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Erdogan, Trump and Putin. They are mentally ill

Trump taking parents away their children. Erdogan bombing mothers of children. Putin speaking at the beginning of the world cup about the great world cup and then the camera shows the children who come up on the field traditionally and those are children who lost their dads in the war Putin is waging.

You must really understand that those people do not act like normal people. They are deeply crazy. It is a mental defect. They murder, wage war, destroy people. They do not know that this is injustice or inhuman. They do not understand that. They are crazy. They will try to act as if they where not insane and talk about politics and rights as good as they can but they are not sane. They do not understand the system of humanity that we all together are living.

You have to get rid of those people in your government. Turkey, USA, Russia: all those are great nations. You can be proud. But madmen are on the top of the government.

They got no idea at all what they are doing. You have to put them away. They will not leave. And there is always a group of as insane people behind them. It is nazi infestation in its most classic way. Believe me on nazi issues: I am german.


Political parties like the german Afd or the french Front National or any other Party of this kind has to be forbidden by law

In germany we have a party called the AfD. A nazi like party. Very radically right winged and very anti-constitutonal. And one of the leading politicians of this party is a woman called Frauke Petri. I am shure that she tries to build up a frame of political power that puts her above the law. Not only she. The whole Afd Party and all voters of this party work on achieving this goal.

I have seen an Afd party presentation where this Frauke Petri speaks. And during the course of this speach she invites some young adults to the front stage who oppose the AfD party. And those young adults are intelliigent, brave and the bright future of Germany. Now Frauke Petri lets no doubt come up in my opinion that she tries to get into a position in which she hopes that the political power she gains gives her the right to break german law. So she parades up and down in front of these fine young adults and uses every dirty trick of nazi-rhetoric to massivly intimidate the young men and woman. I could have puked as I saw this sick person trying to control the mood of the heated spectators toward hate and agression against these young men and women. Really stearing them up to hate and agression. at some point the mood of the audience is really boiling. you can feel it. Who sees the fear build up in the youth as Frauke Petri tries to incite the mob against these young man and women understands one thing. Even if in the end nothing happens to the young people. This way of acting should be forbidden before something worse happens, And the point is people before us already knew this and they phrased our law in germany beginning with the sentence as the first law of germany: “the dignity of a person may not be harmed”. And this being a law states one thing. devience from this law is a crime. Since it is the law german people chose to display first it shows that it is important. And so it suggest that the incompliance with this law should be treated as a severe thing. So some may argue. We could not take legal actions against the afd or the front national or any other aggressive right party. Because the point is stirring up hatred of a group against another person, threatening and intimidating this person. That is the crime against the dignity of these young men and woman that is commited here by bringing them into a position of fear. And this situation is one of the reasons why this law was put right as the first law. It makes that not only this conduct of hatred is something the sane man rejects but also it was declared absolutely illegal. It was declared absolutely illegal bye our group of people, the germans in this case. So there is a political tool against these parties right away. Violation of our first law. Crime against the dignity of a person. And the reason why breaking this law must be juristically proscecuted is because it prevents crimes before they happen. The young men and woman are radically pushed into a state of inferiority by Frauke Petri and the spectators that Frauke Petri incites. After that everybody will say. Yeah ok nothing bad happened. But it can not be allowed that such situation that can escalate into violence can be tolerated. That is why with this first law these kind of actions are declared as proscecutable by the juristication.

Everybody who has not seen a nazi show trial yet. The video I talk about is a perfect example of a propaganda trial.

And german law unmistakably makes clear with its very first sentence that the dignity of a person is not to be touched. And these young adults are invited in front of a few hundred people and having one woman intimidate them by making them feel that the mob is ready to attack them. This is definitely an attack on the dignity of these young adults. And you see the fear they have being in this dishonerable state of having Frauke Petri trying to humiliate them.

Later on this video a private security man comes into the scene and uses physical movement to further intimidate the young adults.

And even a bit later after the young adults went of, some also in my opinion mentally sick person whispers something into Petris ear. And she answers aloud that the young adolescents are now free to leave the building. Because of the answer that the young people are free to leave I assume that the person whispering into her ear asked if they should hold the young man and women. Since the youth did not commit any crime holding them would have been a criminal act. So very seemingly a guy comes onto the stage and suggests a criminal act. So this is seemingly an attempt of acting out illegal power over people. That party, the AfD absolutely seemingly tries to make unlawful power over people possible with reaching political power. But political power is no power that makes you stand above the law. And the law in germany is clear on that point: the dignity of a person may never be attacked.

And it is not only Frauke Petri that is the problem of this party. The whole structure of this party aims at gaining illegal dominance over people. That is the whole idea behind the afd Party the voters want to be part of the party. Then they hope that they stand above the law that is the basic idea behind such parties. It works like this: Lets say we have a party of 4000 people and this party is making the law. Then you must completely obey to everybody who is higher then you in this party. Lets say you are on rank 3678 so that means the 3677 people who are higher then you in Rank can have you beaten up by the police whenever they want. they just say: hey police put this guy to jail. And the police does it without questions asked. Then you are subjected to 3677 people but the deal with everybody who is not in the group or the party you can do whatever you want. You just call the police and they put the person you don’t like to jail or beat him or her up. That is the idea behind a nazi party. It is very common at the moment in the world again. It is that what Afd voters and Afd politicians want. They want to come into a position in which they can stand above the law. Taking what they want without caring about the law. Everybody of them behaving like the single ruler against everybody not in the party.

So in germany we have a “division of powers”. Which means politicians make the laws, Judges decide if it was broken by someone and the police captures people if they broke the law. That is a system to ensure that neither the judges nor the politicians nor the policement take the law into their own hands. And that is just what is seen on this video. A politician taking the law into her own hands commiting a crime against the dignity of people just because nothing worse happens. And this is what these parties try to achieve building up a framework in which this behavior of them and worse behavior becomes allowed for them by the law.

So this behaviour of these politicians in an early state absolutely calls for measures taken by the judges and the police. Such a situation is what we have division of powers for in the first place.

If we do not get mentally ill people like Frauke Petri and the rest of the Afd out of our political system we will pay a bitter price.

Frauke Petri by now left this political party but the rest of the top level politicians of this party are of the same mental sickness.

There is a guy who takes the most evil and incredable fashist citations from that party and puts them online. That a party with these political ideas is tolerated in German is just to be called sick. I link to his clever and useful anti-party website to give him better internet ranking. Site with revealing citations.


Freedom of speech and dictators

A german comedian poured out a large number of insults against the turkisch president Erdogan. Like that Erdogan fucks goats and little children and that his penis smells badly. And now Erdogan wants german judges to put this guy in jail. But there are some things that have to be considered here. We would be glad if Erdogan would just fuck some goats. But the problem with Erdogan is that he is a dictator. And since germany had its big dictator Hitler we germans do not like this anymore. So fucking goats is not illegal in germany. But being a diktator is illegal. So the reason for the german comedian to say that Erdogan fucks goats is that Erdaogan really fucks democracy. He grabs democracy by the hair and fucks it deeply. So that is the criminal act happening here. And in germany we have become careful with letting dictators rule. When in germany the nazi time was not long past in the 1960s some twenty minutes after world war two students where complaining that the nazi leaders where not all gone but instead had stayed in the government. And one girl called a higher politican a nazi. And she was sentenced to jail for one year. And after that germany woke up a second time and began to realize that it was just that through the sentencing to jail it showed that really the nazi idea was not gone from the government. Since for something as harmless as saying something somebody went to jail because he said it to a politician. So this means the gouvernments opinion is protected by the judges and policemen. But in a democracy the opinion of the single person is a legit voice of the rulers of the country. Every citizen is a ruler of the country That is what democracy means. That means people must be allowed to say about anything thruthful against a politician. And the press must be allowed a wide range of things they can say even if they are not useful. Like he fucks pigs or something. Because the unforbidden press speaks the mind of the people.And gives the people information. Press is a thing that antidemocratic leaders will try to regulate early. Another thing they will strive for is to make politicians, judges and policeman work together in lawbreaking acts. Also a thing an antidemocratic gouvernment will do is regulate wich internetpages you can see and wich not.

Thats why today in germany we are double careful with antidemocratic leaders. We do not allow them to govern. And we do not allow it that people are punished for saying political things. And so germanies juristication will not aid Erdogan in silencing people. It is a big crime to silence people. And german government and german juristication will not help with this crime. We are double careful as I said and we do not punish people for such artistic expression or political expression. This defends democracy.

In ancient greece, where democracy was invented there was a tradition that at a certain festival people put on leather penises and went through the city jingeling bells and making fun of politicians. You can imagine if someone puts on a leather penis before he makes fun of politicians that the one or the other goat fuck joke might have been said. This strenghtens democracy. The ultimate allowance to speak up is it that strenghtens democracy. The greeks knew, the germans have learned it and so it is done to the best. The single individual Erdogan must stand behind freedom of artistic expression. Because we can simply not risk our democracy. And if Erdogan is concerned about his good name he should rather stop being a  violent diktator. He should stop silencing people and other much worse criminal activities.

Calling Erdogan a goat fucker was the nice thing to say about this evil man. If a comedian gets punished for this then this is not anymore my country. And this is independent of if things like these insults are said about a good man or a bad man. Allowing everything to be said is protecting us from running into the trap of dictatorship. We germans have learned our lesson in this regard.


Hitler Copyright. The book “Mein Kampf”

Hitler’s book: “Mein Kampf”(“My struggle” or “my fight”). After 70 years after the death of an author his work becomes free of copyright. Hitler himself has written a book back in the nazi time that back then everybody was force to own a copy of. Now this year(2015) the copyright to this book expires and some people in germany are discussing if it should be allowed to reprint this book. Because people think that It make people fascinated for false nazi ideas or whatever make this book some cult object or whatever. Well I have read some pages in this book and I do not understand what the talk is about. Because if you read in this book that Hitler wrote by himself you very early on notice that this is the writing of a completely dumb guy. It is like nothing with that Hitler was an evil genius or something. This is just the writing of a completly dumb guy. And you notice this sentence by sentence if you read in this book. One thing why you should maybe not publish this is because it could be embarrasing for the country that such a dumb person made it to be the leader of Germany. But for everything else this book is harmless in my opinion because nobody can take this writing serious. It is about Hitler himself how greatly he fought for his place in this world and how bad jews would be. Seriously if you read it it is no more than a laugh and wondering how dumb somebody can be. I think people should rather be allowed to read some of it then forbidding it and have people wondering what could be written in this book.

So they are talking of a commented edit of this book. I think this is overall not a bad idea. Because why not have some expert tell some interesting facts about the passages in this book. But I think it should not be to necessary to comment this.


The real treators

In summer 2015 German judges where researching if one german journalist should be convicted of treason because he uncovored secret stuff of a german intelligence institution. Hey guys the nazi time is over and no, we do not want it to come back. I said it already when something similar happened in the USA: in a democracy the peoples are the sovereign (~ king) of the country. And no secrets should be hidden from the sovereign of a country. Keeping secrets from the sovereign, that is treason. The peoples are the sovereign of the country so they have to know each and every dirty secret the state has for otherwise they can not decide properly. Keeping secrets from the sovereign is treason. We do not want the power that secrets bring to be in the hands of a few. We do not want to be gouverned by a few. So we do not want to strengthen these groups of people by letting them keep secrets. So indeed keeping state secrets is treason. Treason to the sovereign. Of course we understand that the police must keep some secrets in order that the criminals are not warned before the police strikes, but in general the public is the boss of each and every state department and even the secret service.

The reaction of the german public to this accusation of treason for reportes who uncover secrets was quite univocal. And so the people where quite upset with this idea of a judge speaking of treason in this regard.


Plastic Bags

Paper bag environmet plasticIn Europe they are thinking about doing something against the massive use of plastic bags. This is great. Because all plastic dissolves in the ocean and ends up in our bodies. We have to be much more caring with plastic.




- I used to have headaches often till I was 20 or so. Then I learned that headaches in really most cases come from your back, your spine. The wrongly arranged spine presses slightly wrong on your head on the left or the right side. This slightly presses the brain against the forehead builds up over the day and results in extreme pain in front of your head after some hours. Because I had it so often I started watching every minute even the slightest feeling of pressure in my neck on my head and from there on the forehead coming from my back and when I realized pressure i tilted my head or stood up immediately or sat in another way to change the pressure. Since then I nearly never had headaches again. Combine this technique with drinking enough water(aim for 2 liters, 68 US fluid ounces a day or even more, but not more than double this).


- Priests should be able to marry life partners. Because sexuality is a part of our lifes. And I want relaxed priests.


- Women should be able to become priests.


- Germany is also going to buy “Reaper” drones. Reaper that means the personified death. The black dressed guy. It is a remote controlled robot.. It brings you death..

Seeing the images made by drones, like a video short before we pull the trigger and kill a guy. Those videos do not raise the question: If killer dones are problematic or not.

No they raise the question: Why the fuck can we not keep the peace after all these years. Why do we after thousand years of terror not come to better ways like sharing the ressources? Why don’t we manage to understand that it is the basics like food and warmth and nature for everybody that we have to provide first. And then security, education, rights for everyone.

You see the problem here.are not the drones, but that we have not learned to avoid war.

Have you seen that, there are other intelligent people in front of us, all family members, all drawn into the conflict by thousand reasons, And we do not manage to find a solution, because we think it is more easy to gun them down.

I tell you this is not really the easy way.


Automatic killer drones. Independently working mashines that kill people after consulting their database.

That is one of the greatest horrors imaginable. Where a human shudders and cries before pulling the trigger, the mashine just says 0, 0 1, 0 = kill. Do you understand that the mashine has no conscience.

We may never and I repeat never put the decision over a kill in the hand of a computer.

To make this clear I usually say: If I should stand in front line facing the enemy with my mashine gun, and in this moment an automatic independent killer drone walks past me and onto my enemy. I will turn around and empty my gun on my own people.

Because nothing will matter anymore from the point we put the decision over killing in the hand of a robot.


- Free all prisoners of conscience. That are people imprisoned by politicans because they speak up against the political system. When I heard that Manning was send to prison for telling the people the truth I was shocked. Remember in democracy the people rule, what information should then be hidden from them. Take care because most times the people who hide these pieces of information are the rulers instead of the peoples. Dont allow your government to take away your rule of the state by such means.

I heard the pussy riot members where freed. Thats good. But probably they will not speak against the government anymore. If you give away democracy you give it away what so many brave people gave their life for that you could have it. That would make make you an enemy of the state. What precious gift is democracy.

One thing I have learned: If Greenpeace says something has to be protectet it is hight time to protect it. I don’t understand why but if they say the Arctic has to be protected this must be definitely true.


- I advise you to take of your glasses and experience the three dimensional space arround you by walking past objects that are close by. I belive that your brain should understand the true measurements and lengthes of the three dimensionality of the space around you and work with this information. Glasses (goggles, specs) warp that space give it seemingly other lengthes and i think if your brain gets these wrong informations it can not come to a relaxed interaction with the surroundings.


Marien- Dont kill insects unless they threaten your health. Like too many flies spread deseases, or your house has bugs. Insects are animals and you have to care for them as good as you can.





- Never mix up revenge and justice. Often I hear people say on TV: “I want justice”, while actually they mean: “I want revenge”. An unjust thing that happened can not be made undone, even not by punishement.


- There will never be democracy on this planet unless there is a controlled limit to what a single person is allowed to own. Because money will always buy people.


-There may not be a to big difference between how much money one person earns in his job and how much another person earns. There can be a difference in this but not as much as it is done today. Everybody’s time is as precious. And one person in Europe earning 500 Euros a month and another one earning 50.000 Euros a month this is a big injustice. In my opinion the salaries have to be leveled.


- The law should be much more forgiving on people hurting or killing other people by accident. We are not without errors and if people die because of this it is a tragedy, but you will not lower the number of mistakes made by accident. The only thing that happens by hard punishment of these things is that you destroy one more life.


- Don’t go to evil “religious” internetsides, You can see if a site is bad if you find those features on the site:

  • A massive talk about the devil or demons which both do not exist. And the try to absolutely scare you. Scaring people is already evil and people do it because they are crazy or because they want to reach something for themselves.
  • Shocking images that are meant to scare you and get you to do certain things.
  • Hatred against fellow people, like different races, different religious groups or people with different sexual orientation. Hating people is evil. Telling people to hate people is evil.
  • These pages really most times have no contact form. because they would be justly covered in hatemails if they would have one.

If you find such a site. Don’t take it as a serious talk.