How to reach heaven or get to nirvana

How to reach or get to heaven.


How to reach heaven(olam haba, jannah, nirvana or vaikuntha). Or how to come to heaven. With your “attitude” you are not on the perfect way to heaven. Heaven is a real thing and we can reach olam haba or jannah. Heaven is not a place in the clouds. Heaven is a place that we do not understand, but nevertheless it is a real thing. So it is useful to dedicate your life to getting into heaven. Nearly all religions have a word for heaven, the place you get to when you have reached perfection (moksha). In Islam the muslim people call this place jannah. In Hinduism a bit difficult to understand in depth they speak about places you reach before you reach heaven called akanishtha and another one being called ghanavyiiha. Heaven then in Hinduism is called vaikunta. So even though in Hinduism akanishtha or ghanavyiiha are not vaikuntha(nirvana, jannah) the concepts of ghanavyiiha and akanishtha are akin to the concept of vaikuntah. Jews in Judaism name heaven olam haba and the buddhists in Buddhism speak of nirvana as the highest place to come to. So heaven is a concept throughout the religions.

Reaching heaven

The first thing to know about how to reach olam haba is that you have to be caring and nice. With this basicly you will get to nirvana. But you have to be nice and caring in a certain way to reach nirvana. You have to be without evil. Being without evil is the better description of how to reach jannah. You will probably need thousands of years to be without evil or bad. But you will have this time. So it will take you probably thousands of years to get to vaikuntha. I say probably because time in the sense we think of it will very probably be different if you come closer to heaven so it is actually stupid to name a time length. I just want to say that you might need more time then just your life that you are living at the moment. But also this is not really predictable. So lets focus on getting rid of the evil instead of thinking about time in this regard. What is this evil I have to put away to reach jannah? Evil is not defined by your local priest. Alcohol, wrong clothes, porn.. those are not the evil things that you have to put away to get to heaven. Evil is: Everything that you do while you are not trying to be only caring. All that you do while you are not trying to be only nice to everyone, that is evil. So trying everything to be as caring as you can be, trying to be only caring as good as you can. That will get you to jannah. This universe has something that would seem to us as a mechanism. The more caring you are the more you reach heaven. You can trust on that. You will have diseases and problems and doubts, but as long as you act caring you reach olam haba more and more. You have evil wishes inside of you. That is no problem, bad wishes are a part of you and they never make you unclean. But do not live out these bad wishes. And then these bad wishes will loose power. The bad wishes that you do not live will become weaker day by day and finally they have to die inside of you. And that will make you better closer to your perfection (moksha) and closer to reaching vaikuntha. Don’t live your bad wishes and they will disappear inside of you. This is the only way to heaven, that means you don’t have to go to church or temple to get to heaven. As long as you do not feel the presence and strong guidance of God, Ishvara or Dao then you have to do only one thing: Be more caring. Don’t give everything that you have, don’t give, share. You also are a part of the group so giving until you have nothing is not good. Share. Give to everybody, give to everything and give to yourself. What are you doing in this second? Do you think: I have to be as caring as I can be in this second. That is what you have to do to reach vaikuntha. The more you learn to be better in being caring and the more you exercise yourself in being more nice the closer you will get to nirvana. You will not prevent bad things from happening to you but you will be more understanding. You will even on earth be closer to heaven or jannah.

vulcano reach akanishta or Ghanavyiiha

Reach heaven olam haba jannah vaikuntha nirvana akanishta or Ghanavyiiha


And always tell yourself: God or Allah makes everything. I am not perfectly caring but I am on the perfect way to become more caring. I am on the perfect way. Always tell you this. This will always be true and we need to tell ourselves this truth to have enough energy to practice to be more caring.

Your true self is only caring. But we do not see with our true selves. We are “puzzled”. But since being most caring is the wish of your inner self we overcome this “puzzledness” by being more caring. We do not feel the wish to be only caring thats why we do it without understanding why we do it. And the more you are caring, the more you will understand that this is your true inner wish. This is your true self.

Practice to be more caring every day. And always tell yourself that you are on the perfect way. That is the way to olam haba. With being more caring you will get to jannah.

Ask yourself every minute how can I be more caring to the people around me. With this you will get to heaven. The more you are caring, the more you do the will of your inner self and the more you reach heaven. Until we finally reach vaikuntha (nirvana or heaven). Everybody will reach nirvana because at some point everybody will start to be more caring and from this point on he or she will first get closer to heaven.

So start being more caring. It’s your true inner wish and the wish of Allah or Jehovah. And with this you will get to heaven or nirvana the fastest way possible. There is no other way to get to vaikuntha then being more caring. Being more nice makes you to be more like your inner self. This is your way to get to olam haba.

reach heaven vaikuntha nirvana olam haba djannahNot going to church or temple, no ritual or service to a statue of God or Krishna. Nothing of all of this. Only practicing to be more caring, with this you will come to vaikuntha. Only with this you will reach jannah. Tell yourself that you are on the perfect way and use every second to be nicer today then you where yesterday. And with this you will unfailably get to heaven or olam haba step by step.

You will have diseases, people will die, but in the end everybody will get to jannah. And being more caring is your only way to reach heaven or perfection. Being perfect always is to be perfectly caring. Don’t do things for you, do things for everybody and you.

Everybody will reach nirvana. You will come to jannah.

This was just a short version of the Spirituality Practice self develpment online course called: “Basics of advanced Spirituality” that you can read for free in the spirituality section. That article is then more detailed for example on how to practice your being caring and what things are potential dangers to your being caring.

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