Save / stop insects from drowning in my pool

Save / stop insects from drowning in my pool


Important: By now I have found the most effective way of saving insects who would drown in your pool. There are solar planes which you can use to cover the pool. With a roll device you can easily pull the plastic foil over the pool when you are not swimming.

And the plastic solar foil even gets the water to a nice warm temperature when it is over the pool during the day. And it helps holding the nice warm temperature when it is on the water over the night.


This was my old solution for helping insects not to drown in my swimming pool

save insects drowning in my pool

To save insects like bugs, spiders, ants, bees, grasshoppers, flies, wasps etc. from falling into my pool and drowning in my pool I installed this “net thing”.

insects in my pool

Help insects that fall into your pool. stop insects from falling in my pool.

I have a pool in my garden and I realized that a lot of insects drown in my pool. Flies, ants, bees, wasps, spiders, grashoppers etc. And I wanted to save these insects from drowning in my pool. So I googled how to stop insects from drowning and dying in the water of my swimming pool. But nobody wrote about it. So in order to save these insects I had to come up with something myself. I understood that the main problem for the flies, bees, spiders etc. was, that they where not able to climb the wall of my swimming pool. The wall that surrounds the pool is to smooth. The insects can not climb up and then they drown. So my solution was quite simple. I went to the hardware store and bought a “net thing” It is a role of one meter(3 feet) width and ten meter length(30 feet) and it is a plastic and glas fibre stuff that is actually used to be put at a wall and then be covered with some kind of plastering(a bit like heavy paint) and this then gives the wall stability. So you are looking for this in the hardware store of your town. Luckily I even found it in blue. The man in the hardwarestore checked for me that it does not put some unwanted stuff into the water, so this is a save method. And I put this “net thing” to the side of my pool so that it is partly underwater. not the whole height of the pool of course. I attached it with something that is a kind of adhesive tape or glue strip that is used for glueing heavy objects to the wall, like mailboxes. Ask for glue strips that can really hold some kilos or pounds(half kilo). Such a glue strip exists. But be careful if this tape is put somwhere it really sticks heavily. I made about half on a half inch patches and glued them to the wall every like 1 feet(30 cm) or so.  The roll of “net” I had cut through with a bread knife when it was still on the role. So I cut the role through to get smaller parts. And be careful this glass fibre stuff gives you tiny splinters, so cut it carefully do not rub the cutting edges and see to it that it does not overlap to much at the edges if you have children standing on the edges of the pool. I mean these splinters are not dangerous, but I just do not like splinters in any form. Put the net with so much overlaping that the insects can climb up, and that means one precise line with the top is good.


It saves insects from drowning in my garden pool. It stops insects from drowning like bees, wasps spiders, bugs or grashoppers

bugs spiders fall into my pool and drown and die

Stop or save bugs or spiders who fall into my pool. This net helps them not to drown and die. And you can see my little insect saving hand net. It is usual pool equipment for catching leaves.

And yeah it really works perfectly. For me this was an experiment but it really worked out well. Before I had 2 dead spiders in my pool after every night. Afterwards I had 2 dead spiders in my pool over the whole summer. It does not work for the really small insects, like these very little flies because they can not work against the moisture tension. But every bug or insect of the size of a house fly and above can now climb the wall and leave my pool without drowning. It is great that all these bugs do not drown anymore for no reason. In nature they do not have the problem of these flat walls surrounding the water and there are usually grassy plants that they can use to leave the water again. I go so far that I look from time to time and catch insects with a little net I have. You see it on one of the images. But the “net wall thing” is already great for the bugs spiders and other insects to be saved from drowning.


Why do insects come into my pool and die or drown

Insects fly over the water surface and drink water. That is common practice for insects to do. Usually they can do it and it works thousand times. Only once in a while one falls into the water while it tries to drink. In nature this is not to much of a problem because the animals float on the surface of the water until they hit a grass or other plant and then climb up. So the insects are not stupid. They actually know what they do this falling into the water nearly never happens but from the very many insects drinking from the pool all the time the ones who accidentaly land in the water are still a lot. Spiders fall into the pool by accident because it is not necessary for them to be to careful not to fall down anywhere because they are so light that they can not hurt themselves when they fall down. So they land in the water by accident also.