Does God exist or not

Does God exist or is it that God does not exist (Allah, Jehovah).


The question “Does god exist” first of all I myself answer with: Yes basically God does exist. God or Allah exists and it is the centerpiece of this universe. But the pictures we make of God are very wrong. And it is just in these wrong thought images about what goed is that raise the question: does God exist. Because images of God that seem completely childish and unrealistic make people think that God does not exist. So to get the complete picture I think we should first look at how we define God usually. Lets look at what images we make up to describe God. So some say God is a person others try to understand God is an energy field or similar thing. But the point is actually with every way you try to define Allah or make an image of Allah you must come to a wrong image because Allah is something that can not be described with the capabilies of making images that we have. That is to say since Ishvara or Allah is more then we can understand each image that you make can only be created out of the things that we know. And Allah is different to what we know. So no image or Idea that we make to describe God will ever be a true description of God. So for the question does God exist think we should understand where our difficulties in seeing this thing come form in the first place. I have tried to make a drawing to give an impression of why it is difficult to picture God. But as I always say and actually just said again in the previous sentences: pictures are not the real thing. The higher things become understandable more and more the more you progress and they do not at all look like the pictures or images you make of them. To understand the higher things you yourself need to have higher capabilities of understanding. And with reaching higher, with becoming cosmically more, with developing you become more and more able to understand things in a completely different way. You reach a higher form of understanding as a part of your development. So God can me understood better but you have to grow so you will understand Ishvara better later when you have developed to a different understanding. So don’t take drawings to serious of course. Images can help us to find the right way more easy but they are never a true description of higher things. But now lets see the images I made.



This is supposed to be the universe. This blue eliptical form depicts the universe made of our planet, humans, animals, air, other planets, stars and galaxies. The complete universe as we see it. I often mentioned here that what we see of the universe is actually just a small part of the complete universe. So as I usually say: everything that we call the universe is just a small part of the things that exist that means what we usually call the universe with all the stars and galaxies is just a small part of the actual universe. We will come to that later. So we are starting here from what we in usual human terms call the universe. So the blue thing in the image is so to say the complete normal universe as we think of it in casual talking.




This darker blue dot in the middle is supposed to be you. Or any other person in the universe. The lines are not the arms of this person, this is to show that the person looks into the universe and sees things. So you can see that the person does not see the complete universe but rather sees just a small part of the universe. This what the person sees is “the world of this person”, its circumstances. The person sees a part of the world whereas some planets are so far away that you have never seen them or maybe you have not been to New York or Hawaii so you know the town where you live and so you have a view in this world that does not see the complete universe. So this image shows a person in the universe with a limited knowledge.



The yellowish area around the universe now shows the higher things. The “higher things” is a complex that is actually the complete universe. The universe we know is a small part of the actual universe. But the smaller universe is connected at every point to the higher things so thats why the yellow lines are drawn over the blue universe.

So at the moment we understand the blue universe. All our possibilities to create images to have a better way of understanding things are derived from the things that we see in this blue universe. We can only make an image that is similar to things that already are in the universe that we can see. So people used to say God is like a father because this is something from their reality, something that they know. You can not make an image out of something that you have never seen. You can only make comparing images out of the things that you know. So the yellow shape depicts the higher things and the universe we know is a small part of the higher things so the higher things are the actual complete universe. That is to say that also the blue universe in the image is part of the higher things. The blue part in the image and the yellowish part in the image are both partsts of only one connected universe. The reason to show one part in bue and the other one in yellow only describes that the blue part of the universe is the part we see and the yellow part is the part we do not see yet. But in general both parts are just usual things in the universe and yet I called the yellow things the higher things. That is to say that the “higher things” only seem to be higher from our point of view. They higher things are only called higher because we do not understand them yet. In general the blue and the yellow part of the image shows one connected universe altogether. Whereas I called the blue part the universe that we see and understand and the yellow part the higher things, the part of the universe that we don’t understand. But we have to see here that the blue elliptical form is already what we call in usual terms the universe. It is everything there is, all galaxies, our planet and even out thoughts. And the yellow thing is there to show that the universe actually is much bigger. And because we do not see the parts of the universe that are given in yellow I call them the higher things but yet they are part of the universe. And also I do not mean that aroud or known universe it there is more universe. No I meant the parts of the universe that reach further out into the yellow depicted part are connected to the world directly around us. So there where you are the universe actually reaches farther out then you see. It reaches much farther out. Much more then is shown in the image, that is just to show how the universe is begger then what we know of it it is not meant to be a scale model. If it was a scale model then the blue thing would be very tiny just to give an impression about that the part of the universe we do not know is much, much bigger. And in this way what we call the universe is just a part of the complete universe. And God, Allah, Ishvara is a thing governing the complete universe. So what this all points to is to understand that even if you would know the whole universe depicted in blue you would still not have a enough knowledge to make a comparing image to describe the higher things or God. Because the higher things do not to much compare to the things in the blue depicted universe. The higher things are of a higher nature and they are not usually seen. So you see and understand some things and then there are also higher things that you do not yet see and understand. And making a comparing image from the things that you see to describe the higher things does not really work. So it is not possible to understand the higher things at first. The higher things are different to the things that you know. And we need to make it to a higher level of existence until we can understand the higher things.

So if you for example say God is a person then this must be wrong. If you ask what sex God has, if he is a man or a woman then this is also a useless question. And if you try to find a better image for God and say I picture God as an energy field then this is also wrong. Because whatever image you derive from the things you know they never give you an idea of what God or the higher things are like. The yellow lines look like an energy field that goes through the universe, but that is not meant. As I said the blue universe in the image is a part of the yellow universe and the blue universe does not exist by itself, it exists only as a part of the yellow universe. So the yellow lines do not go through the blue universe, they are more the lines of connection below which the yellow universe that we do not see becomes visible to us in form of the blue universe that we can really see. And all the yellow parts are of a higher level of understanding. So they are of a completely different nature then everything we know. So God does exist. But it is not possible to describe God. That means also that the God that we usually picture does not exist. God or Ishvara does not exist in any form that we can imagine yet. The higher things are of a different nature than the things that we see and usually call the universe.

God is love

So you often here that sentence: “God is love”. The complete universe, the blue and the yellow form make our existence. And in this complete universe we have eternal life. Our basic existence is saved. So we are saved inside of this complete universe. So we say “God saves us”. And with this we found a quite useful image for God because with this image we do not describe God but rather the effect of God that it has on us. So: to say that God will save your life is not a stupid idea that derives from the wish that something saves your life. To say that God is love and saves your life is only the efford to find a good description of this system that I tried to paint there. So any description of God or Ishvara that we make out of the things that we can see must fail because the higher things are always different then our description. And you also the description that god is love is not an accurate description of God, But the descriptions “Allah is love” or “Allah saves you” is still useful for giving us a better understanding of Allah.

It is this circumstance that the higher things are of a different nature then the things that we understand that makes it difficult to describe God. And it also makes some people think that the believe in God would be stupid because God can not be seen in the universe that we observe. But with a lot of practice you will more and more learn new ways of understanding and you will become able to understand the higher things. And you will act and move according to the complete yellow and blue universe. So the higher things do not compare to the things that we know. But you will become able to understand them. And for understanding them you will learn new ways of understanding things. And these steps to reach higher form of understanding only come from being caring and believing that things will go fine and that you are on the right way. For this way you really should read the “Spirituality online course” on this page in which I describe in much more detail the practice methods to come to a better understanding of the higher things.

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