I think Scientology “church” is evil

I believe that Scientology church is evil. Is the church of scientology a religion.


Well for everybody who hasn´t yet noticed it. In my opinion I am hundred percent convinced that Scientology “church” is evil. I think that the only purpose of this association, the church of scientology is to gain money. I think that maybe they also strive for power. But the most important point is that I am convinced that the church of scientology is evil. I am shure that this is no religion. I think that Scientology is no church. I think the church of scientology is just the idea to tell people lies to obtain their money. I am shure the scientology church will tell you lies that everybody wants to believe. I am convinced that they tell you that you will become happy and that they tell you that you will become powerful. But the only thing that happens in my opinion is that you get yourself into a lot of trouble. I would so definitely avoid the “church” of scientology! I think that it is a shame that scientology “church” is not forbidden by law because they use the protection that is given to people who call themselves a church. Don’t - Scientology "church" is evil -get angry now and attack scientology members. But I think that it is best not to listen to them, and I am convinced, that what the church of Scientology tells you are all lies told with the purpose to get your money, even if the person you talk to is stupid enough to believe it him or herself. And I think that you definitely should not ever walk into one of their departments.

I regard Scientology church not to be a modern form of religion. I am convinced, that Scientology is wrong and its only purpose is to come to a lot of money and power. I am completely convinced that Scientology church is no church. I consider the church of Scientology to be an evil sect. In my opinion this has nothing to do with believe.

Church of scientology

I am convinced that the Church of Scientology is an evil sect. I think that Scientology church is not good for you but very bad and that scientology is wrong and not true and right.

I advise you strongly not to go to Scientology. I am of the opinion that this is no real spirituality. I believe that the church of scientologie is very bad for you. I am convinced that Scientology church is not good for you. I think really that Scientology does not want to be good for you, and that this is not the purpose of Scientology church. I consider that Scientology church just calls itself a church to trick people. Because if somebody calls his of her institution a church this institution is especially protected by the state to ensure religious freedom. The laws ensuring religious freedom are great, but I am of course convinced that they are not planned out to protect evil sects. I am shure that the laws enshuring religious freedom should in no case protect Scientology. I think this is a shame.