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 3d art starship images, renderings. Sci fi images of starships and science fiction.

Some of my 3d renderings (computergraphics).

Images of a scifi serial I am planning

I made these images 2012/13. They are actually part of a little movie project I am working on. This is 3d rendering. That means it is made with a program that lets you build models in a virtual room and put photographs on them and then get images of the things that you build. Thats how the starships space sequences are made in all modern movies.


This download of the real scripts to the episodes is only for producers like tv stations and such. I’m really sorry, I dislike password protected stuff, but everybody else will first see the stories on tv. If you are a producer, contact me, I am still looking for a producer. I can’t give the episode scripts out before this thing is filmed.

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- Scifi renderings -

Starship-bridge of a civilization that is called Arem. Their main Planet is Koror. Smart and friendly people.

- Starship 3d images -

Earth fleet before battle, Earth in the background.

- Scifi starship renderings -

The crew taking a ride on hover-bikes in their free time.

- 3d images starships -

Administration-building of the Marin. Other highly civilized friends of humanity. Often described as being somehow “soft” or gentle in their behavior.

- 3d scifi renderings -

Another shot of the Arem battleship bridge. I would call the Arem practically friendly.

- science starship -

Another Arem ship. A science vessel. There are no stars because this is a picture from the model-building process.

- science fiction images -

Battle drone of unknown origin, making trouble in the civilized universe. Appearing first in the part of space populated by the friendly Witt.

- 3d images of starships -

A red sun visited by the crew. Most suns in our galaxy are red suns. They are smaller then our yellow sun. In the night sky you can not see red suns because they are to dim. In reality of course even red suns are to bright to look at.

- Science fiction renderings -

Small ship of a merchant from a smaller civilisation, of which the planets are called “The Islands”.

- Scifi starship bridges renderings -

This is the bridge of this small merchant-ship from the Islands.

- 3d images -

Computer map of a part of Witt-space. The red dots are space stations or populated planets. The blue dot shows an attack of a robotic-drones battleship.

- space station interior 3d rendering -

A Witt space station. The Witt are sophisticated and also good friends of humanity and the planets humanity populates.

- Spacestation scifi -

A Min space-station. The Min are a bit into the pleasure of physical living. The Min-style of dancing is a famous for example.

- Science fiction images of starships -

The view to the right of this Min station. The Min like nearly all civilisations are friend to Earth.

That where some images I made for my scifi show. Hope you like it.


Older renderings that have nothing to do with this scifi show

Some of my older 3d images, renderings. They are not part of the movie project. Those older image are in a very different style.



This is an older image of about 2005.


This is also from about 2005 it has nothing to do with this movie project. I did this just for fun and practicing.


Also about 2005. You can clearly see that I am into SciFi. This image was also made for fun and for practicing.


Notice that in the images below I just tried to model starships to learn it and to have some fun. While the images above are much more made to achieve the artistic result that I wanted to have. So nowadays I think making 3d images or scenes for a movie is only a question of what you want to have as the effect of the scene and not about how much particle effects you could put in. To do this most times you have to reduce your scenes using only the scene-effects you really want to have to achieve your artistic result.

Below you can read a few tips and tricks that I have learned so far making 3d images.



Some tips and tricks for making 3d art renderings

When you analyse original starwars effects you notice that the starship models get to have a little white glow around them on the filmmaterial. If you give your models the right amount of glow effect they look more realistic.

Also very important is the effect of unsharpness that objects have when they are out of focus. Often it is cool to have an object partly unsharp because only a part of it is in the focus. Your 3d program will offer you a focus effect somewhere. Also look for motion blur effect which is unsharpnes because of movement.

And last: If you ever see that the lines or for example windows of your 3d object jump or gitter that means they appear and disapear in videos. Then your textures are of to high resolution. Go to photoshop and make some 200 on 200 pixel versions of your textures and maps. Those won’t jump or shake anymore.


Free Textures. It is a bumpmap for various SciFi purposes. The grey one is the original and the white ones show only the borders between dark and light areas for example for the effect of rubbed of metal at the edges. If you need it regular texture it mirrored.

But if you want metal plates on your starship or whatever model, you should get a texture of a photograph of metal plates. That will look much better then.

But from time to time you can use such a map.

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