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An example for spiritual religious living

Example for good spiritual life and religious practice


Hey. Now comes one of my classic examples I use for teaching myself spiritual and religious rules. Imagine you go into a bar or a club to relax in the evening. There are not to many people there, but some are of the sex you are theoretically interested in. Now the quite usual thing to do, and that is completely wrong, would be to behave cool to get the best attention from the people you want to impress. And you have shurely learned some techniques for looking attractive. A special way to walk, or certain conversation rules. And you probably watch yourself and check how good the things “work” that you do. How much the people watch you with the behaviour you just use, or if they turn away and are “turned off”. And on the base of what you experience you try to learn better behavior to have more people “turned on” by your behavior. But. The truth in the bar-situation is that all the people are human beings. At the base of what they are they are no sextoys. They are beings on their way to perfection (moksha). Gifted with understanding and intelligence. And full of fear. They are looking for a nice word, respect and friendship. Maybe they want to have sex. But what you know for sure is that they want to be treated friendly and respectful. So when you go into a bar. Never look for sex. Never try to be attractive. Instead try to fulfill what your true self is. A person that gives friendship.

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See the other people completely as people sharing the space with you. People whose biggest wish is to reach perfection (moksha) and “heaven” even if they are not aware that this is what they want.


With this “tactic” of behavior you might miss out the one or the other sexual intercourse. But what will happen instead is that you form yourself a little more towards being your true self. And also “greater knowledge” that you never expected will come to you. A greater knowledge that you can not search, that only can be achieved because it comes to you as you are caring and respectful.

So instead of looking for sex or being seen as attractive you will go towards what you really want: perfection (moksha). And this gives you more joy than sex. And it gives you more attractiveness and sexyness than you can imagine. Coming closer to being perfect is unbelievably attractive. So the people of the other sex will start to notice you more if you learn to go the way of the real truth in trying to be caring. Because they notice you being more. And you will give them what they really want with the friendship that you give to them.

That does not exclude sex. You only will have to look if sex with you will do the other person and yourself good in reaching perfection (moksha). If the sex will not blockade them in becoming more caring.

That is the strategie to get that what you really want. Instead of faking attractiveness in order to get things that are not the thing you want “cosmically”.

The knowledge you will gain from living like this will after some time will be unbelievably great. Higher knowledge can not be searched because you can not understand it before you have it. Thats why being nice and caring is the only way to higher knowledge because higher knowledge is what you get from the universe if you try to be nice. Use your time, even your bar- or club-time to get higher knowledge.


For more descriptions how to find your true self and reach perfection (moksha) you can just read on, read the online religion and spirituality self development course that you find in the menu above under Spirituality or to the right or below under Spirituality.