Does sin stick to me

Capital sin or mortal sins that can not be forgiven


sins Allah God  does not forgive

Topic: Are there capital sins (mortal, deadly sins) that Allah or God does not forgive. Or does God, Jehovah, Allah or Ishvara forgive everything.

If I have sinned, will this sin stick to me? And is there a sin that will take me out of the game? Is there a sin that I can commit that makes it impossible for me to go to heaven (nirvana)? No, it does not work like this. We all are not good enough to be in heaven at the moment. But we all will come to heaven (jannah). So sin does not stick to you. Sin does not stay as a part of you once you commited a sin. From this view we are absolutely clean. You yourself are without sin. You live wrongly, you are not caring enough for the only caring thing that you actually are. You do not live nice and caring enough, and these wrong things that you do every minute while you do not try to be only caring, these things are sins. These things are steps that do not lead you to God, Allah, Tao, Jehovah or Ishvara. While each second you live and act trying to be only caring, and believe that you are on the perfect way. All these acts are no sin. If you act to be only helpful and loving and caring then each of these actions you take then will bring you one small step closer to perfection (moksha) and God or The Universe. From there no sin sticks to you. Your eternal self is absolutely clean. It is indeed the serial of moments in which you are not living perfectly caring, that hold you back. You are not in heaven (vaikuntha) or not filled with deep understandings because you are not caring enough from moment to moment. But you will learn to be caring better and you will understand that you are not unclean. There is nothing unclean about you, only the way you act. There is no original sin or sin sticking to you.

No matter what you have done this will not stay on you. It is as if it would have never happened in terms of sin. But of course the bad things you do will hold you up, and keep you busy. But they are not like spots on you. They bring you into a haste and into fear because with them you did not step closer to Allah, but they do not stay on you. Your inner self is always absolutely without sin. Whatever you have done your true self is without sin, and always stays being wtihout sin.

You will be severely bound by the sins you commit on daily- capital sins God does not forgive - bases with just not trying to be only caring. But this bound that keeps you from being in heaven (olam haba) or being perfect is everything there is. Despite from time that you will need to come to perfection (moksha).

But there is not something as a sin of a past time that prevents your being more perfect just like so. There is nothing as a sticking sin, that is still attached to you. As long as you are only caring you will come closer to Allah or Tao. Nothing will be on you to prevent this, no matter what you have done.

But don’t think: Hey then I can be not caring if it is all no problem. It is a problem. You will loose the oversight over the things and come into trouble because you will not clearly see the caring things you have to do. Only as long as you practice to be only caring with every action your sight will become better to see what is more caring. So you can absolutely not afford to have any sight problems in deciding what is the most caring by living not perfectly caring. For if you commit sins, which means do things that are not only caring than you will have problems in discerning what is most caring and then you will be troubled and “running in circles”. That is a problem because you can get caught up for thousands of years. You have to stay on top with being caring to fight for the sight you need to be caring more.

That is why sin is a big problem even if it does in the end not stick to you. Your true self is clean. And it will always be clean. And yet sinning, not living for what is only caring will give you trouble, because you will get sight problems. And always believe that you are on the perfect way because Jehovah makes everything.

So there is no sin that Allah does not forgive. Or sins that Allah forgives. You -  sins God does not forgive -could say in the end Allah forgives everything, or God forgives everything. Your inner self is made from Ishvara. Your inner self it is that what you will hurt as long as you are not only caring. All knowing and power you shield of from coming to you because you are not caring, that is what you have to understand about sin. Don’t ask which sins Allah will not forgive. Ask in how much of a swirl of not seeing anything you come with not trying to be only caring. I tell you it is a big swirl of not seeing the good things to do easily. As long as you live for being only caring your sight on what is more caring will constantly improve. That will give you a firm stand before Allah or Tao over time. So you have to use every moment for being only caring. Understand that even with being only caring every day you will not be caring enough. From being only caring you will first learn how to be more caring and after thousands of years with this technique of understanding always how it can be done better you will come to really good results. It is not like you could start tomorow with being caring and then this is enough. You will need time of being only caring to learn from this what is more caring. That will take a long time of practicing. You are simply not trained enough to be as caring as you have to be. There is many things that you just don’t know. And you will get this knowledge from trying to be only caring.

Don’t ask for sins that can not be forgiven. Something like that does not exist. There are no unforgivable sins. Your eternal self is always clean and free of sins. No matter what you have ever done. So in the end no sin will lead to death. But of course Ishvara hates all sins. So you go to understand sin in the way I have just explained, and then try all you can to be without sin. Be only caring always and do trust in Ishvara that what happens only happens to give you and everybody and everything perfection. Even what you do will not be a problem, but try your very best for you have to practice for a long time.

There are no sins that Jehovah does not forgive. But there very definitely is the whirl of bad seeing that you will come into as long as you do not try to be only friendly to everybody and yourself. So the concept of capital sin is wrong. Or mortal sin or deadly sin. This does not exist. There is no sin that Dao the maker of everything does not forgive. There are no unforgivable sins. This is just a wrong concept. Your inner self always remains absolutely clean. And sin is something you do and not something that you have. The more you are only caring and the better you become with this because of practice and the better sight for these things that will come to you while you try to be only caring, the more you will go to perfection (moksha). Nothing bad that you might have done will hold you back.

So on our way to reaching vaikunth (nirvana) or as I say perfection (moksha) a mortal or deadly sin is a wrong concept. But a bigger sin will keep you much more busy in a storm of not seeing as good as you should what you really have to do. So make a difference for yourself between for example killing somebody or stealing a chewing gum.

There is no haram that Allah does not forgive.

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