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If you came here searching to replay these old trade games like the increadible title Yuppies Revenge and the glorious game Vermeer then go to the beginning of the section about the greek trader game and search for: “WinUAE”.

This article is about mini gaming for free with the titles that I programmed. And I programmed a little game a bit in the style of these old trade games because I am a fan of these. It is called Greek Trader.

But first some other mini gaming options for pc:

If you see a notice Windows protected your Pc and prevented the app from running: klick “more info” in the same notice and then click: “run anyways”. These games are no viruses just some fun games.

Free multiplayer sport game Lions versus Tigers Beach Volleyball. Pc game Download

If you find a bug in one of my games, then really you should report. I have these mini games here for free download and it is annoying for me if I could easily correct a bug but no one tells me about it and then everybody downloads the version with the bug. So please take the minute to report errors in the games if you find one. I have a contact page. These two free games are Windows Pc 4 four player multiplayer game Wait until you are at home and then download them to your Pc. They are fun. There is another free mini game for four players on another page, it is a little Lions versus Tigers Beach Volleyball. It has cute animals, it is fun and for four players. You can downoad this other fun free multiplayer game Lions vs. Tigers Beach Volleyball if you follow the link.

Download free horse betting simulation

free game cute animals horse betting simulation

Free horse betting simulation game. Multiplayer mini game with cute animals.

Under the same link above for the lions and tigers volleyball you will find a free horse betting simulation. Actually it is not to much a horse betting simulation it is rather a different cute animals race betting simulation. This game is especially useful for parties to run in the background on a pc. Because constantly races of animals are held and you can go to the screen and bet on some races and then leave again. So this thing can run perfectly in the background of parties. If you watch the animals for a few races before you place your bet you will see which one is in the best form at the moment. It is really fun. Different animals are racing against each other. It is called Animal Race. It is like a free horse betting simulation download but just with other animals. So you can bet on the animals. You find the download under the link fun free multiplayer games above. I think it is more fun then usual free horse betting simulations. It has cute animals. There are no betting quotes, it is more an arcade game but the animals have highs and lows so if you watch some races you can bet tactical. So if you have multiple players, why not bet on some animals.

Download fun multiplayer game Airship “blimp-dragster race” game

Airship 4 player scratch mini game

Airship race. Free 4 four player mini game.

At the end of this page you can download a free multiplayer game. It is a little airship “dragster” race. Be the first to reach the finish line in this mini game. It is a multiplayer Pc mini game. Play with 4 four players. Try to reach the finish line first in this free four player mini game, but do not exhaust your airship to much or it will crash land in the water. This is a scratch game. That means it was made with the scratch programming suite from the MIT. It is fun.

World Simulator


World Simulator. Just watch the civilisations over the ages. A bit like Lisas Genesis Tub in that Simpsons episode.

World Simulater lets you have your own genesis tub like in that Simpsons episode. Remember that Simpsons episode where Lisa had this culture in the jar. the Simpsons episode was called the genesis tub. So this is a genesis tub game. Different to the simpsons culture in the jar this is a continent, so you do not see a city but you see cities appear and disappear as dots on the map. And then you wach the cultures through the ages. This is what the world simulator does. I actually programmed this for myself and never had the intension to publish it somewhere but some of my friends said that they like it so I thought maybe some people would like to have it maybe and think that this is fun. It is a really simplistic world with drifting continents and you see two tribes put up points on the map that are cities.minigaming And then you see little events at the cities that show what the people are doing and what cultural level they have reached. It is something to sit in front of and just watch. As I said, this is really not a big thing, but I somehow wanted to have this for myself and if you think you could like it then feel free to download it. It is absolutely free because I programmed it myself. And so just for the fun of it you can quickly download it for free. Have your own Genesis Tub continent like in this simpsons episode. For me this is fun, I like to sit in front of it. It is somehow relaxing. Could be better but I just programmed this shortly for me without putting to much efford into it.

Free download 2.8 Mb.


Greek Trader. 5 five players multiplayer mini game

- Wirtschaftspiel economy trade game like vermeer -

Greek Trader is a little economy game for PC. It follows the basic idea of some classic games of the eighties like: Vermeer , Hanse , Yuppies Revenge , Oil Imperium. It is not exactly the same, I wanted to interprete the topic. But you will see it is a little trading game. If you are looking for the classic trade games read on until you find the section about WinUAE.

- Greek Trader neues wirtschaftsspiel -



The game may take some time to load and sometimes nothing happens on the screen for 3 minutes that is normal.

Remember at the end of this page is a mini game you can also download.

- neues Wirtschaftsspiel -Greek trader is a new trade game (Wirtschaftsspiel) I made. The game is made with regard to the tradition of games like Hanse, Yuppies Revenge, Vermeer, Ports of Call, Oil imperium or Klo manager. No, it is actually quite different, but it could be fun for everybody whole likes these Trade games. It is a new game from 2014.

It is free to download. I programmed it for fun. I played all these old trade games (Wirtschaftsspiele) and thought I make a new game in a similar style.

It is for all of you that are like me and played Yuppies Revenge and Hanse and Vermeer and then later the Klo Manager (toilet manager) and now wait for something like this to come out again.

But I am such a great fan of especially Vermeer and Yuppies that I think my game might not hold up to that competition. But you can sit together with your fiends ship some wares and see who makes the most money and becomes promoted first. Remember in Hanse when everybody tried to become mayor. Or even later Hanse the expedition where there really was a cathedral to be build before you could get mayor. So cool.

It looks very simple and, hey thats what it is. It is a new game like a serial of old very classic games from the eighties where. It is not absolutely the same, as I said I wanted to experiment a little with this. But it is basicly meant to be a new Wirtschaftsspiel (trade game). And it is fun.

While nothing happens on the screen and you wait for your ships you are supposed to talk to your friends.

Have fun.



If you should somehow have a working version of the classic title Vermeer 2 – Die Kunst zu erben(The art of inheriting) that really works on a Pc, I would really like to have this just for personal playing. We are not able to find a working version.

All these Wirtschaftspiele like Hanse and Vermeer where all playable on the old Amiga. So you can still play theese games for free on your Pc. Old amiga games can be played using a program called WinUAE. You have to learn how the program is operated but it is well worth it and it is also well explained in the net. You can play nearly all old amiga games on the Pc with this. You always only need the disc file, which are everywhere on the net (*.adf amiga disc files) and you have to adjust the program sometimes for every game. If a game should not load. But really, I believe that really nearly all Amiga games can be made to run with the right adjustments. So if you are looking for how to play these old trade games again WinUAE is the thing you should look for.


Greek Trader trade game

In Greek Trader you send ships from Athens to different cities of ancient greece and look how expensive the wares are that they return to you. And then you try to make money and hopefully get promoted because you make much money.

The exact rules

Sending your ships

- wirtschaftspiel wie Hanse , Vermeer oder Yuppies revenge -You start in Athens. You basicly have only one key on the keyboard for each player. Starting with Q it goes to the right E  T  U  O. So every player has his own key on the keyboard. Also every player has a little display to show his money account.

Your ships take a long time to return, that is the game, if nothing happens the game is still on.

You only use your own key on the keyboard to scroll through the list of cities. When your ships return they will wait a few seconds and then start off again to the location that is on your display at the moment. So your only decision is actually what city you name in your display, because in the next run your ships will go there.

- trading game wirtschaftsspiel like Yuppies Revenge or Hanse -Each sending out of your ships will cost you 400. When the ships return they show you what they brought back and how much money you made with this. Then your ships automatically start again to the location that is on your display at this time.

The locations change to more expensive wares or less expensive wares they offer, but they change always only one position up or down. So a location with expensive wares will always give you expensive wares for some time. And also locations with cheap goods will for a longer time return cheap goods.



Sometimes Scylla, a female sea monster appears at the haven of the city where your ships are. This will cost you money. Buy a letter de marque for the city on your display with the key under your key, this will enable you to attack Scylla at this city instead of being attacked and gives you money. Those keys are, one for each player: A   D   G   J    L. Remember Scylla is likely to appear more often in the waters she was last seen because she stays around for a while at some locations at once.

The Docks

If you scroll to Dock in your city list and then leave it like this, the next time your ships come back they will then go to the dock and their carrying capacity will be enhanced. This costs 4000 but is well worth it.

If you scroll to Sail in your city list and then keep this, the next time your ships come back they will then have they sails enhanced to be faster. This costs 2000 and is also well worth it.

Never keep to much money, always invest in carrying capacity and better sails.

Calculate your income

The cities are at different distances. Delos, Chios and Cythera are quite close. The far cities Tenedos, Rhodes and Olympia are twice as far. And the middle cities Lesbos, Miletus and Ephesus are right between the other two with their distance.

In the farer cities can be better wares.

How to calculate: since you pay 400 for each time your ships start from Athens you have to calculate 2 times 400 if you go on a short route in difference to going on a long one. That brings us to the formula: Prize of ware in the short route city  times 2  minus 400. Is measured against: Prize of ware in long route city. Or Prize of ware in the short route city  times 3  minus 400. Is measured against: Prize of ware in middle route city times 2. Or Prize of ware in the middle route city  times 4  minus 400. Is measured against: Prize of ware in long route city times 3.

Well I think at least that this is correct, but math is not necessarily one of my strengths. So just consider that you pay 400 for each run of your ships and that the longest routes take the double time of the shortest routes and then calculate for yourselves.


Trade Games , economy games , german Wirtschaftsspiel

The idea to this new trading game like Vermeer or Hanse.

Back in the eighties and nineties there were nice little computergames from germany called Wirtschaftspiele (economy games). Among these economy or trade games there where legendary titles like Hanse , Vermeer , Oil Imperium , Yuppies Revenge , Ports of Call. In all these Wirtschaftspiele that means trade games you always do the same thing: with easy mathematics you calculate the money that you make with oil or colonial wares or sending ships to certain cities So the goal of these old economy games like Yuppies Revenge or Hanse is to make money on the market and then get promoted. In Hanse you where a shipowner in the times of the german traders guild Hanse about 16 hundred. In Yuppies Revenge and Oil Imperium you had to dig for oil and then sell it. In Ports of call you had to transport goods around the globe and make money from the trade to buy bigger ships.

In more recent days a game came out in the style of these old Wirtschaftsspiele. It was called Klo manager (Toilet manager) in which you had to buy public toilets and make money from this. I always liked these trading games and we played long hours making money. In Vermeer you where a trader of colonial wares and tried to make money to lateron buy artworks for your collection. those wirtschaftsspiele (economy games) where full of flair even though these trade games where all very simple.

- trading game like Oil Imperium or Yuppies Revenge -Greek trader is a game I recently made that is meant to be in the styles of these old trade games like Vermeer , Yuppies Revenge or Hanse. It is a bit different in style and does not use the old system of options like: Travel, Bank, Dig for oil. But still Greek Trader was made to be a new game in the style of these old trading games (Wirtschaftsspiel). So Greek Trader is very much a try to make a new trade game like Hanse, Yuppies Revenge or Vermeer. Greek trader is from about 2010 – 2014 but it is very simplistic like the old trade games. You can play Greek Trader with up to five people. You are a greek trader in Athens and send ships to other harbors to transport goods. And then if you make enough money you get promoted.


Airship mini game for PC

- Airship free minigame multiplayer PC -

Airship. Race your friends. In this free four player PC mini game.


- Airship race minnigame PC free download -

A crash.

The ancient romans loved holding airship races. So get in your airship and try to be faster then your friends. Hit the pedal to the metal, but when your airship was driven to much it will crash. I really like this game. Download it for free. I programmed this myself. So just download this Airship race game. You just have to get to the other tower, but I tell you: many vessels have landed in the water instead. So get in you vessel and show your friends who is the cooler pilot. You can play with 4 players, so get some friends together. Or wait until some people are there and then say that you want to race them. But remember, this is a mens, respectivly a womens sport.

How to play the Airship race minigame

Just hit your key until you either reach the finish line or cause your airship to crash.

Press Q inside the game to read how it is played. This will tell you the keys if you hit Q inside the game. Always remember hit Q, the rest will explain itself. Have fun.

How to make such games

I discovered a great program called scratch (from site: to program games. Here are little games I made. Download and play with your friends. Have fun.