks. Well the future might come to different theories about atoms. In Kung Fu experienced teachers speak of a body energy called “chi”. Also here future theories might find another word. But the point is that a similar thing is happening in religion. As soon as you experience thigs you need names for them. And so at some point of experience you need a name for the thing: “God”. Other religions came to the same conclusion and they called the highest thing: Brahma, The Universe, Ishvara, Allah, Dao, Jehovah, The unifying principle.spirituality religion BenosAires So the believe in God is not something you just have or have not. Allah has to be found. So before you can experience something of all of this you have to practicing every minute to be exclusivly nice, caring, loving, respectful, sharing and friendly. And using the power you gain from this to be even better the next day. And with this you will after a good amount of time start to see the unifying principle of the universe which I just call God because names don’t matter so much. You will start to understand more by being nice. But only if you make being nice the only basis of your life it will work properly. It is like in scienc or Kung Fu, you have to search for some things before you can see them. And by being good you also live out what you really are and do what you really want. And with this you then come closer to a better form of being which will exeed at some point everything that you knew before because the higher things will become visible to you as soon as you reach a better form through your behavior.christian That I call looking for God (Ishvara, Jehovah). And the thing that you find there I call it God (Dao) because it has an increadible power and is increadibly far reaching. Also I am shure that the idea to be good and with this the Idea to be even more good until perfection (moksha) will come to everybody even if it does not happen in this life. And I believe that the bad things that happen are not a prove that God does not exist but that all things that happen are the only way to give us and everything perfection at the end because I believe that the system works perfectly. So again the believe in God or the unifying principle is not something you just have or have not. God has to be found by being exclusivly nice, caring and friendly as much as you can. Because with being nice you “live the Idea that God has” in yourself. Thats why with being nice and being nothing else you will come to a unison with the higher universe and then you will feel what religious people describe. But it will take time and effort to practice in this direction.

milky wayIn this constellation atheism is most stupid. It is as stupid as doubting atoms. It is as always, saying: “I don’t see it so it does not exist” is not proper attitude. So take your time to practice as hard as you can instead of doubting.

The third reason to doubt the existence of Allah is that the descriptions of Allah are always from a human standpoint. As we develope and bit by bit become better all these discriptons of the highest thing are not good enough anymore. The higher things are things that go above our conception thats why if you experience the higher things all the images you made about them from your lower standpoint must be wrong. Thats why the image of God is constantly prooved wrong by developing science. that is not because God does not exist, that is because our images of the higher things can not be good enough because we can not comprehend these things before we experience them bit by bit.

For a deeper description of all these things there is the main article under Spirituality. It explains the practice in more detail.

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