NEVER /niemals Hostinger Review (Erfahrungen, Bewertung)

Free heb hoster Hostinger review. And Hosting 24 Client review (Erfahrungen mit Hostinger, Bewertung weiter unten)

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Aber das musst du alles nicht lesen. Hauptsache du gehst nicht zu Hostinger oder Hosting 24. (But you don’t have to read this article. Just don’t go to Hostinger or hosting 24)

  • Hostinger promised me an increadible bandwidth.
  • After a super, super tiny fraction of this bandwidth was used Hostinger forbid me to access my own site.
  • They did not forbid me access to my site for 24 hours as they stated in their terms. Instead they forbid me access to my site forever without prior warning.
  • Without access to my own site I could not move my site to another hoster with a wordpress plugin to get my own work back.
  • Even on direct question about other possibities to get my site back Hostinger did not tell me how I could get my own site back which the held away from me.
  • Then hostinger gave me only one email message over and over again saying that if I pay I get access to my site again

So never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never go to Hostinger or hosting 24.

Hostinger held my own site captive making it look as if only through paying I can buy it back from them.

That is what happened. They made it look as if I could only get my own site back if I pay for it.



Dear Alan
Thanks for contacting me. You asked me what this article has to do with spirituality and where the positive criticism is. Not all articles on this site are necessarly of a spiritual nature. But actually this non-spiritual article contains a message about spirituality. In this case the constructive criticism is “ex negativo” which means from what you should not do you learn what you should do. I suppose you are somehow connected to Hostinger so I am glad to be able to speak with you personally. I hope you understand that what happened to me and others, as I they trusted Hostinger and handed over their private sites and work, is something that a customer don’t want to happen to him or her. My description of what happend is completely accurate and truthful and so in compliance with any law. Well some people might believe that living a good live and with this entering higher forms of being is something that one does in his or her “private life” while company politics of the the company they work for or they are the head of has nothing to do with their spiritual forthcoming. But such people would be absolutely mistaken. If a company would for example misuse the trust given to that company then this would absolutely be something that pulls a person, working for or owning this company, off of higher spiritual experience. One person might think it is not a big deal in terms of his or her spirituality in which way the company deals with customers. But it is absolutely a part of ones life which pulls the conducting person off of reaching higher fast.
Before I put my site to Hostinger I aforehand read an article of somebody who had to go through the same trouble and I still went to Hostinger and they did the same thing with me which I describe in the article. So actually I give the community a truthful review of my experiences with Hostinger. The person suffering most from any negative behavior is always the person conducting it.
Thanks for contacting me. I wish you the best. Regards. Stephan.




hostinger review

Hostinger review (Bewertung, Erfahrungen)

Never go to Hostinger whatever they promise. And since Hostinger is an affiliate company to Hosting 24 I would also avoid Hosting24. Hello everybody, this is a review of the free webhoster Hostinger. Hostinger is not an option for your free webhosting. Hostinger is really not the right company for your free hosting plans. Hostinger seems to be not a real webhosting company. As soon as my website was well Hostinger switched off my website and leads everybody who comes to my page then to a Hostinger page which must generate some hits for them. They seemingly did not have the plan to get me as a customer and offer me a hosting. This seems not to be the idea behind Hostinger. So this Hostinger review states clearly that this seems to be not a real hosting company. This seems to be a trick to get hits and you are the person that will give Hosinger the hits after they have switched off your personal website. And you can not do anything against it because your site and all your work will be on a computer of Hostinger at that time, and you will then only understand that once they have switched your site of you can not access your page anymore. It is basically lost. No nice words or emails from me made Hostinger stop what they where doing. And after they switched of my site they did not want to help me to get it back because they wanted me to pay instead. They start to send me emails telling me to pay if I would want my site back. Unbelievable? Yes indeed. I asked them how I could get my site back but they did not tell me. They just kept on sending me emails: If you want your site back you have to pay. If you have run into the hostinger trap: there is a possibility to get your site back because in the Hostinger Backend you can copy your database and via ftp you can copy the rest of your site and with this you can install your page somewhere else. At least a specialist can do this so it is some work. If you ran into this and hostinger freezes your site and tells you to pay, then copy your database and all of your site via ftp. and then look how to recreate your site with this. But Hostinger did not tell me this, as if they would have no care if I loose my site. Whatever I asked them how I can retrieve my own data back they just wrote me this over and over again:


Das Konto kann leider nur durch ein Upgrade reaktiviert werden
Zögern Sie nicht, uns bei weiteren Fragen zu kontaktieren.

free hostingTranslation: Hello, the account can only be reactivated through an Upgrade. do not hesitate to contact us if you have more Questions. And I did ask more questions, but the answer was still this same letter. So I can now move my work away from Hostinger but they did not tell me how as if they would have hoped I could not do it. And since I can not access my site I can not go moving my site with a wordpress pluging. Hostinger has taken my site offline, if they cared for me they would have at least warned me that my site would be switched of forever, so I could have gone to my site and copy my own work. But all happened without warning, and instead of switching my site of for 24 hours as Hostinger states they switched it of completely. They hold my own work frozen on the Hostinger servers and tell me that I will get access if I pay. To me this is a form of blackmailing. As long as you do not know that there is this difficult backdoor procedure to get your site back you will believe that you have to pay to get your site back. So technicaly it is not blackmailing, but Hostinger does enough to make one think that. Hostinger has completely unearned my trust. Because when I go for hosting I have to trust the company. And I do not trust Hostinger or Hosting 24 a bit anymore after all that has happenend.

Hostinger froze my accounts and told me that they give it back if I pay. What they did not tell me is that I can go to the backdoor and just take my site with me. Even though this was the very first thing that I asked.And I asked this two times, but they did not tell me. So my review of Hostinger is bad, this is not a recomendable hosting company in my eyes. And all the things that they promised about bandwidth where all absolutely not as expected. Because long before I could reach the bandwidth I reached something they call CPU limit. And it seem absolutely not possible to estimate when and where you reach this limit. It was something I could absolutely not control.

This review or in german Kundenbewertung of Hostinger states clearly that Hostinger switched of my website when it started to run and get hits. And I am talking of about 30 hits a day including google and everything. So I was looking for a little bit more then this, that my page being closed down without any warning as soon as it gets 30 hits a day. And now I have to make the difficult procedure of moving my site without a plugin which is a lot of work. I wish it was dfferent, but I have written to Hostinger severel times and I only get this one answer, only paying will give you your account back. I will not pay because I have no trust to them. I have put a lot of work in my site and Hostinger made it look as if only paying for binaryfree2my own work would get it back to me because they did not tell me that there is another way. I don’t want that to happen to you. It feels like being blackmailed and it does not feel nice. They made it look as if they captured my complete internetpage. So never give Hostinger your internetpage. If you host your site with Hostinger this will probably also happen to you, as it has happened to others before, including me. Hostinger seems not to care for the customers. So Hostinger is for me absolutely not an option. Mark it, you must put Hostinger from the list if you are searching for free hosting. I read an article telling me this before I went to Hostinger but I thought well it can’t be this bad, and I was really enthusiastic to move my site to the new host Hostinger and then all this bad stuff happened. And they told me that I will get it back if I pay. And most of the great features they promised where not there because You get a promised bandwidth but you can not use it because the “cpu limit” gets calculated first and if you hit this to often, which I had after about 30 hits per day they stopped the displaying of my site forever, without warning. Or lets say the warning email and the switching of came on the same day. Never go to Hostinger, man, this is not an option.

And never forget, I 301 redirected to my Hostinger site and so transferred my pagerank, and now I can not get this back, so this whole Hostinger procedure was not only very annoying, it is also very bad for my seo

But I know it is frustrating to search and search for free hosters. As you can see I am hosting this site for free at bplaced. Bplaced is a hoster who also offers a free hosting programm. The upside of bplaced is they don’t try to cheat you. Bplaced is an honest company that actually offers free hosting to get customers. The major downside with bplaced is that you can not use the automatic upgrade function of WordPress. WordPress is the programm that you use to make a website and it is really a great programm but if you can not automatically update wordpress as it is at bplaced free hosting then you will actually never update it because there are many plugins that you have to update manually and this is just to much work. Which actually really sucks if you look at it because however much WordPress is updated your site on bplaced at some point will still use the WordPress version of ten years ago. Another downside of bplaced is that you have to come over to their main site to log in every three month or your account will be terminated. They are trying to get hits I guess. But for a free hosting this is fair I think. But making it impossible to upgrade wordpress is really a major downside. But since they are in other terms an honest company that really offers free hosting I am fine with this for now. But if I find a better hoster I will go there.

And now to make shure that German people who want to make a website do not go to Hostinger or Hosting 24 and have this trouble with Hostinger I must write the same now In German:



Kundenerfahrung, Erfahrungen mit Hostinger free web hosting und Hosting 24 review. Bericht


serverfreeHostinger ist leider keine Option für euer free hosting. Und das Hostinger mit Hosting 24 zusammenhängt muss ich auch mehr als strikt von Hosting24 abraten. Dies ist ein Erfahrungsbericht über Hostinger und meine Erfahrungen mit Hostinger sind so schlecht, ich war richtig shockiert. Hostinger hat sich überhaupt nicht um mich oder meine Seite gekümmert. Als meine Seiten ein paar Monate bei ihnen war haben sie sie ohne vorherige Warnung abgestellt und Leute die dann auf die Seite klicken von Google kommen dann zur Hostinger Seite. Also es gab eine Warnung, Hostinger hatte behaupted, dass meine Seite wenn ich die Bandbreite überschreite für 24 Stunden abgeschaltet wird. Aber dann kam am gleichen Tag eine email, dass meine Seite demnächst abgeschaltet wird und auch das Abschalten meiner Seite passierte am gleichen tag als die Email kam. Und zwar nicht wie angekündigt für 24 Stunden, sondern ganz, für immer. Bzw die Seite wird nicht für immer abgeschaltet, Hostinger lässt dir Emails zukommen, dass du deine Seite wiederbekommst wenn du bezahlst. Ich möchte aber nicht das meine Seite abgestellt wird, meine Hits dann zu Hostinger gehen und Hostinger mir sagt das ich meine Seite zurückkaufen kann und das sie sonst gelöscht wird. Hostinger müsst ihr von der Liste nehmen wenn ihr kostenloses hosting sucht. Und natürlich gibt es die von Hostinger versprochenen Sachen wie die Bandbreite praktisch überhaupt nicht. Denn bevor ich die Bandbreite ausgenutzt habe hat Hostinger gesagt, ja die Bandbreite hast du zwar noch nicht benutzt, aber etwas das wir CPU limit nennen. Und dieses “CPU limit” lässt sich für den Kunden überhaupt nicht berechnen oder nachvollziehen. Also rein praktisch bekam Ich überhaupt nicht die versprochene Bandbreite. Stattdessen bekam ich das superunangenehme Gefühl das meine Seite plötzlich ganz weg war, und das nicht wegen einem Fehler, sondern weil Hostinger die Seite abgeschaltet hat. Seite weg und du hast keinen Zugriff mehr darauf, du kannst zwar noch ins Backend und dir kompliziert deine Datenbank kopieren und per ftp deine Seite zurückholen, aber das ist schon was eher für den Profi und obwohl ich zweimal genau danach gefragt hatte ob ich denn so meine Seite wenigstens zurückbekomme hat Hostinger mir das nicht verraten. Stattdessen hab ich nur immer die gleiche “bezahl oder vdu siehst deine Seite nie wieder” Email bekommen. So möchte ich als Kunde nicht behandelt werden. Also das ist meine Kunden Bewertung über Hostinger. Ich hab es nicht glauben wollen als ich eine gleichlautende Bewertung gelesen hab und bin trotzdem zu Hostinger gegangen und tatsächlich sie haben meine Seite von einem auf den anderen Tag komplett abgeschaltet und ich hab jetzt den Ärger mit dem komplizierten Wiederherstellungsverfahren. Diese Seite hier ist die ursprüngliche Version meiner Seite die ich zum Glück nur umgeleitet aber nicht abgeschaltet hatte. So stecken in der Seite die Hostinger eingefroren hat nämlich “nur” 6 Monate Arbeit und ich konnte direkt meine Seite grösstenteils wieder im Netz haben. Wenn ich keine Sicherheitskopie von meiner Seite gehabt hätte, dann hätte Hostinger nämlich jetzt meine ganze Seite und die Wiederherstellung ohne Zugriff auf die Seite ist wie gesagt eigentlich etwas für Profis. Ich darf garnicht daran denken, die haben ohne mit der Wimper zu zucken meine Seite abgeschalted und angefangen alle meiner Anfragen zu beantworten mit wenn du bezahlst schalten wir natürlich sofort wieder ein. Das habe ich als höchst unseriös empfunden. Also dies ist eine Bewertug von Hostinger die dir mitteilt das du niemals deine Seite bei Hostinger aufspielen solltest.
Dies war eine Kunden Bewertung oder ein Erfahrungsbericht über meine Erfahrungen mit Hostinger dem schlechteste Anbieter für free webhosting den ich bisher hatte. Diese Erfahrungen  willst du nicht machen denke ich. Also meine Bewertung und Erfahrungen mit Hostinger oder Hosting24, Hostinger klingt gut von den Bedingen aber das ist nicht das was ich bekommen hab.

Und natürlich hab ich 301 umgeleitet und damit meinen Pagerank an die Hostinger Version meiner Seite abgegeben. Und da ich an die Seite nicht mehr komme ist der mühsam aufgebaute Pagerank jetzt weg. Man muss seinem Hoster vertrauen können. Hostinger vertraue ich kein Stück mehr.

Ich weiß das es frustrierend ist einen kostenlosen Anbieter zu suchen. Wie ihr sehen könnt bin ich bei Bplaced. Der Vorteil von Bplaced ist, es ist keine Betrugsfirma sondern Bplaced bietet tatsächlich kostenloses Hosting an um Kunden zu gewinnen. Das Üble bei Bplaced ist man kann die automatische update Funktion von WordPress nicht nutzen. WordPress ist ein Programm mit dem man Internetseiten baut und WordPress ist echt ein super Programm. Aber weil man viele Plugins also winzige Zusatzdinger installiert ist ein manuelles updaten so aufwendig, dass man es faktisch niemals macht. Also egal wie sehr WordPress weitereintwickelt wird wenn du bei bplaced bist läuft deine Internetseite irgendwann mit dem WordPress von vor 10 Jahren. Anderes Problem bei Bplaced ist das man alle drei Monate sich auf deren Seite einmal einloggen muss. Aber für kostenloses Hosting finde ich ist das fair. Also Bplaced ist keine Betrugsfirma. Nur, dass man WordPress nicht auto-updaten kann ist echt sehr problematisch. Deshalb werde ich den Anbieter wechseln wenn ich einen besseren finde.