Apocalypse, “End of the World”

“End of the World”. Is the Apocalypse near and will it come.


You want to know about the “religous end of the world”.milky-way2 Most people don´t believe in an apocalypse a religious end of the world but those who do, you really have got to stop believing this. Even though the end of the world is depicted in the Bible this is a stupid believe. Apocalypse, armaggedon, “end of the world” however you call it this does not exist and will never happen. I believe that there will be no Apocalypse. Some people think that armaggedon, a religious “end of the world” is near. But this is not true. There will be no “end of the world” as a religious event. I think It is possible that someday a really big catastrophy destroys most life on this planet.spirituality religion  end of the world Lee But this would be a natural catastrophy. Nothing like God (Ishvara, Allah) makes this as a closing chapter. Of course God (Dao) does everything but you have to understand that Dao does not “think” in the same concepts that we have about this world. If you think Ishvara makes an armaggedon, a religious “end of the world” scenario with a big destruction than you think to childish about what Ishvara does. God Is everything, makes and holds everything. He works on a level we can not comprehend and understand. So with the Idea of an end of the world scenario we make the mistake and put the reality of our life as the meassuring scale for Dao. But God is not the God of our world. God is the God of his world and his world is much more complicated than what we understand. So Shiva (Jehovah) will not go so low to have an end of the world, an apocalypse of our little world as a central instance in his universe. Believe in the end of the world is an old fashioned idea from the time we could not estimate the “size” of Shiva. Allah does not not meassure everything by our world as we do. Thats why he/she/it will not plan with a central end of the world scenario. In the end we can calculate on complete perfection of everything. Not our world will come to perfection, the whole system will come to perfection and the world we will live in then will be different at this time in a way we can not understand yet.Temple I think Brahma (God, the unifying principle) possesses the whole universe in all its time and still we go to heaven (jannah, olam haba, vaikuntha, nirvana) however you want to call it. That means things are perfect in Allah already today, and yet the things are getting better for us always. But there will be no religious apocalypse ever. The Idea of an apocalypse is an imagination that is to small. The main point to understand is that the higher things are things that are above our comprehension. The higher things are above the things that we understand. They are better then what we can imagine. So we have to avoid the mistake to construct things from our own world to an image of the higher things. There are no angel-soldiers in heaven. There have not been endless wars between angels. Sounds kinda cool but thats it. It is no more worth than a thing for a little fun. God, Allah, Ishvara, heaven, vaikuntha, jannah, nirvana the next steps towards perfection (moksha) all those things you have to understand as being above your knowledge. They can not be seen as something made up of the things that you already know. You have to become better in understanding until you can understand these things.

And these things are better then our world is.religion spirituality They are better, that means there are no big scaled wars. It is more of personally becoming closer to everything. Like feeling assured that you are conected to God, Ishvara or Allah. Like being able to change more things in the universe with less efford. Like knowing absolutely that you are doing the right thing. Like become connected to the people in the universe with more friendship.

And those things imagined in such big amounts that you can not yet understand it. It is like if you develope more understand of how to be nice to everybody and feel your possibilitys to be caring rise. And project that feeling in even stronger to imagine the higher things. And that in a fashion that the higher things are far better and taking more care of you and everybody then you can imagine.

dolphinAnd so you can only be more caring in order to reach to the higher things. And you can not understand the state to which this will lead you, but it will be a much better state. Much much better. Even though here we have problems, seen over all of your eternal life, which is already running at the moment, everything is always getting constantly better.

From day to day and much more noticable over time you understand more. This is part of your progress in the universe. And if you do everything for being caring to you and the others and believe that you and everything definitely is going to perfection you will walk into the right direction.


beachSo forget a hell made up of flames. Or a wars in heaven raging for thousand years. Or God or Allah forming men from clay. Or whatever hero had to walk somwhere to fetch some holy item. Or an end of the world with big mystic stuff. Forget it.

The higher things do not at all look like what we know despite to in caringness. In their caringness the higher things look quite exactly then what we think what caringness is like. But they exeed what we think is caring. Thats why you have to be as caring as you can to yourself and everybody to get an understanding of how you can exeed your own caringness after some time. And with this come closer to perfection.


And seriously, everything that sounds like fantasy in religion is stupid and will distract us from being open minded to the understanding of the caring higher parts of the universe.

BayIf you think for example that Jesus might have walked on water as is stated by the christian bible. This is not so problematic, because it is not a description of the higher world so much. So you can believe this or lets better say it is not important if it is true or not. Because your purpose is to become more caring and practice yourself in being more caring. You do not have to practice magic abilities like walking on water. If you are good enough and it is possible to do such things then you will learn them while you try to be more caring. But the purpose of your learning points to doing much better things then walking on water. You can not yet understand how really useful it is to try to act only caring to you and everybody and everything. But it is much more useful to you then walking on water or turning water into wine or moving mountains. You will learn to “move mountains” in the higher parts of the world if you try to be only caring as good as you can, because you will always become more powerful over time and this will give you more possibilities. So the question if Jesus did miracles is not of importances, while it is important to understanding that heaven (nirvana) or other higher things are over what you understand today. This is important for understanding and sorting the things that you experience while you are getting more perfect.


What is the christian Bible about? Is it stupid or true?

Is the revelation / apocalypse true or stupid?

Our holy books: Bible, Torah, Quran. True or stupid?