Don’t go to miracle healers

Should I go to miracle healers? Can a faith healer or mental healer help me?


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Can a spiritual healer, faith healer or mental healer help me

Never go to miracle healers. This in nonsense. Whenever you have the chance see a modern doctor. They are worlds better then miracle healers or shamans. Whatever they tell you. I have seen many of them magic healers and they do not have powers. You will go to a person that has really no Idea of the higher things. Really do never give your health into the hands of somebody who is no medical doctor. I see these magical healers in the eye and I can see that they understand nothing. Spiritual healing is not what I am against here. I am against all healers or magicians I have seen. They know nothing. The try to look as if they would know something with pretty clothes or a rediculus “holy gesture” but they know nothing. No human can heal with magic. God or Allah can heal with “magic”. And so only if a shaman is caring and nice enough God or Ishvara could heal through him. But really I am not talking about being somehow nice. I am talking about somebody who gives away all his own wishes and trades them for what everybody wants. You can feel an immense comfort close to such a person. And I mean so much comfort that you feel the real presence of Jehovah, and this is not so with your miracle healer I am shure. I tell you I have never seen any magic healer that had power. And I know that I will not meet a magic healer with powers. So magic healing is a myth. It does not work. It will never work. We would like to believe it but it does not work. So you are wasting your health going to somebody who can do absolutely nothing to heal your body or mind.Tibet shaman witch doctor Well if it is only a good talk that you need you can go to your local miracle healer, but not for biological real diseases in your body please. There are medical doctors that go for some allover way of healing using alternative medicine. This is not completely bad because if they find some disease which they can not heal they can send you to hospital. The really bad thing is trying to heal only with magic. Because this will never work and the healer will not see the point where you really have to go to a medical doctor. Demons, witches or wichcraft do not exist. And they never existed in this universe. So if somebody tells you that she is a witch that can heal you this person does not tell the truth because witches do not exist. Maybe she believes to be a witch or he believes to be a magician, but that just shows how little of the universe she or he understands. Demons do not exist, this is old wrong and stupid believe. So if somebody tells you that there is a demon inside you, do not believe this. Demons do not exist. There is not something as a demon in this universe. The devil does not exist. Ghosts do not exist. Whoever wants to protect you from something like demons or the devil is somebody who really has no understanding of the higher things. No matter how good it sounds.

sunrise miracle healersPositive thinking has a positive effect. Many diseases can be diminished with positive thinking. But to think positive you do not need a shaman healer. If you put a gauntlet around your neck and that makes you believe that the disease will vanish then you do a good thing to fight the disease because you are positively thinking and this makes your body want to fight the disease. But there is never and really never something as magic power coming from any object. Also objects of quite good religions like a cross for example do not have magic power. The objects do not have magic power in the way we understand magic power. So don’t believe in things. Don’t believe in shamans. Go to the medical doctor always. Because he or she is indeed a healer. A doctor can in many cases heal you.  A shaman can not heal you. Magic words do not have power. Magic dances or songs do not have power. Incense does not have power. People can not heal with their hands. This is all wrong.

faith healers are often frauds and wrongSome objects have effects on the body that are very complicated. But in general the believe in magic is wrong. And in general absolutely all miracle healers are absolutely wrong. If you have any chance to see a medical doctor always do this. Always and any time go to the medical doctor to heal you. There is a chance that he can help you. With the miracle healer you have no chance. Maybe your positive thinking has a good effect but the miracle healer will not heal you with magic. He or she can not heal you with magic because magic does not exist. Only Ishvara or Jehovah can heal through people but your faith healer is not caring enough to do this. No matter how much he talks of things you like, like angels, the bible, astrology, indian culture, gods. He only talks about these things, he does not control them, and they do not help him.

Always and I mean really always go to the medical doctor and never I say never go to the shaman, never go to the miracle healer, never go to the witch. Whichcraft and witches do not exist. There is not something as witchcraft in this universe. It has never existed and it will never exist. People who say that they are miracle healers or mental healers are either frauds or stupid people who really have no idea of how the higher things are like.



What about Jesus? Wasn’t Jesus a miracle healer?


waterfall jesus miracle healerJesus was not a miracle healer. God was working in him. I tell you, Ishvara or Allah can do everything. There is no limit to his possibilities. So it is possible that Ishvara heals through a person but I have never up to this moment seen anybody with enough believe and wish to do Ishvara’s or Allah’s will and be only caring so that he was able to heal people. If you are close enough to Dao then Dao can heal people through you. But really we are talking of being so close to God or Dao that you do not find this in the world of today. And a person that is so close to Allah that Allah heals through him / her will be very very eye-catching. Much more then your shaman at home.

Healers often talk about the holy spirit, old indian knowledge, Angles and Archangels. This all sounds powerful but actually it shows only a deep misunderstanding of Jehovah and the world.

Sometimes magic healers frighten you by saying that demons will come to you or you have a problem with the devil. But those things do all absolutely not exist. No devil, no demon, no witchcraft. If you are sick ask for the biological cause for this sickness in your body. That is what a medical doctor will do, and that is the only right thing to do.

So whatever a magic healer tells you, he does not have the power to heal you.

Go to the medical doctors ALWAYS.