Advanced Spiritual Practice 3, how to reach heaven, nirvana or moksha

Online spirituality understanding course 3. Learning tutorial: How much meditation of the mind or body and movement knowledge do I need to reach heaven or moksha.

If you came from a search engine start this spirituality learning online course at part 1. See in the links below and make shure that you go to part one of this online understanding tutorial first. In this online spirituality learning course now we will ask how much meditaton and movement knowledge is needed for reching heaven (nirvana) or perfection (moksha). This is part 3 of the free spirituality learning and understanding tutorial. Free online course about exercises and understanding for true religion and spiritual understanding.




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      Learn better movement of body and mind

heavenNow I come to something wich is really a major point in walking our spiritual path. One major understanding in reaching perfection or moksha. And that is that one point that: “The Universe”, so to say, knows what is good and what is bad behavior as well as you know it yourself.

I have talked a lot in the last articles about that being caring is the way to perfection. And that the way to perfection lies in acting caring because then you get better in it automatically.

Now this article is about the following question. How much is a certain movement practice of the body necessary to reach moksha. And how much meditation of the mind is necessary to reach heaven.

Oftenreach we think that reaching heaven or perfection is a very complicated thing. This site talks about a very long time of practicing even before the first major things can be esperiencened. Of course what you experience even in a unexercised state is laready a very high experience. But it takes some time of practicing and exercising until you really get a firm understanding of the spiritual relations of your experiences. And since living religion and spirituality is such a high field we often think of it a a very mystical exercise. And we sometimes think that Budhdistic monks for example with their body meditations do something that is very much needed in “reaching the universe”. And we sometimes believe that a certain form of very highly experienced meditation of the mind is necessary to make a connection to the higher things.

So thisonline spirituality even is true to some extend. A good understanding of the body and the mind and the relation of movements of these that are fruitful for spirituality is an aspect of the training that you want to have. Note at this point if you are not able to move your body then you will not miss anything in terms of reaching heaven. But if you can move your body then you can engage in using your movement in order to get closer to the higher things. But one of the major aspects of these knowlege that you need in terms of movement and movement of the mind is the following. The high movement practices that are necessary to reach higher in terms of good spirituality can never be forseen. So in the state of learning such knowledge over time you can never know which knowledge is the next better knowledge.  So that means that a knowledge of either good forms of the mind or good forms of movement can never be developed from your mind. In other words you can not construct and then do good spiritual movement. Not in the mind nor in the body. You can not invent better movement and then do it. So even though higher movement and higher movement of the mind is possible to some extend. You can not invent it with your body or your mind. So there is this thing that we have to consider about meditation and movement exercises. You can not practice meditation or physical movement until you have reached moksha with this practice.

Talking of these Buddhist body exercises. I put you some links below this article to some Youtube videos where you can learn some original buddhist physical meditation techniques. But you shoud first continue with this article.

Learning spirituality tutorial. How can I then learn better phisical movement practice to reach moksha or heaven if I can not imagine it

Soholy when better movement of the body or the mind can not be thought of as long as you do not know it how can we become better at doing it then? At first it is quite important to understand that special physical and spiriual movement is not what we strive for. We do not try to become better at doing movement. We can of course on our way use the better movement that we have learned. And we can of course look at ideas about better movement from cultural human movement practices for the body and the mind. And also of course we can meditate and try to strengthen the movements that we have learned. For example in Meditation if we focuse on what we know about the movements of our mind and try to repeat the better ones and let other ones go. This is a good thing to do to work with your movement of the body and the mind in general. And while you are working on this of course here and there you might try to derive from your knowledge and say: “If this movement is good and that movement is good then probably this third movement will also be good.” Or say: “I think from what I have learned this newly invented movement should be tried.” Of course you can do this and this is a good thing to do. But the truth is that the chances of inventing better movement in this way are very little.

Free understanding spirituality online course: The higher things understand as much as we understand

Lets continue this free online course about understanding true religon and spirituality. Lets learn more about the higher things and enhance our understanding.

mokshaSo the important point of this article is to understand that the higher things indeed do work with the same logic that we use. So a caring action is something understandable for the higher universe. In fact the higher part of the universe even understands these things better then we do. So what we understand is for the universe only a small and easy idea to understand.

Let me clarify. We sometimes think that our mind and understanding is the highest in the universe. So we believe that we look into an empty universe of sticks and stones in which we only posses a mind. We sometimes believe that our mind came into being out of the physical mindles universe as a high point of the universe. But te truth is that we are not the highest point of this universe. We are a very little thing in this universe. That is the reason why our existence is possible. The universe is capable of holding and maintaining our beings. And the universe holds and maintains the completeness of what we are, body and mind. So our marvelous mind is a thing that the universe can do. And the universe can do even more. A tiny fraction of the universe is what we are. The universe is much, much bigger in its capability of understanding things. We are so to say the still unknowleged children of this universe. So our understanding is not the high point of the universe. The opposite is true, our understanding is nothing. And we will grow in understanding.

beachSo it is not only us that defines being caring and nice in the way we do. No, also the higher things of the universe understand being caring in the same way. Our ways of understanding are also the ways of understanding that the higher things have. The higher things even understand it better.So the little form of our understanding is something very easily understandable for the higher things. Maybe as the famous mathematician Einstein understands the mathematical homework of a 12 year old. It is no higher math and so it is easily understandable. In that way the higher things completely understand what we do.To these higher parts of the system what we understand is not even 12 year old kids math, it is even less. So we are understood.

So now if you are nice the universe knows. If you just pretend to be nice also the universe knows. The higher things absolutely understand. So there is not pretense possible in this field. And it is being caring that is our possiibility to live what the system does. So real being caring and helpful is that what causes the universe to lift you up into higher forms of being.

Or put in another way: the things that you do of course really happen. And in a system in which caring things are the real and best things. the happening of these things does the lifting up into the higher parts of the system. So the fact that you do the caring things is already that what makes it happen that you reach higher.

Andpeach with the reaching higher your knowledge of physical or mind movement is suddenly widened. So doing caring living and helpful things is indeed the path to understand the higher movement forms over time. And the emphasis is on the actual doing of the caring things. That the helpful behaviour is acted by you. The continous acting of caring things brings you higher. And this coming higher that happens through this brings with it the understanding of better movement seemingly out of nothing. Because it is the stepping over the border of your world into the higher parts of the surrounding sysem that makes you understand the movement that is applied to move in the higher parts of the system.

Understanding spirituality: Prayer meditation and body techiques do not lead to insides by themselves

Lets continue our course about understanding spirituality.

beingThat makes it that not prayer or meditation or physical techniques are the highest way in religion and spirituality but actually the real acting of caring things. Acting caring is not a thing that you do as a bonus additional to religion. And the aim of us acting caring is also not to make the world a better place. The truth is putting caring nice and helpful acting into action is the way to reach moksha or heaven over time.

That is your pathway to reach the higher things over time.

Thereforstars actual acting of good behavior carries you forward on your way to moksha. Not fancy meditation or special movement of the body brings you closer to heaven. The perfect way to perfection (moksha) is in the exclusive acting of caring and good behavior. Actually acting caring in the way you understand being caring is the way of advanced spiritual practice that this article talks about. Caringness as you understand it with your mind and conscience. It is not the way to perfection to put on a mild way of talking for example, really actually thinking: what is the thing that is nice to do to the other considering the moment and future results and then doing this. That is the way to reach perfection or heaven (jannah).

wetIt seems difficult to understand this. Because we think that being nice is a normal thing that you do anyways. And we believe that in advanced spirituality or religion the things you do to reach perfection or heaven should be things that are unbelievable secrets. Like a meditation that only the highest gurus in India understand, or anything else very secret and mystical. But that is absolutely wrong. This is a thought that comes from underestimating the higher things and underestimating the possibilities of the universe. There is understanding in the universe that is much higher then what we have. Our ways of understanding are small compared to understanding that exists in the universe. I am not talking about aliens or angels. What I am talking about when I say that our ways of understanding are very, very small compared to other forms of understanding in the higher universe, what I want to say with that is something very complicated that you can not yet understand. But if you follow the path layed out in this spiritual article and the other spiritual articles on this page then you will come over time closer to really understand what I am indicating here.

reaching heavenSo we usually think higher or more advanced religion practice is done by somehow mystical behaviour. But this is abslolutely wrong. It is done by being caring. And being caring nice and helpful in this case must be understood absolutely the way you usually understand it. So you might think that you already are nice and caring and that you still do not have the feeling of being a religious guru. And the point why this is so is because your understanding of the practice of being caring is not yet high enough to reach perfection with it. Now I say that being caring is what the higest things of the universe do. But I also said that these highest things are much more intelligent then we are. They understand more, they live more, so to say because actually what these things are like can neither be described nor understood from our position. But you can say that the form of understanding things in the higher world is much greater then our form of understanding things. And when in this higher world or higher part of the world caring things are done then they are done differently then we would do them.Berdnardino Because both understanding for caring things and potential to do caring things is very much higher in the higher world. If you act the caring things that are acted in the higher world you become part of the higher world like melting together with the higher world which is in other words reaching steps towards moksha. That is the way the connection to the higher world is done. You can not act caring or helpful things as they are done in the higher world because you do not have enough potential and understanding to do this. But as I said before: our form of understanding being caring and the caring things we do are a lower form of the things done in the higher world. Doing the caring things as you understnd them and trying to do only this as much as possible, leads you to understanding them better. Understanding them better leads you to doing them better and this connects you more and more to the higher world. And doing this over time gives you insights of “cosmical proportions”, supernatural insights. Because you will get connected to the higher world the better you understand and act being caring nice and helpful. The starting point is your understanding of being caring, the end point is a form of supernaturality.

Sunset4The higher world is not really a distant or distinct higher world it is more another part of our world but one which we do not notice to much. Or as I said you can say it vice versa actually our world is a fraction of the complete “world”.And as I said it is important to understand that being caring is our form of low understanding of the things that the universe and the higher things do. Putting this into action makes you understand how it can be done better: learning by doing. And the better you are the more you will be able to be in the higher parts of the world.

OasisLearnig to be better in being caring can not be done completely with thinking how to be better in being caring. Of course you have to think how to be better in being caring but it stays a way of experiencing what happens to you if you try to be only caring. And sticking to being only caring for years until you notice the change that happens because you have made steps into a higher part of the universe. There is absolutely no way to step into these higher parts of the system other then this one which is making yourself similar to the higher things. So think how caring somebody would be who is the most caring thing you can imagine and then be like this. And act this for years. And bit by bit you will become higher. No guru can tell you a better way of reaching to the secrets of this universe and the secrets about your life because this is the best and only way. Getting some real knowledge of being caring through acting it out and that every day to the highest extend that you can do and that for years.

brunnenAnd with every adjustment we come closer to understanding the world as the higher things understand them. And this makes us more similar to the higher things and at some point you have sudden insights into the higher world. It is just human caringness that you practice better day by day but the insights that you will get after some good amount of time are going to be “cosmical”. That is the way to come to these cosmical or holy, or whatever you might call it, insights.

So reaching higher is not achieved with the way in which we do things but rather through the things we do. To really be caring is the way and not to do this in a certain way. Because the caring acting is a real thing in this universe and it is perfectly understood by the higher things.

Further information: Buddhistic body meditation exercises

Now there was talk of these Buddhistic body meditation exercises. And you might wonder what these are and you might want to try these exercises for once. So here are some links to some real Buddhistic body meditation exercises. They are for working with the Chi. This is imagined to be an energy that surrounds us and can be put into the body. The links point to Youtube and real masters of the techniques of Qi Gong(Qi=Chi) teach you these techniques.

Especially to people who never heard of this before this looks and sounds like hocus-pocus. Especially the names of the exercise like: “the crane flaps his wings” or the like. But this is ancient traditional stuff. These techniques of physical meditation are often used in Buddhism so these are some of the original buddhist body exercises that you sometimes hear of. The religion Buddhism originally came from India since Buddha was an Indian. These techniques are also used in Daoism and Confucianism. These techniques are also widely spread in all the eastern martial arts like Kung Fu and Tai Chi. And they are also related to Yoga. So this stuff is not as stupid as it looks at first. This is a very old cultural heritage of humanity.

If you ask yourself if I think that this is useful. My answer is this: The things that you will reach are a million times higher then this energy pushing ideas. You will at some point of your eternal life completely transfer into another state that does not have much in common with the state that you have now. So what you will reach is something much, much, much higher then waht you are today. These given physical techniques are interesting and one can look at it. But the techniques aim for getting some physical benefits that can lead to the wrong idea that this is already something. But this what we reach with these exercises is not what we want to reach when we really progress. Because waht we want to reach is much higher. So these exercises are basicly nothing. These exercises themselves are not the aim that we want to go to and of course they do not perfectly aim into the right direction.

Perfectly aiming into the right direction is only acted caringness. So doing real normal friendliness to the best that you can is a million times more efficient for reaching heaven, moksha or nirvana then any physical or mental exercise ever can be. Living to the maximum of how you understand being friendly and living as much as possible only for this aim will at some point carry you over borders that you have never expected. And with these steps that you do over the borders you will understand spiritual and physical movement in a way a million times higher then any physical or meditational exercising practice can bring. And telling you this was actually the whole point of this article number 3 in this free online course about spirituality.

But now you are free to engage in the Qi Gong real buddhistic body and movement exercises.

Master Wang Qi Gong movement exercises (44 min)

Master Zou Ping physical exercises (38 min)

Ajahn Suthep body exercises (47 min)

The first ones aim at teching the secrets of this Buddhistic body meditation. The last one is a bit more sportive. So I would would recommend to understand the secrets and Ideas first with the first two ones starting with the first link. But if you desperately need sports at the moment you can also start with the last one. In the last practice session in the middle there are three cuts and some minutes are missing. At this point the exercise is just repeated until 35 repetitions. If you want you can pause the video at that point and do the missing repetions on your own.

In video number two the teacher does not move for ten minutes and tells you how to relax. Since he is a Qi Gong Master this is probably part of the Exercise but to be honest, I directly went to minute 10:00 where he actually starts moving.