What can I watch on You Tube

What can I watch on You Tube. What are Tedx Talks

Some weeks ago I was watching videos on you tube. Probably searching for more good Kung Fu videos that go about explaining certain techniques so that you can repeat them for yourself. And then I stumbled upon something: TEDx talks. Basicly a person steps in front of an audience and delivers a speach for ten to 20 minutes. RocksTopics are very variant. Some go about health and self developement, others talk about some buddhist meditation techniques, some are little bits of interesting scientific information, some are about art. Really a crossover mix of different topics. But what happened is because these speeches are with about 15 minutes quite short and the speakers are well interesting and intelligent and most of the speaches are also very interesting I really was surprised that the Internet comes up with something so intellectually challenging. I mean of course there is intellectual stuff on the internet, but you do not necesserily expect something this intelligent. So I watched some TEDx talks and found that I really enjoyed it. So the last weeks when there was nothing good on tv which happens in Germany from time to time I just went to You Tube and watched some TEDx talks. And really I like a lot of them. I was like wow this is cool. So If you do not know what to watch on tv but you want to watch something then maybe you give TEDx talks a try.

Here are some of the talks I really enjoyed:

Some thoughts on body language

What people of Islam could think about christianity. Very interesting

Understanding the mechanism in your brain to want things

A theory about 11 dimensions


Or maybe try this. First you watch this. About relaxing the body:

Aikido body relaxing techniques

then this, how your body and braoin walk together:

The body representation in the brain

and afterwards some great ancient asien complete body activation (40 minutes)

A little bit of Qi Gong exercise

So next time you ask yourself what can I watch on You Tube maybe this is an interesting thing. If you have a good idea what one can watch on you tube you can write it into the poll below.

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