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What is the true religion and the best . Should I convert.


Maybe some of you can already  guess where this article “the true religion” is headed to. What is the true religion? Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism? Which is the right religion? I think this is an issue today and has also been a historical issue. But the question about the true religion misses the point. The believe in the right holy people itself can never be something that is of interest to a God (Ishvara) that stands above us in thinking and being. I think all bigger religions are good but none of these is good enough for you. Well of course you can call yourself still a believer in the religion that you are in as I just said a higher God (Allah, Ishvara) can not care for these problems that arise out of the small logic we put in if we compare religions by their name. But one thing you should definitely not miss. I know that there is only one way to perfection (moksha). There is only one way that leads to something in this universe. It is beeing nice, loving, caring, helpful, respectful, friendly to everybody and as much to yourself. If you are only, and I mean really only nice you are coming closer to perfection (moksha) every day.

But to do this right you should really read the course article about the basics of spirituality and religion which you find under self development.

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I think being caring brings you closer to perfection (moksha) step by step everytime you do it. It is the unfailable way to get there. There are many religions that will tell you that they are the true religion. That they know the truth and that you can go to heaven (vaikuntha) only through them. But I would tell you that everybody will go to heaven (jannah) or come to perfection (moksha) where he or she has achieved the best that he/she can achieve. Well of course Allah (Dao) is not the God of one single of our primitive religions. Everybody will definitely go to nirvana (olam haba). All of you. You that you are reading this, I believe that it is predestined that you will at some point in the future reach heaven. And it is not necessary that you have any religion to go to vaikuntha (jannah). No you just have to be nice and caring because that is the will of Ishvara (Jehovah). The better you are the faster you will learn how to be good and the faster you will become perfect and go to vaikuntha (nirvana). There are so many religions and they tell you that they are the true religion and that you have to be part of this religion to come to heaven. Or they tell you that you need rituals of this religion to be able to come to nirvana. None of this is true. You don’t need a ritual to come to jannah. You don’t need to have a certain religion. Try your best to be good, nice and caring. and you come closer to the will of God and closer to your true self everytime you do it. And try it everyday more than you could do it the day before. And try to be only good, exclusivle good in every minute. That is the true religion. That is the only thing that gets you somewhere cosmically. It is not meditation and it is not prayer, even though meditation and prayer are good things to do. But the real thing is beeing good. That and only that is the true religion. If somebody tells you that you have to join a certain religion to be saved this is not true. If somebody tells you that you have to do a certain ritual to be saved that is not true. Some want to cheat you if they tell you that you have to join their religion and want to get your money or your vote for their power. Especially the smaller “churches”. The really big churches most times really want to help you if they tell you to join. And you can join them. But it is not necessary. I believe what is necessary in order to have the true and only right religion is to be nice, good, loving and caring and trying not to be another way. Trying to be exclusivly good as much as you can. And from the power you have gained from that try to be even better the next day. This will bring you to olam haba. It is the fastest and the only way.

I think this is the only true religion. And I tell you that this is going to bring you to “magic” insights and “powers” that lead to the true Allah. And with this to everything that you truely want and the best that you can reach overall in this universe. And that everybody will shurely after some coming lifes in different “dimensions” start to do this anyway because it is the will of Dao inside of you to be truely loving and caring.

I think religion shall only be preached in this way.