How can I be good in practice

The higher results in spirituality and religion can not be understood so you can not try to be them specifically in your practice


This is some thought I would like to share with you on one aspect of being good that I find important. Being good does never give you a really impressive direct feedback. So being really good in a spiritually useful sense is something that you have to do just because you think that it should be right. Really mark that the way to really reach some things in this field is most times doing things because you know that they should be right and not because you feel that they are right. Don’t wait for it that being caring feels right. Being truely good is something that does not feel right in the beginning. A part of this feeling comes from that, that a way of asking so little of others always gives you the feeling that you don’t aim for enough things. That you don’t even try to get a lot of things. So with being nice you do something that really does not feel overwhelmingly right. Well of course if you do it for some years it starts to feel right. But before that you tell yourself that you want to be nice. And you tell yourself that you do not try to get anything but this, only being good. You make clear that getting something without being nice does not really mean to get something because what you get then is not of the highest worth. The higer things that you get can not be understand and so you can not say what you will actually get. You know that you will get the highest things with you training in being caring, but you can never say how these things will look like. So to get the things of the highest worth you have to know that you do never know how these high things are like. You don’t know exactly how they look like. So you can not try to get them, because if you don’t know exactly how they will be you can not aim for them.

MacawsThe things that will come to you if you are nice, the highest things, are things that are better than what you understand now. They make you better and take you to a higher form of being. Really that is what happens, our life is not static, inside of the given surroundings there are ways to get “cosmically” higher in this life. And that means altogether you can not try to be the better things because you can not understand them from the “point” you are before you have learned them.

So you can never try to get really good things and know what you are doing.

From that follows that you never know what you will get if you are on the right way. It will always be the best you can get but you can never know what it will be.

So if you try to get a person to sleep with you(just a common example that everybody knows) then you know what you try to get. This will not be higher than what you are. You already know what will happen with this you will stay on the same level of things that you already know.

So what do you do: You don’t try to get aspecific result. You are just nice. And that is the really difficult part because then you will have a lot of fear that you reach no result at all. This will never happen but we are so much focused on results that the way of not trying to go for a result that we already know seems nearly impossible.

So what do you do: You say to yourself that if you are only nice loving and caring then no matter what you get you will get the best thing possible in this universe at this time. You say: I don’t care what I get. Really, even if I should get nothing at all, I don’t care. I am nice so nice that I loose a lot of things. I never try to get things if they are not 100 percent good. If there is a pretty person I will not try to make the person interested in me. I will try to be nice, universally nice to this person. And If I do so the person might not give me sex. That is what I mean by letting things go, or not aiming for things. But what you get over time with this acting are the really higher things.

That is what makes the difficulty. Being really nice means to let go of trying to get some things.

RiverBut this is the true way to become higher and get higher things in the life you are living today. And in all other lives that you will live in other “dimensions” this way will always be the same. You will never be able to know what is the right thing to get, from a person for example, because it is one step ahead of what you understand now but you will always know what is good to do, you will always know what is the nice caring and loving thing to do.

To let go everything you want to have from others to be able to freely be nice because you are not bound to trying to get something. That is the way. The only way that makes you higher step by step because you will with this always get the really good things of which you can not know what they will be.

And this way means letting a lot of things go.

And alway use the freedom you get from not trying to get something special to be perfectly nice and good for you and the others.

Always say:  I can not aim for getting good things because I do not know what they will be. But If I am good I will definitely get the really good things. And If I am good I will be myself something that is good.


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