Important spiritual or religious practice guide

Spiritual or religious practice guide

“That’s not the question”

“That is not the question”spiritual practice is a very important sentence in spirituality and religious practice. We do not understand the universe and we want to come to higher things. So a lot of: “why is that or why is this” will not help. As much as questions like: “am I good enough” or: “could I have done better” are not useful at all. Other questions that lead nowhere because you do not understand the answer to them are: “Why does God allow evil things” or “how does perfection look like”. So for your religious practice this means in most cases: “That is not the question”. And it is important to understand that you do not have time to ask these questions because you need your time to do other things in your religious practice that are actually important. The task is to use the moment at hand for being as caring as you can be. And not be distracted by asking questions. So most things are as I said not useful to question or think about. What is important is to use your time to be caring and nice in this moment. Questions make us doubt things. But a doubt is not necessary and more important: doubt actually slows down achieving things with your religious practice. Instead of doubting we have to not doubt the higher things at first.question So forget the questions, that means actively tell you that those “scientific” questions are not going to lead you anywhere, while being caring on the other side gets you somewhere. That is why you have to fill your moments with being caring and not with questions. Be caring instead of asking these questions. There is a way to go. And this way is to be walked at this moment. So try to as much as you can fill this moment with being caring instead of asking questions. Whenever a question of doubt arises say: “everyting will be fine” and try then to use your moment for being caring.


“everything will go fine”

The universe and the higher things are unbelievably mighty.heaven And those things are headed for perfection. Whatever happens, a good state will be the end result. That means if you ask yourself how things will be in higher states then the answer is: “they will be good”. And that means that you can construct your believe system in a new way. Lets say your believe system was about a prophet and a certain idea of the higher things like heaven or nirvana and and idea about the higher things like God or Ishvara. Then you have some theories of how those things are like. But actually you can forget these seemingly scientific measurements of the higher things. The point is here that you anyways do not understand the higher things from the point where we are now. That statement describes us as having little knowledge and we usually can not stand to know little about important things. So there is a need in us to have explanations and definitions about the things we do not understand. And as much as I appretiate science in this case a complete understanding of the matter at hand is simply not possible from our position and making wrong theories about something by just guessing things is not a good way. So in this case we have to forget the search for precise knowledge about these higher things because precise knowledge just can not be aquired right now. Andso we take another knowledge and put this in instead. And this knowledge is this: “Everything will go fine”. This is not unscientific. Instead it replaces the wrong idea of making up guesswork and instead puts us on the road towards learning to becoe able to eventually understand these things. So we replace “not knowing” with a way towards knowing instead of just pretending we would be knowing. You do not know what God or Allah is but: “Everything will go fine”. You do not need to define Allah, you anyways can not do this precisely but a very imortant point to make your your believe system aimed at bringing you more knowlege is that sentence : “Everything will go fine”.nature What comes from these higher things is good for you. It is good for you measured by human definitions of what is good. The same is with heaven (olam haba, nirvana, jannah) you can not and should not make up images of how this state or place looks like but it is important for you to believe that “everything will be fine”. That is the most precise way to understand something of these things. Because first of with growing understanding that you get about God (Ishvara), heaven or the prophets(Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Muhammad) this knowledge that: “everything will be fine” will be confirmed and second of it is this believe that puts you on the way towards the higher things. So in this case we replace uncertain knowledge for the way to become understanding. This formula states that things are better then what you think is good. Whatever you call good, the higher things are even better. And if you put up random images about Allah or nirvana then with growing knowledge you will see that these images do not fit anymore at some point. And we can not work properly in spirituality with images that do not fit.time So the formula: “Ultimatly the things to come are better then the best I know” will make clear for you that it is over the things that are good where the higher things are to be found. That makes clear in what direction you have to go with your acting to come to reach the higher things. And that makes clear that however good and caring you are the higher things like heaven are still above this and stay being a state that you want to reach hower much you already have reached. So the higher things are going to be better then what you have. This is the best definition you can find for them. This definition helps you to go on and to aim at these things in the right way. Every other image like “Shiva has four arms” does not help you to aim and put your practice into the right direction. And of course images like these have to prove as being wrong if you reach higher levels. So the best definition of nirvana and all these thigs is: “It will be fine”. “Even better or more friendly then you can imagine”. Going about religious practice in this way is not stupid dreaming. This is the reality of these things and thinking like this is the best way to lead your practice. You will not be able to believe this all the time when bad things happen. Thats why it is important to believe it as long as it is possible for you to believe it. And it is good to say it often to create a state of getting used to believing this.


Don’t exaggerate controlling yourself

You let yourself drift for some time without thinking to be nice and caring.mind That is fine. Your mind often will come up with things just to make yourself be in a certan state. But don’t ever fight these mechanisms to much. Like allow your mind to drift away. Allow your mind to want certain things even if you do not understand them. If you feel the desperate need to watch porn, just as an example now, then there will be a certain logic behind this. Your mind often knows what it needs. So of course you can not just let things happen all the time. Your mind will tell you that only whatching porn to stick with this example will not get you anywhere. But you do not understand the mechanisms of your mind completely and you do not understand the mechanism of how your mind uses the reality of the higher things. You do not know how the higher things work so you do not understand this complete cosmos or your life. So a certain relexedness with the things you do by yourself is necessary. Of course I don’t mean that if you are angry and want to hit somebody that you shall do it. I rather mean that it can be ok to be angry for a while.religion spirituality I only mean that you shall not try to throw everything away that you naturally are. Follow strange thoughts for a while, be playful. Let some things that you do by yourslf happen. Control the things that you do but do not try to control them right from the first beginning. Let the things you do flow a bit, allow yourself to do and think things and then keep a look at what is happening. Only so you can really get to understand the things you do and can have better control about them. So letting things happen is important to a certain degree. so don’t be to hard on deciding what you may do and what you may not do. Aloow the things you do to have their natural flow. Also because you do not know how to behave perfectly and so the things you want to do automatically might be a better thing to do that you do not understand at the moment. So control what you do but at first let it flow a little by itself. And then you go for controlling these things.dolphin This is especially true for the way you think. Not what you think but the actual way your brain is thinking the things. give your mind freedom and let your thoughts and the way you think run free. And then put the control on these things a little later. This is like trying to make things overall good and not making everything good right from the start. If you want to control every thought you will not reach to much. Some things you have to let flow and try over time to make it good overall, like getting a good average. And don’t run after your own thoughts like a fool trying to control them. No, now your mind and your body deserve some trust that they do what they need. And exercise control about the generality of your thoughts and actions. It is like letting things flow but keep an eye on them.


How to be caring is measured by the reality

lightningMeditating your body or mind to go to a certain state is a good thing. But most important to understand is that what is caring and what not is measured by the reality. This is a point about this universe that is difficult to believe. Often we think that a certain form of lets say mind or body will be the best thing that we can do. But the universe is logical on a way that is similar to our own logic. If you share something then the universe will “notice”. So in being caring lies the way to move in this universe. It is good to learn to meditate your mind and body but the universe works on a logic similar to ours. What you think is good is also what the universe thinks to be good. So the best way for your acting is not dependent on the way you move or think. The best way is always dependent on what is really caring. So you do not need to influence your mind or body, what you need instead is judging what is caring and then act it. Because the universe “works” on a similar logic then we do. And acting the caring things will make you higher in this universe. There you have to look for the things you do. It is not controlling your body or meditating, the real way lies in doing that which by your own logic is caring. Doing these things then will make you higher in a cosmical sense.beautiful Because this is how the universe is. Our logic is a smaller version of the higher logic of the universe. Thats why there is a similarity between these two logics. And thats why being caring by your logic makes the universe to lift you up. And that is the way you have to do it. And for the question if you need meditation at all you have to come back to the point: Don’t exaggerate controlling yourself. Let things like your meditation of the body and mind follow their natural flow. The basic rule is: what is caring to do in your logic is the acting that will make you higher. But this has to be done in the way of not exaggerating your fight against what you do automatically.