Forbidden questions

Forbidden questions in religion


forbidden questions in religion

Asking questions and being critical is a great thing in true religion, but some questions block our forthcoming.

There are a few questions which we tend to ask ourselves. Like am I good enough for example. Well a working spirituality will be blocked severely by asking questions all the time, because if you ask a question you stop working on getting more caring while you look for the answer to the question. There are many questions that you can not answer. If you ask them you will stop working spiritually for a long time because you will not find an answer. Thats why we have to forbid ourselves some questions. Even though asking questions is usually very good, in spiritual working it is good practice to forbid yourself completely the asking of some certain questions. Luckily for us the answer on these typical questions is always good for us. For example the answer to the question “if you are good enough” is always: Yes you are good enough still you have to practice becoming nicer. The answer to the question “does God exist and is it leading us definitely to perfection?” is always: Yes God, Allah, Ishvara, Jehovah, Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva or Dao exists and it is leading us definitely to perfection. But the asking of these questions is very bad for our spiritual working, It blockades you a lot because while you ask these questions you can not work on the improving of your being caring.spirituality religion Canionlands So because in this perfect system God holds up, their answer is always good for us and even more good than we think it could possibly be. Thats why i say in good spiritual practice these special questions are forbidden.




So there is a set of questions which I forbid myself to ask because:

  1. Their answer is always good.
  2. The severely blockade my practicing.

And If the anwer to something that severely hinders your practicing is always something good no matter how desperately you ask yourself then you have to forbid yourself these questions.

Forbidden questions are for example:

  1. Am I good enough?
  2. How will it be in the next “dimension”?
  3. Is God perfect?
  4. Is the world really going to perfection?
  5. Am I doing the right thing?

If ever you want to ask yourself one of these questions say: “The answer to this is good for me and the answer is even better than I think it could possibly be. Thats why I don’t have to ask this question. The answer is always good and will always be good. So I can easily not ask this question.”