Is watching pornography a sin

Is watching porn a sin or haram. Is it pāpa or sinful to watch pornography.



The first point to consider about this might be that even though porn is not sinful it might be something that your partner does not really like. Because actually you are looking at other people. Just wanted to put this first because it was missing in the article. But now the article:   I touch upon this point because it holds an important message. If you ask if pornography is a sin or haram you would be asking the wrong question. Pornography itself can not be/not be a sin or dhanb. Like everything in life it depends on the way you position yourself to it. If you view porn with highest respect for the human beings that act out these things always knowing that the only thing to do is to be caring then you will not harm them or yourself. At this point I would like to add: to understand if  pornography is a sin dhanb or pāpa? To understand the whole field Is watching porn haram or a sin, watching pornography and how God(Allah, Jehovah, Ishvara) stands to it. You actually also have to do the Spirituality couse on this site which is in the linked to below this article. Because only with this tutorial you will understand the topic it a sin to watch porn With this article you will have a much more firm stand and understanding in the topic is watching porn a sin or haram. But lets get back: As I said If you watch porn while you think truly bad about these actors and forget that they are persons, you have to be there for, then you will not do good. It is the same as with talking to people you really meet. If you don’t care for the people you meet you will not be to caring. And this knowing that you have to become more nice every day is only your constant practice that you can not not let go, even not while you watch movies or pornographic movies. You can forget your becoming more caring sometimes to relax. But the basic training is becoming always more caring. If pornography is a sin or haram is the wrong question. You have to know that not being caring or treating other people as objects is a sin or haram by means that it does not bring you to being better. People are spirits made by God (Allah or Ishvara). is watching porn a sin Thats why you always have to try to help them and make it easy for them to be friendly and loving. In this way you also have to think about pornstars. And then you will with this not act out an evil thing while you watch porn. Because watching naked people whatever they do is not a sin, haram or pāpa. Because it is in itself not uncaring to see somebody who is naked. And it also is not in itself uncaring to see somebody who has sex. And sex itself is not necessarily uncaring. Sex is neither good nor bad in the eye of Allah. There is this one basic rule about sin: If you are doing good or bad, defines if you act sinful or do haram. Sin always depends on how caring you are. If you are very caring and you do not disturb your way to becoming more caring or the way of becoming more caring that the other person is on then consensual sex between adults is not a sin, pāpa or haram. So sex itself the act of sleeping with somebody is neither good nor bad it is neither sin nor not a sin, pāpa or haram. And the act of watching people having sex is also neither a sin, nor not a sin, haram or dhanb. So if you are commiting a sin, or haram, that means if you are turning away from your way to perfection does not depend on what you see. Seeing people having sex does not turn you away from the right path. But if you turn yourself away from the path of becoming more caring. Then this is a turning away from the path and than this is sinful, haram or pāpa. So if you practice to be caring, if you try to be most caring, the most caring that you can be in this second and then watch a porn film, then you will still be on the right way. Because the pornographic action is neither haram nor not haram. Well of course it depends on what the porn actors think about the other people, if they are trying to be caring and nice, or if they do not care about being nice and caring. But this is another topic, for you in regard to pornographic material the only important factor is that if you watch the usual consensual pornographic material including the hard stuff like: beating, ties, homosexuality or even animals you do not commit a sin or haram. Haram or sinful behavior is always only the turning away from being caring and nice. I might add that with being nice I do not mean that you have to let people attack you. Fight for your good standpoints that is justified, but consider always what is caring. Not being caring, not to have the wish to do the things for being caring and nice, that is the only sin, haram or pāpa that is possible. Because becoming more caring every day by trying to be more caring then yesterday, that is the way to perfection (moksha), or the way to Allah (Dao, Jehovah). Being not caring is making no step towards Allah or perfection but seeing naked people having sex is not in itself not caring. Watching porn does not force you to be uncaring. That is the way you have to understand if watching porn is a sin or pāpa. As long as you are never not caring the watching of the pornography will not be sinful for Ishvara (God, Dao).

watching porn sinful or haram

In the mythology part of the christian Bibel the story is told that the first humans lived peacefully in a paradise garden untl they commitet a sin.

haram sin to watch pornography

In this biblical story the sin or haram the first two humans committed was eating a fruit that was forbidden to eat by God, Allah or Ishvara. even though apples where not grown in this time today christians connect this fruit to an apple

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For this sin or haram God (Allah,Dao, Ishvara) threw the humans out of paradise and told them to live in a dangerous world from now on.

Well that is an old story trying to explain why bad things happen even though Dao is perfect. But if we want to live right we have to get a better definiton of sin, haram or pāpa

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Strip clubs or the such are not generally sinful locations. Watching porn is also human culture if you do it live.


Also porn or pornography does not gradually become more sinful if you move from artistic style to a more “dirty” style. It is all the same generally not a sin.

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So the watching of porn is not generally a sinful or bad behaviour or haram.

pornography haram

Also dressing sexy is not sinful.

porn movies

This also is true for beauty products. They are all not sinful things.

Staying away from sexuality is not necessary to be as caring as you can be. The opposite is true, sometimes or body craves for sexual releave. From this state of urging need it is difficult to be as caring as you can be. From getting away from sexual activity your body reacts and this gives you a certain feeling. This is just a feeling. It has nothing to do with experiencing something true in spirituality. Don’t confuse this natural feeling with a holy experience. Rather give your sexual body what makes it pleased. Really, don’t fight your body in countless meditations when it is just masturbation that it needs. That is important for your spiritual practice.

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Lava. But the question of the article is: Is it a haram dhanb, pāpa or sin to watch porn.

Sin or haram or pāpa is everything that you do while you are not explicitly trying to be caring and nice. Nothing else. So watching porn movies is by itself nothing that is a sin or sinful. If you would accidentally walk into a locker room and see people undress you would never believe that you committed a sin or haram. So porn is not sinful itself. It is just a bunch of naked people having sex or whatever. Only the way you act can be sinful, if you are not trying to be caring this is no step towards Ishvara (Jehovah). And not making steps towards perfection, this behavior is called sinful, pāpa or haram. There are no hidden sins, like watching porn or homosexuality. Only being caring defines the field of sin, haram or pāpa. if you try to be caring or watch the porn in order to calm your body down or understand your sexual desires better all in order that you can be caring more easy then pornography is not haram or a sin. Haram or sin or pāpa is nothing that you want to do but God (Dao, Jehovah) will punish it. God does not punish, you can walk into the right directon if you are caring and you can walk into no direction if you don’t try to be caring. That is the principle of dhanb, haram, sin or pāpa. Everything that is a sin or sinful can be understood easily by ourself. Only things that are not being nice are a “sin” or “haram” or “pāpa” those are the things that are no step towards Allah. But there are no sins that are hidden. If you say: “I don’t harm anyone by watching porn, I don’t think in a bad way about the actors, I try to be caring all the time even while I watch porn, and I watch it to be relaxed to be caring more easily” then porn is never a sin. because what you want in this life decides about if you are “sinning” at the moment or not. A sin or haram is just not trying to be caring.

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Porn itself can not be a sin, dahnb haram or pāpa

This life is difficult. Being nice as good as you can is difficult. Sometimes we should watch porn. And I mean that from a religious view. The fact that we are attracted by naked people is true and it is from God. Our drive to sexuality is normal and good. Our wish for sexual activities is really absolutely normal and good. But don’t let yourself go to commit “sins” by being not caring. Being not caring is the only sin and Allah (Brahma) does not punish you for it but instead you just do not come closer to Ishvara with the things that you do that are not caring. Watching pornography must not block you from being caring. Porn is not a sin or haram. Understand that sin (pāpa) is only those things you do while you are not trying to be only caring. You can watch porn while you are trying to be caring and that shows us that the act of watching porn is not a sin or haram itself. Being caring is most important, avoiding porn is not most important. So a decision to watch porn in order to be better able to be caring is always right. Watching porn it is not haram. But watch porn only while you try to be caring and nice. If you do anything while you are not trying to be caring then whatever you do becomes a sin or haram. Ishvara will not punish this haram or sin, but you just will make no step towards Ishvara with this behavior. Behaviour that is no step toward Ishvara (Dao) such behaviour is called haram(dhanb, ithm). Of course if watching pornography makes your wishes uncaring, like for example you start to think that the people you sexually desire are all objects you can put under your will. Then watching porn drives you towards sinful acting. Of course it is your duty to not let watching porn movies or porn images lead you to bad acting. You can have bad or evil wishes, that is not a problem because everybody has bad wishes. Sinful, pāpa or haram is only to act out these bad wishes. But the bad or evil wishes inside of you are not sinful. To want evil things is not sinful only to do evil things. Of course it is our wish to want less evil things. So if you never act the evil things that go around your mind then these evil wishes or bad thoughts must loose power and eventually the will fade away. So of course we try to get the evil wishes away, but we can not force this, we just can not act the evil wishes and wait until they have become so powerless that they disappear more and more until they are gone. So yes we do not want to have bad or evil thoughts, but we also accept evil thoughts as being normal for everybody at the moment. It will take time and a lot of acting caring until your bad wishes are gone. Bad wishes fade over time if you do not act them out but that means that it takes time. Never attack yourself for having evil wishes. Just do not allow them to be put into action by yourself. Do not live out your bad wishes. But the wish for pornography comes from our sexuality and our sexuality is perfectly normal, so the wish for sexual relieve is not an evil wish. Evil wishes are the wishes for things that are not caring. papa haramSo is pornography a sin or haram? No, watching porn and naked people having sex is in itself not pāpa (sin). Porn has in itself no tendency to be for the good or for the bad. But your acting has this tendency. Keep what you want to do to be caring and nice and do as much as you can only for this purpose to be caring. It is the state of being only caring that you want to get to over time. So you must keep this way or route in mind even while you are watching porn. Then porn is absolutely no haram. Porn itself, the pure video itself can not be a sin. So watch it for the good and porn can never be sinful. If you watch it for the bad then porn is haram just like everything else that you do for the bad. We are sexual beings. There is a strong and healthy natural pull towards sexuality. Still we have to be caring and nice and become more caring and nice until we are only caring and nice to reach perfection (moksha). There is always the possibility to learn more how to be better in caring. To make shure our sexual wishes do not stand above our wish to be caring it is important to understand what turns you on and why. It is important to practice with the sexual attractions in order to control them. So porn is a great way to understand your own sexuality. And you will understand your sexuality with porn not only in the mind but also physically. If you use porn to understand how little pressing your sexual needs actually are then you will get a practice that is great for sexual beings like us that want to come to being perfectly caring. So wank a lot always in order to get an understanding of what you really want in sexuality and in matters of being caring. And to relieve the pressing need to sexuality that can be a distraction from being caring. Like if you start not to see the person anymore that is next to you, because the only things you can think of are sexual thoughts. Of course we have to practice in this field of sexuality to control our sexual thoughts to make shure that we are always able to put being caring at the first place.

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This article was about: Is it a sin, haram, dhanb or pāpa to watch porn.

The question if porn is a sin or haram is still an issue, while it actually misses the point completely. If you want to read more then really read the free online course below. This tutorial is a million times more interesting for you then what you just read. Because through this course you will really understand what is sin or haram or pāpa in your life and what is no sin. Bookmark this page if you like. The spiritual tutorial course will describe in detail the “way to Dao(God, Allah)”.



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