Best Star Trek Movie

What is the best Star Trek movie

Star Trek Movie Communicator

Communication device. Image by Davidbspalding.

What is the best Star Trek movie. There are twelve Star Trek movies. Star Trek is great, but not all movies of Star Trek are equally good. Some Star Trek movies are even very bad, lets think of endless christmas memories of Picard in Star Trek Generations. And not to mention this one movie Nemesis, which you should not watch at all. So what is the best star trek movie, here we go. So now we go straight to business, what is the best Star Trek movie. In my opinion:


The best Star Trek movie is: Star Trek 6 The undiscovered Country (1991)

best Star trek movie enterprise

Starship enterprise from the classic Star Trek movies. You could call it the Kirk-Enterprise. Image by Alistair McMillan

I think Star Trek 6 The undiscovered Country is not only the best Star Trek movie but also one of the best Scifi movies at all. I don’t want to tell to much about it in order not to spoil anything. What I really like about this movie is the real change in character that Kirk undergoes fantasticly portrayed in an adequate playfulness according to the genre conceptions. I also like the setting which is on spaceships in space which does not happen as often in Scifi as one might think. Many Scifi movies are not at all much in space. And I like the story. Not only the Human – Klingon background is epic for fans. I mean: “‘Human rights’ Why the very name is racist” or “You have not experienced Shakespeare until you have read him in the original Klingon”. Legendary.

Star Trek crew quarters

Star Trek crew quarters on the Picard-Enterprise or 1701-D. Image by Derek Springer.

And I much like the story. And of course the great asthetics of the images. And of course the actors and lightweighted presentation with downplayed dramatic.

All together for me one of the best Scifi movies.Other great Scifi movies are Alien 2, the Star Wars movies, Total Recall original with Schwarzenegger.

Bad Scifi movies in my opinion are: Blade Runner which is not at all downplayed in its dramatics and the eighties inscened dramatics of a robot girl loving the robot hunter is really uninteresting. Event Horizon which is a horror movie set out in space. And it is also not at all made funny, and the horror element is not at all scifi or alien. Another bad Scifi movie, probably the very worst is A.I. which is just pure stupid badly failed wannabe deep psychological robot horror and you really should avoid to even see this. Another of the absolute worst Scifi movies is Star Trek Nemesis.

Enterprise sickbay

Sickbay aboard the Picard-Enterprise. Image by Derek Springer.

But we are not through with the Star Trek movies even though I think 6 is the best star trek movie some of the other Star Trek movies are quite equally good. So the next best are:

Star Trek 4 with the wales. This is also one of the very best. And it is the most funny of the Star Trek movies.

Star Trek 1 is extremely sixties strange Scifi. Actually you have to enjoy it for what it is. So it might seem stupid if you watch it but that is ok for that movie. Thats why it is good even if you might not want to watch it.

Same is true for Star Trek 2 and 3 which tell a story over two movies. If you are talking about traditional Star Trek Movies then those two are part of what is meant. They are good but also a little strange.

Star Trek Badge

Typical Star Trek badge.

Also good is Star Trek 9 with a new crew and a new ship but the point in watching this movie is you have to really watch it from beginning to end. If you do something other and watch from time to time the movie will seem stupid. But if you really watch it it is quite cool I think. Here it is not Kirk and Spock and Bones anymore. Here it is Picard and Data and Riker.


a Tribble is a cute alien life form in Star Trek. Image by Clh288.

And Star Trek 11 is also very good. Again another crew and another ship. This time Kirk and Spock are back with new actors to play them.

And avoid the bad Star Trek Movies 57 and 10 and avoid 10 absolutely.


So what Star Trek Movie should I watch:

  1. Watch Star Trek 1 if you are a fan of Scifi of different periods. Otherwise skip this one.
  2. Watch 2 and 3 if you want to know what Star Trek movies stuff is all about
  3. Watch 2 and 3 if you want to know what Star Trek movies stuff is all about
  4. Watch 4 if you want to see the most funny Star Trek. This one can be enjoyed by not Scifi fans.
  5. Avoid Nr. 5.
  6. Watch 6 as overall the best Star Trek movie and one of the best movies in the genre Scifi.
  7. Avoid Star Trek 7.
  8. Watch Nr 8 if you want to see some new people on another Starship and some more action but you don’t necessarily have to see that.
  9. Watch 9 If you want to see a good Scifi movie with this new crew. But if you watch it you have to watch it and do nothing else. Only then it is good.
  10. Avoid 10 at all costs.
  11. Watch Nr. 11 because it is a good movie. Yet a new crew and much more action. Yet it is just not original Star Trek anymore. It is good, but it is different.
  12. Watch Star Trek 12 if you need another quite nice Scifi movie.
star trek movies transporter

Transporter for beaming in Star Trek. Image by Konrad Summers.

This was my impression of the best Star Trek movies. So you see some Star Trek movies are good and some are really bad. But to decide what Star Trek movie you should watch it is necessary to figure out what you want to see. If you want to see the all classical stuff you have to go for 2 and 3. If you can not stand old scifi movies but only modern ones you have to go for 11. If you do not like Scifi you have to watch 4. If you want the best overall watch 6. If you are an unbelievably strong Tng fan then you have to watch 9 because this is the best Star Trek movie with the next generation crew from the Tng episodes. With this list you should be able to orientate through the Star Trek movies and find the best ones. Yeah thats basicly it.