How caring do I have to be

How caring do I have to be to come to God


People tent to ask the question: what will be given to me when I reach perfection or heaven. Because we expect a reward and a fulfilment that is given to us when we come closer to God or nirvana. But a very important point to understand about heaven is that what you really reach in heaven is potential. You are becoming more able to do things. your cosmic “power” and cosmic possibilities are bgger in heaven then what you can do now. So that is what is given to us in heaven or jannah as it is called in Islam it is potential.

being caringAnd I often tell you to be caring as much as you can. And the reason why I do this is because that what we know as being caring is the lower end of the scale of the higher things that the universe does. I tried to make a graphic, this blue bar with the orange bottom. The blue part signifies high action that the universe does and we can not understand this action, it is to high for us to understand. So the blue part is high action that we will come to understand on our way to perfection. This is the supernaturality that we want to reach. And being better with this blue bar is another word for being closer to heaven or moksha. And what we call being caring in our world today is the orange part at the bottom of this bar. So what I am tying to say with this is that our being caring is already a part of the highest things that the universe does and what we can do, but it is only a low part of this. So you do cosmical high action with being caring. And the more you get practiced in being only caring by usual definition of just being nice caring and helpful, the more you get experienced in this the more you understand how to do the things that are colored in blue in the graphic. And when you can understand and do the complete blue part then you have reached perfection. This is what is gevin to you in heaven the ability to do the blue colored part and of course some other things.

As usual a graphic is just for understanding things better and never how things really are. So what I want to show with this graphic is that the higher things you are going to do hold actions as their main purpouse and main source of self fulfilment that are above being caring but of the same familie. And it is the possibility of being more able to do the blue colored things that define closeness to perfection. In other words what is given to you in perfection is the ability to do these blue things. That is what fulfills you. And the orange things in the image are what you can already do, those are the things you do if you are only caring. So our way lies in doing cosmical things that are on the same track as our caring things but cosmically higher.

And that is why you have to be only caring in order to rapidly progress and understand the action that is then even higher action. And you will understand these higher actions automatically if you reach the limit of what you can do in the orange section. Then suddenly some of the blue things will become orange but nevertheless those will be supernatural things.

So how caring do I have to be in order to please God or Allah, Jehovah, Dao, Ishvara?- what should i do - How caring do I have to be to come closer to perfection (moksha)? There is nearly no limit to the higher caringness you will give when you are perfect. There is no limit to being caring seen from our position. There is no limit, the thing we aim for is being all caring and nice. But from being all caring and nice it is even a higher caringness that we are goinig to. Remember being caring and helpful means sharing, because you also need things. Being caring is not about giving everything that you have and stay stripped of things you would have needed. Being caring is much more about sharing. So you might get an impression now. Being all caring is something you can not do. We can not be all caring. But we will be able to do that later after we have practiced to do what we can do. This is a matter of practice and a matter of time. So with being just nice you will fail. Being just nice is not good enough. You have to push your limit. You have to learn to become nicer then you can be at the moment. Don’t worry, you will get to this. You will grow into this being more caring. But the important point is, if you want to learn how to surpass yourself, if you want to learn to be more caring then you can be at the moment, then you really have to do everything you can. With trying everything you can to be caring you will reach the limit of how caring you can be, and from there only you will automatically push the limit.

So if you are looking for the chance to push your own limit and become more caring of what you can be right now, you will have to go to the high point. You have to go constantly to the maximum of how caring, sharing and nice you can be. Only from the maximum you will learn automatically to even push your limits.

Only this is real training that gets you closer to Allah or Tao.

Only working to your limit to be as much caring as you can be and from this learn how to push your limit, only this is steps towards Allah or The Universe. But don’t be afraid, this sounds harder then it is. As long as you go to - religion and spiritual practice -your limit with sharing and intelligent loving you will always come further and push your limits.

So understand that being nice and caring can still cause you to not come closer to God. Because being caring is not enough. You have to develope your potential of being caring. This will come by itself, but only if you go to your own limit with being caring.
So try to be limitlessly caring and nice and loving. Only so you will go to your limit, only from there you will see how it can be done even better, and only so you will make steps towards perfection (moksha). So a little nice is not gonna do. You have to get better in being caring and nice. This means you will have to go to your limit. You will have to give your best for being caring. Go to your own limit and from there you will by itself exeed your own limit.

Thats how good you have to be to come closer to Allah. It is still a way to go even if you give your best. But as long as you give your best you will easily and by itself become better.

If you do being caring halfhearted it will not get you to improve yourself. And with this you will not come closer to God. Believe that you will definitely come to Allah. Believe that whatever happens and even the not perfect things you do are made by Dao to bring everything to perfection, even if we can not understand it. Trust in God (Brahma) and from there constantly go to your limit of how caring you can be. And define being caring by the usual rules of society and your concience.

From this all will happen by itself, because without you noticing it at first your limit will be a bit further the next day if you have gone to your limit the day before. So all automaticly going to your limit of how caring you can be will bring you closer to Allah.