ebook: A Book for the Beach

This is my little ebook about spirituality. It is called a book for the beach because I think this gives a good impression about the style of this ebook. To give some classical interesting but still entertaining ideas about religion I have written something more book-like that I call “A Book for the Beach” it is not really as long as a book should be but maybe I will write more to it some time. You can read it for free right on this page and people usually have internet everywhere so I think I can call it an ebook. It is a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Just talking loosly about some topics. As a book for the beach should be: Is religion wrong and leads to wars? What does God (Allah, Ishvara) want from us. Does God exist at all. Does science have the better explanation for everything? Where does religon lead? Just these kind of questions. Here we go.


You are not what you really are. As is the universe that you see not the complete reality of the universe. What you should do is becoming aware of the higher things. And to do that you do not just say that you want to be aware of the higher things. To do that you have to come into the” form” in which you can see the higher things, or some of them.


A Book for the Beach (ebook)

1) God, Allah, Ishvara are all names for a thing that we can not understand because we just don’t have the capacity to understand it.

Why is it so hard to see God if he is supposed to be such a massive factor in this world? What could be the difficulty in understanding and seeing Allah.

What is this life? What is God?white-beach Questions like these from time to time come up. We believe It might be good to know about such things. Shure, if something like God exists then we should really get to know him or her or whatever. And so we ask some questions like: What is God? But one thing we seem to constantly forget. We can not understand God, Allah or Ishvara. It is as with an old computer. It will never calculate the same things as a modern faster computer. So as the older computer we do not have the capacity to understand God, Allah or Ishvara. Or maybe you can compare the try to understand God with drawing the Eiffel Tower in its original size on a sheet of paper. This is just impossible. As impossible is it for us to understand what God is. It is simply impossible to understand. So there we are not even having the capabilities to understand what God is but still asking this question. There is a lot more that we do not understand: What is this universe? What is the purpose or meaning of our lives? God, Jehova knows what is the purpose of life. God knows what is the purpose of the things that happen. But you, you do not know, simply because you lack the possibilities to understand. We should not ignore this idea. Of course it is good to do research.God Allah Ishvara Researching gives us answers. Science is our friend. But we should take into account what I say: This universe and God is not just a little bigger then you. It is massively bigger. You do not understand a tiny bit of what God is doing. God is doing this world. The things happening in the world are what is making perfection possible. But understanding why things happen in the way that they happen is something only for God to understand. It is pointless to try to understand these things now. That by the way is also giving us an impression about the question why does God allow war? We can not understand it now. Even though we do not understand why God allows war of course it is still our duty to prevent war. This is a duty that is on us, to absolutely prevent the things that will lead to war over the years and decades but the question why God tolerates evil is just not to be answered because we do not understand what the things are good for that happen.

So we see, some questions are pointless. The answer to some questions we have is beyond our capabilities of comprehending. We just can not understand them. But we are made to learn and we will understand things better later on. So spirituality is not about answering all questions. From our place in this universe this is just not possible. We are not this far. We are not this knowledged. Spirituality is the way to learn more about these things. But always step by step. Day by day. So we come to the question what is God. You can also say Ishvara, Jehova, Allah, Dao, Troi, Brahma, Shiva, Vishnu or use another name, depending on what religion you are in.spirituality articles This does not matter. God is the same thing however you call it. And our understanding of God is very, very little. God is the highest thing in this universe. A description of God does not match God. So we sometimes try to find better description of God, like: “a force that does everything”, or: “a loving thing that makes you perfect” and we also have quite bad descriptions of God like thinking God in human terms like a bearded man as christianity used to picture God in paintings. But compared to what God really is both types of descriptions are massivly wrong. The point being as I said that it is not possible for us to comprehend God because this thing is to big. It is the biggest thing there is so however much you know, this thing will be above your comprehension. Well lets say the God thing should be able to make itself being understood but you have to understand that we are talking about a thing here that you can not completely understand. It is like a cow will not understand formulas about gravity but it will notice if an apple falls on its head. So in some matter we understand God but this is not really understanding God completely.

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2) The universe is higher then we are

The scientific idea about the universe is great for making true discoveries but our view of the universe has to be widenend for spiritulaity. It has to be understood that the universe is much more then science seemingly points to. Actually science points to a very big universe but there is this one wrong derivation from scientific thinking that must not be made. And that is that we are higher then the universe. The opposite is true.

The thing about God is that he is everything and even the forces we do not know. And yet God is not a mechanism. So at the end of all scientific research there will not stand a universe that works like a machine. And humans are not just “machines”. The reason for that is that God, the highest force of the universe is capable of more then we are.books about spirituality It is like that, we think and feel and live but in science we are used to think of the universe as just not doing this. So we look at a planet circling a sun, and we look at a stone and we feel in the superior position to both these things. because these things are not alive. This is true, the stone is not alive, and the planet circles the sun because of gravity. That is a mechanical thing, the planet does not circle the sun because it wants to, but because of “mechanical” forces. Up to this point this is true, but from this point on comes our error. We think this being purely mechanical goes on throughout the universe and so we basicly start from the premise that we are the only thinking thing in this universe and that we would be in an otherwise lifeless mechanical universe. And as I said for the planets and the stones this is true. We are thinking, they do not think. But where does our thinking come from? And our living, where does it come from? Some think that we quite accidentally developed in this universe as mechanical beings, pure biological automatons. Capable of thinking because the automaton provides this capability. But the universe is much, much more complicated then that. The capabilties we have might come from biological machine-working. But nevertheless this universe is more then just the mechanical ground on which fantastic biological machines developed. Because if we think, that we are the highest development in the universe. We would think that a relatively dumb mechanical universe triggered a super elaborate race called humanity. And we would think that now we as the high point in this universe glance back and see the sticks, stones and planets and figure out their mechanics and look how this mechanics lead to our developement. But we are derived from this universe and did not develope as the high point from a lower universe. So the thing we have to look for is a universe that is higher then what we are and from which we have derived. Otherwise we could not exist. If it was true that a lower universe would have spawned us as its high point we would not need religion.religion We would be the things the complete universe would have to bow afore. But this is as I said not the truth. That the universe is not higher then we are is an error that we make from wrongly deriving, from the mechanical planets and gravity and physics we find around us we construct the idea that this is a proper description of the complete universe. But of course what we look at, the planets, gravity and physics is not at all the complete universe. What we do wrong in this kind of theorie-building is that we forget ourselves. Why are we asking these questions about gravity and physics? Why are we feeling, wishing and wanting? In the “mechanical theorie” this all would be just a side effect of our dumb machine existence. But we have to consider that if our interest in the universe derives from a dumb machine existence then this interest would not be real interest but in reality not more then an illusion. Following this interest would mean something to us but not to the universe. Because a universe that is constructed accidentally and mechanically would not know anything like true wanting. We as machines would just believe that we are interested in the universe, but it would just be a programm running, there would not be a real interest.universe spirituality And from our point of view it is never acceptable as the truth that we should be decieved about our own wishes in this unbelievably devastating way. No, we want things and this is the truth. That is our standpoint. Even the hardest “science mechanical theory” fans who go so far to reject the idea of God, would never think that their wanting is the illusion of a machine. No their wanting and wishing for things everybody takes as something very true. And so some claim that we are machines even though they are eager to do their scientific research on this point. They take what they wish for as very serious and true and they do not open their eyes to the point that if they where machines this also would mean that just a program in them was triggering their wishes including their wishes to prove this theory. So they do not at all really believe that they are sensless machines because they think that prooving and putting forth their theories would be important but yet they claim that we are machines which would bring with it that our wishes would be only an illusion. It is a not well thought over theory. It just looks at the things outside of us but it forgets to consider ourselves, the person who is asking the question. If we think it makes sense to ask questions we have to consider that we are more than accidental machines. And we have to consider that the universe is more then a mechanical ground that spawned us as its highest instance.universe We have to consider since it is common and good practice in all science and philosophy and common sense to think of our wishes as a real and good thing that this universe is able to make things run that have these wishes. So the universe has to be thought of as a thing that is partly higher then our capability to think and wish and that it is because of this being higher then what we are that the universe can spawn us. So the ground we raised from is higher then what mechanical science studies. And we may not make the error of taking that what physical science studies as being the complete universe. Well so what then is this universe?


3) Scientific discoveries and God

Are science and God (Allah, Ishvara) enemies. Will science at some point proove the non existence of God or the other way around, will God proove science to be stupid? How was the relation betwen these two parts in the past? Should we praise science or condemn it.

In scientific thinking we call the universe the collection of stars, planets and galaxies. I once more say it, the science of these things is to our benefits. It is true that there are galaxies. We see them in a telescope and they are really there. Fascinating and true. Also it is true that we work at least partly on the base of biological machine work. The point of good spirituality is shurely not to reject this all. The opposite is true, rejecting these biological findings because you are afraid that this could proove the non existance of God, Allah, Ishvara that is wrong religion.Jesus As it was wrong religion to reject the idea that the earth would not be the center of this universe. People believed in the middle ages that the earth would be the center of the universe and that the sun and the stars would turn around it. The earth is not the center of this universe, instead the earth turns around the sun. But when somebody had finally found this out the religious leaders of his country claimed that he would be speaking against God with this idea. Because they thought God’s earth would of course be in the center position of this universe. Today we know it was absolutely right that we circle around the sun and still there is room for the believe in God. Not to mention that some thousand years before this discovery people even believed that the sun IS God. And they called the sun Sol the God. Today in science our sun is still called Sol but luckily nobody believes anymore that the sun would be God. We think that the sun is a really giant sphere of hydrogen and helium that is so big that under its own pressure the hydrogen atoms fuse to helium atoms creating the heat that comes from the sun. If you would have said this in the time where the sun was thought to be God they would have told you that you must be wrong. When people said that the earth is circling around the sun while it was thought that God created this earth in the middle of the universe others said: you must be wrong. But both ideas turned out to be absolutely true. So lets learn from this.christian religion The people who try to defend statements of believe against well done research are not the smartest ones. When Kepler and Gallileo came up with their theories and religious leaders told them that this is stupid talk we today know who was the real stupid talker. So lets learn from this: putting religious ideas as proove against scientific ideas is often stupid. But there is another thing we can learn from this. The believe in God has not diminished. Proving that the sun is not God has not proved or even made us believe that God does then not exist. The prove that the earth is not the center of the universe has not proved or made us believe that then God does not exist. And so it will go on. There will be a lot of findings and some will point seemingly away from God. But all these findings will not really point away from God. So you can look with interest at modern discoveries, you do not have to speak up against these discoveries in order to defend religion. Religion still exists today, and it will keep existing in the future, but today we live in a much better understood universe.beach And as I said the interest in things comes from God. It was proven that the sun is not God and now we think that God must be even bigger. It was proven that everything is not circling around the earth and now we think well so God must be the God of the whole universe. And in this fashion it will go on. Each scientific discovery will only make us think of God as being bigger then we thought. And that is good and true. The image in our thoughts that we have from God is much to small. And thats why there is still much place for shocking scientific results. Try not to be shocked when you hear them. Let time and research filter the true discoveries from the wrong ones and do never believe that any scientific discovery could proove the non existence of God.


4) How can we think this higher universe

Now this ebook comes to the question of how can we understand this higher universe if we can not really understand it. And it elaborates some more on the point of this universe being the thing that spawned us a s a smaller entity. This chapter explains why science is very good the way it is. And starts over on the topic of living religion the right way.

But the question was: What is the universe? In science the universe is two things, the things we see, planets and galaxies and stuff and second the universe is the things that we do not know yet.church Maybe strings and planes or whatever might really make up the universe. and as I said a big source of errors can come from the neglecting of ourselves in these theories. Well it is good scientific practice to base the theories of the things we have not yet discovered on empiric data. That means in the first place we make an experiment and find laws. If you let go of an apple it will fall to the ground. That is because of gravity. It is a “mechanical” principle. The apple will always fall to the ground every time you drop it. So if you drop an apple many times and write down the result of every try if it has fallen to the ground or not you will get a list of many “Yes it fell” results and not one single “No it did not fell” result. Collecting data of experiments in this way is called: researching empirically. And from the empiric data we collected we derive “laws” of things that are like this or that. For example the apple will always fall to the ground if dropped. Given that you are not in space and there is no strong wind from the ground of course. Now this empirical data is the foundation of more advanced theories. If there is gravity then there must be this or that, or if there is gravity then in this or that theoraticaly build up things must behave like this or that. So modern science luckily is based on empirical data. We do not just guess, this would be stupid, no, we derive from discoveries that we made before. And that is not stupid. No this is great.Temple It is so much better then what “science” did in former times that was merely guessing things. Today we do not guess anymore, we derive. That is good. So for things like quantum dynamics or m-theorie deriving is the way to go if you want proper results and not just guesswork. But the main topic of this book is not science, the main topic is religion and “the higher things”. And so since proper religion is supposed to help our personal forthcoming we need to adjust this idea of  deriving things from earlier discoveries.

In religion and so of course also in scientific reality the universe is not an empty mechanical place that spawned us as the highest entities.peach In science as I said we are used to consider the universe as below our capabilities because we live and feel and decide wheras the rest of the universe just follows strict mechanical rules. For scientifically finding mechanical rules in the universe this idea of a purely physical universe is enough, but for us as feeling, living, acting and wanting entities this is not enough. I don’t want to say that planets think. Not at all. There are physical principles at work throughout the universe. And there are mechanical-biological principles working in our body and all this makes science a proper tool of humanity. But the seemingly underlying scientific premise that we are the highest entity because we act deliberatly and that we are surrounded by a purely mechanical universe is wrong. It is not at all true. We are by far not the highest thing in this universe.

There is thought that is more thought then our thought. There is acting that is more then our acting. There is will that is more then our will.relgious articles In all these things that we sometimes consider to be our specialty some things in the universe are much ahead of us. And I am not talking about aliens that are more intelligent then we are. I am talking about “the higher things”. It is those things that are of more life then we are and have more thought then we have. And I am not talking about being more intelligent, what I mean is being of a higher form of intelligence and also being of a higher form of life. So the things we usually call God or the higher things are ahead of us. You can be the smartest guy or girl on the planet, these things outmatch you. Not only in the amount of intelligence, but also in the form of intelligence. So in fact our intelligence is a fraction of the universe intelligence. And it is a very, very small fraction. So the planets are not intelligent, they are índeed balls of rock (hehe) or other material bound by gravity to their star. But the universe holds intelligence in folds that we do not see and from this intelligence comes our intelligence. And this intelligence spreads throughout the universe and “touches” everything, even the planets. And this is a simplification that could make us think that the planets are lifeless but touched by a living thing.living No, the higher things are not at all to be understood. Because we have only a fraction of their potential. And these higher things make it that the planets are there and that we are there. So nothing exists on its own terms. Everything exists every minute of the higher things. So we do not search for a way to touch the higher things. We search for ways to understand and feel that they are making us and we search for a way to have more of these higher forms of intelligence, feeling, life and acting. And among these higher things God is the center. That is how you rule a universe. God is not a bearded man somewhere in this universe. God holds, owns and makes this universe. And with it he, she or it owns you completely. Every person, every planet, every animal, every insect and that in every minute. But don’t be afraid that you are a slave to God. If you understand things better you will always see that God is the thing that makes it possible for you to reach a higher form of being.

We are nothing. So for really reaching things in this universe we have to reach for the things that God, Allah, Ishvara wants and not for the things we want. Now the important thing is that we draw the right conclusion from this. And that is to understand that the right thing to do is something that does not seem completely logical to us. Understand that what we want is not always the right thing and that then it is not the perfect way. Understand that doing the really right thing means doing things without an absolute feeling of certainty. But this does not mean that sometimes we have to be evil even though we do not want it because we think it is the will of God. Evil things are never the will of God. So there is a story in the Bible where a person is asked to kill his own son because this is the will of God. And then in the end God lets go of this wish and the son survives.life And there is another story in the Book of Mormon, which I by the way do not consider to be a holy book, even though I did not read it completely, and I only cite it here because some people think that it is a holy book. Well and in this book of Mormon there is a story in which a person has to kill some people because it is the will of God. And in this story the person does not want to kill people but he has to. This is wrong religion. God does never want things from you that are different from what your concience wants. So if you at some point think that you have to commit an evil act that is against what you wish to do because God or Allah wishes it then you are wrong. There is never something that God or Allah wants that is opposite to your being good, nice, caring and helpful. So these both stories can serve us as an example of wrongly understood religion. God does not want things from you that are evil. Never God will want you to do evil things.


5) We understand only a small part

Ebook chapter 5. We do not understand the higher parts of this universe. We understand just the parts of this universe that lie within our capabilities of understanding. And universally this is not very much. Thats why being on the right track is the only chance to get somwhere. Because we do see the track but not the destination. That makes being on the track our only chance.

The part we understand of this universe is not only small, it is a tiny fraction.being The millionth of a millionth so to say. But that means if you look at it the other way around, that the truth is something we do not know. The whole real world is something that we do not know.

Being on the right track is much more than you think because it means to be moving to the bigger real world even though we do not understand this destination.

And it is always best done with all intelligence. So if you are on top of what you understand then you have to think of the higher things that you do not understand as being higher than that what you understand. We tend to look for holy movement and being as something that we can look at with our intelligence and being. But this can not be the case. Higher being is just something that you can not look at with your intelligence because it is of a higher intelligence then our intelligence.


6) What are the things of the universe that we do not understand

What exactly are the things in this universe that we do not understand? Are the incomplete bits of information that we have useful at all. Should we try to gather more information or is this pointless? Why is it that we should not abandon everything that we call reality in order to pierce through to the truth?

We do not understand the universe. And that is not that we do not understand the atoms and all this things. That is also true, we do not yet understand these scientific things. But sometimes we tend to think that the rest of the universe we do understand. We think there are things that we do not understand and there are things we do understand.beach6 But that is not how it is. There are no things that we do understand. Follow me here and do not take this thought to literally. If you see a black cat. You understand that this is a black cat. This is the truth. Cosmical truth. there is a cat and it is black. And you even know more: You might know the sex of this cat because you know the “owner” of this cat and he or she told you the sex of the cat. You might know that the cat will be happy if you put out some milk for it. And you might also know that cats actually should rather not drink milk because they have lactose intolerance even though they really seem to enjoy drinking milk. And you might know that videos of cats are the hit on the internet. It is like as if the internet was invented for showing videos of cute cats. All these bits of information are true. You can check them. Just go to the internet and type “cute cat video” and will see that it is true that there are a lot of cat videos. So you know a lot of things and they are all true.

But there is this other aspect.dolphin This universe is much more then we see. And there is more to the things then what we see. So in other words the things you see are not the truth. It is like a shred ripped of a map can not be called the truth or a depiction of a land because it is just a tiny fraction of the complete map. So what you see is in some way not the truth. And it does not even come close to the truth.

And again don’t get me wrong here. When I say that the knowledge that you have about the cat is like a little shred of the complete map. Then I do not mean to complete the knowledge about the cat with more relevant knowledge about cats. Or more relevant knowledge about the internet, milk or atoms. Thats not what I mean. I am talking about “cosmic knowledge” that is needed to fill the picture. What I mean is that even if you had all knowledge about cat videos and lactose this still would not be a significant part of the truth. Because the “cosmical things” reach so far out. What I mean is in order to complete the map you would have to have all “higher knowledge”. And in this regard our knowledge about the cat topic can not be called the truth. Even though your knowledge about the cat and the lactose and the internet videos is actually true.

beautifulSo we have the situation, that we are learning information all the time which is true but yet we do not really see the truth. So there is a difference between true information and “the truth”.  And the reason for that is that there is not only more information about the given subject but also there is always more “cosmical information” that we are missing to complete the whole “map”.


This could lead us to the thought that we have to abandon the “reality” of our surroundings and look for the truth somewhere else. But that is not clever. Because as little a piece of information the things we know are, the do not exist parallel to the cosmic truth. It is true that there is a cat, our problem comes from the fact that this is not enough information. So the cat is part of this cosmos so the knowledge that you have about the cat and the milk is “cosmical” information. these bits of information are true they are just not enough. So abandoning the reality and look for “real truth” is not the way. Because what you see is real truth. And if you try not to care for this “material truth” because you think that there is a “higher” truth then you do the wrong thing. You can not decide in this way what is “real truth” and what not. So coming to the knowledge of complete truth may and should include knowledge about cat videos and lactose.

So we do not skip these informations and just let them go.religious article spirituality And we also do not do the other extreme that would be to believe that there is no higher truth. So if you would say like, I see a cat this is proven but I do not see God (Allah, Ishvara, Dao, Jehovah) so God is not existent you would massivly do the wrong thing. You would make the mistake to think that you are the point of measurement. You can not walk around and say only things that I personally see do exist. You have to consider the possibility that you do not have all necessary senses that are needed to see some things. Like “dark matter” is a huge topic in science at the moment. And scientists say that only 5 percent of the universe are visible. So the most part of the matter in the universe we do not even see. It would be stupid to say that “dark matter” can not exist because you personally do not see it. Because there are a lot of things that exist which you do not see. For example scientists of today are beginning so see the interaction of the “dark matter” with the matter that we can see. So something is there. So you should not say what I personally can not see does not exist. Now there are some narrow minded people argumenting that even though you do not see “dark matter” you can see its effects in the universe and that with God and the “higher things” you do not see the effects on the universe. So they say “dark matter” is proovable and science, while the believe in higher things is stupid hocus-pocus. But look at it this way: You do not see that there is no interaction between the higher thing and the things that we see. I will explain what I think what the universe looks like:


7) Religion has in all times been developed further

Now this ebook comes to the point that religion is not a stagnant thing. Religion seems very ridgid but if you look at it over the centuries and millenia then it is clearly visible that there is a large development going on. That shows that religion is only useful if it is developed further. And we come to the question: why does religion, the path of truth, has stupid ideas at all.

God(Allah, Ishvara) is the first thing in the universe on top of everything.God Everything “derives” or comes from God. evey thing that you sense or find is because of God. Not like God is a super cool person in this universe who has a lot of power. This is an old concept of God. Before we can come closer to understanding God we have to first go the way to make it clear that we can not understand this guy or thing called God. And if I say we do not understand God (Dao, Brahma, Shiva, Vishnu) I do not mean that we can not completely understand God. What I really mean is that like absolutely nearly nothing of this thing that I call God can be understood by us. And it is not like well from the Bible, Torah, Quran or Bhagavad Gita I get a good impression of what God (Dao, Allah, Ishvara) is. Those are good books but we really have to understand the scale here.

From the idea that God can be understood from these great but old books comes the problem that people think God would be an unprovable hocus-pocus thing.Jesus Because there have been a lot things said about God which turned out to be disprovable by science. For example in the christian Bible there is told that God formed humans out of clay and breathed life into them. And also you can read in this book that God said there shall be an earth and the earth appeared. From the standpoint of modern science this is wrong. This is not what has happend. There is an unbelievable lot of evidence that the earth clumped together in space about 5 billion years ago. There is nothing with God spoke something and then the earth appeard. No, it is the scientifical findings that describe the truth much more accuratly in this point. Earth really clumped together from smaller stones about 5 billion years ago. Humans are clever and they have the need to set the whole picture together. If you see a cat coming out of a room you will assume that it was in the room before it stepped out. Even if you have not seen the cat being in the room you automaticlally figure that the cat was in the room if it comes out of the room because cats can not just appear out of thin air. That is a good thing. We conclude because we are clever. The problem with conclusions about God is that if they are proven wrong people loose the trust in the whole thing.Jesus article So 3000 years ago or even before, that is about the time the first texts for the Bible where invented, people knew that if somebody or something dies it turns to earth or soil. And they knew that there is a special kind of earth which allows for being formed and make pots from it and that is clay. So in order to understand the whole picture, like thinking well the cat must come from somwhere, they concluded that God formed men from clay. It is quite obvious if you think about it this way. Or if it is not obvious it is at least quite plausible if you do not know all the things we know today. We do know about biology. We know that humans are not at all made of earth but they are made of cells which are made of protein and water and minerals and other molecules and that means that humans consist to the most part of carbon and water. But if you do not know as much as we do, the story of the making humans of clay sounds plausible. If you still believe this today than you are not up to date with modern knowledge. So the Bible is wrong in this point. Just as our explanations of nature that we make today using what we know will appear terribly ridiculous in a few thousand years. You can bet on that. So from this point of view it is only logical that older descriptions of nature and descriptions of Allah (God, Ishvara, Dao) have to be corrected as time goes by. You can not expect people of former times to come to the same conclusions we come to because they had much less information.stars So ideas of God have to be corrected just as all scientific ideas have to be enhanced and corrected over time. Like up to the middle ages most people and that means the science elite thought that the world would be flat. Now somebody said that the earth is a sphere. He was absolutely right. So in religion people said God formed humans of clay and today we see this does not hold up to modern science. And some people say: if the first thing, the clay thing, proves to be not true then God is a thing that does not exist. Well this is not a clever thought because if you think like this then you could also say: since the first idea of the world being flat does not exist then the world does not exist. So correcting our thoughts on a matter is a most common thing and how ever many wrong things are said about a subject it does not prove that the subject does not exist. It is much more like this, that so many people thought of God (Ishvara, Allah, Dao, Jehova) as being something real that you much rather can conclude that there is something true about this idea. But we have to accept that there will always be changes in theories as time progresses. People over time accepted that the earth is a sphere and not flat. But as it turned out even this was wrong, or lets say not precise enough, because today we know earth is not a perfect sphere, it flattens just a lttle because of its rotation. So the old biblical ideas about God are not stupid and wrong, you could say that they just are not precise enough.


8) That the older ideas turn out to be not true does not at all mean that “religion” is wrong in general

What do we make of it that some religious ideas are so stupid. Why is it not good to abandon religion? What actually speaks for religion?

The problem that can come with conclusions is still there.wrong religion Conclusions can be a helpful thing so  today people do the same thing that people did in older ages and conclude. And some conclude that if 3, 4 or 5 things that where said about God turn out to be untrue then all things said about God might be untrue. But there is a difference between “the things that are said are not true” and “the thing itself is not there”. So concluding that God does not exist is jumping to conclusions. And you also have to get one thing very clear for yourself, even though sometimes this is difficult to do: Not everybody is an idiot exept you. I once read somebody writing about religion, that everybody who thinks that he or she can sense things in religion is mistaken. Millions of people feel that they sense some things in the field of religion but one guy writes that they all must be mistaken in their sensing because he himself does not sense something. I mean how can one person be so convinced of himself just to say millions can not have sensed anything because he did not. It is like saying: Einstein was an idiot because I do not understand his calculations. So you have to really consider that a lot of very intelligent people said that God and the higher things can be sensed. So some critics of religion go on and say the wish for a God is so strong that it is logical that people invent God. But also against this you should measure that the many people talking about religon where, as I said, not all idiots.Jesus insights As soon as you consider that you are not the only intelligent person on this world and that also others tend to come to clever insighst and to this meassure that religion has been accompanying human kind ever since humans existed and meassure that today from 7 billion people on the world roughly 5.5 billion are in a religion then you will find that you should not turn this down to soon. Just because of that, that others are not super stupid. I don’t mean to say if everybody jumps you should jump. That would of course be not critical and so it could not be called clever. But if you are on a plane and suddenly everybody grabs a parashute and jumps out of the plane then you really should consider if there was some message that you did not hear or something. And you should not say I don’t know anything so I will stay, I mean that would be the real stupid thing to do. You should rather inform yourself about what they know. And in case of religion and believe this field has a tradition since human kind existed and that should make you consider that it might hold some truth. Just because even though some people might be super stupid not everybody is stupid. So you must consider that an increadible lot of people knew very well what they talked about when they said that religion is a decent thing to have for a human being.

Just a short thought I would really like to add at this point. If you are in a religious group that over some time did not manage to attract a lot of people. Consider this “other people also think” aspect. And you can with some security assume that the religions with many believers are the more true religions. So even though individuality is a great thing in religion some going with the mainstream is clever.


9) What is religion? What is the difference between the world religions and what do they have in common

Lets now compare the world religions as they are today.

So lets assume with this that religion is an intelligent thing to do. Ok people are not stupid and so there are things that you can sense in religion. But then what is it people want to achieve with religion? And what is it I have to do to achieve things in religion? Is it about pleasing a God? Is it about pleasing me? Like, what is it about?

In general religion makes a prediction.what is religion And this prediction is that we are not experiencing the highest possible state of being. Nearly whatever religion you look at this is one of the basic premises. We are not in the best possible state and some rules of living will help us into the better state. Like in Christianity the best state is called heaven and to get there is done by living without sin and that basically means to be caring. In Islam the highest state is called jannah and to get there you have to live without haram and that also basically means to be caring. As you can see the basic premises of these two religions do not differ actually. And that is of course because religions do not develope indipendent of each other. Muhammad well knew the teachings of Jesus as much as in Jesus times the teachings of Buddha must have been roughly known. In Buddhism the highest state is called nirvana and you get there by being caring. This is what Buddha actually said. In this main point, that you reach nirvana with being caring also Buddhism matches the two other named religions. But Buddha wanted to help the people on their way with more precise teachings and so Buddha tried to also give the people help with “meditation” techniques and so he said that it is not that the world is there and you are in it but much rather you are and you think and you wish and this makes “waves” and the “waves” that you see are what you then call the world. So additionally to being caring he also gave us these “meditation” techniques of not wishing for things to happen and at all not crave things to much for they are anyways not the real thing.

Some people get this idea of Buddha all wrong and believe that he preaches that the universe does not exist.Buddha And so they figure that it would be a state of “not being” that is the way to perfection or moksha as Hinduists and Buddhists call it. So they practice not to want things and believe as I just said that Buddhism would teach that the universe does not really exist. But this is of course not what Buddha teaches. To this of course you have to consider that Buddha also talks about going to a better place with these techniques. Nirvana does not mean “nothing”, nirvana means “blown out” and referes to candles. If nirvana was a state of not existing Buddha would have preferred to live and also Buddha said that he already was in nirvana while he still was on earth so of course if you can still touch Buddha even though he is in nirvana that means that Buddha does not think nirvana as being nothing. So Buddha consideres nirvana as being “a better place”. So if you consider that this better place is the true reality and that you do not disappear with the world as soon as you make no more “waves”, we have to understand that Buddha not at all meant that the whole reality of the universe is just the “waves” that you make.Buddha teachings Because then he would have said that you would disappear as soon as you make no more “waves”. But that is not what Buddha describes. He says if you make no more “waves” the world will be gone and you will be in the reality. So Buddha does not state that the complete reality does not exist. He just says that what we think to be the reality is not the truth about the universe. Thats why I said of Buddhas further teachings that they are “meditation techniques” because the basic rule in Buddhism is to be caring to come to nirvana just like in Islam and Christianity and on top of that he talks about these techniques to better get a grip on the practical side of living religion and caringness. So Buddha does not at all say that all reality is an illusion. He says that what we see is an illusion that makes us not see the reality. And what about Hinduism and Judaism. At first lets consider that Jesus, the founder of christianity was a jew. So the religion Jesus grew up to was Judaism. And Buddha grew up as a Hindu. So the religion of Buddha he had at the beginning was Hinduism. And both these people said that the religion has to be developed in some points. And now today we have Hinduism and Buddhism and we have Judaism and Christianity. So you can expect that the Religions Judaism and Hinduism are not completely different to Christianity an Buddhism because both Buddha and Jesus did not say throw away all religion and believe something new. Jesus actually said: I do not tell you that “the law” is wrong and it is believed today that he was speaking about the religion as it was understood in Jesus times.jesus christ religion But he teaches some points of what he calls a better way of living religion, just as Buddha did. And so it does not surprise that also the jewish religion and Hinduism are both about being caring to reach the highest state of being. So what is actually different in the big world religions. At first Jesus pointed out that being caring and also loving God is the way in itself and that other things are not a way to God even if religion tells you so. So he explained that being caring is the main principle and so lifted this principle over the other principles of his religion Judaism. Buddha tought a way of strongly avoiding the believe that what you have in this life would be enough or would be that what you want. And he explains that you have to understand that there is much more and therefor he called life an illusion. Those should be the main points of practice for Buddha and that very slightly if at all seperates these two religions from each other. The other points of difference between the major world religions are all only about things that you can actually not know. The other differences are about speculations about the things of which I say they are all going to be completely different then what you believe. So the things that set the religions apart are things like: how exactly God looks like. Is it one person like in Christianity, or is it one person that splits into a lot of gods like in Hinduism. Or things like: Do you return constantly to this planet like in Hinduism or not.. I wanted to say like in christianity, but Jesus said wait for my return, so this would hint into the direction of people living longer on this planet than only one lifetime. But basicly in Christianity people do think of living only once on earth.Rocks Other differences are if God is a thought of as being a person at all or if it is just a force that has no personality, both of these things can be found in different Hinduistic believes. So I would say the points in which the world religions are different from each other are just the points that we can actually not understand. And in these points now religion is really only a thing of believe. But If you can not understand a thing then it is not useful to decide for on or the other possibility because if you really do not have the possibility to understand something then none of the possibilities you come up with is true.

Of course I simplified the description of the religions a little but basicly this is what the religions say. There are aspects to the religions that I dropped but the things I named are the main aspects to the religions. So you can see that on this premise it does absolutely make no sense if one says I do not want to be a christian because Buddhism is more true. Or if you would say I can not stay a believer of Islam because Hinduism is better. Or of course if you think that somebody from another religion would differ much from your basic way of life.There is not much a better or worse because in the main principles the bigger religions do not differ from each other and the minor principles are just the things that we can not understand. Like the true description of God for example.


10) Religion is an unbelievably great cultural treasure, just as the skill of building houses, making music or using medicine

So what is religion?God Religions are sets of rules that are supposed to help you in reaching the better state. But because religions speak of a higher being or force like God in all religions it is practice to ask this instance for help and guidance. Often people think only of this aspect of religion when they think about religion. And so they say if God would not exist then the whole religion is a useless thing. But that thought of course forgets that religion is not only about God. God is the central point of religions but actually religion is about ourselves. God is thought of in all religions as already being perfect. He does not need religion. In the thinking of religion we are the ones who need the religion because we are the ones who are not yet perfect or in the highest state. So there is these two aspects of religion one is to ask God for help and the other one is to live in a way that perfection is reached. So religion is not just as some people state only the stupid wish of some people to trust in a higher being that does not exist and then get some kick out of this believe. Not at all. Religion is the collective try of humankind to collect ideas of behaving and living that make for an experience of “higher things”.cuture So all these people that lived with religion tried to reach higher in this universe and many succeeded. Some more and some less but in all times they came together and wrote down how they succeeded in reaching higher things. This is of unbelievably high cultural worth. As much as people submitted to the following generations how to make musik, build roads and houses and how to grow seeds they also transmitted their knowledge about how to reach higher. Even though there are ways under these transmitted ideas that do not work well for reaching higher the heritage of rules and ideas that comes to us after thousands and tenthousands years of religion is an unbelievable treasure. And with religion it is the same as with houses, we would not build skyskrapers today if peple of old ages would not have told their daughters and sons how to build houses out of clay. But you would not go and say that building houses from clay is better then what we can build with our modern knowledge. The knowledge has developed and so it is not a good idea to rigidly stick to much to old ideas neither in building houses nor in religion.


11) Religion has not led to bad things in the past

Since the universe holds the possibilities of reaching much higher this way of people recording their ways for future generations is among the greatest cultural heritages humankind has.religion bad I really can not understand narrow minded people who write trash like: Humanity would be better of without religion. I think this is so unbelievably stupid. We all want to reach higher and all past generations recorded their ways of doing this as soon as they saw that something worked out in this field. Religion is not the source of war. As I always say there has never been a religious war ever. People fight and go to war for things like money, dominance, sex or secure survival but never really for religion. If you would have everything and somebody also would have everything and the only difference between you would be the religion we would never have ourselfs put in danger of being killed just to help somebody to adopt the better religion. We do not care. Wars are fought for profit and dominance and to make it sound good and convince people to fight always leaders say that the enemy is godless and of the wrong religion but for religion itself nobody would ever fight. There has never been any religious war in world history. So religion has never been a source of war. Don’t be blinded by leaders who want to become rich and powerful and tell you to fight for them by telling you that your fighting then would be a fight for religion. Really how can one not see that?

And the witchhunt that christian church did in the middle ages and some later on,chrstian church the killing of innocent people because it was believed that they where witches while today we know that something like a witch does not exist, Was that a religious thing? No, it was not. Also though in general we are absolutely loving people and there is no flaw on our true selves yet humans are animals. We like torturing people and we always loved labeling some people as being of a certain group to make it possible for us to kill and torture them. In this case the weak group that people used for their tortures where not the group of witches but actually another group: woman. In this society women had a low standing. When back then a woman was called out to be a witch she was caught for torterous interrogation. But yet: as soon as a man from the citiizens of good standing said that she is no witch and that this must be a mistake then the woman was released. It did not matter that the usual man to say that was usually never an expert in knowing witchcraft or anything. Yet as soon as a man of good standing spoke for the woman she was released. Which shows that in this case society did not look for witches. They as so often seeked out victims for their tortures which they as always found in the class of citizens that had little rights, women. This is a problem of societies. It is not a church specific problem This works with religion if we attack Jews or witches but it well also works outside of religion, Blacks, whites, communists we do not need religion for this bestiality. But now please imagine how this world would look like if religion would not tell us that being caring is the thing our inner self wants, as every major religion does. Where would we stand. We would have the same killing but that without the force of religion braking us in these effords. The biggest institutions of helping people in poverty and despair are religious institutions. Everything saints tell the people to do is being caring and they are role models for many. So do never say humanity would be better of without religion. This is among the most stupid things that one can say. This heritage, these guidelines of people who sensed something are one of humanities greatest treasures and they have never been the reason for violence. The reasons for violence always lies somwhere else all that religion does is braking our beastly effords as good as it just can. We are the problem in this regard, not the rules how to reach “higher things” that people kindly and cleverly left here for us.

And what about the striving for might and power as for example the christian church displayed it in the middle ages in europe?power Was that not terrible? Yes it was, but what group of people of that time did not do this. Even though we are deep inside ourselves perfect and loving beings we strive for power over our fellow humans and every institution is in danger of doing this wrong thing. But there are some institutions that at least have in their ideals not to do that. And that are the bigger religious groups. And so again religion is not he problem. Religion tells us not to do such a thing. The problem is to strive for power against others and the bigger religions unisono tell us not to do this. Thats why the breaking of these bad things in the european institutionalized religions came from the inside of these groups. Believers and monks inside the christian church where it who stood up against these practices, according to the rules of religion that talk of caringness. So we have to strictly discern between what an institution of people does if it can reach for power and religion itself which is basicly just a set of rules. Again: the strive for dominance that the christian church had in the middle ages was not asked for by religion. So also in this case religion again is not the enemy here. We can see that right in the bigger christian churches of today. The striving for power is gone. It does not match with the basic principles of this institution and so was dropped. But what about institutions that do not have such principles. They will go on doing this thing until they understand that caringness is a must have principle for institutions. So actually institutionalized religion was always ahaed of its time compared to the non religious institutions.

But couldn’t you argue that it is the believe in the superiority of the priest class that makes this strive for power possible in the first place.religion evil No, not really. Of course it is true that the christian church in the middle ages spread fear afore the devil (kroni, shaytan) to make people listen to what the priests say enhancing their position of power. That is terrible. But again it is not a problem that religion brings. It is the problem of not being knowledged enough that these things to fear do not exist. And religion did not invent the devil in order to come to power. Like earthly leaders invent stories of their godliness to enhance their position. No, religion invented the devil, or came up with the devil as describing what everybody believed at that time. So there is a big field of wrong believes throught all ages. And all these wrong believes can be used to enhance one persons power. And also without religion there would have been wrong believes. Because believes are just the guessings in putting together what the truth really is like. So the point is anyways, if you say religion is bad, to find out what religion actually is. Because even without religion you would have believes of some sort. In something you must believe in order to plan your doings according to what is best. So the point is: somehting like “no religion” can not develop. Even if the believe would be that: God does not exist and being caring is just useful for yourself, as some state as a kind of anti-model to religion. Then this is of course generally a “religion”. A set of believes that you use to govern your life for the best. So the state of humans having no religion is just not possible because a set of believes of some kind must come up.against religion So some people cry out against religion and they cry that we should rather use just for the main ethic rules of religion. But these main ethical rules that we have in the religions have been collected through the religons. So you do not know that being caring is good from society while some religious freaks say that it would be useful to believe in God (Allah, Ishvara). Religion is just the collected ideas from society of the kind that they seem to bring us further. There is of course nothing wrong about that. The society that the big nonbelievers want to protect is the very society that collected these rules. Because religon is just the name for writing these rule down and teaching them. Speaking against religion would be the try to seperate society from its heritage of useful rules. Thats why with speaking against religion and calling for ethic rules instead you do not really speak against religion but just speak nonsense. Religion is nothing that exists in itself, religion is just the name for collecting the best rules to live by. In this regard it is basicly out of reach of every attack.


12) Ok lets get practical. All major religious leaders: Buddha, Jesus, Muhammad and Krishna explained the same thing

At this point I think it would be useless to write on just throwing argument against argument and with this writing without really touching the topic.arguments All those arguments have been said before. Arguments in this case of practicing spirituality and trying to reach perfection (moksha) do not lead to much because the answer to the question if a believe in God is useful is dependend on the question if God exists. If God exists we should follow him, nobody will doubt that. If God does not exist we should not follow him, I think most people will also confirm this. If there is no God then we have better things to do then following something that does not exist.

But actually we are not following God. Believers believe that God exists. That is the believe part of religion. What we follow are the rules that society over time passed on to us. That is what religious people follow. They do not follow God, for no one ever met this guy. What we follow are the rules that seemed reasonable. There is truth in that. Even if there is no God the rules seem to be there. This caringness stuff springs out of everybodies heart. What religious people do is saying that the reason for that is a higher principle. Some then say that this principle is personal, some say that it is impersonal but the point is the rules come from society. The rules are there, the question is where do they come from.

And a major point of religion is that, that being caring is not only a nice thing to do that helps you getting along with other people.Jesus Buddha Muhammad Krishna What religious people state througout the world religions and what the famous religious leaders like Jesus Buddha, Muhammad or Krishna said is that being caring is a way to perfection. And that does mean that it transports you onto a higher level of being. That is what the great spiritual leaders said one by one. If you want to reach the level that they have reached, then it is your being caring that you have to train. And with training in caringness that results in that you become better in this you reach a higher form of being leading to an eternal life close to the truth of this universe. So it is the eternal life, the perfection, the well being and the high knowledge that caracterize the described higher state of being. So the high leaders of spirituality did not speak of being caring to make this world a better place as it is often misunderstood. What they speak of is that you make yourself a person the reaches another form of being a higher form of existence. They really speak of supernaturality that they claim to be at hand if you develope yourself. And each one of these four spiritual leaders: Muhammad, Krishna, Buddha and Jesus described the reaching of the supernaturality as running along with the reaching of high levels of caringness. The more caring you are the more supernatural you will become. That is what they spoke of. They did not speak about making this world a better place, they all spoke of supernaturality which is our actual nature. And they ll described it they that the more caring you are the closer you are to perfection, moksha or supernaturality. And they all described this supernaturality as our actual nature.

Now I would like to ask you to consider: If being supernatural is the actual form that you have and you are not supernatural at the moment, And if being caring is so much supernatural that with learning to be more caring you become more supernatural until you step over some borders and enter a new form of life, which is then your actual nature. If you consider this, then how often and how much caring do you think you have to be?

Of course perfection does not come at once. It will take time and you will shurly have diseases and bad things will happen that will put you into doubt. But the way is in practicing to be caring until supernaturality. And that does not mean giving all untill you have nothing. Caringness is always sharing because you are also a person that must be included into the caring. So Don’t give everything, but rather share. And caringness is what your conscience tells you, waht you think to be caring because since this is our true nature you can know it. You should know what is good if you listen to your conscience in every minute. And you also can consult words of spiritual leaders for orientation. So judge the situations by what is the caring thing to do. And always have trust that it all will lead to perfection even if you fail in being caring or bad tings happen. Have trust as good as you can.


13) Can it be true that it is useful for us to believe in God as religion tells us.

From thisSupernaturality point we understand God (Jehova) not anymore as something strange and invented but rather begin to consier that if there is a supernatural form that we have then it is more easy to consider that there is a type of being that holds this higher world together. I think in the thought of supernaturality the thought of a higher being has more place to be. Because if we think the wolrd as being without supernaturality then there is not to much place for God, but if you consider a higher form of being for yourself you will with this consider a room, a higher world in which this higher form of you unfolds. And in this thinking I think it becomes more easy to picture that there is place for something like a God (Ishvara, Allah). And it also becomes more understandible how this force, thing or being can not be understood from the point of our being unsupernatural. And it can be more easily pictured that God can be understood better if we develope more into all this.

Why do so many people state that they feel God, while I myself might not feel God?feel god The reason for that I think is in the broad spectrum of closeness to the higher things. You can be very close to the “higher things” or you can be very far away from the “higher things” and the point is between this there is a huge distance. If this is true then you can say that it is logical that if you are quite far away from the higher things that you do not feel to much presence of a higher power. While it on the other side would also be logical that if you are very close to the higher things that you might really feel this higher power. So some people of really high regard describe God, Allah or Ishvara as feelable. They describe the higher things as something that not only can be experienced but also something in which you somehow can live. And that living in these things equals seeing more truth. So I myself feel the presence of God. And saying that, this is what I meant I said before that I want to stop throwing argument against argument. I could talk about it if it us useful to follow God pretending that I have no opinion. But that is not a good thing to do I think. You would end up being as informed as before. So lets get a little personal. For me God is a definite reality. I don’t say that he or it is well described in the common religions. As I said God is not really something that you can eaysily describe. But I definitely experienced God as being a force so powerful that you would not believe it if you do not see it for yourself. I have an internet-site that you should find if you type “evader spirituality” into your search engine, because “evader” is my computer nick-name and so my site features this name often accidentally. And then I write a lot about spirituality and so it just happened that “evader spirituality” is a well working search term to find my site.evader religion On this site I talk about the way to come to such experiences of really feeling the higher things. Maybe you are reading this text on this named internet-site. And I do that for a reason and that is that a descripton of a beautiful beach might be quite nice, but it is not the same as being on that beach. And with God or the higher forces it is alike. What good does it bring you if I tell you that these things are powerful. This life is not about living your life beliving in God and then at the end of your life come to heaven because you believed. This is much rather about being in this universe much longer then one human life and climbing constantly up towards the higher form of being. So that brings me to think that it would be best to tell you what I think is the way to come to the higher things.

And for me this way seems to be like this:

As I said: We know nothing.knowledge What do I mean with that? Well we know some decent stuff about atoms. We understand gravity nowadays as a warp in the spacetime. That is cool. It is knowledge of high standard. We have medicine and tv and other fancy stuff. And this is great, don’t get me wrong. This is a lot of knowledge. But what I say is, that the best way for our future does not lie in the focusing on this kind of knowledge. I mean of course lets keep it up and research in these fields. Why not? But these fields only seem to describe the universe. Because they actually do only describe a very small part of the universe. Some might think that understanding spacetime and maybe m-theory would describe the universe in its most inner workings. But that is not true. Because if you think that you forget something. If you go to for example a large telscope and work there then one thing of the things you do would be looking at the stars and calculating gravity and stuff. But even if you do nothing else still this is by far not the biggest part of the things you do. And the much bigger part of what you do is being there, thinking, connecting with other minds in talk and also in movement. Existing, living, thinking those are the things that you do most. And so it is this field that makes up the much bigger part of your existence that must must also be the field in which research will bring you the results that describe the universe better.truth You can not cut loose from all that what you are just the idea of describing the physical whats and whens of the universe and then believe that with working in this tiny cutout field of your existence you will find the real truth. You will find truth in this little field but this is then of course not the real truth about this universe. However sophisticated a field of work may be. It will always only be a cutout from what we really do in existing. And that is why the real price and the real description of this universe is found in this case between your work.

We sometimes think that we are so clever that the descriptions and laguage code we use is just real. So we can tend to think that finding out the secrets of the physical universe would equal finding out the secrets of the universe. But that the universe is much more then just physics that we can understand must come to the mind if you consider that we do not understand our being and our existence. So we are here but we study something else. And even though gravity knowledge is great and very sophisticated it dos not describe a large part of the universe. Because our thinking, being, wishing and living must be considered a part of this universe also. And this one is the bigger part, the much bigger part. Thats why it can happen that you intensly study a tiny cutout field of you existence and feel very empty with this.

biggerThat I think is an important thing to consider before you judge what knowledge is worth it to look for. You might think that your thinking and existence is just normal. And then think that the universe is much bigger then you are. But see it from this point. Your thinking makes up a large amount of what happens in the universe for you. This I think is no accidental thing because we just happen to think things. This i think is one of the ways in which the universe just is. So you should be considering yourself and your thoughts as being part of the fabric of the universe. From this point you can not just study stars anymore because you would be ignoring the main part.

You have to consider your position to all things. the findings in your telescope-lab so to say do not have much to do with what you where at the moment in which you made them. So your results will be cut loose from the universe in a certain way. It can be useful descriptions of gravity that you gain for humanity in this example but the one who hears them in what way will he or she be affected through this.bigger universe Will the part of fabric that he or she represents in this universe will be affected in the best way. Probably not because if you have a look at your being and then try to give others a better form of being you do not talk about gravity. You might smile, listen, joke, chat or whatever and the reason why we do this instead of only working on science or whatever is that this field is the actually bigger part of the universe. The things you see and the form they have in your mind, this is a part of the universe. This is where you are in. This is a part of reality. And the form in which you are with your thoughts and being communicates with other people and has an effect on what they are. So even though your mind seems to be seperate from the mind of somebody else still through senses understanding and reacting our minds are definitely connected. So the big parts in the fabric that are made up by our individual minds that react on other minds are already connected before we even consider a supernatural connection. And these things are the bigger part of the universe then mathematical formulas can ever be. And when I say that the universe is much bigger then we think then I do not mean that it has a bigger physical extension, or that it spreads into areas of “dark matter”, when I say that the universe is bigger then we think then I mean that above the increadible part of the universe that makes up this big part of our existence and being and thinking there comes even more. so I say the universe expand further then we know but I mean that this expansion takes place mostly in your being, thinking and existing. This is not about seeking our inner world. This is to understand that our inner world is a major part of what we call the outer world. And that inner and outer world are just a tiny part of the real size of the universe. This universe is all together connected, the things and also your thoughts and existence. And this universe expands much much further then you know in all these parts. And expanding yourself in the direction of your thoughts and being is the best way of coming closer to the higher things. It is a bit the idea not to cut out one sector of your universe and then study this sector.higher things If you follow you will find that actually cutting out a sector is in this description of the universe impossible to do. Because you will have thoughts about the sector and this will not change the basic mode of the universe in which your thinking is part of the fabric. In the ways of your thoughts and being being a part of this universe fabric it does not matter what you think about the things. But in the ways of how this fabric is it does matter what you are, do and want.  Such thoughts can make you live in awareness of this universe model. and from there is it that we can ask the real questions.

Being nice as we have learned from religion and want to be by ourselves anyways now can become a major player in this universe. If we are part of the fabric then the way we are matters. It interacts wtih the universe. It makes plausible that if this part of the fabric is quite big that it can be the moves we make that change the quality of these things that make us transcend the borders towards the thing we call the higher things.

14) Insects and how we do really not understand the universe

I have seen people say that insects are like robots.insects But if you look at insects and how they react to you it will take only a day to understand that they are living feeling, wishing, fearing and hoping creatures. Insects do not feel pain. That is a scientific fact. But for everything else they are much closer to us then people want to believe. Insects are of a quite high intelligence, but the both intelligences: ours and that ot the insects or other animals do not have a big area of intersection. There is a part of the animals intelligence that we also have so we have some parts of intelligence in common. And there is a big part of our intelligence and animal intelligence that is of a different area. So this big part we do not have in common. And so we both, we and animals or insects have much intelligence but there is only a very small part of these two intelligences that we have in common.

So we think insects or animals have little intelligence because we just look at the intelligence that animal and we share, But we do not see that there is a big part of intelligence that we do not see because it is not the same intelligence as ours. So we judge animal intelligence as if your intelligence would be the meassuring scale. But this is stupid.

So what is the part of intelligence that insects have that is also in our intelligence.Oregon The understanding of three dimensional space for example is one. For a fly to fly or a wasp it needs to be able to understand the three dimenional rooms around it pretty much the way we understand three dimensional rooms. Another understanding we share is to understand hunger, food and eating, warmth and cold. Day and night, male and female. Those are all things that are important for the animal or insect to live. They know the temperature and act in order to be in a warm enough place, insects especially because if they get to cold their body gets dangerously cold because they do not create warmth in their bodies as we do. They understand the difference between night and day because they all choose one of these times to be active and the other one to sleep. And they know that on night follows day and vice versa.

But what an atom is, or a good book, those are the parts of our intelligence that animals do not share. but fear, despair, hope those things insects and other animals do have. And they have as I said also a part of intelligence that they have but that we do not have.

Insects know that you are an animal or a living creature. Sometimes wasps fly so close to us that you get the impression that the wasp would be a stupid robot that does not even notice that you are another animal.StrawnIsland But that is not the case, the wasp or bee knows very well that you are an animal. If the wasp comes closer it knows that it comes closer to an animal of enormous size. I think that there are smarter insects and less smart insects but I actually think that the same arrogance we have that animals do not think also the wasp has. So I think that the wasp believes that we are animals but very stupid ones. just standing and moving around not thinking anything. Because the part of our intelligence that we share is just a little part and the rest of our intelligence the wasp can not see.or understand. But this does not go so far that the fly or wasp would not notice that you are an animal. The wasp knows that you are a creature. But it might consider you stupid and whatever you say in your language will not make the insect understand that you are of a high intelligence. But sometimes insects just notice that, that you are of a high intelligence and then of course for the wasp it seems that surprisingly you have the intelligence of a wasp. at this point when insects get aware of this they usually fly away very fast because a thinking animal of the size of a skyscraper is a potential danger because it could attack precisely and with the wish to attack. So for the most part I think why wasps dare to get so close to you is that they think that you are stupid and standing around and do not even know what an attack is. So they do not fear you, they think you are harmlessly standing and moving around not understanding much Some times even the wasp comes closer while it seems that it already figured out that you are an animal of intelligence. In both cases If you understand that this is the truth, killing a wasp that comes close to you is a thing that forbids itself. And also the fear of getting stung vanishes because the bee or wasp notices you as being an animal and so it must consider your enourmous size. And it falls into the range of the wasps or bees or hornets intelligence not to attack a thing that has the size of a skyscraper. A fight against you is something the wasp would never search because this would be suicide and the wasp knows this, at least if it gets aware that you are “as intelligent as a wasp”. But also before if the bee or insect thinks that you are stupid and walking stupidly around still it will take some caution. It is just the absolutely enourmous size we have compared to the insect that makes the insect have much respect even as long as it thinks that you are dumb.

Sometimes animals do not seem to understand things. But in general I think it is much as I just described.

articlesIf you lean against a wall where there is a wasp or a bee it will sting you. Or if you accidentally step on a bee or squeeze it somehow it will also sting. This hurts and many people think that Bees or wasps would just sting now and then. But that is not true. Bees And wasps really only ever sting in life or death situations. But the point is with your enormous size and weight accidentally squeezing a wasp or a bee can easily kill it. So what you not not notice wehn the wasp stings you is that it thought it would die in the next second if it would not sting. So only if you squeeze a wasp or a bee it will sting and if you are close to the hive and the wasps are convinced that you will plunder the hive and kill them all. Then also these insects can sting.fact But they are of an unbelievably relaxed attitude So you can with ease walk right up to a hive and they will not easyly sting you. And as long as you do not crush a bee or a wasp or it gets tied up in your hair and you touch it then so that it thinks that you want to eat it or if you swallow it accidentally, as long as nothing of these things happen a bee or a wasp will not attack you. Another fact is that sadly the stinging apparatus of the bee, not so with wasps, will stick in your skin and rip out of the bee leaving a wound that the bee can not survive. I don’t think that the bee knows that but I am convinced that the bee or wasp knows that fighting an animal of this enormous size is only useful if it is anyways trapped in a life or death situation. Otherwise bees or wasps will not sting, like never.


scienceOften I hear people say that they are very much annoyed by houseflies constantly landing on them. And again they think the fly would be agressive to land constantly on them even though they wave it away or the fly would be just to stupid to understand that they are an animal. But the fly knows that you are an animal. And it is afraid of you because of your body size. But the point is the fly needs to eat your sweat, just a few micro drops of course. This is what the fly eats to survive. So you are a source of food for the fly and if the fly gets to hungry landing on you is the only chance to survive. You are for the fly what a meadow is for a cow. The fly grazes on you like cows eating grass. So if a fly does not stop landing on you over and over again even though you try to fence it of then you can be shure that the fly is desperatly hungry. So I usually let the fly land on me and eat a few seconds from my sweat because then when you make motions to drive the fly away then it will stay away because it fears you and now the hunger is not so strong anymore that it needs to land on you again. So the fly knows that you are an animal and that it is dangerous to land on you but it needs to do so to eat and survive. So if a fly lands on you while you try to sleep and it annoys you then either let it land and stay for a minute and then drive it away and it will have eaten somthing and will not need to much to come back, Or just undress your shirt and throw it somwhere and the fly might fly to the shirt and get the sweat it needs from there. What the fly eats from the sweat is water and some certain salts.Tiger And some people say that the fly is very dirty because it lands in fecies. But that is not true. As biological creatures flies are tendentially cleaner then the not living things because they have an immune system just like we do. They are cleaner then the environment. They are depedent on being clean just as we are because bacteria can become as dangerous to them as they can be for us. So their body destroys bacteria constantly otherwise they could not survive. And additional to that they constantly rub of dirt from their bodies. If you watch a fly you can see it pulling its feet over its face and body this is a cleaning procedure. So flies are as biological beings cleaner then the rest of the environment. If you let a fly land on you and whatch what it does you can really see how it has a tiny trumpet formed trunk and sucks with this tiny trunk on your skin. This is really cute. Seeing this gives you once more an understanding that these creatures are not at all robots.

Now I come from insects to a more “cosmic” thing. Some people as I said claim that insects are like robots just acting without having an understanding of what they do. This is stupid nonsense in my eyes and I always have the impression that the people who say it do not really believe it. Or lets better say deep inside they know that it is not true, but their brain seems to make them believe in that wrong assumption and keeps the right knowledge away. And then they are really assured that they would believe that animals are robots while their brain actually does not think so. So their brain gives them two thoughts one that the brain thinks is wrong but accepted as the truth and one that the brain thinks is right but that is kept hidden.hidden truth And the brain well keeps the thought that it thinks is the truth for further understanding but marks it as “not believed”. So the brain and so we give ourselves wrong information even though we keep a log of what we would believe to be true if we would allow it. It is a bit strange. There seems to be a difference between what the brain believes to be “true” and what the brain uses as “accepted” thoughts. So people believe that insects are intelligent but they believe that they do not believe that insects are intelligent. And this mechanism I think takes care that we do not fall into despair over our own actions. Like in past times people where convinced that men from the jungle are not really intelligent even though it is not possible to overlook that black people are of the same intelligence as white people. But people did not notice. And I think it is the same as with insects their brain knew that these people where intelligent but they believed that they don’t believe it because their brain told them so. Because if they would have accepted this thought then they would not have been able to have a cler conscience with what they wanted to do and that was killing the people in the jungle and taking their treasures and land away. So you might believe some things but think that you would not believe them.

And from this we come to the more “cosmic” thought I talked of. We do not see the truth of this universe. What we see is the way we want to understand things. So I talked about this Wasp thing for three reasons. To create a general awareness about the intelligence of insects. Second to of course tell you that these neighbouring life forms are an area you have to also extend your caringness to. And third to give an impression of a thing that can actually not at all be misunderstood like as I said it takes you one day of watching insects to understand that they have intelligence but yet is often not seen. Because this gives us an impression of how tricky the truth sometimes can be hidden. Something can be very obvious but can still happen not to come to our knowledge. So remember that being caring is the way to over time overcome such illusions.


15) Where is God?

I lately saw a science program where a famous physicist argued that God would not exist.god exist And he came up with the following “proove”: The laws of physics govern this universe so God does not govern it because the laws of physics do. So the only chance for God or Allah to exist would be before the big bang to establish the universe and the physical laws. And then he calculated that before the big bang time did not exist and then he said well then there is no place for God if there is no time. Well lets have a closer look at this. The basic assumption that the only place to look for God would be in a time before this universe is already wrong. As I tried to explain earlier the basic assumtion of modern physics that a dumb universe gave life to us as being something that by far surpasses the universe itself is already wrong. The universe is higher then we are. We are just a tyni fraction of the “intelligence” of the whole system. So the place to look for God (Ishvara) is in the place that I just described. In this higher universe that by very far outmatches us. So God is a thing that is existent at the moment and it is at the highest point of this universe, a point that we by far can not see yet. So yes laws of physics are there but they do not govern the universe. What governs the universe is this higher stuff of which not only we are a small fraction but also the laws of physics are a small fraction of.galaxy So the things we see, ourselves and all the galaxies and the laws of physics and quantum mechanics all this what we see is a tiny part of the universe. A fraction of a fraction. And in the rest that we do not see, there is God and the higher things. And since all things that we see are dependend on these things that we do not see yet, you can not say that the laws of physics would rule the universe. What rules the universe are those things that we do not see. And these things rule us and the laws of physics. It is an act of stupidity to assume that we are in the highest role and so assume that what we see is everything there is to see. This is not the truth. If you in this way put yourself on top of everything then of course there seems to be no place for God anywhere, because you assume that you well see everything there is and you do not see a God. But now that I put it like this it should be easy to see that you must be wrong if you consider that you see everything. No physicist will claim that we know everything. And so this basic idea that God is not there because we do not see him or it is just wrong. So now starting from this wrong assumption we start to search God before the big bang as an initiator of this universe and assume that now he is not there anymore but leaves the universe to the established laws of physics. Well, no. Thats not how it works. God (Allah) is something that you do not understand. It is like first comes God then come a million things then come a million more things and then come the laws of physics, the galaxies and yourselves. That is how it is. And if we watch into the universe and say there are the laws of physics and there are the galaxies and there are we but I do not see God so it can not be there then we just do the most stupid act of arrogant ignorancy. So there is well place for God and even more things. So we do not have to search for God before the big bang. We have to search the higher things as something that shares the universe with us.

16) How can I find God?

Lets look at this scientifically.scientifically Just sayng God is there but it is to high for us to see is an answer that does not please anybody. And it is save to assume that if there are higher things that then we can find them. Maybe at some point we might come to the limit of what we can understand but it is good practice to search. Lets cite Jesus once again: “[...] seek and you will find [...]“. So Jesus tells us that if we search for the higher things that we will find them. Regardles of what you think about Jesus if the higher things can be found then this is to your own advantage. And I don’t think that there is one physicist who is satisfied as long as he or she has not exploited all possibilities of understanding this universe.

So lets have a look again at how to find the higher things: We are made from the higher things. We derive from this higher universe. And all things are connected. So we are connectd to the higher things. So our job in finding the higher things is not about looking for something outside of ourselves. Also our job is not directly to look for things inside of ourselves. Because we obviously do not see the whole thing that we are. So our key in finding the higher things is this connection that we have to the higher things. So I tried to explain that the higher things are of a caring nature. And a closer look at the higher things will show that the nature of the caringness that the higher things have is differnt to what we call being caring. It is a higher form of caringness of which we can understand that it is related to what we call caring but yet also understand as not being really graspable. So if you see the higher things you will see that you do not understand them thoroughly but you will see that they are caring. So if you would say the higher things are caring then from our definition of caringness this is not true because the higher things are caring in a higher way. They are “supercaring” so to say. They are of a nature that you do not understand but if you would have to find an image for them to describe them as good as possible then this image would be that they are of a caring nature.

And that means that caringness is the highest point in us that we share with the higher things.higher And that is is our starting point. From there we assume that the higher nature of the universe is not impossible to understand. Because if we would think that we can not understand these things then we would not have to search for them. So we assume that the nature of the higher things are something that can be understood in general but that we do not have the knowledge to understand it yet. And then what do we do: We go to this highest point in us that lies towards the higher things: being caring. And we exercise it, we are caring and not only a little. We go to the highest point of being caring that we can. Of course as I always say this is not about giving everything that you have away because you could destroy your own base for being caring. So rather share then giving all away. Take care not to destroy the base upon which you can be caring. So don’t exeed your limits in a destructive way. But for everything else go to the high point of your caringness. Forget the other things that you want because being caring is the highest point in you in the direction of the higher things which are also a part of you, but a part that you do not see yet. And then the following will happen: Over time you will learn to have a more precise understanding of being caring. Do something for a long time and you will more and more have a more precise understaning of it. And of course the more you do it and the more often you do it the faster you will get a better understanding of it. And with the better understanding you will do caringness in a better way. And this already is moving your caringness toward a higher nature and towards more similarity with the caringness of the higher things which also are as I said of a higher nature.caring So your caringness will be practiced and better understood and that already falls into the field of reaching caringness of this named higher nature. And what happens then is that over time you will have more similarity with the higher things and when this happens: you will start to notice the higher parts of your being. So as I said we are bigger then what we think that we are. And all these hidden parts of yourself that are higher can be seen as soon as you reach enough similiarity to them. And since these parts of us are higher they are more caring or even of a caringness of a higher nature. So actually you start to see higher parts of your being that you could not see before but since we think what we see of ourselves today is all that we are you will have the impression as if you would suddenly become bigger. As If you would gain new parts. And these new parts are right inside of these higher things. So with this technique at some point you step into the higher things with activating the parts of yourself that already are in the higher things. Again: We do not understand the nature of the higher things. But we understand being caring as the best way to describe the higher things. With practicing caringness we improve our caringness towards the higher nature of caringness. And as soon as we reach certain points of similarity between our caringness and the caringness of the higher things we will suddenly see the parts of us that are inside of the higher things that we could not see before. And it will feel a bit like entering the higher things. And for this technique it is important to understand that usual earthly development of your being caring is enough to make similarity to the higher things. So this development of being caring does not have to be pushed into directions that you do not see. You have to push your being caring day by day into the directions that you have learned these days. So it is a usual earth bound normal thing to do. Be friendly and drop other wishes in order to be more friendly. And automaticly you will understand how you can be more friendly the next day and this is absolutely enough to make similarity to the higher things over time.

But as long as you do not have similarity to the higher things you will not see them. And you might spend a lot of time arguing that the higher things do not exist instead of going the way towards the higher things. This similitude to the higher things is necessary to move in the fields of the higher things. That is what Krishna, Buddha, Jesus, Muhammad or others described. The possibility to enter the higher things.

So stop wasting your time with questions that are not really critical but are rather playing aroung. religion scientificImagin somebody would say that he or she does not belive in modern scientific equasions. And you would say you have to study these equasions for a long time until you will then understand that they are true. And this person would say that he or she does not intend to study these equasions but rather chooses to just believe that they are wrong. You would rightfully think that this person is stupid. And the same is true with the idea of making similarity to the higher things. It is something that takes years of practice. And before you have these years of practice you simply can not see the higher things. So don’t run around and say I can not see any of this so people are just making it up. Take up the practice.


17) How can we prevent war

prevent warJust a little thing that I would like to add here: The reason for war is always the fight for resources. If the resources are shared so that everybody has the same there should be no wars anymore. It is always the question how such a big thing as war can be prevented. But have a look at Afrika where western companies now dig fountains. Sounds good at first but they do not dig the fountains for the people who live there, no they are taking away the water from the people to sell it in the richer countries. Well we go to Afrika and take their water. One of the problems of Afrika ever since has been the shortage of water. No we go there and pay the government to take away the water that the people there need as much as we need water. And when then there are terrorist attacks we wonder why these terrorists are so evil people. So these fields, ressources, money, medicine that is the field where we can prevent war. As soon as we understand that we only have so much wealth because we have taken it away somewhere. That is where we have to work. The people taking the waer from Aftrika are the terrorists of this world. And this is not a single phenomenon, this is how we govern the world at the moment. It is common practice to take away things. The rich countries are the terrorists of this world. And if we do not stop it will stay this way. So if we want to stop war in general this is the field of action that needs our attention.


18) The higher universe

practiceSo I said that the universe is a much bigger thing then what we see. And it is not meant that there are galaxies over galaxies. I mean as I said that there are things or places beside the things that we see, other parts of this universe which we do not see. So it is a question of what you are and how much you are able to see these and live in these places.

And living in these higher parts of the universe can be sometimes done with the way you move and hold your body. But this is in general not a proper way. Or lets say using what you know about movement techniques is of course good. But using movement techniques as the only thing that you do is not going to carry you further towards the higher things. So using movement techniques is good but it is not a way to come further in reaching the higher things.

We do not understand the higher things.logic But one major aspect of the higher things is that they are “over-logical” just to invent a new word for it. What I mean with that is that the higher things can partly be understood if we follow our own logic. In general this means that the universe can understand things the same way we understand them. That means that if we are caring this means something to the universe. The universe can understand “this”. Usually we do not expect the universe to be able to understand things. And thats why we usually tend to think that a certain meditation or body movement is the best thing to bring us to a state of unity with the universe. We expect the universe not to think or understand and therefor we think that if the universe is acting somehow it will be on a lower level then our thoughts. And so a meditation and holding the body seems to be the way to do something that is similar to what the universe does. But this is wrong. Because the point is the way in which the higher parts of the universe think is higher then our thoughts. So these things actually understand more then we understand. And they understand better. So the higher level is a level of more understanding and not less understanding. So what we call logic is also present in the higher fields but there it is more complicated.higher level What this means for our practice in religion is that if you think about the best way to be just caring to your neighbour, lets say by smiling towards him or her or sharing with somebody, then the higher universe “understands” this. That makes logical caring steps really steps towards perfection. If you judge your behavior with your own logic then you are on the perfect way. So the higher universe is something that is of our own logic and even above our logic. With the highest point of your logical thinking you come as close to the logic of the higher universe as you can. And so the higher universe “understands” your logic.because it even understands the higher logic it has. What we call logic is lower then what the higher universe calls logic. So it is the high point of our thinking that is closest to what the universe “thinks”. The caring things figured out by our own thinking are at the closest point to what the higher universe does.

And that is a point that seems to be difficult for us to accept. That a sophisticated Buddhist meditation technique does not carry you as far to the higher things as for example sharing your food. But actually sharing your food brings you closer to the higher universe. And the reason for that is that the universe “understands”. And your actions are to the universe what they are to you. So if you do something and think: doing this is not good in my opinion, then in universal “understanding” this will also be not good.understanding If you act nice all day and say: hey I think this is good, then in universal terms your action is also called good. That makes the true way to perfection or the way to reach the higher things a way that is “technique free”. There is no special technique instead everything that you call nice acting is in universal terms the right thing to do. So a very usual life is the basic of a cosmically perfect life. There is no practice in religious forms necessary. There is no ettiquette of a certain religion that really brings you higher. There is no physical technique at the base of going towards perfection. The base of going towards perfection is to understand that the universe understands the things on similar bases then you understand things. As an example: eating bread, is it good or bad? It is nor good nor is it bad. And that is the same result the universe comes to if it figures out if eating bread is good or bad. So this is not the neccessary action to do if you want to go to perfection. Perfection is being perfect in being caring. I said it before I really like the eating of religious bread in christian church but it is not the central aspect of reaching perfection. You have to work on the usual caringness that you have. If you go to club and see a sexy person you might think: well lets see that we get this person into my bed. But you do not consider that this person might not want to sleep with you today, or that this person needs somebody to talk at the moment.reach perfection Sometimes we do not care. This seems to be not our problem because it seems like a game: we try to have as much sex as possible and if the person does not want this then the person can tell us, but our tactic to go for the sex does not hurt the other person to much. But the point is this is no perfect acting. The perfect acting involves thinking for the other person. What does this person really want. And so perfect acting in this example is about not making sex the thing we want but rather try to want to be caring and make tha having sex a minor wish. I chose this example usually to show that even if perfection comes from being caring that our rules of how to be caring can become much refined in the future. We can learn to be more caring. n this example we went from “that I want sex does not hurt the other person” to “perfectly caring is it first if I find out what the other person really wants”. And this goes on and you can find many examples in your living where you act quite good but could act much better. And you find these things every minute. And this is the way to understand things if you want to go to perfection as fast as possible.

perfectionThe way you understand things as being good or bad is the way the universe understands things. If you are really good and practice your being good and caring then you will come to perfection with this. And touching a Buddha statue or travelling to Mekka does not bring you closer to perfection because it is neither good nor bad. So it is the logic we put to our life that still is valid in terms of the higher things. What we call good and caring is really good. Doing things even better in being caring is really better acting in universal terms. Just the most common understanding of the word caring is something that is valid for the higher universe.

I think this is difficult to believe.believe Because maybe we think that religion must me more mysterious. But it is not. The really mysterious things happen when you reach higher grounds through working and becoming better in usual common caringness. When you practiced to use your time for caringness then at some time you will break in doors to the higher things in this universe. So it is our logic that applies to the universe. Actually the universe logic applies to our world, this is what actually is happening. But the point is being perfect in being caring makes you perfect in the eye of the higher universe. And with practicing in this field you will practice yourself to become a higher form. The universe works in its highest forms using the terms good and bad in approximately the same way that we use them. So what is the way to perfection is something that you understand with your own logic of good acting versus bad acting. So if you think it would not matter how you treat your neighbor or how lazy you are then this is not true. This matters it matters cosmically. And every minute in which you can decide for a better action you will gain height in this universe.

This is where usually the higher things can stay hidden to us.deeper If we have no years of practicing ourselves in this way behind us. In this field you will see the cosmic results of your action; like understanding deeper secrets, quite late. So you will be caring for years just because you convince yourself that it is the right way until you really understand that this is a cosmical factor. Thats why I am talking about this, because it is not visible in the beginning. And if you want to go to perfection really fast then it is a very high caringness that you have to act. And I said it will take some time until you are practiced enough in being caring to reach noticable higher cosmical levels. And on one hand it is really necessary to give everything for it. Like saying to yourself in every minute: what I really want from this situation is that I am caring and good for everyone and for me. Nothing else is of importance for me. And on the other hand you have to develope a certain relaxedness. like letting the things happen. Like allowing phases of unfocusedness in yourself. This radical: “I am only caring way” can be to radical for us. It is true that only caring things are of worth. But we have to work with a lot of imperfection in ourselves and we have to work with a lot of missing understanding that we have. So work on being only caring but let things roll from time to time. Give yourself breaks. Be only caring but don’t overdo it. And from this point of not overdoing it remember yourself every minute that you have the chance to make steps towards perfection every minute by just choosing your actions to chose the most caring action.

I ahve done well in being caring over the last years.acting I most times juged situations of talking to people on the base of “what is nice acting in human terms”. But I may fail. There might be times in which I act evil. I am not planning to do this but it could happen. But that is not your problem. Your problem is only yourself and how many stairs of caringness you can climb during the moments of your eternal life. How much can you do what you think is most caring in every situation and from there understand what you can do even better. This climbing of stairs towards perfection in every moment this is what you have to do. And this climbing stairs towards being better in being caring will at some point suddenly open your view onto the cosmical secrets. And there is no other way or technique to open this view otherwise. It is only in this becoming better in which you can come to more cosmical insights. Like when Buddha says that you can reach enlightenment and already be in nirvana even though you are still on this planet, then this is happening through this practicing to be caring. So Buddha(and the other higher prophets) are already speaking of reaching insights and capabilities of mystical cosmical height. And that is what I mean here with saying that at some point of trying to be more caring your view opens onto cosmical secrets.

krishna muhammadAs I said befrore, Buddhas and Jesus teachings match in exactly this point. That the practicing of being caring in the way we commonly and typically understand being caring is the way to reaching cosmic height. And that this is your practice for every minute. By the way practicing to be caring better is also the major point in Muhammads and Krishnas teachings. And from some other points in Jesus, Muhammads, Krishnas and Buddhas teachings you will also find the point of not overdoing anything. And also not this being caring. So stretch yourself to the maximum in being caring but don’t overstretch yourself.

Some people have had so many bad things happening to them that they can not find the possibility to believe in God(Allah, Ishvara) or higher things.God Allah Ishvara Sometimes you can in a given moment not believe because bad things happened to you, then let some time pass and do your best. But for the rest of the people, don’t think that the believe in higher things comes just by itself. It is like with everything, if you see it then you can more easily believe it. And the higher things can become visible to you. But you have to be of a very “high” level. And becoming of a higher level is only possible with doing caring things better and more. So at first religion is only a matter of believe but if you do it right it becomes a matter of cosmical practice.

All rules of true religion are logical to us. It is what we call better action that is for real the better action. And if your actions reach a certain height in being good you will step over the border towards a more cosmical being. Actually every time you become more understanding of what is the more caring action you step further into the cosmical things. Every step is a step. But only from time to time you look around and notice that you have come further on your way to perfection. So you practice every day and every practice makes you higher but you do not notice with every step that you take that you have reached closer to perfection with this step. This noticing comes only from time to time.

The universe is like an invented story in this one regard.true religion What is logically good is right. like a fictional story as if there was an intelligence behind it. Perfect is always if you understand the things you do from the standpoint of your intellect and then decide what is good, nice and friendly. And with this behavior you will then get “grip” (like a tire) for moving in this universe. So you could light a million candles in a million temples without coming closer to perfection. Perfection comes from how good you are. The bigger world-religions are good and there is not to much need to free them from traditions like statues, songs or bread. But keep in mind that you yourself have to develope if you really want to reach to the secrets. In general the logic of the higher universe is far above our logic but with our given logic and understanding of what is nice and caring and what not we come quite far into the higher universe and from there we are able to understand the higher logic of the higher universe and then we will be able to adjust our practice then to this higher logic.




So far for now. Maybe I am going to write some more chapters. But for now it is enough. If you want to read more about how to succed in being caring and reaching higher things read the two “basics of advanced spirituality” articles.