How does heaven look like

How does heaven look like.


what does heaven look like, nirvana, vaikuntha, djannah olam haba

What does heaven, nirvana, vaikuntha, jannah or olam haba look like. We have to understand that we can not understand heaven, vaikuntah, olam haba, nirvana or jannah. We just make ourselves wrong images. We ourselves will be more and better in nirvana that being better of yourse we can not understand now before we are it.

Well. you can not understand how heaven looks like. Or how heaven is like.But you can say that heaven is the best thing that can happen to you. And that everybody after some time gets to heaven, nirvana, olam haba. Everything you truly want will be there in heaven. None of the things that you fear will happen in heaven. Nearly all religions have the idea of heaven, the perfect place you finally get to. What christians in Christianity call heaven in islam the muslims call jannah, Hinduists in hinduism call it vaikuntha, Buddhists name this place nirvana and the jews in Judaism say olam haba. You can not understand what this heaven, vaikuntha or olam haba looks like because it is something very high. You understand the world. But the part of the world that you understand is just a small part of what the world really is. So what you call the world, the thing that you understand quite well, that is not really the world. The world is much bigger but we do not see this. You can see these things. You can only learn and practice your spirituality and your being, and this will make you see higher things that surround you more and more over time. And those higher things are knowledge. To practice how to be able to understand higher things you can read the spirituality course to the right. It is about not to understand what heaven or vaikuntah is but more about how to reach nirvana, olam haba or jannah. So the world is mostly about things that you do not see. God’s world is very big. We are in this very big world, but we do see only a little part of this world. So if you want to know how heaven, or perfection (moksha) as I say, looks like, I have to tell you that you can not understand what heaven, olam haba, jannah or vaikuntha looks like. You can not understand it. And no image or comparison can give you an understanding of what heaven or nirvana does look like. That is typical of these higher things that we can not understand them yet. You will more and more understand how heaven, jannah or vaikuntha looks like when you get closer to it though. Usually in christianity people believe that they come to heaven when they die. Well that is true, but before you come to heaven you will also live in other “worlds”. And I am not talking about spending time in hell until you are purified. Forget this hell thing. You and your friends come from world to world and each world is better. So when you die you will come to a better world, but this is not yet heaven or vaikuntha or jannah. Heaven (Olam Haba, Nirvana) is the final world we go to.hevanly But never take such images like different worlds to serious. As I said, you can not understand these things yet. What is shure is that it always gets better. Heaven is perfection, we come there, but first we go through several worlds. Each world that you come to is better then the last one. You will by trend be more happy, you will have more potential, you will know more about the universe, you will be closer to your friends. But those are all comparisons or images about things that can not be described. So you have to understand all following worlds as better for you but you have to also see that you can not really understand how heaven looks like. You will always get more potential that is one thing you can know about the way to vaikuntha. But finding images for jannah as moslems call heaven is something that can distract you from being caring and give you overall wrong ideas how to reach jannah. It is important to understand that the coming things are unthinkable. That will give you the chance to focus on being caring. Because becoming better in being caring by practicing is the way to Jehovah or the way to reach Allah or God or Dao. And setting up images for the unthinkable can distract you from the fact that you have to be caring to reach closer to Dao without understanding where exactly this will lead you. The result of becoming constantly more caring is perfection (moksha) or reaching heaven or nirvana. But what the results looks like on your way to heaven or reaching nirvana you can not at all predict. You can not predict the different results of your being caring. And so we have to be caring without understanding what will happen specificly. So you can be caring and the result will be good but you do never know haow the result will be. That is because being caring leads you to results that you never knew before. Reaching closer to heaven or nirvana and with that getting to more knowledge does most logically mean that you did not have the knowledge before. So learning new things does necessarily always include that you do not know what the things are like that you are going to learn. You know in what field the things are that you want to learn but what the things exactly are you can know only after you have learned them.  So this is also true for reaching closer to vaikuntha, jannah or olam haba. You know that you have to be caring and trust that you are on the perfect way and that everybody will reach jannah. You can know that being more caring then you where yesterday will give you the best result, but what this result looks or is like like you can never tell. That is the logical consequence of learning something new.

Australia imagePerfection, heaven, olam haba, jannah or vaikuntha is the final place we get to. It is perfect. Everything that you really want will be there. So not a sports car or anything you wish for now. No, the things you really want, being loved, being happy, seeing your friends stuff like this. Heaven or olam haba is perfect, nothing really nothing that you really want will be missing in heaven or jannah.

Nirvana or vaikuntha is good for you. It is perfect. And you will definitely get there.

But as much as you do not understand the higher things that are around you, the bigger part of this world. as much you can not understand heaven or nirvana. It is simply impossible to understand because you do not have the knowledge and potential to understand it. You will understand it later and you will definitely get there in the future but from today you can not understand it.

Only that the next world always is better and the final world, heaven is perfect.

mountains how can i reach heavenThat is mostly all that can be said about this. But it is an important point. Don’t believe that you can understand heaven or olam haba already. We can not understand it. You have to really be there or be close to it to fully understand it, and fully understand it in this case means to understand it at all. This world is connected to heaven or vaikuntha, but not with this stupid ghost-calling stuff. This world is connected to heaven or nirvana in a very, very complicated way. You can also not understand the way in which these things ar connected. But this for example is knowledge you indeed can come closer to. So if you want to have at least some of the answers what heaven or God (Ishvara, Dao, Jehova, Allah)  is like, then there is a way to do so and I tried to make an article about it. If you think you would like to practice to understand the higher things in this world then you can read about this in the “Spirituality self development online course”, that is the basics of spirituality article.

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