Do I need special clothes

Do I need special clothes to please Allah (Dao, Ishvara). Do I need dress rules in good spirituality and religion practice


Do I need a buqu or something alike to please Allah? Is this necessary? Really not. Allah or Jehovah is a thing so high that it is out of our understanding. Allah or Ishvara is so much that you can not be like Allah. Allah is only love. The world is full of problems that Allah makes because this will bring everything to perfection. We do not understand why the whole world has to be as it is to go to perfection. We do not understand this but Allah (Jehovah, God) does.To come closer to Allah or Ishvara you have to be more like Allah. And that means you have to learn to be more caring. Only this, you have to learn to be more caring. You have to trust and believe that what you do is right because it is the way Allah or Jehovah puts you on. And from there you have to try to be more caring to get closer to what Allah or God is. Only train yourself to be more caring. That is the only way to Allah or Dao. Train yourself to be as caring in this moment as you can be and always believe that you are on the perfect way, That will make you reach olam haba, nirvana, jannah, vaikuntha or heaven. No special clothes, no burqu no tschaderi no tschadar will get you closer to Allah or closer to Jehovah. If you are more caring you will come closer to Allah or Dao. If you are more caring you will do the will of Allah or Dao. But to wear a special clothing like the burqu or burka or tschadar or tschaderi does not please Allah or Troi. Allah has no benefit from you wearing this. Allah or Jehovah wants you to come closer to his / her / its love and that is to come closer to giving love yourself. We can not understand Allah or Ishvara. We can understand that we have to be more caring. That is what Allah or Ishvara has given us, to understand - Do I need to wear a burqu -how to be caring and that understand that this is good. To do this and be only caring is the only will of Allah. With this you will reach nirvana or olam haba. No special religion, no special food, no food-rules and no special clothes. Whatever you wear if you practice how you can be more caring to everybody and everything then you will come closer to Allah or Tao. You can not get closer to Allah with clothings. Allah is to high for this.

Always believe that what you do is right because Allah makes it. And try to be more caring. But do never believe that a special cloth will bring you closer to Allah.




Burka or burqu this is a sign of religion, but it does not please Allah or God.

clothing rules religion

Another girl completely hidden. Allah does not dislike this. allah does not care for cloth whatsoever. So before you put efford on something Allah does not care about you better care for things Allah cares about.

tschador religion

Some people like wearing a tschador because they think it is sign of religion. It is a sign of religion but doing something that God or Ishvara does not care about can never be more then a sign. Also if you wear a cross God will not especially like you.

must tschador islam

Why should you want to hide your hair or your face if this does not please Allah more then if you would not hide it.


Sometimes wearing a tschador or burka is a sign for religion for people. they want to show that they have culture. That they think about Allah. That they care to do Allahs will and that they want to promote this idea. That is good. It is good to show to others that some good things can be achieved through religion. But you should not believe that your religion is especially true compared to the other religions. I mean there are very wrong “religions” out there. But I mean if you compare the major religions of humanity you have generally some good religions there. It is good to wear a sign of religion. By the way if you are in danger because of your religion, Pretend that you do not believe in this hated religion. Allah or Ishvara can defend himself. You do not need to step in front of Allah to defend a certain religion and have yourself killed. So wear your signs of religion but do not wear them with wrong pide because you think that those are the insignia of the one true religion of humanity.

Remember in western christian countries only very high cultured people will understand your tschador as a sign of a great religion and human culture. Because in the west the tschador or burku is always connected to the idea of male opression against women. Because man do not put it upon them that they have to wear a certain cloth in public. And often the impression comes up that men of Islam force their women to wear certain cloth.

Women have been oppressed by man ever since in nearly every culture. The western culture is no exeption. Around 1850 you would have been laughed at in the west if you would have said that a woman is as intelligent as a man. This is sad. But it is our history. In modern societies everywhere luckily these bad conditons are dismissed. We all understand it as a sign of proper religion to treat the sexes with equal rights. And the more it disgusts western people if the traditional religious books that ought to be a treasure to humanity are cited in order to keep the bad habit of giving one sex less rights. It still is done in christian religion, because as it was usual to give women less rights in nearly every culture of course you find traces of this in the christian Bible. And so in catholic christian religion for example until today women may not become priests. But we do not like this. We all together as humans understand today that women are of the same intelligence as men are. And women are of the same potential in understanding the higher things as men are. Most of my teachers in college where women. And they really knew their subjects well. Since the male society often used laws to oppress women it is the wish of many people to get rid of all laws that force women to special behaviour because they are women. Especially if it is a religious law. Because religion is the thing that calls for not oppressing one sex. By the way it is also proper religion that calls for not oppressing one sexual attitude like homosexuality. So the law to wear a tschador or burky or anything to the westerner is an exemple of an old overcome law that oppresses women. Because it is not said the woman may wear a tschador. It is said if you are a woman you must. And there should be nothing that you must do because of your sex. That is why in some western countries these expressions of religion through clothing like the tschador or the burqu are forbidden. It is not at all against Islam. It is against oppression of one sex over another. It is against sex specific laws.

So please understand the fight of the westerners and also many eastern people against this clothing rules not as a fight against religon or the possibility to show religion. It is just the idea that laws must not be sex related to give everybody equal rights.

Once I have heard that this clothing idea comes from the idea that women with their beauty puzzle men so that men are tempted to rape women. It is of course not the task of women to hide behind clothes so that man do not rape them. It is the task of man not to rape women however sexy they look. It is the task of men to be only caring as it is the task of women to be only caring. Raping somebody or touching somebody who does not want this is not caring.So it does not bring you closer to vaikuntha as hinduists say, olam haba, jannah or as christians say heaven. And everything that does not bring you closer to heaven makes you stand still and this can make you become surrounded by confusion.

It is the will of Allah that you are caring. It is the will of Allah that you are strong enought not to rape women. And it is never the task of women to put clothes over them so that they are not raped by men.

It is always the task of you not to rape anything. Raping is evil. Rape and unwanted touching is something that will put you farther away from Jehova or Allah or lets better say it makes you not come closer. And it is never cloth that make you reach Allah. Clothes or not wearing a burqu or burka, tschaderi or tschadar will not bring you away from Allah. Only not being caring will bring you away from Allah.

In the end everybody will come to Allah. But if you act against the other people this will bring you away from Allah for some time. And this can give you desorientation, so practicing every minute to be the most caring you can be and trust that you are on the perfect way is very important to fight this desorientation before it appears. You make yourself stronger in understanding higher things if you reach closer to “being perfect in being caring” by just practicing to be caring. And this will over time strengthen your ability to see the higher things so much that the confusion will not be so strong for you then.

No special clothes , no special ritual, no special food is needed to really go to Allah. Only being more caring. Only being more caring will bring you closer to Allah. You do never need a burqu to please Allah. No special peace of clothing makes you more caring so no burky or tschaderi can be a way to Allah. So a tschadar is nothing that brings you in any way closer to Allah. Develope your potential to be caring by going to your limit of sharing. No burqu or burky will do this for you. You have to be caring because this is what your true self actually is. Not wear a special burqu or anything. This wearing a tschadar or any religious clothing does not bring you in any way closer to Allah. It is abloslutely no step towards Allah to wear a tschaderi or any other religious clothing.


Honestly it can not be true that some people believe that Allah will ask what cloth they wear. It is your attitude that counts for Allah or Ishvara. And it is not your attitude towards the Quran or the Bible or Torah. It is your attitude towards being caring. Your attitude towards others and yourself. Your attitude towards doing that what Ishvara or Jehovah wants you to do. This is what counts. You can wear a tschador, Allah will not dislike this. But on the other hand Allah will also not especially like it. And since it is nothing that Allah cares for it is something that is not a question of true religion or proper religious practice. Wearing a special clothing does not lift you up one inch towards Allah or Ishvara. In Islam religion law it is statet that you have to wear special cloth to please Allah. This is just a mistake. Allah wants you to become perfect. Perfection is in being caring. And there is a height of being caring that you can not even imagine in your wildest dreams. To come to this level of being caring will take you thousands of years. So don’t be distracted from reaching better ways of being caring by focusing on the wrong idea that a special cloth would please Allah or Jehovah. Your clothes do not please Allah. What you are, your attitude, what you want, what you think is right those things do please Allah if you do them right. If you ask yourself must I wear a burka to please Allah the answer is no. But please do not boldly step forward in this regard if you live in a region where you could get killed for this. The true idea will come through over time. So if it is necessary for your safety wear your special cloth. But for God (Allah, Jehova) this is not necessary. Allah will not look at this. Alla looks into your heart if you so will. Actually what Allah sees is not really to describe but trust me it is not your cloth.