Why do I have to be caring

Why so I have to be caring in my life. Why is being caring and nice the way to reach perfection or heaven (nirvana, olam haba, jannah, vaikuntha)


We consider the life we are living as the form that life just has. We think that what we see is all that is there to see. We think what we understand is just what there is to understand. And with all of this we think that life is pretty much what we know. But consider a life after this life. Consider your innermost self as being immortal. That means it will live on even without your body. Your body will die but you will live on. And from there we go to understand that our inner self is held by something different then our body. We imagine the body as the thing holding up the spirit. Well remember all I say here are images. This what I say here is based on images. It is well true that the body holds the mind. But I am trying to make a better view possible by giving you some images. So think that your “mind”, your inner self, what you really are is not dependent on your body. It is immortal. And this is not going on in a change, that your soul leaves the body when you die. No, the power that holds your inner self and supports the living of your soul or inner self, this force is already present. Your inner self is already completely held by this force, you are already not dependent on your body, for your inner self to live. When you die, your inner self stays alive. Not your soul leaves the body. Instead your inner self shows that it was always carried by another source. Thats why you will live on.

- reaching God -This inner self of you is going to perfection or jannah or nirvana or moksha. When you die you do not leave this world. Well you leave this world, but actually your inner self is just now already carried and maintained, this carriing happens from factors that are a part of this world. But we do not see this. We see the world as what we see and think this to be all. We call it world and this is in a way true because we just give this world we see the name world.

But actually this word goes far beyond what we see. What we call world is just a little part of the actual world. And our eternal self, which is carried by something that is part of the bigger complete world, this eternal self is also a part of this bigger complete world. So when you die you leave this world, But since your inner self stays, And it stays in the bigger world. From this standpoint you have to say that your inner self does not leave the world. It is like calling everything and also heaven(vaikuntha, nirvana) a part of one big world. And then say even if you die you stay in this bigger world.

- coming closer to God or Allah -And saying if your inner self is already inside this bigger world, and of course also your body, then there is a possibilities to see more of this complete world. Even though we are in this world, this world is a tiny part of the bigger world. I do not exactly know how far we can get from here, but I experienced that understanding this bigger world around us is possible, And that even “moving” into this bigger world is possible. We are not going into another world with this, we are just stepping out of our own boundaries.

Reaching this stepping out of our bounderies is dependent on how “clean” you are. How caring. So you might be very caring but do not experience steppping out of the boundaries of the world as we know it and come outside of this and see some more. But when you are as caring as you can be and take what you see as practice to be more caring with the knowledge you gained through the being caring you where yesterday. Then you will be able to let even more things that you do not think to be good just go. And you will more and more become “cleaner” more caring, more wishing to help. more strict in your way to be only caring, good and nice. And at some point of this becoming more caring you will trancend the borders of the world that you know. You will find yourself still in this world but with a view over the borders. And you will see that what lies around us this stuff that is more then what we know is incredibly powerfull and incredibly caring.

So that is why with being caring you at some point step over your own limits to understand the world and come to a partly understanding of the complete world, because the bigger wolrld is basicly caring and with becoming more caring you will get to transgress the border. But you have to be very caring to get to this. It is something you only can learn over time, because it is a caringness out there that is a million times higher than what you call caringness. But don’t e afraid, you have as much time as you need because you will live on. But to be able to step into this world of caringness you have to “meet the standard” of the lowest part of the caringness that is beyond the border. And the caringness of the bigger world is such a big caringness that you have to practice as much as you can, to become able to see all this.

- reach God or Allah -I can not say that from here we can directly reach heaven (jannah, olam haba) because this world is to big to understand it. For one thing that you understand when you see over this border is that what lies around us is a million times bigger then what you thought the world is. It is more then a million times bigger, it is so that you can not see the end. You can somehow believe that you have an Idea of the boundaries and laws of this world, but in the bigger world you will see that you there can not define so the boundaries and laws. This surrounding ground is very mighty, and you will know that , when you see it.

But the thing I really want to tell here is that you can see in the bigger world that caringness is a very big point of the complete world, and that only with being more caring you can see and step into this world. And you will know that you do not step into another world, but that you have all the time been in this world but did not see it.

So with practicing caringness, you bring yourself into a shape that is able to step over these boundaries because becoming more caring is becoming more perfect.