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Understanding spirituality and true religion article 2. Tutorial course advanced spirituality of reaching moksha or perfection

Lets continue our advanced spirituality tutorial with part 2. What is the true religion. If you come from a search engine make shure that you start this online learning tutorial at part 1. See the links below. Don’t start with part 2 of this free online spirituality course here. Go to the links and go to free online understanding course part 1. That is where this free tutorial on reaching moksha or jannah starts.




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reaching moksha

Reaching perfection (moksha) or heaven (jannah)

Even if we try to learn spirituality fast it will take some time to understand true religion. So please stick with this a bit even if some things stay unclear in the beginning. You have to expect that some things remain unclear for you for several years or even longer. You can not just read a book and then know the cosmical secrets. That is because those cosmical secrets are much bigger then you can ever imagine. So we will not talk here to much about cosmical secrets. Here I will try to make you fit to reach the cosmical secrets yourself. But it will be the work that you put into reaching the cosmical secrets that will define how fast you get to know them. So I try to show you the path in the way I understand it. I will try to not go into to much detail at first because then we can move on faster. And then I will try to get back to the points and explain in more detail.

In this complete chapter on this whole site the audifiles are smaller. This time the audifiles are only about 2 minutes each so there is not so much the need to hear only one chapter each day. But also don’t maybe do to much of this spirituality tutorial at once.

1. Spirituality online course: Only heaven or nirvana or moksha is the thing we want to reach

      Free online spirituality course reaching heaven or nirvana

First part of the second chapter of this free online tutorial about reaching heaven, nirvana or coming closer to Allah, Ishvara. Lets continue the spirituality tutorial about ideas and exercises to reach God and come to true religion.

So what we will try to do is reach heaven or nirvana or moksha(perfection).Free online tutorial And why do we want that. Because it is the best thing that we can reach. There is nothing above this. A fancy car might be cool, but reaching heaven or perfection is about reaching cosmical power of an extend that you can not imagine. So however cool some things might seem that you can try to achieve in this universe cosmical perfection is the “non plus ultra” which is latin and means “nothing is higher”. So whatever you think you want to have actually you are mistaken because it is jannah(heaven) that you want and this is the only thing which is really cool to achieve in this universe.

2. Tutorial part: To much criticism of religion is actually no criticism at all

      Spirituality tutorial online reach nirvana moksha heaven

In the upcoming chapter of this course about how to reach nirvana, moksha or heaven we will think about what is criticism. And how true criticism is helpful in true religion.

So does heaven exist at all? Well many of you think that they are very clever and very critical and keep repeating questions like: Does God(Allah, Ishvara) exist, or is the religion stupid because the church comes up with strange rules that seem bad sometimes.

But the point is.spirituality course You exist. This is about you. It is not your task to attack church or proove that God does not exist or anything. Your task and this is also the best for you to do is to get as fast as you can to come to some power. And of course I mean cosmical power. Lets say you try to move a box into your house because you want to work with what is in the box. Then you can stand on the street discussing if the box exists or if the parts it contains will be helpful for you. But this will not move the box. So as critical you think you are with this even doubting the complete existence of the box and if it will be useful still this is all hollow talk leading you to nothing. What you have to do is to move the box into your house and the really helpful criticism starts when you notice that the box does not fit easily through your door and when you devise a way to put it through your front door, then you are at a point of useful criticism. And if you have the box in your house and open it and then you decide if the parts in the box will help you, then again this is helpful criticism. But standing on the street and just talking does not get you anywhere. So not trying the things is actually the most uncritical way. We are talking about reaching to secrets that by far surpass everything that you can imagine so it is time that we get started.

3. Spirituality exercises for true religion. Get going is the thing we have to do.

      Come to nirvana online course

the next step in this how to come to nirvana online course is about the idea that we have to start our practice of reaching moksha instead of talking about spiritual facts that we can not understand yet. This is an important exercise for spiritual practice and true religion.

reachingSo this is not about discussing if God exists and if so how he would be like. If he is a person or rather a power and stuff like that. This is all not critical thinking, this is just wasting time. And as I said this is about you. You have to get moving. And moving is not asking. So we are now at the point that we see that thinking about how things will be does not help us. We need some solid action. And this action has to be aimed into a direction that gets us closer to a thing that I call “whatever there is” for now.

So what can this direction be like. Lets first understand that we do not understand the universe. Well fine we know what an atom is and even know about quarks. But for all of you who follow my ideas here we do not know about the “whatever there is”. And this thing is really big. So lets start to be really critical instead of talking.

4. Important exercise . We can not tell how heaven looks like or how much we are at the moment or how we will become. So the direct present and the forseeable present is the thing we have to work with

      Come to nirvana heaven or moksha

The important exercise that is talked about in this following part of the reaching god, Ishvara tutorial is that we have to work with the present and the understandable future. This way we wil come closer to moksha.

how to come toWhat are you doing at the moment? How nice are you? I mean not how nice are you at all or over the year. I mean how nice are you at this moment. Um, that is a bit hard to figure out because you are reading and this is neither good nor bad. Why am I asking this question? Because the reaching of heaven, or lets better say perfection(moksha) depends on what you are. In christianty as it is thought of today and also in Buddhism, Hindusm and Islam people usually think that you live in a good and caring way and then in the end when you die you are measured by that and therefor go to heaven(nirvana, jannah, olam haba) or not. Well this falls short of a certain consideration. It weights the life you are living at the moment as to important. While actually we do not easily see what happens to us after this life and we do not easily see what happend to us before this life. So there are some ideas found throughout the religions that there might be different lives you live. But thinking about such things is again uncritical. We do not understand these things. I tell you the things that will be are very different to what we have considered so far in our history and so thinking which of these ideas is the true one is stupid and hollow talk. Some religions believe in several lives following each other, some believe in one life and after that comes heaven.Bible But since you can not describe how a life in a higher place will be like and since you can not describe heaven, developing ideas about it is not helpful. It is helpful to understand that heaven(nirvana) or perfection(moksha) is the thing we want to go to, but it is not helpful to invent descriptions of these things out of nothing. We have to accept the state of limited knowledge at first and then go to learn more. So we can not easily say what was and what will be and so tendentially this life is thought of as being a thing in itself, starting with birth and ending in death. But actually there is more to know about this. You are alive at the moment and we do not properly understand how much we are, with that I mean we do not understand where we are in terms of how far we already reach out into places we do not see and we do not understand time and cosmical surroundings properly. So in a word we understand nothing of all of this what we are and what this life is and what the universe is. And that is because it is all much bigger then what we think. So we understand nothing of what we are. So a big mistake is to derive from our limited knowledge to much clear ideas of what will be. Our limited knowledge made us belive so far that our life is an entity, a closed thing that has a beginning and an end. But we have to look at our “cosmical life” just to give it a word.tutorial That is the thing that we do not understand. We are here, that is for shure. Lets not consider stupid philosophical ideas of doubting our existence. So actually if having perfection depends on what you are then we understand that this life is not at all as steady as we said before. From day to day you learn more, you can become more caring, for this is the direction to perfection just to say it in advance. So from day to day you get closer to perfection. Now dying might be a step or a certain threshold but since we do not know to much about “before or after this life” the point that we have to look at is the present. Because if we will live on after death, which I say is true, then this time will also be to us as present, or lets say we can not definitly say this, but what we can say is that this time now to us is present. There is a moment, there is a felt existence and there are possibilities to do things and to change ourselves. And this changing of what we are is our possibility to come close to perfection. And that brings me back to my question. What are you doing at the moment? How nice are you?

how to reachYou see this question has a lot of importance. It is not how good you are overall in your life, it is much rather how good you are until tomorow. It is one of the most important pillars of going to moksha. Understand that the thing you understand is the moment and some of the consequences your acting will lead to. So try to fill this moment with perfect acting. From moment to moment. It is always the moment which you have to use. The “right now”. Of course you care for the future because things you plant today can bring you things in the future. But you do not try to make up ideas about what the higher spiritual world will look like because this would be no use because it can not be understood from your knowledge. Making a definition of the higher things will always lead to wrong descriptions and wrong descriptions will lead to wrong acting. Because you will be distracted if you think that the higher things have to be in a fixed and perfectly defined way.

So a big secret of advanced spirituality is to consider the future more practically in terms of how much power will bring your acting for your future acting. And I do not mean like earthly power. We do not strive to much for earthly power. But of course we do not reject it completely. If you have earthly power you can use it to do good. What I mean here is: how much does your acting now make it more easy for you and others in the future to act more caring. And I mean the usual “earthly future” the normal next day or next week and not heaven. So your acting aims at being caring and making being caring more easy next week.

5. Free tutorial course: How to be in a form that is good without seeing the perfect form that you want to reach

      Reaching nirvana God Allah or Ishvara

Now we come to another important spiritual exercise for reaching closer to Allah. The way how to reach for something that you can not see or understand.

So it is the caring way of acting that makes you step over the border to a state that you can not foresee because it surpasses your imagination.reaching nirvana Thats why we do not go to define accuratly how we will be in a higher state. We just do only the things that are caring as good as possible. And expect to come into a higher state with this acting. And that is the way we aim at going to moksha. It is like if you shoot an arrow you would look at the target disk you want to hit and aim at it and then shoot that arrow. But since we can not forsee the higher state this is much more like shooting an arrow in the dark. We know that there is a target disk that we want to hit right before us but we can not see it. Thats why in this case we try to hold the bow and the arrow straight into the direction of which we know that there is the target and then shoot. In the situation in which you do not see the target you have to focus on holding the bow and the arrow in the right way. Of course this is just an example we should never shoot a bow in the dark ;) but it is an important thing to understand about spirituality and the way to heaven, nirvana, jannah or moksha. What you will become can in no way be forseen. Only the direction can be known and that is being only caring. So in this situation we have to focus on holding the direction as much as possible and learning from this how to hold the direction towards this aim even better as we progress from day to day.God So we know the direction but we can not see the target. We can not understand what it is that we will transform into. But whatever you transform into when you are only nice caring and helpful this is the higher state. And you go from one higher state to an even more higher state with acting only caring. And in a higher state your being caring will be much better. That is a basic secret of the way to moksha, that it is the more caring you are used to be, the level of caringness that is normal for you is equal to how high your state is. With a higher state your skill and efficiency of being caring is higher. Even with the best way to understand how to be caring we do not understand being caring good enough. And in the highest state, in moksha we understand how to be caring completely. So it is necessary to act caring to the highest of your knowledge and as much as possible only to act caring. Because the state you aim for this moksha or heaven or jannah is defined by being only caring and by having learned how to be really caring. And being really caring is something that you can not do today because you do not know how to do it. But as with everyting with practicing it you will learn how to do it better. And with learning how to do it better you will learn ways of being caring that are supernatural or will seem supernatural to you at first. And with acting then this “supernatural” caringness you will enter the supernatural states of jannah, olam haba, nirvana or moksha. But it is necessary to act out your carnigness to the maximum point that you know and if possible to only do it like this, that becomes clear if you see that it is actually a “supernatural caringness” that you want to learn and that comes after you have done your caringness long and intensly enough. So with that you aim at heaven or moksha without seeing it.

6. Reaching nirvana, heaven or moksha course. Help others to be caring is caringness

      How to come to God Ishvara or Allaha

Helping others to be caring is an important way in understanding the way to heaven and to have true religion. This understanding is necessary for understanding how to come to God, Allah or reaching heaven.

Come toSo now, what will happen if I am always good. First what is being good. Being good in terms of cosmical becoming better is very much in caringness. so if you care for the wellbeing of others this is the way to perfection. And this is also the way to perfection for others. So since perfection is the best thing that can be achieved in this universe the wellbeing of others is measured by how much chance do they have to be caring themselves. So it is not about making your fellow humans only comfortable. It is about making being caring easy for them. Well being comfortable is a good starting point to be caring and that also is true for you, so seek comfort, do not be to asketic. Being asketic is not the way to perfection, being caring is the way to perfection. Going to prayer is not the way to perfection, it can help you to be more caring but it is the caring deed that brings you to perfection.

7. Reaching closer to God, Allah or Ishvara. Changing yourself is the way to moksha

      How to come closer to God Allah or Ishvara reach moksha

Coming closer to God is a way that includes the exercise of changing ourselves. This is described in the following part of this free online spirituality course. True religion is about changing yourself towards higher being.

BComing closeer to Godeing caring we do because we want to change ourselves. We want to become a person that is caring because this is a perfection that we gain in ourselves and this perfection is the perfection that we seek. It is the perfection in caringness that we look for. And with this perfection comes more and more the piercing of the universe in which we understand the high power I am talking about. So you can give money to people in need, and you should, but what we actually are trying to do is to give ourselves to the people around us.

8. Online tutorial and exercises. You can not see today that your highest wish is to be caring

      Reaching vaikuntha or heaven course free

In order to see how to come closer to God, Allah or Ishvara we will now see that we do not fully understand our own wishes. The exercise of doing without understanding is important in the efford to reach nirvana, vaikuntha or moksha.

Now we come to this.Allah You are free in this universe. You are free to do what you want. But that means also that you are a slave to your own will. You follow that what you want, so one could say that you are not free because what you want dictates what you want. But of course nobody would be so stupid to say that. Following your own will is freedom of course. I said this to make us understand the next point on our way to moksha. We do at the moment not understand what we want. We want a lot of things but this is all not the wish of our inner self. Our “inner self” is our “higher self” and we are not yet completely our higher self. Notice that all these descriptions are not perfect because these things are as I said undescribable, because from today we do not have enough knowledge. But what you have to understand is that the things that you want are not really the things that you want, because with coming closer to perfection your wishes will change. You will understand more and so you will understand your own wishes better. So from the point we are today we have wishes but those are not your true wishes.Ishvara So I again put it directly already, your highest wish is to be caring, this is the wish that will stay. All wishes for fancy cars and other things will vanish inside of you on your way to perfection or heaven(jannah, nirvana). So more and more you will be yourself and more and more you will come to the understanding that being caring and helping others to be caring more easily is your actual wish. And also you have the wish to prepare things so that being caring becomes more easy. Because we will more and more come to the understanding that being caring is our wish and it goes over the other wishes thats why we practice to be caring against our other wishes today already. Like: whatever you think it is that you want to do you be caring instead. You drop your wishes and be caring instead. But this is not about stopping to eat or such hardline ideas and being caring instead. Stay normal. And if you deal with evil persons this is not about allowing them to kill you because this is against the rule to whatch over their way to perfection. You have to help them not to hurt you. So caringness has borders in this world. We are not asked to let bad behaving people keep on behaving bad and we are not asked to stop eating. But for mostly everything else be asured that the wish of your higher self is to be caring and so practice this. And that in the given moment. And more and more you will find to your true self.reaching And also more and more you will understand that what you thought to be caring behaviour in the beginning can be much improved. So it is not that you can just be caring if you want. You can be caring if you want but the caringness of your higher self is a higher form of caringness, and you can not already perform this higher form of caringness, because this comes from learning and understanding more. So being caring is not enough to directly reach perfection. Being caring helps you to be caring lateron in an even better way. Being perfectly caring is being perfect, this is reaching moksha or jannah that is why going to the point of what you think is the highest caring that you can be is most important, because you want to come to even surpass what you now think to be the highest caring behavior. Everything else to do is of minor importance. And the understanding of this better being caring comes by itself with practicing your being caring. But since you only over time understand that being caring is your inner wish at first you do it even though you have other wishes that you would rather like to fulfill.perfection You might want to seem strong and sexy in front of the other sex instead of being caring even and if you are caring instead of trying to be sexy you feel that you might diminish your chances to get sex. Even though actually the better you are cosmically the more people will want to have sex with you. Or another example: You might want to do some fraud activities in order to make money instead of being caring and honest to your buisness partners. Live is full of things that we think we want but they are not the way to moksha so they are not our true wish. And since the urge to prefer fulfilling the other wishes is often bigger then the urge to be caring we have to force ourselves to be caring in the beginning. And this is not acting against our natural wishes. Because these other things are untrue wishes that we only think to be true from our limited knowledge.

Now follows the last part of this complete second chapter about true religion.

9. Does this behavior bring us closer to a supernatural heaven, nirvana, jannah or will it make the world a better place?

      Getting closer to Allah Ishvara God true religion tutorial

For getting closer to Allah we will now in this tutorial consider the exercising of cariness without understanding. this is important for reaching vaikuntha (nirvana).

jannahSo people often believe that this being caring leads to a nice world where everybody is more happy. But this is not the point of religion. We want to reach perfection or heaven. I was talking already about it we want to come to a form of unbelievable power. Universe-power that surpasses all of our understanding. And that is where this being caring leads. So we are to come to a caringness that is so high that it runs along with getting an unimaginable power. The next step for us so to say. And like that you have to figure the way in which you have to let your usual wishes go in order to be caring.

GodAnd in that way you have to consider why being caring has this power. We can not believe it, that caringness alone brings us this kind of universal understanding and power. And in the way you can not understand it, it is in this way you have to exercise it. Not as something that you know the result of, but as something that you do not know the result of. As much as you have no idea what this unbelievable power that you will get looks like in the same way you can not understand how being caring should be the way to get there. And so the caringness has to be done in a pure form. just the caringness itself. As the only thing that you do. The only thing that you live for. Treat the situations only as a background for your caringness.

And to this always believe that you are on the perfect way. Tell yourself over and over again that everything and you are on the perfect way to heaven, jannah or nirvana.


The way to move or act according to the truth and so reach moksha or heaven

temple reach mokshaIt is difficult to figure out the real truth in our thoughts. We always create something like a play with our thoughts. So we get ourselves constantly into certain moods. What you think at the moment is largely a result of yourself pushing yourself into a certain mood. But I would not try to search for a truth of thoughts. I think this would be fruitless. I would except the system of thoughts being generated automatically by yourself and that constantly create moods for every moment. With mood I mean a mood in the classical sense but also the complete way of thinking. It is a little difficult to really see how this system works that you are doing automatically. And a better understanding of this system comes with meditation and experience. But when you notice that you are not just thinking about things but constantly creating a way of being for your thougts then you come to the question what would be the reality for your thinking. What would be real thinking instead of creating moods all the time that seem to be not the reality because you created them.true religion But if you come to this point you should not try to look for a reality of thinking. You should accept the system of creating moods or ways of thinking and feeling at first. With our practice we come to see the truth of this universe and from there we will better understand our own thought and then we can better adjust them. So at first we do not fight our automatic thoughts. And there are some reasons for this and one of the important reasons is that the truth of the universe is completely different to what we think would be the truth of this universe. It is like what is really there is completely different to what you see. What you see is not the high truth behind this universe. So that means there is no way to form your thinking in a way that suits the truth because you do not see the truth. Every try to form your thoughts must be more or less fruitless because you do not understand the universe and so you have no idea of how to form your thoughts in the right way. And the truth of the universe can not to much be seen with the practice to form your thoughts because as long as you do not see the real truth you would be just guessing how to form your thoughts. If you are more experienced with forming your thoughts of course you will see that this can be a good thing of course.being caring But in general and even more so if you are not very experienced with using your mind in these way it is important to understand that you do not have to fight the system of automatisms that your mind works with even not if you are really experienced. Rather understand the following point: If you do not see the truth of the world around you then of course you do not see the truth of your thoughts because they are part of this world. This is not meant to scare you. The way in which you do not understand the world is also something that you do not understand so you should not think to much about this. Actually as I said you are absolutely save in this universe. So there is no hidden danger to much in the things that you do not see, rather think of it as hidden possibilities that are there even though you do not see them. But the point is using your thoughts and giving them form is not to much possible because you do not see the truth and so can not find a good aim to form your thoughts to. Again with more practice of course you will go to give your thoughts good form but there will always stay a field of automatisms that form your thoughts and this is ok. You do never have to fight these automatisms in your thoughts. Just let them do what they want. This automatisms happen for good reasons.

holySo the universe can not easily be pierced through or cut through to the come to truth. Again, this comes from that the universe around you is actually completely different to what you think it is. So you seemingly have no point of attack to cut through to the truth. Because you move according to how you see the universe and this is not how it actually is and you would have to move according to how the universe actually is to make moves like “cutting” yourself through to the truth. But as I said there is a point of attack to cut through. And that is why actually I am talking about being caring all the time here. Because the caring move that you derive from the world that you see is also good in accordance to the true world that you do not see. So at the point of being caring those two worlds meet. What is caring in the world as you see it is also good to do in the reality of this world, which you do not see. So if you act caring in a situation then you move in an uplifting way in this universe and I mean in the universe as it really is.Ishvara 2 So the actions that are nice and caring and sharing even if you judge them from the world that you see are also actions that bring you further in the universe as it really is. This is the important point to understand about spirituality. Because at this point you see that meditation and movement are of lesser importance and acting in a caring way is of bigger importance. After having done a lot of caring things and so having moved automaticaly also in a good way according to what the universe really is you will “cut” through and see more of the truth of the universe. Thats why I am talking so much about being nice, because caring actions are good inside of what the universe really is. And there is no other way to see this truth than the named one: In which you act caring in the “false” reality that you see and with this act good according to the true reality and do this until more and more parts of the true reality become visible to you. That is why you put every moment to being caring because that is the only way in which you can move in a good way according to what the universe really is like. so you can not see what the universe really is like but you can already move or act in a good way vaikunthabecause of this important point: that what is caring and good in the universe as you see it is also good acting in the truth of this universe. So you are acting good according to the universe as it really is with being caring even though you do not see the truth of the universe. And after being good long enough and overall enough you will transcend into the truth of the universe and understand it better.

That is basicly why I talk here about being caring so much. It is your key to good movement according to the true form of this universe. If you really only want to reach moksha, if this is your biggest wish then you have to dedicate every moment to the practice of being caring. If you are only a little caring from time to time then reaching perfection will take much more time. Judge every moment by what would be the most caring and good thing to do for you and everybody.



Church or older religious rules

Church or some religious rules might be stupid but that is not your problem. In church you might find some people who do things that are not the best caring things. They might adorn statues or eat bread or whatever makes you think that it is not really what your inner self wants. But that is not your problem, your problem is reaching perfection in caringness.