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In this article everybody can get creativespiritual lake and develope ideas for an imaginary tv show. Imagine a typical Dinosaur show serial for tv. Like some heroes go back into the past to build up a camp that benefits humanity. And there they have to fight against dinosaurs and do other things from episode to episode. What do you think are necessary points in a dinosaur Tv show. What must be in a fictional dinosaurs show. Or what would you really not want if you watch your dinosaur show on tv. Maybe you have ideas for story fragments. I say let us maybe not kill dinosaurs because the viewer always likes dinosaurs and will not necessarily like to see them killed. But fight dinosaurs. Below this article you can post your ideas for such a dinosaur tv show. If you write an Idea here you automatically confirm that anybody can use this idea for free and without crediting you.

If you take an Idea from here, and you have got the feeling that this Idea helped you for your project, then you may mention the person who brought the idea up in the credits as anything you like, maybe “additional scripting” or something. If you think people will just take your Ideas here then of course write nothing.dinosaurs But I have learned that even if you tell somebody all your great concept of a show and that person tries to do it exactly as you said, that he will still make a completely different show than you will. This is not a platform to steal Ideas, It is a platform to bring up and rate the best ideas for a dinosaur tv show serial. To make shure that upcoming dinosaur shows are good because we told the people what is important in such a show. It is the site I would have liked to have when I was 20 and wanted to just tell some of my scripting Ideas. And maybe get a credit in the titles if sombody really takes many of my ideas. Just write your ideas, but if you are a professional or very ambitioned scriptwriters like me. I would want this show to come up with some postmodernity. That means to put on the real art that touches the viewer even in action sequences for example more weight then on to much act structure and this. Conceptualize the whole movie event. But you can also just write any idea.

If you take many Ideas from somebody, you should mention the author in your movie credits. Even though you don’t have to.

It is open source script writing. So lets see what we can collect. You can read the ideas below and rate them.

Script ideas for a Dinosaur show serial.

One post is only one short Idea. For the rating. Comments appear some days later.

Open disosaur show.waterfall dino What would you especially want from a dinosaur show serial.

Settings, characters, actions. General Ideas, Story elements, things to avoid. Whatever, as long as it is about the dinosaur show. What is important for a dinosaur show. To make shure the Terra Nova catastrophy does never repeat.

6 thoughts on “Open Dinosaur Show

  1. evader Post author

    Mabe dinosaurs as something a bit more distant, that roam the fields, and the people only stay in the woods. or between the scattered trees. Because dinosaurs live in their own big world a bit.

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  2. evader Post author

    Many dinosaurs. T-rex all the time. And Brontos. And Stegosaurus.

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  3. evader Post author

    The reason to build this camp should be a Plant that is a great Food. I think no medicine is nice enough in the postmodern way. Just eating is good enough.

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  4. evader Post author

    I want Natives to live aroud the camp in tents but of high intellectual culture. I want them to learn from the Crew of the Camp and vice versa. The natives learn about monotheism and that holy stones are not needed, and the crew learns not to destroy nature and be much more caring for animals maybe even thought they are already super caring. And I want everything under the topic growing up, becoming a real man/woman in many ways. And stand up for yourself even against dinosaurs.

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  5. evader Post author

    The Base Camp in this dinosaur past must benefit all humanity, that the crew always has something that they can defend. Every episode.

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  6. evader Post author

    Heroes should be cool in this dinosaur thing. I mean postmodern, just comicstyled and only friendly. Just like knights or action heroes. With a lot of fun factor, maybe cool fun like Vasqes from Alien or Nick and Cody from Riptide.

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