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Basics of spiritual practice

I have a question..

This site is for the questions you might have about spirituality. I have written these articles about what I think is the most important stuff in spiritual practice and religion and I have tried to cover the most common questions of religion and religious living. But it is always surprising what questions people have. Often people ask questions you would just not think of that people ask themselves this. Thats why I have made this section where you have the chance to ask question about spiritual living. Just ask, every question helps me to understand what more articles could be helpful. You can use a fake name if you like.

Email is not required. Your message will be send to me and other people can not see it. If you want me to answer, then of course you need to fill in your email. If you have no question you can also just write some greetings in the textbox and then click OK. I always like that. But if you send greetings please let me know: Boy or Girl, Age and Country. That is more fun for me then just: “Hello, greetings”.

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