Is it a sin to eat pork

Can I eat pork or is it a sin. Must I stick to dietary laws.


Pork decays fast so it can contain bacteria or viruses very fast if it lays aroud for some time. Maybe a day. Especially in warm countries. Always take care of your food being clean in this sense. Otherwise It is not a problem for Jehovah what you eat. The will of Jehovah is that you constantly train youself in being more caring. The more caring you are the closer you are to Jehovah. That is the only thing you have to do to come closer to Jehovah or God or Allah. This and having trust in Jehovahs decisons. So not eating something special or eating things in a special way like not mixing milk products with meat is no sin. Sin is everything that you do while you not try to be only caring. If you do something without trying to be only caring as good as you can then this is a sin. But Jehovah does not wait and then punish your sins in the end. No if you are living in sin, which means that you don’t try to be only caring then with this doing you will not come closer to Jehovah. If you try to be only caring and nice then you come closer to Jehovah or Allah. It is as simple as that. Be more caring and you come with this closer to Jehovah and the secrets of this universe. Being only caring is that what your true self wants. But we do not see this clearly at the moment. But the more caring you are the more you understand Jehovah. That is all you have to do in coming closer to Jehovah or Allah.

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So eating special things or not eating special things is nothing that puts you away from perfection (moksha). Jehovah is so much more then we understand. We understand him / her / it because we have a feeling and knowing for what is caring and what is not. So with this we understand the will of Jehovah. So you do not feel that it is bad to combine milk products with meat. You do not feel that this could be not caring. And so it is the truth. Only what is not caring is a sin. If you try to be as caring as you can to the people and things and as long as you tell yourself always that you are on the perfect way because Jehovah or Allah put you on this way. As long as you do this: try to be more caring and believe that you are on the perfect way to perfection (moksha) you are not living is sin. With this you are absolutely not living in sin. So that you don’t feel that it should be a sin to eat pork is something you have to take serious. I said that we do not exactly know that our inner self wants to be only caring. But if we try to be more caring no matter what we think that we want. And don’t give everything but share. Then after a few years of practicing to be better in being only caring you will see that this is what your inner self wants. And so pork is not a sin. Don’t waste your life by being not every day more caring then the day before and then avoid pork and think that with this you are getting more perfect in the eye of Jehovah. Being only caring makes you come to Jehovah or Allah every time that you are more caring. Being not caring does not bring you to Jehovah or Troi. Jehovah does not punish sins in the end, it is more like a mechanical thing the more caring you are the closer you are to Jehovah. If you don’t try to be caring you come no step closer to Jehovah. This is true for every “dimension” you get to after this life. It is in every “dimension” only about becoming more caring. If you are not caring in this life then in the next life you will be as far away from Jehovah or Dao then you where in this life. And you stay distant to Jehovah or Allah as long as you do not try to be more caring. Being caring is your biggest inner wish even though we can not see this clearly know. But the more you are caring the more you will see that.

I do not like killing. I would kill an animal probably if my life would depend on it because I have been told that you would do anything to survive. I do not doubt that to much. People who experienced it nearly unisono say that in life and dead situations humans become animals. Why should I doubtg that I would behave differently. But as long as there is salad to eat so that I can survive well I myself would not kill an animal. In the convenience of having pre killed animal I eat meat. One thing to consider is if we would not eat meat the cow would have not lived at all. We have no resources to breed animals just to secure their living. But an important point is that the living conditions of these creatures must be taken into account. And that far more then we do it today. Because even if I say dietary laws of eating are not a source of sin, I also say the way you treat animals can very well be a sin, haram or papa. Animals and insects feel. they feel the pain the pain of being locked in. They feel the fear of death, they feel the diseases spreading in mass animal growing facilities. they feel the pain of iron cages under their feet. they feel the pain of not being able to breed. they feel it, they know it and we close our eyes towards these things. All just to make an egg cost 5 cent less. It is an unbearable condition.



A moose is an animal of nature, we would think it strange if it would be in a small box without being able to walk around and experience nature.

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And the same is actually true for cows, chickens every animal. They also are actually animals of nature and must live in the open to experience the nature around them.

cow dietary laws

another image of cows in open space. How we treat animals is an important question to consider if you ask what can I eat and can eating be sinful. I by the way do not like killing but sometimes I eat meat.

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Killing creatures and the way we treat creatures those are the questions regarding eating and sin or haram. so please do not come up with cheese may not touch meat before you eat it.

eating animals sin

And one thing I would directly abolish at once is killing an animal that is still a kid because the meat is more tasty. I mean hey do you want that. Can you account for that. Can something be so tasty that the bitter aftertaste of this is cleared.

spiritual forestSo what about pork, is it a sin? Or combining meat with cheese, is it a sin? Or any other thing that is realated with eating and what you should do or should not do. Ramadan, it is useful to make us understand about eating. It is good to understand that not everybody has enough food. But is it a sin if you break ramadan? No of course not. because it is not uncaring to eat. Eating is in itself not not-caring or not-nice so it is not necessary to make ramadan to come to Allah. Ramadan does not please Allah, only being more caring and believing that you are on the perfect way because Allah put you on this way. This only this is the will of Allah. Nothing with eating. There is something about eating also in cristianity. In some churches you eat little pieces of bread that are given out in the temple service called the communion. And as I said I really like this giving out bread. But does the eating of a blessed bread help you to come closer to Jehovah? No of course also not. Practice to be more caring every day and you will come to God or Brahma. And always tell yourself that you are on the perfect way to Brahma. This is always true.

The rule not to eat pork very probably comes from the fact that not controlled meat from a pig can have a disease in it that kills you. In money states like Germany or the U.S.A. every pig that is killed is controlled by a specialist if it has this disease. If you live in a country that does not do so, then it is a good idea not to eat pig. But everything else is not a problem for Jehovah or Allah.


That these animals need really good living conditions, and I mean really good, and that you must kill animals if you want to eat meat are different topics.


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