The best Star Trek Tng episodes

I like Star Trek besttngepisodesThe Next Generation. But some episodes are great and some are trash. If you want to watch picard-enterprise and are not sure which episode to watch then here you will find a list with what are in my opinion the Best Star Trek Tng episodes.

The best Star trek movie

There are so many Star Trek movies. But what Star Trek movie should I watch and in what situaltion. This article is just about What is the best Star Trek Movie


How are movies and film done. Cool videos about filmmaking

How is film done today. My videos invites you to see the theories behind modern movies. watch The Secrets of Modern TV about movie theory and modern film making.


VIDEO SERIES. What does postmodern art mean. Postmodern movies and theater

What does Postmodern art mean. What is postmodernism in art. Get a deep understanding with these video lectures explaining postodern thinking. Understand postmodern Movies and postmodernist theory building in art. Understand modern James Bond and Jurassic World in the right way. What is postmodern art.

Modern or postmodern Film and theater theories. Part 1. What is Performance Studies

Do you like movies? Would you like to know what is taught about movies in university. This series of articles about filmmaking explians just this. There is a lot to know about theater and film.Modern Film theories Not only have we developed science to the atomic stuff in this modern scientific world we have also developed very big theories that stand behind film. So these articles are about modern film theories as they are taught in university.


Modern or postmodern Film and theater theories. Part 2. The new concept of body and mind

More articles about modern movie making. Part two of the series of modern movie theories deals with the new concept of body and mind in modern movies, film and theater theories. the whole series is about postmodern movies, film theater or art.


Modern or postmodern Film and theater theories. Part 3. Postdramatic theater

Part 3 of the series about modern movie science or postmodern art draws the line: Bergson, Gertrude Stein, Antonine Artaud, Robert Wilson to illustrate some major points in postmodern movies or modern movie, film or theater theories.


Modern or postmodern Film and theater theories Part 4. Ways of creating meaning

Part 4 of the series on modern Film, movie or modern theater theories takes a look at Richard Wagner and Adolpe Appia to figure out a major aspect of modern movie, film or theater theories and understanding. This article series is also about understanding modern art in general.


The location of Atlantis

The search for atlantis is a “gentlemans sport” respectively a “ladies sport”. A great way of relaxing the thoughts and dreaming of ancient civilisations. Now here comes an article for all fans of the search for the location of Atlantis.Atlantis doggerland main island Was Atlantis between England and Europe? Is a place called Silverpit-meteorit-crater the capital city of Atlantis? The article also talks about some better Atlantis location theories. Atlantis fans will really enjoy this article but it can also be interesting for not-fans.

How does the other side of the moon actually look like

Moon always shows us the same side.backside of the moon So if you have never looked for this however often you have seen the moon you only know one side of it. But how does the far side of the moon actually look like. Article with Images about how the backside of the Moon looks like.

Learning the names of the stars in the sky

How many stars can there be in the night sky if we count only the big ones. Even if it are a hundred really clear visible Stars one should easily be able to learn hundred names. So here is an article about learning the names of the stars in the night sky.learning naming finding stars and constellations in the sky And also about learning, finding and naming the constellations in the sky. Also this article shows you around in the sky and explains what the single stars look loike and what are their interesting feature.

Lion constellation, the real images in the constellations

Why are the star constellations today only stick figures. Shouldn’t they look more like the things they name. A lion for example. I have discovered a quite clear image of a lion in the lion constellation that can not be seen anymore today. But it seems that the constellations looked quite different to older human cultures in former times. Read the article about a nice lion image in the leo constellation.


Open Dinosaur Show

Want to be a film writer. Start practicing with this little article.dinosaur tv show scriptwriting Just write down your ideas for a dinosaur tv show Article about scriptwriting: Imagine somebody would put you in a team for  script ideas for a dinosaur serial for tv . What ideas will you come up with. Actually this article I transformed into a whole script writing community wiki. If you have ideas for movies or a re a script writer/ hobby scriptwriter You might really like this.

What can I watch on you Tube. WTF is TEDx.

Looking for something to watch on You Tube. Sometimes we might just want to sit back and watch some videos. And sometimes we want something maybe a bit intellectual and not stupid. Something to create some fun and interesting moments. Ever heard of TEDx talks. This could be something for you. It is a series of talks about different topics. This article shos you some of the most interesting TedX talks.

What do I think

Personal thoughts is just a random collection of thoughts that I had.


Virtual sparring partner. Kung Fu training computer program

A little Kung Fu learning PC computer program to download for all martial arts fans.Kung fu practice praogram It is a virtual training partner that makes hits into your direction and you stand in front of the screen and do the according blocks to defend. For Kung Fu or martial art fans this could be fun.

Learn Kung Fu online

With some efford it is really possible today to learn some real Kung Fu online.Learn Kung Fu online With Videos of real experts. I present here a little course that links to the videos of the online Kung Fu teachers. The experience for the body is great with this activity.  (At the moment I am rewriting this article so it is not here.)

If you now think that you would have really liked to read that kung fu article just go to youtube and type: Kung fu Tutorial beginner. And you will do very much of what the article does. Especially if you ask the internet about every Kung fu style that you see in the videos you watch.


Stop insects from drowning in my pool

How can I help insects like bugs,20150704_140339 spiders, bees, flies, grashoppers, wasps etc from falling into my pool and drown. This was something that annoyed me and I invented a solution. Save insects from drowning in my pool.