Fighting physical headaches

 Headaches. Pain in the head


I used to have headaches often till I was 20 or so.- headaches - Then I learned that headaches in really most cases come from your back, your spine. Really it can be true you have pain in the head but it is your spine and the rest of the bodyx that makes the pain in the head. The wrongly arranged spine presses slightly wrong on your lower head on the left or the right side. This slightly presses the brain against the forehead builds up over the day and results in extreme pain in front of your head after some hours. You can not fight your headache now, just go to bed, you can only prevent tomorow that they come back. Drink much water and watch every minute even the slightest feeling of pressure in your neck on the head and from there on the forehead coming from the back and when you realize pressure tilt the head or stand up immediately or sit in another way to change the pressure.headache So it is this point where your neck holds your skull. where your head is on the last neckbone. there you have to feel to the direct left and the direct right of this small ring. And if there is a little really a tiny bit of preassure on one side then you have to move to make this preassure go or you are going to have headaches in the evening. This is the point that you have to watch the ring at the lower backside of your head where the neck starts. And around this ring you have to watch the slightest preasure and alswas move so that there is never preassure on one side. Because this preassure causes the headpain lateron. even if you have a headach in the front of you your head. The pain comes from preasure on the point in oyur haed that touches the neck, where your haed is balancing on your neck.Pain in the head Since I whatch this point every minute I nearly never had headaches again. Just by slightly changing position or standing up from time to time and so taking the minimal pressure from the left and the right side of this joint. This is so great, so do this every minute and after some month you will get a feeling for this. It is worth watching the slight pressure every minute, because you can really get rid of headaches. This works. Keep watching slightest bits of pressure on your head in the lower back part of your head where the skull sits on the backbone. If you always take the pressure away from the left or the right side of this point you will fight headaches super effektive. Combine this technique with drinking enough water(aim for 2 liters, 68 US fluid ounces a day or even more, but not more than double this). No matter if the pain in the head is on the right side of the head or on the left side.Stonehenge2 It is most often the spine that presses on the head. So even if you feel just a very little pressure above your neck on the left side or the right side of your head this builds up over the day to give an extreme pain in the forehead after a few hours. So if you want to fight these extreme headaches in the fore head. Your fighting starts already during the day time long before you have the real headache. Always stand up, from your chair, and/or move your head from the left side to the right side or from the right side to the left side. Always take away the very small preassure on the head coming from the neck and headaches won’t build up. And do sports regularily to build up muscels. And always drink much water

If you have headaches now, go to bed and sleep, and tomorrow watch the pressure on your head every minute.


If this all does not help of course go see a doctor.