Learn Meditation Online Courses Video

Learning Meditation Online Courses Video

You want to Learn meditation online. So watch my learn meditation online coureses video. A meditation introduction will be given in the video. The best meditation techniques will be explained. Understand the practice. Understanding meditation tutorial. Learning meditation for stress. It is a guides meditation.



In the learning meditation video we will see the best meditation techniques. It is also a spiritual meditation if neccessary. Otherwise it will help you just to sleep or relax.


How can I meditate? What is the best meditation for..

What is the best meditation for sleep? What is the best meditation for kids. A good question. And the answers is: The best meditation is.

Lets have a look at the best meditation techniques and also spiritual meditation.

The way we all do not take the things to seriously is already a very good one ofthe basic meditation exercises. Meditation is telling the body and the mind how to be. Even simple childish meditation techniques of telling your body or mind what to do can be good meditation. In this meditation tutorial we will see that meditation is in this regard nothing complex so that you need to learn old traditional meditation techniques from someone. Because this form of working with ones mind is something you always did. We will see in this meditation tutorial that what you do usualy to tell your body and your mind what to do already are basic meditation techniques meditation.

If you really want to make the best of this meditaion tutorial article please follow me on this now: Before you read on please read the first paragraph again.

Then take a break here and get this that is written in the first paragraph very clear for yourself.

Learn Meditation free

- meditation practice -

Vulcan, again on Hawaii. Topic: Learn meditation free online. Meditation video.

What you just did, “getting something clear” is already a very high meditation technique. Let this example serve for us as an example for basic meditation techniques. So we start this meditation practice introduction with understanding how common the use of meditation techniques already is for you. Because I said get this clear and you knew exactly how to do this. But actually with this simple “getting something clear” you already “formed your thoughts”. So “forming your thoughts” is nothing of certain high meditaion practice, it is what you do all the time. This usual stuff and actually for the most part only this usual stuff that is what real meditation is about.

This is the real meditation practice. So good meditation technique is something you already know and already use. Because you are used to influence your mind which shows clearly in this case by your ability to follow when you are asked to get something really clear for yourself.


Best Meditation Practice

meditation practice exercise

The best meditation for sleep. The best meditation for spirituality. Basic meditation techniques.

Lets go further in this meditation practice introduction. How to meditate? Meditation techniques are: telling the body and the mind what to do. In what position to stand and what biochemical elements to set free in the body and of course what you think. And all this is done to a big part with basic meditation techniques that would seem absolutely like normal thinking to you. Sometimes we hear that westerners do not know how to use meditation practice. But as we can see at this idea that the usual talking to yourself already is couns among proper meditation techniques we understand that of course westerners are also know very much how to meditate. So meditation practice is what everybody already does. We all use these basic meditation techniques and work and with them influence ourselves all our lives no matter where we live, be it in the east or in the west.

Meditation practice

This image comes to the mind if we are learning spiritual meditation or ask ourselves how to meditate

Going out from eastern religions we sometimes believe that good meditation practice is about leaving our thoughts behind in order to come to a state of being only ourself. But this actually is not the basic practice of meditation. We have to consider meditation practice in more detail in this meditation tutorial before we come to understand why this kind of practice is not the goal of good meditation.

Lets start with an example of not so good meditation practice. Lets say we would be sceptical towards our own thoughts. And we would try to let them go. And so we would try in our meditation practice not think anything in order to be our real self that we expect to lie somewhere “behind” the thoughts. Then with these meditation techniques we would come to a different state. In this case we come to a state that neglects the thoughts and thinks of them to be an untrue thing behing which then lies the true thing. So this idea which is often thought of as one of the basic meditation techniques actually brings up a question. And that question is: why should we regard our thoughts as something untrue. Let us say that our thoughts are something that exists. And things that exist can be put to use. So the question in this case would be: what can be achieved if we use all of our capabilities of forming our body and mind including the thoughts. So thoughts are not the things we have to get rid of in meditation exercises. We rather have to understand our thoughts as being a part of ourselves and of our complete self system. So good meditation practice is not something that tries to silence the thoughts. Good meditation exercise accepts the thoughts as being a part of the whole form we are trying to manipulate. So we do not need to be afraid of thoughts in meditation practice ever. And we do not have to be afraid of automatic thoughts that just pop up in your mind. Silencing the thoughts is not how to meditate because the result of that is no more real then what we are with our thoughts. The thoughts are a valid part of the system that we are. Not using thoughts in meditation would be to not consider one of the fields that make us what we are. Good medtation exercises are about using the thoughts in the right way, and not about about letting them go.


how to meditate

How to meditate

In this course we want to understand meditation in general.

spiritual meditation

learn meditation techniques online. Watch the meditation video above

What are good basic meditation techniques that you can use for your own practice at home.

meditation techniques

Best meditation exercises for your practice

We will understand the difference between meditation and spiritual meditation. And if there is a difference at all.

do I need meditation

Learning meditation tutorial

Let us proceed with this meditation tutorial and understand more the general concepts of this practice in order to do it better.


Meditation for the mind

First thing to know about how to meditate your mind is that your thoughts are not your core. You are something much, much higher than your thinking. So before we can have good meditation exercises we have to imagine ourselves as always being there independent of our thoughts. Your thought can be stopped by yourself and still you will be there. So in this meditation practice introduction we first want to speak of a you as something which is not dependent on what you are thinking. And then we want to understand our thoughts at a given moment as a “form” that our thoughts have at this moment. Because with this later on we will not only try to manipulate what we think but also the way in which we think. And thats why for the purpose of understanding this meditation practice introduction we want to imagine the thoughts as something that has a form which is made up by what we think and the way we think of it. Those two values together are then what I call “the form of your thoughts” and as well as we use good meditation practice to change the form of our body we want to then change then also the form of our thoughts. That is what this construct is good for it gives us an idea of manupulating the way we think or as I usually say “the way we hold our thoughts”. In order to think of thoughts as something that has a form we divide it into two fields: Imagine everything that you think as what you think about and behind that the mood you are in at that moment. You think with that mood about a thing. But behind all that you already are there with an indestructible form of yourself. That wold mean that you can switch of your mood and you can switch of the things you think about in your mood and still you will be there. So we have three fields now: your basic self is a thng that you can not change. It stands before the process of thinking. Then comes your mood. And then come the things you think about. So with your inner self you use a certain mood and with this mood think things. At this point lets repeat once again two important things for this meditation introduction: First of and very important is to understand that if we do a thing like this trifold idea about our mind then those are only images. This is not how the mind works or how you are. Any image describing the mind will be so unprecise that it can not be called the truth. It is important not to think that this really are the three parts that make up your mind. A classification like this is nothing but an image that we use in order to work with it. It is not how things really are. This is a model of things that gives us some possibilities. So we use this as a model but not in any way as a true description. So the model was: true self, mood, thoughts. And the second important thing we have to keep in mind here is that “true self” in this case does not mean “what you want to be”. This “true self” is meant as a starting point and from this starting point we want to manipulate our thoughts. And then we have this “true self” and on top of it a good form of our thoughts. So in this meditation tutorial as I said we do not try to get rid of our thoughts to become our true self. Rather we want to have a base with this “true self” on top of which we can give our thoughts a good form. And the complete system of this self-base and the form of our thoughts then together is a good overal form for ourselves. So our “true self” in the sense of where we want to come to through good meditation exercises is in this example a combination of the three named things: true self, mood, thoughts. Of these three the first one can not be changed and the second two can be given forms. So from a basic self we manipulate the form of our thoughts to gain a good overal form for our mind. And our “true self” in the sense of what we want to find is then made up of our “basic self” and the form our thoughts have at this moment. So we will understand the thoughts as something that has a form and also as something that is a part of our overal form. And then we see that manipulating the form of our thoughts is a way of gaining a better overal form for ourselves and that we have to put our thoughts into a good form rather then trying to get rid of them.

meditation introduction

Quided meditation to watch above

Let us first start with looking at this first part of the three our “true self”. This what you are behind your mood is undestructable. However complex or weird your thoughts are they are always completely a projection coming from what you really are behind all that. You can not change what you really are behind all your thoughts whatever fast or unsorted thoughts you have in your mind. Your true self is always so much behind all thoughts that you can not even touch it. You can be it but you can not touch it. So whatever you think and in whatever crazy way you think at a given moment: your true self is always absolutely untouched by that behind all your thoughts.

- spiritual meditation -That what you really are, this self, behind the generation of all moods can not be understood. That is what you really are at first. So understand yourself always completely build up by what you really are. But also understand that the thoughts you “project” from your true self are also a part of your self. But this second part of your self you can move. So for our meditation practice we find a feeling of security in the fact that we can not change our basic self with meditation. We can not screw our inner self up if we screw the meditation practice up. There is an inner point inside of us that will always be untouched and does not change through our meditation exercises. Since we can not change this “basic self” we think of this as giving us a lot of safety. Any time you are not pleased with your meditation at the moment you can stop your thoughts and your mood and you will get back to this good base. Since this base can not be changed our meditation practice of course aims at manipulating the other two parts: your mood and what you actually think about.

So now in this meditation tutorial we will lok at the “mood”. So: you can not only think what you like but also change your mood, the complete way how you hold your thinking of the things that you think about. And what you really are is always unchanged behind all that. That gives you the freedom to give your complete thinking a good form. Remember: we don’t try to let our thoughts go and be “our true self”. No, we try to trust that there is a true self that will always stay untouched and then give our thoughts a good form. That is a basic idea we are going to follow in this meditation tutorial. Working with the thoughts and not trying to put them away.

Lets now have a look at the spiritual meditation aspect of this: No form of your thoughts can be a sin. By that I mean that no form that you give your thoughts can be something that is negative for you in a cosmical sense. All forms that you give your thoughts are ok for you in terms of spiritual meditation. And if as I said some ways of thinking are suddenly unpleasant let yourself fall back to your true self that means let all thoughts go knowing that you don’t need to think anything or in any way and still your true self will be there. And not only that you can try to think nothing and with this fall back to an acceptable state also the other extreme is true: whatever you think is ok. So lets imagine that you come into a swirl of your own thoughts in which you notice that your thoughts are getting faster and you are afraid that you might snap over to crazyness if you would not stop your own thoughts. Then you can know that you can let it happen that your thoughts are this fast, because you are not driving yourself crazy with your own thinking because the mind wll fall back at some point to this described basic level. So however fast your thoughts are you can let this happen. Your mind protects you from becoming crazy. And even if you should get crazy then in a next “dimension” or “form of being” you will not be crazy anymore. So nto wathing your thughts is not dangerous but I don’t mean that you should not watch your thoughts. Good meditation techniques and practice are about watching your thoughts so this is what we want to do. All I want to say here is that you do not have to force yourself in any way because you are afraid of some thoughts or ways of thinking. You can either think nothing particular or you can just be relaxed with the things your mind wants to think at the moment because those ways are both not dangerous. So nothing in this sector should terrify you. Fast thoughts, no thoughts, crazy thoughts are all no problem. Think nothing or accept your thoughts that is all ok. And knowing this gives us a certain security for acting in this field. And with this freedom that every form of thinking is ok we will go now and have a look at forming our thoughts. So even if you put no force or efford in your thinking you are still completely and perfectly there. And if your thougths are racing you are still completely there. So if you have bad feelings while you change the ways you think always “drop to ground level”, just not try to do anything with your thoughts or let the thoughts just happen. Both ways are fine.


Techniques and meditation practice for the body

Now to understand meditation techniques and practice from all sides lets have a look at the body. The body is also something that we want to form with meditation. We are going to try to hold our body so that it is good. And you will feel what is good. And we will try to understand our body as giving itself bio-chemical things and with our meditation techniques we will watch over the bio chemical things given. But before we have to understand something for the body that is very similar to this “whatever you think it is ok” rule. And that is: always have absolute trust that the functions of your body always know perfectly what biochemical things to give you. Always your body will know best and whatever meditation you try you can not prevent the most important bio-chemical stuff to be given to itself by your body. So you never have to fear that you can interfere on that to much. You never have this might. Some vital biochemical processes in our body can never be affected by ourseves you could say just for that reason that we can not mess them up. And the same thing is also true for your body posture. First we had the mind and the thoughts, then we had the biochemical processes and as a third field in meditation practice we will now look at the body posture, the way you stand or move the body. First imagine something as an  “attitude” you have to hold the body with. So you do not only stand in a certan posture of the body you also have a general idea at the moment how to hold your body all in all. The ground form of that, the “attitude” to hold your body that you have if you not try to have any “attitude” is always good enough. And again it is also the other way around just as with your thoughts that are also allowed to do what they want. Even if your body holds itself in positions that you think are not good you can let this happen. You do never have to get mad about any form of your body. Doing nothing to form your body is ok and letting the things just happen that you do to form your body is also ok.  From this save point you can try to hold your body in a better way with a better overall holding style of the body.

If you have unpleasant feelings with the way you hold your body let all trying to influence or hold the body go. Just try nothing any more if it gets somehow unpleasant or let it just happen. The way you hold your body is in both cases good enough. That also is true for the biochemical things. The biochemical things your body gives you while you try not to influence it is good enough and it is also ok to let happen what you are doing. So if it gets unpleasant don’t do anything anymore or let things happen or do something else everithing is ok…


The biochemical thing. The language of the body

Some of the biochemical things your body gives you you can change with your “attitude” to it. That means you have influence on how much adrenalin for example you give yourself on daily bases. Of course the way to steer the adrenalin for example it is in the beginning only to just calm yourself down and later it will be a technique for you if you have learnd how it feels to calm your body down and have less adrenalin. So we all have already learned this a lot in our lives. Now you just have to have a look at how you want to set your levels of the biochemical transmitters that you give yourself.

- how to do meditation spiritual -

Coconut palm. Topic: How to do meditation.

Adrenalin for example is not all to good for the body. If you notice that you give yourself standardly a lot of adrenalin. Then over the days and weeks you will not do your body good. So since you live with the long term effects of the “attitude” of how much of every biochemical stuff you give yourself watching over this from time to time is important.

Note: Any drug from Choclate over Coffee to Alkohol and then Cocain forces your body to give yourself biochemical transmitters. That is how a drug works. But the problem is after the release of these transmitters like adrenaline or endorphine your body “thinks” with your  “biochemics attitude” that the level of biochemical transmitters can every day be as high as it was when you took the drug. So after every new drug that you try you will normally have the body set to a new allowance limit of the biochemical transmitters. And the stronger the drug is the more dangerous that is. Because you constantly allow your body to have high levels of certain biotransmitters.

So since nearly everyone has at least tried choclate or even harder drugs it is necessary for you to go through the process of remembering as good as you can the “attitude” that means the allowed levels of transmitters you gave yourself when you where a child. And then you put the levels down that are to high by calming down for example. And then you try to tell yourself that you want not more of these transmitters to be given during normal situations. And together with your “biochemic attitude” with which you try not to trigger to much of this biotransmitter also hold your body and your “body attitude”, the way in which you hold your body all in all, in a way that no more transmitters then these are given. So you set the levels with your “biochemical attitude” and your “body attitude”. And of course also with your “Thoughts attitude”, the form of your thoughts.

- meditation religion and spirituality -

Topic: Anti drug meditation.

This “level setting” is a procedure of remembering original biotransmitter levels with your memory and then getting your body used to only using these lower levels of released transmitters that you had before you used the drugs.

Do this procedure for once about six times in two weeks. And check about this again every few month until you feel secure with how much of what stuff your body gives itself on daily bases. Remember even if you try nothing what the body does is good enough. Still it is of much worth to have a look at this.

You can do meditation more efficiently the more you have worked with these things I just said. You will get a feel for these things. So give yourself some time with that.


Even without drugs you could be giving yourself to much of some transmitters. So developing an awareness of your “biochemics attitude” is important anyways. But drugs really raise the allowed levels increadibly high.

Also developing an awareness  of your “body attitude” is very important. And developing all of this will happen over time. That is all no problem. And always remember even the unmeditated body or mind is not a problem.


So once more the aims of basic meditation

So meditation is an exercise in which we with all our knowlege try to:

  1. Hold our thinking. And our being we create with the “form” of our thoughts. Your true self triggers a “mood” and with this “mood” you think about things. So the whole thing as we watch it here is: first your self, triggered by your self is your mood and in this mood you you think about things of your life. the last two ones I call form of your thoughts. You will very slowly understand that over time. That is a matter of experience.
  2. Hold our body posture to be good. And note: that we always only will understand good posture by the things that happen while we are good. You can not form good body posture, no you have to be nice and with this accidentally form good body postures that you then can repeat and learn.
  3. Control the bio-chemical stuff of our body. Even though you can never mess it up.


Don’t take this to strikt, those are all just approximations, images to work with.

- Spiritual meditation and religion -That is what meditation is about. Whatever practice you invent. As long as you use always all your mind and achieve one of the named goals you are doing good meditation. There might be more goals for good meditation.


Remember if you don’t like a state you come to, Directly just try nothing anymore.


Best meditation practice

I once read on meditation how one shall imagine a sun coming from outside the body inside of it and then move to your stomach and fill you with warmth.

meditation spirituality religion Warm4Well at once you notice that thinking stuff like this really makes your body warmer. That is great and can give us a good insight in the idea that thinking about the body and using images for this really can have a good effect.

But we don´t want to be warm and relaxed. We want to be nice and caring. So I say giving your body thoughts that make you relaxed and warm should be something you do all the time. If it is so easy that thinking of a sun in your belly makes you warm then I think getting your body warm will be possible also without picturing a sun. You just have to want it.

So this should be a common thing to do and not part of a special meditation. have trust in that you can do it if it is so easy.

- spiritual practice and religion -

Understanding Meditation

The thought of the sun comming from a distance towards you and then coming into you also does something else. You feel the effect of the coming closer and of the sun entering your body but you can not describe the effect with words. you have the effect in your body but it is nothing you can describe. In the momet of the imagined sun passing into your body you feel something. or as I say your body is in a certain way. Keep this feeling and notice that very often you exprience feelings like these that you consider to be spiritually useful but that can not be described in words. Very often words will come with these feelings that trigger or are parallel with the feeling. Those words don´t describe the state of the body but are in your world of thoughts somehow parallel to the movement or feeling of the body.

Ever once I experience a state like this in which a certain sentence and a being of the body appear that I think are useful good states of being then I keep repeating the sencence and also keep up this way of being with the body for some time.

So I hold the useful states of the body for some time. I do this over hours on some occasions but only if I experience a form of the body sometimes that really feels very useful. Then I hold it and to better hold it I repeat the triggering parallel words in order to keep the form of the body while the words often are not the thing I am practicing they are just a help to keep the form of the body.

- practicing medition -

Learning meditation techniques

This is what I call meditation. It is not about getting relaxed or warm. It is about practicing forms of the body that you learn but which can not be put into a words. To which only parallel triggering words do exist. It is about keeping the states of the body, that you experience as being good, for some time in order to practice them and having your body memorize them. To make shure that your body automaticly can use them lateron. And also to give you the chance to learn better forms from the using of the good forms. Basicly by holding and so strenghtening the forms of the body that you liked and considered useful for being nice and caring. Decide what is nice and caring always with your mind and from this get into new and better body forms. Never try to develop a body form to be better. Instead always decide what is nice and caring with your mind and then act it without thinking about the body. With this only you will make moves in good body forms.

That is what I call meditation. While getting the body warm and relaxed you should do self-evidently always.

Another good form of meditation is reminding you for some time that all your thinking and all your emotions. Everything that you can know with all of your wit is the state you have to be in. Being good and mediated is never about coming into a reduced state. It is always about using all possibilities of your wit and knowing for the given moment.




there are two basic meditation techniques I would like to talk about.


Example meditation practice 1

The “all is fine” meditation is very important for me. Meditation is not sitting around in the lotus position and wait for something to happen. Often meditation is done by telling yourself some things over and over again to get them clear. So here is my “all is fine meditation”:

- more spiritual meditation -In order to have enough power to be good and nice you often first need to know that everything is ok and worth it, so you say:

Everything is ok. I will live forever and reach perfection (moksha). everybody lives forever and stays in the universe. It is absolutely secure that I reach perfection (moksha) at some time after many lifes in different “dimensions”.

Everything will go fine and even better than I can imagine. Overall I will continously win strength and insight.

This life is eternal and even if there are bad times seen over all my lifes in different “dimensions” it always gets better in the long run. It always goes to more strength more knowing and better possibilities.

I live forever and I will always get more.


With this you make clear for yourself that everything will always be ok.

Then you go on and say:

I want to be good and nice. I only live for being good nice and caring. I don´t have to try anything else for as long as I am nice I will be surprised by coming to knowlege and power that I can not even imagine.

Being nice is the only thing that I have to do.


Then you can repeat the whole meditation once more if you like.


Example meditation practice 2

You often hear about meditation as a spiritual practice. How can you use the practice of meditation for your spiritual life? How can I meditate or employ spiritual meditation. The form of your body at a given moment is an aspect of yourself. So we are not only what we think but also the posture of our body. The posture of the body very much comes with your attitude. But it also comes with doing sports for example. Meditation can be many practices but one of the most imortant aspect of meditation is that it is a way to exercise your body-posture.

- do I need Zen -

“Look” at the form of your body, but not at the form it has, “look” what form you give your body at the moment. “See” how you hold your body acording to your attitude. “See” how what you think of the world makes you give your body a certain form. You speak out what you think with your body.

But, the form in which you hold your body influences your environment and it influences you and your mind, or how you hold your mind. It is important to know that no body posture can be a “sin” but also that you can always improve your body-posture. It is like: “Your body-posture can not be to bad but you can improve it”.

practicing body posture is one of the main goals of meditation.

So everytime you feel that your body posture at the moment is very good. Try to keep it. If you where just having an interesting thought that triggered the body-posture then repeat this thought for some time and hold the body-posture along with the sentence in your thought.

If you hold good body postures for some time you will exercise them. And you will be able to more easily have them back.

That is what meditation is about most times.

But understand: Trying to become better only with postures of the body will definitly lead you to wrong doing. That what is good is to complicated to be understood with the body alone.

The first instance that you use to understand what is nice and good in any situation is alway your knowlege. Be as good as you can with all your knowing and feeling. Then your body will follow and you will come to a good result. Don’t ever try to be good with your body first.

But If you are nice with all your knowing, then use the technique of holding the best postures of the body to make them firm.

- spiritual practice -

Topic: Good meditation.

Everytime you experience a great posture of your own body that is good for living. Repeat what you where thinking and try with this to hold the body in this good posture for a time. This will exercise this posture.

That is an important part of meditation. So meditation is not about finding your inner core or something. Meditation is most times exercising good body postures that you find incidentally by holding them for some time.


This learning and understanding of holding the body right comes solely from the wish to do only what is nice. On your way to live excluding everything that is not perfect you will come to experience things like the better movement.

There is no other way than trying to be exclusively good, friendly and sharing in which you can really understand this knowlege about good posture of the body. That is because it is far more complicated and high knowledge than you can ever imagine. You will always be able to learn more about it and so you can only practice to keep the body-postures you have experienced by being good. But you can not learn new ones by thinking about how to use the body, Only by being good, which of course includes the way to be good with your body. But since this bodily knowledge is so high knowlege the only way to learn new stuff about it is to not trust only in the being good with the body. You will fail in learning better movements if you are only good with the body. So be good with the body, but you must consider what is good always primarily with your thoughts and your feelings.

- practice and exercise of spiritual meditation -

Friendly marmot.

So you can use your body but:

Consider what is good always first with your thoughts, and never first with your body!

And remember no body posture can be a failure. That means however you hold your body it is never so bad that it is a sin.

Using your body to be good is an Idea that can lead you to a wrong conclusion. your thoughts are there, and they are a part of the reality, You are there in a way that is independent of your thoughts, You have to understand reality as that what is there. And not only the physical world. It is the physical world, our thoughts and some other things that we can not understand. And these components are relatet among each other in ways that we do not understand.

So you see by this that the Idea of being good with our physical body is interesting and can be helpful, but it will always be only a small part of the world. And that means that your way to perfection (moksha) is not depending on learning physical body forms until you move perfectly. Perfection (moksha) is more then we can imagine. What you thought was good before you heard about body forms was already the right thought. But still it is interesting to look at this idea but carefully.

Remember always consider what is caring using your thoughts and all your knowledge.


This article was about physical meditation.We try to give our body and our thoughts forms. But In higher spiritual meditation we do something that is higher then giving the body and the thoughts a form. In advanced spiritual meditation we do something that goes above this. We will find a “spiritual form” that is something completely different to body form or thought form. So this article about meditation continues in the article Reaching better form about more spiritual meditation. You find it under Advanced Spirituality.

Remember absolutely important for your meditation is that you Do sports often.


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