Kung Fu Practice Computer Program

Kung Fu practice. Free Training program. Exercise your martial arts with this virtual training partner



If your computer gives you a notice: Windows protected your Pc and prevented the app from running: just klick “more info” in the same notice and then click on: “run anyways”. This program is not a virus just some Matial Arts exercising program.

I have programmed a little Kung Fu or Martial Arts training or exercising program for your Pc computer. It is free to download. It should be fun for everybody who does any martial art and wants to exercise. Be it Kung Fu or Wushu or Karate or Teakwando or whatever. The program is a stickman that will throw random attacks at you. You stand in front of the screen and always do the according defensive move.




I hope you enjoy your practice with this little program. I often have to do my Kung Fu alone and there is nobody who would exercise Martial Arts with me as a partner. so I have made this program that is a virtual sparring partner for any martial sports. The movements of Master Li, the green figure, are the typical Kung fu movements so that you can practice and exercise your Kung Fu properly. You can adjust the speed in which the program will throw the attacks at you, from one attack that you can defend every 10 seconds or so to a constant row of attacks for you to defend. This little exercising program for Kung Fu is free. I programmed it myself. Just download to your PC and start practicing Kung Fu. A little computer program to learn Kung Fu. For all sports of course also Teakwando, Tai Chi whatever you do. The movements of this Kung Fu learning program or virtual sparring partner are always random. so it is a randomized attack and always different. But of course as I said the attacks of the virtual sparring partner program stay in the tracks of classical Kung Fu or any other Martial Art. So defend, and practice to do your blocks and blocking in Kung Fu. It is a blocking exercise. If you want to know how to properly block in Kung Fu or Martial Arts ask the Internet.

The virtual sparring partner program for learning Martial Arts also does leg sweeps. It is very funny. Download this little program for learning Kung Fu or Karate for free. And then let master Li throw some random attacks at you. This program for practicing Martial Arts should also apply for Tai boxing or Kick boxing. Maybe the virtual training partner will not apply perfectly for these martial sports but the virtual sparring partner nevertheless is a fun program.

The virtual sparring partner is not actually a mini game. Because this exercising program will only show random attacks. The virtual exercising computer program does not count in any way if you can defend or not. This virtual sparring partner just keeps you busy by throwing attacks with fists and legs. So this is not actually a game or a mini game rather it is a virtual training or exercising fun tool.

Have fun.