History of the Skies

This is a little scifi novel I am working on, it is not yet all to much there, I just wrote some outlines of stories and begann writing a few chapters. It is actually just here as a part of my online application for jobs so that people see that I actually work on stories and can get an idea of how this looks like. The plan was when this would be ready to put it online completely, but at the moment I do not really have time for this project because I have so many other projects. So here you can read some exerpts of my planned book cycle History of the Skies. There is actually not much more there then this, well, there is some more there already, like story outlines…

…If you are a bit knowledged in history you will find that there is very much earth history and earth mythologie that is supposed to come up in this book…

History of the Skies


The return of the sword

This is the history of our universe. The history of the skies.

In the history of our sector of the galaxy a distinct change appeared. With the invention of a technology called Barrio Blockade and a technology called Sumila field it was not possible anymore to fire projectiles or energy weapons. Every weapon fired would explode with the same amount of energie that was supposed to be casted. So even though in these times the peoples of the galaxy where able to travel from planet to planet and in every regard where of advanced technologie, there still was a distinct period of the history of our skies when fighting was done with the sword again. This divides the history of the universe in this one regard into three times or ages inside the modern ages of spacetravel. Of which in the first was fought with energy weapons projectile weapons and rockets. Then in the second time there was fighting with ancient close combat weapons again, of course enforced with newer technologie of close combat. And a following era in which firearms came back. The time period of no firearms was called the Onward Era.


Welcome to the Onward Era

Heon opened his eyes. The sun was blazing through a little scratched window directly above him. With a nowledge grip he opened the little pod he was in and crawled into the desert sun. Heon looked around puzzled. He was on a desert planet. He was inside a spacepod not much bigger then himself so to say. He remembered that he was on a starship towards Delta Persei. Fright, a Frightship. He was in Cryostasis, usual. Now desert, excape pod. He counted the facts up and came to the conclusion that his Spaceship must have had problem and through him out so that the escape pod would land on the next suitable planet. Obviously a desert planet but where.

<Eh you. What you do here?>. Heon rushed around and instantly pulled out a laser weapon to point it at the man on the flat rocks behind him. <Eh you better not fire that thing or you will kill us both.> Heon was stunned. <Um what?> he looked at the laser gun in his hand suspiciously. Then he looked at the man. <Um sorry?>. <That thing boy, the laser gun in your hand. If you fire it you will kill both of us with the explosion. Right?> <Yes um well. And why is that so> <The Sumila Field!?> the man answered and lifted his hands slightly to convince Heon not to shoot. Heon lowered his gun. He had never heard of anything called Sumila Field. The man tried to help on. <A Sumila Field is a forcefield from a generator that will make the energy of your weapon discharge in the moment you fire it, beam weapon or projectile no matter!?> <You mean..?> <You better not fire that weapon. It’s a common fact.> <Yeah I was in cryo> <How long?> <I was just asking myself the same question> Heon lowered his gun. <Where am I?> <Mirfak.> <Ok thats at least a planet I know. And now, what year is it> <The man named the year> Heon calculated <142 years, damn.> He  dropped his weapon and sat himself slowly into the sand. Not that he was missing his old life allto much but off course this was a shock. <You can come with me boy, you must be hungry.> Heon was touched, he nodded. Then he noticed a large number of ships so high that he could not hear but only see them going straight across the sky. He looked at the man to ask what was going on. The man looked at Heon <Oh right, It’s war> Heon was shocked but for some reason, maybe because of tiredness maybe because of relieve that he was still alive or maybe because of the kind invitation by the older man he flashed something like a faint smile for a millisecond.


Landing force

Landed on Mirfak Thean stood among his generals in the command room of his landed main ship. Thean said <We will attack the city of Berin to the north. It is a minor city. And then we will keep on sacking the minor citys around Aten. Lets avoid the clash of the main forces as long as we can. We came for the Gold, so lets see that we get a lot of it.> Kion one of his generals looked at him. Kion in difference to Thean was a well experienced leader. <May I call attention to the Birdmen. The Birdmen or Hegan as they call themselves are a tribe of flying men. They have got not much political power on Mirfak, but they have got an army. We might be able to convince them to join our forces.> Another General Alinon did not think that this would be a good Idea <The Hegan, are you crazy>. These are dumb savages and we can never trust them. We might leave them alone or put them under our rule but an alliance with these uncultured beasts is nothing that suits a true Aurigan> Thean didn’t know to much of the Birdmen, but he liked the idea of getting any allience that this foreign planet had to offer and so turned to Kion. <Do you belive that an alliance with these Birdmen will benefit us?> <I shure think so.> The other generals nodded regardles to Alinons Opinion. <Well, see to it, that it is done.> Thean said. And Kion told Mian a young Sergeant to drive to the Birdmen.



…And then there is this story that also takes place in the Onward Era some characters of these both wars will meet each other eventually. As I said it is supposed to become a book cycle of many stories around the universe, just like it is called a big History of the Skies. So the first guy in the desert will later meet the messenger Guy of the following excerpt chapter and they will become friends…


The Religious Wars in the Pleades

It is our space. The stars we see when we look into the sky that I am talking about here.

Did you know what things happen on the planets that circle the stars.

Did you know of the religion wars in the Pleades. The Pleades are a group of Stars in about 400 lightyears distance to earth. Religion was something in the Pleades that only the priests where firm with. The people of the Pleades, big and lightbrown reminding somewhat of rock-man could not even read the ancient mythological and religious texts. The language had been long forgotten, only the priest cast knew to read this otherwise forgotten language. It was a religion of peace that the Book of the Mahika spoke of. Three big prophets in different times had submitted to the book. And they all had spoken of the love that every Pleades man and woman had to be. Being love was the way that they had suggested to achieve butan, enlightenment or holyness. But now all that was left was a book in a language nearly nobody could understand. And since religion causes fear if you teach it in the wrong way and since fear can create power the priests of the planets of the Pleades did in no case want the public to read the ancient book of Mahika. Until one woman, knowledge in the ancient language Autar translated the book of Mahika. And it became evident for the public of tall lightbrown men and women that the book did not at all sugges a magical approach towards Allachmai the God of everything. Not at all. The book and the three Rock-men prophets spoke of love and friendship and of intelligence in deciding what was love and what not. Religion was shattered into pieces. Some stayed with the magical approach that the priests had. They attended their services and listened to them mumbling holy words from the book like magic formulas calming themselves down with the idea that God Allachemai was just not to be understood. So they came getting themselves into moods. The other half of the people was fed up. They did want to go on the way which the prophets had shown them. The way of love they put forth. The way that was about not being mesmarized, the path of thinking and then acting in love.

But religious priests where not the only people of power across the planets of the Plejades. On Each planet the lightbrown people inhabitad there where leaders. Some leaders where voted by the peoples, some where warrior kings like on Alkione, that came to power by being the strongest or the ones who where just lucky that they won the raids against neighboring tribes of people and brought the blood money home. In this system the priests had power besides the kings. The Alkione church had power. You would not attack a holy man in his talar. You would not rise up if more money was given to him for he was chosen by Allachemei. First the translation of the book by Qiniang Fang made the people understand that not the priests where the chosen ones but everybody was. And that the prophets had layed out a path that you could walk on which the priests did mostly not do. And so the Alkione-church was shattered. And with this destruction of the church there was a weakness in the church that had over a long time gained riches. And so since the priests where suddenly not holy anymore the leaders lusted for the wealth. They thought it was easily obtainable and they spurred their subjects with stories of evil priests. And it was not long before all of the Pleades went to war.

Agamon in Hemin, a violent king from the planet Electra called his men to a run on the big sanctuary Alifa on the sacred Shugan mountains. The monks of Shugan mountains on Electra who resided in the biggest sanctuary of the Pleades planets where not at all defenseless. Not only did they practice in a combat system to exercise the body in close combat, they had an army. Laymen served in the army paid for by the formelerly rich church. It was one thing to say that you are holy in order not to be attacked but the more secure way was cruelty and oppression. Cruelty and oppression does not get you anywhere on the way the threee propets had layed ot for the Pleades people, but as I said the monks where not very much into this system. They lighted their candles, they spoke their formulas but their way was not the way of direct intelligent care for the neighbor. The way the prophets had described as leading to Allachmai and higher understanding. So their hearts had stayed empty. Agamon didn’t think about how holy or unholy the monks where, this was not among his concernes. He was of the same unholyness as the monks never going on the way of giving himself away for Allachmai and so for the people around him. His heart had stayed empty. And even though being caring would have easily filled his heart unfortunately he didn’t came to do it in this life. Riches, platinum and gold that was what he thought would give him security. And so he told Anmei his right hand and Son to Queen Alida of the country of Calispol on planet Maia to ready the army for a march on Alifa sanctuary.

Agamon had 4000 Rock-men and women under weapons but he feard the army of the monks. Fierce warriers well trained and not less then 5000. The Pach-Um-Mia the Religious Warriors lived in little housings spread throughout the hills of Shugan surrounding the sanctuary. In case of an attack they would gather to defend the monastery and it was not a question of religion, they where paid, well paid for this. So Agamon send Triad a messanger and warrior of his Army to Ailon. Ailon was the cousin of Agamon also living close to the hills and with not less then 3500 exquisitly trained men and women under arms. Triad rode two days on his Aquier named Kestu, which is a riding animal to reach the city of Air where Ailons palace was. Motorized vehicles where invented, as where firearms of laser. But mashinery was not all to present since metal had always been selden on the planets of the Pleades. a riding on a  And soon Triad was lead into the palace and stood in front of the throne of Ailon. Ailon didn’t care to much for religion either, but he did allow his subjects to find their own way of religion and from time to time he even lit a candle himself without much of believe. And Triad spoke: >Dear high king of Mian Lands. I came from
Agamon, the cousin of you, dear king, to bring you his message. High king Agamon asks you to join forces against the lands of Shugan. He wishes to crush the wrong priests in the name of Allachmei.< Ailon sat still for some moments. He looked at the messenger Triad and if he would not have been such an unreligious man you might have suspected that he thinks about if an attack was the will of God, but as I said the king was not a very religious man. Triad stood there waiting for the answer to bring to his king. But instead of answering Ailon stood up and left the room towards his chambers. Triad looked after the leaving king and instantly the guards at the door to the kings chambers stood a little more attentive as if to prevent any wish in Triad to follow through that door. Triad looked at them and left the pallace.

There was another army that might join his king on the quest in the destruction of Alifa sanctuary. Akaine the warrior princess of the north. No less then 4000 men and women where under her command. Spread through little cities in the White Woods. Somewhat barbaric even though at this time this does not really mean barbaric. The Pleads planets where at a very high technological level.spacetravel was a normal thing. In this case you might rather speak of a somewhat barbaric attitude. A backwards directed attitude to live a more simple life. But all in the measure and proportion of an otherwise highly technologized life.

>Did you read it?< Triad looked up to see a woman in the dark of the night just outside the pallace. >Read what.< He asked. >The book.< Ina said. >No.< Triad replied. >I think religion is more a thing of Allemachei and not of me.< >The prophets thought otherwise< She said calmly. >I’m Triad< He said grasping her wrist which was the common form of greeting on the pleades. >I’ve got to go, highly probable that I will have to start again towards the barbarians as soon as I reach Hemin< >Ina.< she said. >Thank you< Triad replied with an honest tone to his voice but not understanding what for he had just thanked that women. He nodded towards her. She smiled a friendly smile and then he vanished into the darkness.


… Ok, so far as I said it is just an exerpt and I am still writing on this, but not at the moment actually because I have no time for this project at the moment. Hope you liked it.