Is alcohol a sin ?

Is drinking alcohol (beverages) a sin.


is alcohol drinking  a sin

Is it a sin to drink alcoholic beverages. Or is it haram.

Before I tell you that drinking alcohol is not a sin, first of course stop drinking for some weeks or taking other drugs and then consider this issue for yourself again. Because from the state of the strong wish to keep drinking which is already the usual form of addiction to alcohol you will not decide properly. So this articles deals with that drinking alcohol is not a sin, but do not get me wrong to think that it is completely ok to drink, which it is not. No drug is completely ok. Alcohol will always hinder you on your way to good spirituality. Only if you drink very little it can be called ok.


Is drinking alcohol a sin.

Topic: Is alcohol a sin or haram for God, Allah, Jehovah or Ishvara

Do you really want to know if alcohol is a sin? Well you have opened a serious topic here. Is drinking a sin. is it a sin to drink alcoholic beverages and how does God(Allah, Ishvara) stand to it. Please do not stop with this article come back to this page and read thebasics of advanced spiritual practice article under spirituality to understand the topic “is it a sin to drink alcohol”. Drinking alcohol is dangerous, very dangerous, but it is not a sin in itself. In islam drinking alcohol is forbidden because their holy book says that drinking alcohol is a sin or haram to Allah. But drinking alcohol is in itself not haram, dhanb or sinful. First of you have to understand that alcohol is not a funny drink. Alcoholic drinks are a dangerous substance. All drugs are dangerous substances and so is alcohol. After some time of drinking alcohol dayly you will believe that you want to drink more alcohol unbelievably strongly, But you will never think that this could be the addiction to alcohol everybody talks about, You just want to drink with all your heart. It is like that, you want to drink with all your heart. And you think that you are not forced to do it. You will be shure that it is just your free wish. And you will think that it is ok to do it, and you will think that you will feel much better if you drink. Because of that the addiction to alcohol is a more dangerous thing than you think. Because you are always convinced that you just want to drink and selden understand that this is how the addiction feels like. But is alcohol a sin or haram to Jehovah or Brahma?beverages No, that not, it is very dangerous to you and your spirituality and it can be severely blocking your spiritual practice but it is not itself a sin. That means there is no special punishment happening from God if you drink alcohol. That comes from that Ishvara is much more complicated then the idea of a person weighting our sins. There is no special punishment of any kind if you use alcohol so drinking alcohol is not a sin or haram in itself. So why was alcohol drinking called a sin at all. We will see to this now. If you stop drinking(or taking drugs) even if you only drank for a few days you will fall into a severe depression.You will have the strong feeling that everything is hopeless. It is very, very difficult to notice that it is the alcohol that wears of in your body that causes this depression. Even if you notice it you will not believe that it is true in the next second already. That all makes the alcohol. It gives you thoughts that you believe to be your own. And you will believe that you should drink to fight this feeling. So addiction to alcohol is fast and it comes as wishes that you belive to be your own wishes. Even though the answer to “is drinking alcohol a sin” is no and drinking alcohol is not a sin in itself this stuff is very dangerous. And it harms your body very much. And it temporarily takes away your potential to understand what is the right way and this blocks your true spiritual practice.

Is drinking alcohol haram

Lets see about this question. If you ask is alcohol a sin you would be asking the wrong question. Drinking alcohol itself can not be/not be a sin. Like everything in life it depends on the way you use it.

drinking alcolol sin haram

Alcohol in itself can not be sinful. because God, Allah, Dao is more complicated.

God (Allah) is far to complicated that you could distance yourself from him by drinking some alcohol. No it is not the wish of Allah that you do never drink and he/she will not punish you for the act of drinking. The will of Allah or Ishvara is something different. This wish is more complicated.

Let us try to understand this topic of if it is sinful to drink alcoholic beverages from the root. A most important thing you have to understand about religion is that religion has to be the honest try to use all your wit and knowing and try with this to be only nice and caring to the things and people around you as good as you can. With this behaviour you will develope yourself towards the next level of being. So how much you do the right thing in a situation depends on how much respect and care you give to the person next to you. That will bring you closer to perfection (moksha) and if you are more perfect in being caring you will with this be closer to Allah. That means sin or haram or papa is only that what does not bring you closer to Allah or Vishnu. So everything that you do without trying to be nice is a sin. That is the way to understand sin properly. Sin is not something you want to do but Jehovah punishes it. Sin is everything not-caring. That is what the word sin or haram is good for, to give you an understanding of the things that you must do to develope yourself. With not-nice things you do nodrinking papat change to be better. And you only want to become better. And that is why the word sin was invented to describe all things that you can do that do not bring you closer to God. So sin actually is defined by all the not caring things that you could do. So you try to be more caring every day because being more caring nice and helpful is becoming better in Ishvara (God). And in this system we have to understand sin, haram or papa. Haram is every acting while you don’t try to be only caring. And so sins are things that you don’t want to do if you understand your true self completely. Because your eternal being does not want to do anything that is not caring. You have to understand danb (sin) in this way. Sin is not what you want to do but may not do. That is a wrong conception of sin. Sin are all the things that are not caring. Everything that is caring and nice is no sin. And this is what you really want to do. but you can from this state that we have not see perfectly that you want to be only nice. So this being caring is the opposite of haram. So do what is caring only and you will see more and more that this is what your eternal true self wants to do. Until in a few thousand years you have learned how to be perfectly caring. So alcohol is not a sin. It is not sinful because the drinking itself is not uncaring. Lets say you drink a beer. Now how good you are still only depends on how nice and caring you are and try to reach that what is good for everybody and for you. And how good you are depends on how much practice you have in trying to be good.

So you see.dhanb sinful In real spirituality the beer does not change the basic situation. Because religion is never a thing of magic. A drop of beer is not a thing that makes some force snap into place so that you get a problem with Ishvara. Relgion is not like that. We live inside a system in which a way to perfection is possible by developing your actions to be as caring as they can be. God or Brahma expects you to live in this system with the nicest you can do with all your knowledge. This will unfailably bring you closer to what is true everytime you act as caring as you can for everybody and yourself. If you do this you always do the opposite of sin. And one more thing is most important in true religion practice and good spirituality. And another thing: While you try to become more caring it is absolutely important to tell yourself that you are doing the right thing anyways. Always tell yourself that you are perfect, runnig on the perfect track towards perfection (moksha), That is always true. And then try to be more caring every day.

Ideas that alcohol withwhite-beach the first drop is haram or that a certain ritual will guarentee your place in heaven or perfection. heaven is the christian word for: vaikuntha, jannah, olam haba or nirvana. Such ideas that alcohol pulls you away from heaven magically or some ritual will get you into heaven those are all kindergarden ideas. The only action that will bring you to perfection is being as long only caring until all evil wishes inside of you have faded away and you have learned how to be more caring. Whereas evil wishes are never a problem they don’t make you unclean. But don’t live them out and they will become weak and die inside of you. That brings you closer to perfection. Because you will be filled with good wishes so to say. That is good spiritual practice.


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Topic: Is drinking sinful or haram (papa)

That is the only true action you have to do in religon.

So forget all things like alcohol could be a sin in itself. Or you have to go to church (the cristian temple)  to come to heaven. Don’t get me wrong. I love temples and meetings and even celebration for God. And I really like things like religious marriage or eating bread in christian church. This is all unbelievably useful to strengthen us. But while you do all this be aware that the only way you can get closer to perfection (moksha) is to practice yourself in being more caring.



So get away from the thought that drinking alcohol is a sin in itself.

drinking alcohol

And also get away from the thought that drinking alcoholic beverages is a harmless party thing.

alcohol haram

Alcohol is a thing that makes you crazily wish to have more of it and at the same time it hides your wish to be caring from yourself.

So much for the rules of true religion in which alcolhol is not a sin, papa or haram in itself. But you must know that:


Alcohol seriously pulls you away from God (Allah).


The point here is thatAllah we move towards God in all the lifes we live in different “dimensions”. And we do this because Allah gives us the wish to be nice and caring. Allah (Dao) “puts” the wish to be caring inside of us. But what alcohol(drugs) do is they weaken your wish to be nice and caring. Imagine your highest wish that leads you to go towards Dao is weakened in the state of being drunken by alcohol. If you get sober again of course this holy wish comes back into you. But as long as you are on drugs this wish to be caring can be gone completely because of the drinking and you do not even notice this. This is much trouble for your spiritual practice because being not caring is the only sin. So getting into a state of being drunken in which your deep inner wish to be caring is not felt is a dangerous thing. And that is what happens when you drink you loose this feeling of your most important inner wish to be caring.

Also if you have not so much experience in being nice and the good feelings that come with it you might think the good feeling you get from drinking is worth to be achieved and you might “forget” to be nice and caring in order to get alcohol or other drugs. So even when your deep inner caring wish is not gone because you are not drunk still you can be wishing so strong to drink that this wish seems more important then to be caring. Remember the wishes to take drugs or drinking alcohspirituallake drinkol all look like your own wishes and feelings. You will have a very strong depression when the alcohol wears of. And you will feel that you know that drinking more alcohol is ok, even though it is not.

So if you want to stop drinking alcohol it will be a decision against something that you deeply believe to be good. And that is very difficult.

To all that comes that drinking alcohol even so you don´t notice it at first severely harms your body and brain and you need both to be as good as you can for yourself and others. Alcohol damages your potental of thinking very fast. Society tells you that it is possible to take drinking alcohol easy but we can not.

So the act of drinking alcohol is not a sin. Dao will not punish you for drinking. But as you can see drinking alcohol contains a lot of dangers. It even holds the danger of making you not feel for some time “what Dao wants you to do”. And of course the destruction of your body and brain comes with drinking.

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So is drinking alcohol a sin for God or haram for Allah (Ishvara)? No, but it is very dangerous.

So even though alcohol drinking is not a sin in itself you should take very much care that you drink little and surely not every day. Because there is much to achieve.

for me personally I am glad that I discovered that coming forward in this universe is a source of joy that is a million times better than alcohol ever can be and alcohol slows down your coming forward so it actually slows down the real joy. But if I am offered a drink in a company of friends I probably won´t say no. And also not if I am on my own sometimes.

So even if alcohol is not a sin in itself you better be double and tripel careful with it. Never let people tell you that drinking alcohol is harmless.



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