Don’t wear your glasses all the time

Should I wear my eye glasses all day or all the time


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Should I wear Glasses all day or all the time.

Everytime I see somebody wearing glasses it is a shock to me. Thats why I want to tell you about an issue that I think is very important. I advise you to take of your glasses and experience the three dimensional space around you by walking past objects that are close by. I belive that your brain should understand the true measurements and lengthes of the three dimensionality of the space around you and work with this information. Glasses (goggles, specs) warp that space give it seemingly other lengthes and I think if your brain gets this wrong information it can not come to a relaxed interaction with the surroundings. I stopped wearing my glasses 4 years ago and this feels really great by now. Of course sometimes you need glasses to see things. But you should wear glasses only for the times you really need them and never wear glasses all day. If you get a headache if you take your glasses of then because it was wrong before and now hurts to get into the normal state again. I had problems with my glasses over this problem of the seemingly different length. And it turned out that my eyes had become better and now my glasses where much to strong. So if you come to this website you might have a problem because your eyes have changed, this is very common. So I tell you not to wear your glasses all the time, but you also should check if they are still of the right strenght. If you have problems with your glasses it is very probable that they are not right anymore.

But take really care when you dont wear your glasses that you don´t use your muscels around the eye to see better. That is then very bad in the other direction. When you don’t wear glasses you will not see as sharp, but you can get used to the real three dimensionality.



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