What should I do?

What should I do in my life.


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What I advise you really to do is actually what this site is about. And the answer to what you should do with your life is to follow the will of the universe so that you become a higher being. And so the answer to the question: “What should I do in my life?” has its own section on this page. You will find what I believe about it in the basics of advanced spirituality under the link Self development in the menu. And If you are already here reading things you should definitely read these articles. But the basic idea is that the real way to Dao (God) and everything is to try to be exclusively nice, loving, caring, sharing and respectful. Why this is so is explained in the article I just mentioned also you get information there about useful strategies to be really caring. Try to be only caring and be nothing else as much as you can. And then use every power that you gain from this to be even more nice the next day. I believe in this to be a religion and even the only completely true religion. This is the only way to become what you really want to be. I believe that this is the only way to go forward in this universe. And that with everything that is not loving, caring and friendly you make no step at all in this universe.


Evil thoughts can be inside you, I think that is no problem, but dont live them out. And then they will die inside you after some time and every evil thought that dies because it was not lived out brings you closer to perfection (moksha).