Does hell exist?

Does hell exist. Is hell, avīci, naraka, jahannam really existent


hell does not exist

A hell like in this image does not exist.

Hell(avīci, naraka, jahannam) is a word in christian religion. It describes a place where all those people go to that are evil. It is the opposite of reaching “perfection”. A bad place where the devil lives. Does this exist? Is hell or naraka or jahannam existent? In short: no. Well I say that the devil or demons do not exist. And also hell does not exist. In other religions hell is called: Avīci, naraka or jahannam and it does not exist. Well everybody will come to heaven. It will take time but after many lives each person will come to be nice loving and caring and from this point get closer to perfection continously. So that means I’m pretty sure that there is no place that holds people that will never come to “God”. Because everybody will come to “God” or “perfection”. But don’t get me wrong here. If you don’t try to be only caring for everything, you steer directly into a lot of pain. That is what people sensed, when the invented hell. You are steering directly into a lot of pain if you don’t try to be caring. It is not hell that you are experiencing, it is the “distance” to God or Allah that will give you real trouble. I found poison for mice in my neighbours den. And the poison says “easy and clean”. Since there is no dirt that poison usually creates, this “clean” wants to convey that it does not leave a spot on your reputation before God or Ishvara. But of course it does. That is the main point, and that is why the poisen producers write this lie on the bottle. It is not clean in the sense of God. If you kill to survive, then God or Dao forced you to kill and it will be clean. If you kill to save some stupid radish then it is not clean. And with everything that is not clean you will steer into a lot of pain. An awsome lot. So don’t get me wrong. Even though a hell as a final state for some people does not exist, you are steering yourself into places that you would call a “hell”. And to prevent this you have to deeply understand that you own nothing. God, Allah, Jehovah, Ishvara this thing owns in this universe. It owns you, the mice and your radish. And I tell you God prefers mice over radish. If you have to kill mice to save food that you need to survive, then it is ok, but if you kill mice because you think your joy of gardening is more worth then the life of the mous e then it is wrong. So if you go and for yourself decide that you think that the radish is more worth then the mice, because it gives you joy of gardening, then you decide against God. And you have to understand this as a system. God does not have to wait to punish you somehow afterwards, in the instance you decide and act wrongly you will be distanced from perfection. You will instantly loose power. And it is just that power with wich you could save yourself from the pain I am talking about. So you can fight the pain, but only if you have enough power and perfection. You need the perfection in you to get yourself away from the trouble and pain and fear. And you loose nearly all of your perfection just because you want to save your radish and joy of gardening. So in every situation you miss to win power. because you are deciding for your own joy instead of deciding for the all loving and all possessing God, Brahma, Jehovah. But I told you, you posses nothing. Not even yourself. God possesses. Everything that you see belongs to God or Allah, even you completely. So with such situations in which you try to get something for yourself and take away things that Dao wants, you are distancing yourself from Allah, and with this you are distancing yourself from getting power.

And without this power you will be open to the pain in next lives.

Or to say it the other way around: With the power you will not be in the pain.

But there is another thing I believe. From a point further in our developement. If we have reached a higher level everything that lies behind us in the past will seem a bit like a hell, avīci, naraka or jahannam to us.

does hell exist avīci, naraka, jahannamFrom a point in our future in a next “dimension” we will believe that our lives before where in something like a hell or avici or naraka. That is because we will make a big advantage. We will be going to constantly gain more knowlege and power in this universe. And the more great every next thing is that we are going to get, the more all time before is going to seem a bit like a hell or jahannam to us.

I say a bit like a hell, jahannam or avici because of course you must consider that it was this past live that brought you to the better life where you will be then. So our old live will not completely seem like hell, naraka, jahannam to us because it was full of potential to bring us to the next step, to a better ife in a “dimension” where we have more power and more knowlege and simply are more overall. And of course even the life today with all its weak points is still a precious gift. Every life we life is filled with the presence of “God” and you may not underestimate it.

So you must cherish this life that you have now for it is life and potential and also it will lead you to the better.

But since I say everybody comes to “heaven” or “perfection” and the devil does not exist and hell, avīci, jahannam or naraka does not exist, I want to definitely tell you that becoming better spiritually will get you above things that today are not so good. And If you will have come some steps higher you will always look at the time before with a feeling that you are very glad to have passed on to a better state.

Never hate life, for it is a precious gift and the way to better life. But still always aim for the better life by being exclusively nice and caring.


Islam jahannam existentAnd of course a hell or naraka with flames and a red devil with a trident, a staff with three spikes, that is all kindergarden religion. There is no place like this. No matter how many people tell you about stupid stories like this. Since all future “dimensions” we will be of more potential and power, “places” in future “dimensions” will all be better than what we live in today. But still you will get the pain if you don’t gather perfection in you. Also a future “dimension” will always exeed what you can understand, that means it is more than we can understand. So a coming “dimension” can neither be understood nor can it be described. It is going to be good, thats what you can say but how it is going to be can not be described because it is more than what we are. It needs more to be described than what we today have. Understand what future “dimensions” could bring, it could be possible that we all melt together with other people to have a much faster interchange of our expressions. Considering these possibilities of becoming more than what we are today, old fashioned ideas of “heaven” or “perfection” as a paradise-garden or a place in the clouds will never hold up to the reality. We have to understand all coming lifes in coming “dimensions” as ununderstandable with the possibilities of understanding that we have today.

But believe me overall, that means: given some time, all future “dimension” are going to be better for you. We all will constantly become more and better. But you can never know how much chance you will have to be nice in the future or in future “dimensions”. Even if in future “dimensions” we will shurely have more potential you can not forsee the actual conditions that you will have in the future. And so special conditons could lower your chance to be nice. Imagine you have a cold and can not focus on being nice. Something similar could happen also in a future “dimension” so with this even in a new dimension where you have more potential to be caring you could have accidentaly little chance to be good for some time. Of course this potential will always come back and will be even stronger if it comes back but we want to get to “perfection” as fast as we can. And being nice is the only thing that brings you closer to “perfection” so you can absolutely not afford to let one minute pass without you trying to be as nice and caring as you can be in the given moment. That means being nice to the poeple and things directly around you and considering what your behavior of now will make possible in the future.

A bit of the point I think is that: what is not good about you will not stay. So if you are at many points not good then many points of you will not pass to the next stages. But luckily this is the best that happens. It does not matter for us how much of us survives cosmically. The only thing that matters for us is that the really good things in us survive.

So you be nice as much as you can and expect everything getting overall better in future lifes.