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Healing stones and other nonsense

Forget esoteric, aura, astral body. Go for real spirituality.



Forget esoterics and go for real spirituality

Some of you believe in esotherics like auras astral bodies or angles. Some of you believe in healing stones. Others believe in the zodiac(Star-signs). But this will not bring us to perfection or moksha. Real cosmic power is close. We can touch it, but we will need some serious spiritual training before we get there. So if we practice the real things in spirituality we will really touch some truth after some time. That makes real spiritual exercises so interesting. So now it is time to move away from esotericism to some real spiritual practice. Remember being nice loving and caring is a step towards perfection (moksha) everytime you do it. By the time you are without doing bad things you have perfect spirituality. There could be things like healing stones, but you will never understand what stone could do that as yong as you do not only go the way of real truth with living for being caring. And also a lot of these things are just completely made up. Espacially the zodiac stuff, but also witchcraft, occultism, shamanism. And forecasting. Don’t get me wrong, it is possible to see the future before it happens, just the people on TV can’t. And nearly, really nearly no one can. If you want to get closer to having powers like that I really recomend the Basics article under spirituality. This is your way to really get powers. So if you believe in healing stones. Forget it and be nice instead. If you believe in the zodiac that is the star-signs people are born in like Waterbearer and Pisces(Fishes) and Taurus. Forget it and be nice instead. This universe is full of secrets and you will more and more discover them but only as long as you are most caring and nice. But don’t forget yourself, do that what is good for everybody including yourself. If you practice being more nice you will over time see secrets you never thought possible. There you will find the real secrets of this universe and with practicing your being nicer everyday you will become a real “Guru”. And you will discover the real secrets that you will not discover if you look for made up things like star-signs.

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So don’t think about auras and how to learn to see them. that is all stuff that will not lead you to the discovering of the real secrets. Dont think about morphic fields, healing stones, witchcraft, astral body, esoteric, new age, occultism, astrologie, horoscopes, mantic (telling someones future = scrying), magic, tarot (telling the future with cards), oracles, exorcism, modern shamanism.

Forget all this. don’t think about it. The fact is you can really become something like a truth knowing shaman if you apply the real rules of the universe to your life.

For your true “shaman training” in real religion follow the link spirituality.

And those real rules are being only caring. And you will understand that this is the real rule of the universe if you have practiced being only nice as good as you can for several years.

So forget all these wrong ideas about esoteric things completely and start your real training in seeing the secrets of the universe. Really forget all esoteric things.

We all are playful and we like the thoughts that magic stones can heal but our playfulness makes it easy to fall of from real spirituality by thinking about healing stones. Because the only think you get is a feeling that you enjoy in your playfulness if you read about healing stones. This is just an illusion, the playful feeling you get while you read this stuff. But this is just a feeling not a real spiritual way. While with real spirituality, with being nice you will really uncover real secrets for you that are going to be a million times stronger than any feeling you get from thinking about auras and healing stones.

So don’t waste your time with astral bodys, channelling nonsense, Indian deities that you give a function just because of what you like best, all esoteric.

This universe is full of secrets that you will discover if you practice to be nothing else then nice to you and everybody. Then you will discover the real magical secrets. with esoteric you will discover only feelings that might be fun but not real secrets. Esoteric is only about what some people just made up. Don’t believe it. Be nothing other than caring and practice to be more caring every day and you will discover the real secrets.

And let all esoteric stuff go. Really all of it, it just blocks you in discovering the true secrets. Be nothing else then nice to you and everybody. Do this for some years and you will start to discover real secrets. Forget astral body, auras, new age, healing stones, morphic fields, mantic, astrologie, shamanism,  magic, the zodiac or tarot.


Here you can read on directly. You will find a detailed description text on finding the true cosmical way. This is your true shaman training that will work out, the self development spirituality online course under Spirituality to the right or in the menu above.