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What does the Bible say about premarital sex, porn and stripclubs

What does the Bible say about premarital sex, porn and strip clubs. Are these things sin or haram?


I got a question of a man who wanted to know: what the cristian Bible actually says about sex? I will reprint my answer here.


“Hi Stephan

I am a Christian I believe in Jesus , I don’t believe in any other religions . I have a terrible OCD problem meaning I obsess over every little thing I do , and question if what I’m doing is a sin. I wanted to know if watching porn is a sin in Christianity and the holy bible ?  I cannot find peace because I worry about everything .

Thanks tommy”

I had to ask back what his actuall question was but then I understood that his question was: what does the bible actually say about all these sex related topics, especially about premarital sex. So what actually is written in the bible about premarital sex.

My answer:

Bible porn

What does the Bible actually say about sex? What does it say about premarital sex, porn or strip clubs? And are these things called sin or haram?

Tommy believe me, your worries are not necessary. Look it is like that. You and that means also me we do not understand very much of this universe. Which as I kinda know is governed completely by God. So you are going towards God or perfection anyways. And we make ourselves worries about things as sex and other things like if we have sinned, while this universe this like godly universe, so not just the stars and physics but also the higher things are much bigger then you can imagine. So it is a bit of really unnecessary to worry about things that you do not to much understand or I. I am not saying that sin does not exist. But you have to understand that it is a bit different then what most people think. It would take me some time to explain these things, thats why I have tried to write about these things on my homepage. So there are articles that try to explain these things. But in general you do not have to worry. You are inside of this universe and that means that all your good parts are protected. So everything that is good about you is save, and yes there are good things. So trust me every inch of worries in this field of sin and perfection is nonsense and not necessary. You kinda try to be good or try to be perfect but try not to be in the state of worrying. It is actually a kind of meditation, to tell yourself that worries are useless and unneccessary.

strip clubIf you have mental issues with this like you whatever can not convince yourself then this is problematic to do. But I can tell you from my knowledge that the worries about these things are stupid because we really do not understand the full point to this universe or God. And things are there to make perfection possible in the end and we do not understand the things why they go like this and then worry about if we sin and if God will attack us for these sins. So this is not really neccessary to think this kinda insubstantial thoughts. It is like thinking that what you do is sin would be to completely misunderstand what sin actually is. I have written something about it called “What is sin” or so. If you are doing fine with your mental things then of course you can read it. But first let me tell you that when you have such issues with saying everything that I do might be sin, then it is your task to carefully convince you day by day that there is more to understand the things and that you have to somehow train you of of this thought. Carefully by talking to yourself. I think what I want to say is that it takes time to get to some deeper secrets that make you more calm about sins. But before you go on your way to get to these secrets start of by telling you that it is all not to bad what you do. It is a starting point and from there you go to understand why. but this understanding takes years.

So my page talks about these issues directly and if you are fine with your like mental things then I invite you to read what I have written but I would in your case see to it that I carefully practice myself with speaking to myself that everything is ok.

sex in the bibleTo your direct question. The Bible is not to much concerned with sex at all. It is more talk about God and other things. In the Bible is mentioned that homosexuality is a sin, that probably(it is not clearly stated) sex with animals is a sin, that  being unfaithful is a sin. Those to my knowledge of the Bible are the things mentioned there about sex. And some most misunderstood sentences by Jesus himself. I discuss them on my page if you like. But now for you I tell you that this is all not true. This was just written by men and they did not know to much themselves. So homosexuality is not a sin. And you might have some people around you that tell you same things about your living conditions, like you have to be married or whatever it is you are concerned about. But this is not a clever way to think. You can completely dismiss these thoughts. Even if it means that you would live in sin. Because you have to thoroughly learn what really is the perfect behavior in this universe and these , I say it, more then unknowing ideas of people what could be sin are not helpful. So understand that you do not understand things like sin good enough. Then tell yourself sincerely that you do not have a problem because you have time to really eliminate bad behaviour over time. So take your time and I mean many, many years to learn what good behaviour is. But start off from thinking it is not to bad what it is that I do. I can hold it up and change it then over the years if if I then think it is necessary.

This is the only starting point for trying to become better. And trust me the childish ideas that are out there about like this and that is a sin they do not hold up to the complexity of the system. So really don’t worry. There is more to God then just thinking in our little ways.

Hope you can calm down with this. Feel free to write again. Regards. Hope you are doing fine.

Follow up question:

“…Ok thank you so much for writing to me , I feel a slight more sense of peace from your writing . I’m going to start exploring your pages but before I do can you directly answer if premarital sex , porn. And strip clubs are sins ?? Please this is really bothering me . Once again I’m talking from the holy bible view.”

My answer:

Hey Tom

SpiritYou always have to understand the Bible as also being a mirror of its times. The bible is a great book, but it is not in this way holy that you can say if it is written in the Bible then it must be true. The Bible for example allows people to sell their daughters into slavery. Which was ok a few thousand years ago for the society but is nowadays of course not suitable anymore. The Bible was written over a long period of time. Starting from about 4000 years ago, which is even 2000 years before the very intelligent Jesus came along and made us view the older parts of the Bible quite differently. The Bible talks of God making the world in 7 days as you will know but in modern christian church and with this I mean catholic, protestant and orthodox christians this is not believed anymore. So it is written in the Bible but every priest of these christian churches will tell you that you should rather believe the more scientific view of today. So the Bible is viewed with the necessary criticism in the bigger christian churches. We just may not forget the immense age of these texts. So if you are in a different and smaller part of christianity what these priests say might not mirror the view of the bigger christian churches. Of course in our society we think of slavery as being unchristian. And we do not believe stories in the Bible where somebody turns to stone for turning his head to see things he was forbidden to see, or stories where one warrior goes killing a complete army on his own. All this stuff is really written in the Bible. So I would take care with being uncritical towards the Bible and being critical towards the Bible is as I said also usual practice in the bigger christian churches.

articleSo I would part the Bible in two parts. Old stuff that is full of myths. And the newer stuff about Jesus where I would guess that also some myths have gotten into. Now the words of Jesus are very clever so that they spawned a new religion called christianity. They are by far the most intelligent part of the Bible in my opinion and they only fill about hundred pages in the Bible, so I would recommend you to just read these. They are called the Gospels. Marc, Matthew, Luke and John. It is just little to read and it gives you a profound knowledge about what Jesus left us for they are the only writings about Jesus from this time that exist at all. The rest of the Bible is often rather bizarre stuff like you may eat only the animals whos hoofs are diverted into two parts. Or if the ox of a neighbour falls into your well and dies you have to pay back your neighbour the money prize for the bull. Stuff like that is written much in the older parts of the Bible, which was more useful to the people of these times then it is for us today. So it is really like the really good part of the Bible starts with Jesus. While the older parts where from the religion before and are now only in the Bible because they are the religion Jesus grew up in.

Now to your question. Strip clubs and porn where not inventented in these times. There are some roman brothels of this time that show porn on the painted walls but here was nothing like todays internet porn or pornographical drawings on paper or at least not very widespread. So the Bible at no point talks about porn or strip clubs because it was not really invented even though it might have existed rarely.

As far as I know there is also not one single line in the Bible talking about premarital sex.

What is named in the Bible is being unfaithful. And this is called bad. But again you have to consider that it might just have been what everybody thought back then. I think being unfaithful is not so cool for some obvious reasons. It is not nice for your partner. So at some points in the Bible some people say: we should not be unfaithful to our partnes with sex.  But I think premarital sex is not mentioned in the Bible.

Sin whore bibleThe big porn-related thing of these times was whoredom. And this seems to have a quite bad reputation. So at many places in the Bible you find sentences like this King was bad because he was whoring around. Or the people of this and that city where bad because they where only whoring. But this of course does not necessaryly mean that the act of going to a whore is considered bad behaviour. The word whoring could in this case also mean that the people did just think about sex and fun rather then trying to be honest good living people. You know what I mean: whoring could in this case mean killing time and forgetting your mission to be a thoughtful modest human being. So it seems to me that whoring was a general word for being unthoughtful of “gods ideas” like today we say somebody was fucking around. So whoring seems to have a rather bad reputation in the Bible. It seems that it kinda gets a word for behaving stupid in regard to God. But there is never said, as far as I know, stuff like you shall not sell sex for money or being a whore is a sin or something. It seems more that the institution of whores was taken as something usual but that you should devote your life to God rather then like fucking around to much.

universe2But then comes Jesus and says for example that there had been true preachings before him but that only the tollkeepers(they where people of bad reputation) and the whores would have listened to the preachings and so done right. So Jesus is seemingly following the way to say that whores do exist but that it is in doing caring things that determine if you behave good or bad. Because he does not say that the whores could not do right simply because they where whores. No he says the whores and the tollkeepers did good by following the good preachings while the “good” people did not follow the good preachings he talks of in this text passage.

body2Also there is talk of Jesus talking to whores, which in these times says that he was not treating them with disrespect. As there is one passage of Jesus inviting himself for dinner in the house of a tollkeeper and being then asked if the tollkeeper would not be of to low status to have them for dinner. And Jesus replied that the doctor would go to the sick people and not the healthy. So Jesus seems to put other qualities as being more important then what the society thought about some groups of people. So this points into the direction that for Jesus being a whore was ok if you live being caring and following God. So being a whore itself seems not to exclude you in general from God and the right way. It rather seems to be a quite normal job to Jesus.

This to my knowledge is what the Bible says about porn or porn related things.

I see porn as not very problematic as long as you have the right attitude towards it. For that you can read on my page if you like. But don’t forget to consider what a girlfriend might like about you. So watching porn and other naked womad than your girlfriend can be bad for a relationship of course. Because you would not like your girl to look at other naked men. But porn can also have good effects. Like learning what your body wants. And giving “relaxedness” in our biology that gives us strenght to be caring.

As I said, sin has to be understood in a completely other way then asking if something like premarital sex is a sin. I have written some of my thoughts about how to understand sin correctly. what is sin on my page. You can read it if you like. From the point of view I present in this article I think your questions misses the point in understanding sin.

Ok. I have taken some time to write this. Now I will stop. Hope of course it helps you. Regards.



“Thank you so much for taking the time to write that wonderful piece . You make such great points through out that message. I’m going to go over your web pages now. I have to start looking at sin differently like you said it’s just hard for me because of my uncertainty problem. I worry about everything dealing with religion but you did help me with some of your logic dealing with the holy bible. I’m very grateful for your time.”